Beware of Young Girls
Season One, Episode Seven
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Air date: November 3, 2015
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Barbara Brown
Production code: SQ-107
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Here's to young girls, getting what they had coming to them.
Dean Munsch

Beware of Young Girls is the seventh episode of the first season of Scream Queens, and the seventh episode overall. Ryan Murphy served as writer and Barbara Brown served as director. It had its official release on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 on Fox.

Dean Munsch is left in a desperate situation when a shocking event leads her to come face-to-face with her ex-husband's mistress. Meanwhile, in an attempt to determine who the Red Devil killer is, the Kappas use an Ouija board to communicate with Chanel #2 from beyond the grave and learn of a wicked plot against one of their own.


The episode begins with Chanel saying that her problem is is that she's too nice. Chanel #2's parents couldn't hold her funeral because they were too 'busy' celebrating their daughter's death on a cruise ship. Then, we see Chanel #2's funeral, as Chanel, Chanel #5, Chad, and Earl Grey are all seen putting flowers in her casket. She says that she would fulfill one of #2's last wishes to be cremated and to have her ashes shot into space.

Chanel's open casket funeral.

At the service, Chanel launches into Chanel 2's eulogy, which isn't particularly the nicest, calling her a 'sneaky backstabber', and stating that she 'rubbed uglies with her man'. She finishes by asking everyone to join her at the Mobile Crematorium for light refreshments and in rolls the title card.

Later on, Chanel 5 shows Chanel an Ouija Board and suggests that she and the other three Chanels use it to contact Chanel #2 from beyond the grave.

Getting some answers using a ouija board.

Chanel at first says it is a ridiculous idea but eventually decides to go along with it. After they contact her spirit, Chanel #2 uses the board to answer various questions and tell Chanel that Chad is cheating on her. Angered, Chanel storms off, saying that she's going to prove Chanel #2 wrong. Soon the scene transitions to Gigi, who is seen arguing with one of the Red Devils on the phone, until Wes arrives home, forcing her to hang up.

We then see Grace shopping for clothes with Gigi, as Grace says that soon Wes will get sick of Gigi's outfits. Grace then asks if Wes is still mad at her, Gigi realizing that this was a way for Grace to find out how her dad was doing. Gigi assures her that everything is fine and that there's nothing to worry about. As Grace goes out to pick another outfit for her, Gigi scowls, clearly unimpressed. Gigi also brings up whether Grace and Pete have considered investigating Feather McCarthy, as she claims she had a feud with Dean Munsch during her time in Wallace University, and says that Munsch is most likely guilty for the crimes on campus. Meanwhile,

Breaking the news to Dean Munsch.

Feather is introduced and she reveals that she had an ongoing affair with her Beatles 101 professor, Steven Munsch, the ex-husband of Cathy Munsch. After Steven announced that he wanted a divorce with Cathy, she went ballistic, forcing Steven to temporarily move to the Kappa House. Until one night, while Steven is with the girls, Cathy is seen, dressed identically to Feather, holding a knife in her hands. Everywhere Feather went, Cathy would just be there, dressed exactly like her, until one day she got Feather kicked out of Kappa, forcing Feather to finish her education online. Soon after, Steven managed to get his house back after the divorce, asking Feather to move in with him. Except for one day when she takes a bath with her transistor radio, it is revealed that Dean Munsch may have attempted to murder her by pushing the radio into the bathtub, seemingly attempting to murder her the same way a previous Dean passed away. Pete asks Feather whether she would be able to go on record as a source, to which she willingly agrees.

Chanel walks into the Dickie's house, calling for Chad until suddenly she walks into his room and catches him with a goat on his bed.

"This isn't what it looks like!"

At first, she thinks that he was having sex with the goat, but Chad then explains that he's lactose intolerant and his reason for having the goat is that goat's milk is lactose-free. Chanel apologizes, realizing that Chanel #2 was lying, as Chad says that she's just angry because she's dead. He then asks if she wants to have sex, as she says, 'That would be so nice.' But first, he has to milk the goat.

Later that night, Feather returns home only to find a bloody arrow on the floor pointing to the stairs, accompanied by more bloody signs that said 'this way', or 'just a head'. It leads her into a room, where she discovers Steven's severed head in a fish tank.Dean Munsch is seen being placed under arrest by Detective Chisolm, as he says he has evidence leading to her murdering Steven. Grace Gardner and Pete Martínez investigate and manage to link Cathy Munsch to many of the other murders that happened on campus, and so, Cathy is suspected to be the Red Devil and is taken to an insane asylum. Grace and Pete share a kiss, thinking the whole Red Devil case is over, and Cathy Munsch sends Grace a text, asking her and Pete to come and visit her.

The following day, they visit her in the asylum, where she reveals she can't eat bologna because it would put her into anaphylactic shock. It occurs to Pete that the killer made a sandwich at the scene and had taken a bite out of it and they decide to find out what kind it was. Pete and Grace return to the scene to find out that it was a bologna sandwich, and thus, decide Cathy couldn't have been the killer. Eventually, Cathy is released from the asylum and reclaims her position as dean of the university.

After the Ouija Board tells Chanel and her minions that Chanel is the killer, her minions find out and start to devise a plot to kill Chanel. Chanel #5 suggested to put poison in her bras, while Chanel #6 suggested hosting a sugar party, where everyone eats bowls of sugar, while Chanel #1's bowl is filled with crushed diamonds, but then Chanel #1 interrupts to get laxative to sleep. While Chanel is asleep, Chanel #2 comes to Chanel in her dream and tells Chanel that she has been sent to Hell and in order for her to make it into Heaven, she must make things right with Chanel, so she apologizes to her. She also warns Chanel that her minions are plotting to kill her. This provokes Chanel to confront her minions and persuade them to believe that Grace and Zayday are the killers. To let bygones be bygones, she gave Chanels #3, #5, & #6 magnifying glasses and hats.

An ending sequence shows Cathy dancing to the song "Beware of Young Girls" and her narration reveals that she did, in fact, kill her ex-husband and she made the bologna sandwich and used a toothbrush to plant Feather's DNA on it so that she would get framed. She figured that since the Red Devil was on the loose murdering people, it would be the ideal time to kill Steven. The last shot shows Grace and Zayday returning to the Kappa Mansion as the Chanels watch from upstairs.


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Character Cause of Death
Steven Head cut off by his scorned wife Cathy.

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  • Before the official premiere of this episode, there was a two-week break due to the World Series.
  • This is the first episode without an appearance of the Red Devil. However, Gigi was speaking to the Red Devil on the phone.
    • It is the first episode to not feature an attack scene.
    • It is also the first time where the Red Devil doesn't kill anyone.
  • Feather McCarthy and Steven Munsch made their first and last appearances in this episode.



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Youtube-16.png "That's Life" – Shirley Bassey
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Youtube-16.png "Beware of Young Girls" – Dory Previn





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