Biographical Information
Full name: Amy Meyer
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): College Student (formerly)
Sorority Sister
Status: Deceased
Relationship Information
Family: Gigi Caldwell (sister; deceased)
Hester Ulrich (adoptive daughter)

Boone Clemens (adoptive son; deceased)

Friends: Sophia Doyle (deceased)
Bethany Stevens (deceased)
Coco Cohen
Mandy Greenwell (deceased)
Other Information
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 3
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Haunted House
Portrayed by: Chelsea Ricketts
Something really bad happened...This isn't my blood!
—Amy walking around the party at Kappa with blood on her hands talking to Bethany, Coco and Mandy[src]

Amy Meyer was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens that appeared only in flashbacks until her death was confirmed in Black Friday. She was part of Kappa Kappa Tau during 1995.

She is portrayed by Chelsea Ricketts.



Amy kappa 1995.gif

Amy is seen frantically running to Bethany, Coco, and Mandy with her hands covered in blood. Bethany assumes the blood on Amy's hands is her period blood, but Amy says it's not even her own blood. She leads the girls to Sophia, and begs the girls to get her help. Unfortunately, Bethany and Mandy both leave to listen to "Waterfalls" by TLC.

After Bethany, Coco, and Mandy return, she announces that Sophia is dead after she tried to touch her eyes and they wouldn't move. She asks the three sisters, "What the hell do we do?"

Hell Week

After all the girls start freaking out over Sophia's death, they start to come up with ways to dispose of the body. Suddenly, Ms. Bean and Cathy Munsch enter the room, and supposedly help get rid of the body, and offer different ideas.

Haunted House

After Grace Gardner and Pete Martínez go to the house of an older Mandy Greenwell, she tells them about the night when Sophia died in the bathtub. During the flashback, Dean Cathy Munsch, Ms. Bean, Amy, and the other girls decide what to do with Sophia's body after she died in the bathtub. Cathy then declares that they'll have to bury the body, and takes all the girls with her to do so, except for Amy, who decides to stay there so she can take care of the baby.

Black Friday

In this episode it's revealed that she took the babies after Sophia died and tried to raise them on her own. She committed suicide and her sister, Jess, who later changed her name to Gigi, took care of the babies and raised them to be serial killers so they would take revenge for Amy's death.


Amy is logical, caring and far more compassionate than her other Kappa sisters. She was the only one to stay with Sophia and the newborn baby, while the others abandoned her to listen to their favorite song, Waterfalls by TLC. Amy is shown as very caring and the most human as she was the only one crying and in more distress when she witnessed Sophia dead body lifeless in the tub and trying to take care of the baby,Amy also showed a strong sense of responsibility as she tried to raise the two of them on her own,due to likely feeling guilty and sympathizing with them for the events of their birth,but later caved into the pressure of raising them and breaking down.

Amy wears a blue-strapless dress with a diamond-studded choker around her neck, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Amy took the two babies (Hester and Boone) after Sophia died. Due to the overwhelming stress of being left with the children, she decided to commit suicide by overdosing on laxatives. Her sister then took custody of the babies and made them into killers.


  • Amy was the first character to be seen on Scream Queens.
  • Her last name, Meyer, and the fact that Gigi is her sister was revealed in Black Friday.
  • Both she and Jane wanted and failed to help their dying friend/spouse.


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