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Biographical Information
Full name: Agatha Bean
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Occupation(s): Housekeeper
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Ms. Bean
White Mammy; Chubby Old Nazi (by Chanel)
Relationship Information
Family: Ingrid Marie Hoffel (sister; deceased)
Friends: Cathy Munsch (possibly)
Enemies: Chanel Oberlin
Killer: Chanel Oberlin (accidentally)
Hester Ulrich (turned on fryer)
Boss: Bethany Stevens (formerly)
Melanie Dorkus (formerly)
Chanel Oberlin (formerly)
Other Information
Talent(s): Cleaning
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 5
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Jan Hoag
I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies.
—Ms. Bean answering Chanel's question[src]

Agatha Bean was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens. She was the housekeeper for Kappa Kappa Tau until her death in Pilot.

She is portrayed by Jan Hoag.



Ms. Bean is introduced when Chanel Oberlin makes fun of her while she is cleaning the floor of Kappa house. Ms. Bean later tells her that Dean Munsch wants to see her in her office right away. She is later cleaning the floor of the kitchen with a Barbie brush, because Chanel ordered so. Chanel interrupts her and says that she has a plan that includes her. Chanel takes Ms. Bean to the coffee shop to tell her what she is planning, and when Pete Martínez, the barista, asks Ms. Bean what she would like to order, Chanel answers for her and says that she doesn't want anything. Chanel proceeds to tell Ms. Bean that she is going to drown her face into a deep fryer. Ms. Bean freaks out and Chanel says that the fryer is not going to be functioning, it will just be a joke to scare the new pledges of the sorority and that will make them quit. Ms. Bean is present when Chanel tells Grace that Pete used to stalk her.

Ms. Bean in the fryer
Ms. Bean's burned face

At night, it's finally time to execute Chanel's prank, but when Chanel drowns Ms. Bean's face in the fryer, she realizes that someone turned it on. This makes Ms. Bean's face burn and this proceeds to her death. To hide what she did, Chanel tells the Kappa members to hide Ms. Bean's body in a freezer, but when Chad Radwell and Chanel later return to that freezer, Ms. Bean's body is gone. This makes Chanel believe that Ms. Bean is alive or that someone took her body. After Chanel #2 dies, Chanel thinks that Ms. Bean did it because she came to life to take revenge and will now kill them all one by one.

Hell Week

Ms. Bean in 1995

Ms. Bean appears in a flashback when Chanel Oberlin tells Grace Gardner about Kappa Kappa Tau's past. The flashback shows Amy, Bethany, Mandy, and Coco freaking out because Sophia died after giving birth. Cathy Munsch later enters to the scene and says that someone is certainly going to pay for this. Bethany asks how did she find out about Sophia's death, and Ms. Bean says that nothing happens in that house without her knowing.

Haunted House

She is seen in the 1995 flashback with Cathy and the other four girls, where they are all discussing ways to get rid of Sophia's body. After Cathy turns down Mandy's suggestion that they call the police, she makes a suggestion of just cutting Sophia up and grinding her into sausage, which Cathy also turns down. In present day time, her body is found laying on a bed posed under a fake tombstone with her name written on it, in the Shady Lane house, by Chad Radwell and Hester Ulrich.

Black Friday

Ms. Bean is mentioned by Chanel when she is listing the number of victims killed by the Red Devil. However, after Chanel lists her name, Zayday objects, and points out that Chanel was the one to murder Ms. Bean. In answer, Chanel states that she did not turn the deep fryer on. 

The Final Girl(s)

Ms. Bean is once again mentioned by Zayday, after Hester tells the remaining Kappas that Chanel is one of the Red Devils. As answer, Zayday states that they all witnessed Chanel murder Ms. Bean, so they have reason to believe that Hester's accusation was truthful. Unbeknownst to them, Hester was the real Red Devil.  


After Tyler's death, Chanel says that they should leave the body in the meat locker, however, Sadie says that last time they put dead bodies in a meat locker, they all went missing, referring to Ms. Bean and Chanel #2.

Blood Drive

It is revealed that Nurse Ingrid Hoffel is actually her sister. Ingrid came to the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital to seek revenge on the Chanels for what they did to Agatha. She becomes the Green Meanie in order to avenge Agatha's death.

Agatha then appears briefly in a flashback when she gets her face dunked in the deep fryer by Chanel, and her lifeless body is shown lying on the kitchen floor.

Drain the Swamp

Ingrid reveals her plan to avenge her sister to the locked up C.U.R.E. staff; however, the Chanels are shown to not remember Agatha by name, only realizing who Ingrid is talking about when being referred to as their former maid. Agatha is seen in a brief flashback with her face getting dunked into the deep fryer with the broiling hot oil frying her face off.

Ultimately, Ingrid's plan for revenge fails and she drowns in the swamp.


Ms. Bean is nice, secretive and gullible. She is the maid of Kappa house and because of that, she is used to being treated like crap from mean sorority girls like Chanel and Bethany. But her sweet appearance is not to be fooled with as she is also very secretive and unsuspecting. Back in 1995 when Sophia died, Ms. Bean suggested to make her into chum and get rid of her and claimed that nothing happens in Kappa house without her knowing about it. But at the same time Ms. Bean is very gullible and disciplined, she will do anything Chanel tells her to do and she will say anything Chanel plans on wanting her to say.

Ms. Bean usually wears her normal casual maid uniform which is light blue with a white apron and a classic maids hat. She also wears clean white shoes.


After the Chanels discover a creepy collage of Chanel in Ms. Bean's bedroom, Chanel gets angry and proceeds to go on with her prank of scaring the other pledges. Chanel, not knowing that the deep fryer was actually turned on by Hester, shoves Ms. Bean's face into the fryer and accidentally burns her face off. As Chanel lets go in fear, Ms. Bean quickly lifts her head out of the fryer and begins to peel her face off in front of all the pledges who are screaming in horror. Ms. Bean then collapses and dies.


Season One (3/13)

Season Two (2/10)


  • Ms. Bean is the first character to die in the present day, and the third overall.
  • It is revealed in The Final Girl(s) that Hester was the one who turned on the fryer that caused Ms. Bean's death.
  • She is the first recurring character to die, as well as the first female recurring character to die.



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