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In which episode did dean Munsch say “feminist is stupid”?

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• 2/7/2019

Scream queens

If ryan murphy does make a third season he was talking about, who would love the red devil from the end of season 2 to be the killer.
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• 2/4/2019

Scream Queens returning?

Did anyone see Ryan Murphy’s instagram post? There’s a chance we might get season three.

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• 1/17/2019


Cómo puedo ver los episodios
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• 12/24/2018

Scream queens

🖤I just started to watch scream queens and I love it the sorority so called sisters are crazy enough to pull stunts like murdering!!!😱.
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• 11/21/2018


Y'all who is the red devil?? I've just started watching scream queens and I so badly want to know who is the red devil. (I love spoilers)
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• 10/28/2018

Scream queens

Who would of liked to see a scream queens American horror story coven crossover..
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• 10/10/2018

Scream queens

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• 10/7/2018


Where can I watch Scream Queens online for free without downloading it?
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• 10/1/2018

Who do you love more

  • Chanel
  • Chanel #2
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• 9/11/2018
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• 9/3/2018

Becoming one of the Chanel’s

Here’s a question. If Chanel asked you to be Chanel #7, would you accept? If yes, why? If no, also why?
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• 9/3/2018

Blood queens

Has anyone watched gabi’s spin off show blood queens on YouTube? What are your thoughts on it?

Personally I’ll take what I can get yanno. But was a bit disappointed with the set up and not so good creativity. Also does anyone know if it’s still on or what like l will obviously keep watching it if it is aha
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• 8/15/2018
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• 8/15/2018

Chanel Oberlin

Hi everyone! I just joined! I loved scream queens so much!! I wish so bad that it was still on and that it felt more like season 1 vibes because I liked season 1 better than season 2. BUT I would take whatever I could get! I am still so inspired on a daily basis by Chanel in the way I dress, do my makeup and wear my hair. And she’s my sassy alter ego that I pull out when I need to stand up to someone! Has anyone seen Blood Queens? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Madison Chanel
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• 7/14/2018

Scream queens obviously

I loooovvveee scream queens
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• 7/6/2018

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• 7/4/2018

Chanel 2 theory

What if Chanel 2 isn’t really dead ?!! I meant every time the red devil would try to kill her her she’d keep on coming back to life ! And then she apologized to Chanel and she was real . So maybe she cheated death ! Like she had a twin or doppelgänger that really died
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• 7/1/2018

Antagonist of season three name

Is it just me or should the antagonist of season three have the name ‘Purple Nurple’. A friend and I were talking and the names are pretty funny, I mean; Red Devil, Green Meanie, it would totally work, with the funny names. It would be hilarious! I mean, if the series comes back for season three it could happen.
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• 6/21/2018


Is scream queens having a season 3 🧐🧐
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