Biographical Information
Full name: Arthur Annenburg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): Editor
AMA Board Member
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Friends: Slade Hornborn (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Journalism
Medical ethics
Talent(s): Writing
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 1
Only appearance: Lovin the D
Portrayed by: Ajay Mehta

Arthur Annenburg is a minor character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He is a practicing surgeon and the editor of the Northeast Journal of Medicine, who decides to visit C.U.R.E. after receiving a phone call from fellow colleague Slade Hornborn, who contacted Arthur following his bizarre experiences at C.U.R.E, informing him of a potential medical ethics scandal.

He is portrayed by Ajay Mehta.


The Hand

After Slade, one of Arthur's colleagues, is hired by Cathy to do a report on the C.U.R.E. Institute, he begins discovering that the hospital is in violation of several medical malpractice laws. He immediately goes to the basement to call Arthur and inform him of the situation, explaining that he's seen more ethics violations within his two days spent there than he has in his entire career thus far, such as Cathy impersonating a doctor, Nurse Hoffel being an obvious drug addict, and first-year medical students acting as attending physicians and assisting in major surgeries. He even says that he saw Hester Ulrich, having recognized her from the Netflix documentary in which she was convicted of murder, and tells Arthur that she works there. Slade then informs Arthur that they could be in the middle of a major medical ethics scandal, and encourages him to visit the hospital to see for himself. He also tells Arthur that he will send him the photos he took during his time at the hospital, but before he is able to share them, the Green Meanie kills him and hangs up the phone call with Arthur.

Lovin the D

Following his conversation with Slade, Arthur decides to visit C.U.R.E. in an attempt to investigate their medical standards. As Cathy leads him around the hospital, the two run into the Chanels, and Cathy introduces him as the editor of the Northeast Journal of Medicine. The girls explain that they already had a reporter visit from the Journal, to which Arthur clarifies that he isn't a reporter, he is the editor, along with being a practicing surgeon and an adjunct board member of the American Medical Association. Chanel #3 then asks if he has a Ph.D. in bragging, and Chanel applauds her for the comeback. Arthur then goes on to say that the other reporter, Slade, has gone missing, which is one of the reasons why he came to visit the hospital. He says that before his disappearance, Slade had stumbled upon multiple unorthodox practices at the hospital, in which he came to follow up on.

Cathy then leads Arthur out into the hallway, where he says that he will need to see the Chanel's credentials, presuming that they are medical students. Cathy is confused by the request, and Arthur clarifies that he must review their undergraduate transcripts and MCAT scores to verify that they are actually qualified to be working at the hospital. Chanel #3 then questions what MCAT means, and Arthur tells her it stands for the Medical College Admissions Test. Cathy then tries to explain to Arthur that she takes a more fluid approach to higher learning at the institute, but Arthur insists that it is a violation of ethical standards to allow improperly credentialed med school applicants to work at a hospital. Now panicking, Cathy begins assuring Arthur that the Chanels all took the MCATs, but that they probably didn't remember taking them because they found the test so easy. She informs Arthur that she will get him the transcripts, but not before excusing herself for a moment to run back to the Chanels and discreetly demand that they take the test.

Later on, after Chanel #5 discovers Marguerite's dead body in the hallway, she lets out a loud scream, drawing the attention of both Arthur and Cathy. Assuming that Marguerite was murdered, Arthur immediately insists that they contact the police, but Cathy tries to play it off as a heart attack, explaining that Marguerite suffers from Marfan syndrome, which causes increased heart complications. Arthur then points out the marks on Marguerite's neck, which are clearly a result of strangulation, so Cathy, in an attempt to distract Arthur, pretends to feel sick, and drops to the ground as if having just fainted. Arthur then helps her up and encourages her to get examined by a doctor, to which Cathy agrees. She asks Arthur to take her back to her office, and he escorts her down the hallway, as she stumbles about and pretends to feel light-headed.

The following night, after Dr. Brock and the Chanels' successful live surgery on Garrett, Arthur commends Cathy on the amazing procedure and compliments her surgical team and the way that she's running the hospital. Arthur also confesses that Slade must have had a breakdown before his disappearance, seeing as all of the medical regulations are being followed at C.U.R.E, in opposition to what Slade had claimed. He explains that Cathy needs to put a stop to the murders on the premises, but that he can't punish her for that because there's no rule in the AMA regulation guide that pertains to serial killers. Arthur then makes one final request to check the pH balance in the hydrotherapy tubs before he goes on his way, so Cathy leads him into the hydrotherapy room. There, they find the dead body of Wes Gardner in the Green Meanie costume, which causes Cathy to faint upon view, as Arthur lets out a scream. Cathy wakes up in a hospital bed shortly thereafter, and immediately asks where Arthur went, to which Chanel reveals that he left the hospital, and has no intention of shutting it down, especially now that the killer is dead.


Season Two (1/10)



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