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Blood Drive
Season Two, Episode Six
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Air date: November 22, 2016
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Mary Wigmore
Production code: SQ-206
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Blood Drive is the sixth episode of the second season of Scream Queens, and the nineteenth episode overall. Brad Falchuk served as writer and Mary Wigmore served as director. It had its official release on Fox on Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

After an influx of patents at the C.U.R.E Institute, Dean Munsch and Chanel organize a blood drive to solve the hospital's severe shortage. Meanwhile, Nurse Hoffel sets a plan of revenge in motion, Hester finds a way to join the hospital's staff and a shocking revelation involving the Green Meanie occurs.[1]


The episode starts off outside the hospital where Dean Munsch is holding up a clean pint of blood to all the Chanels and Nurse Hoffel. She then holds up several bags of contaminated blood, one containing a dead mouse, and another with coins at the bottom. She rages how the only blood they have at the hospital is the blood spilled from the Green Meanie's victims, which has been mopped up and put back into bags. Chanel #3 apologizes and explains that she was the one who recycled the blood, as she wanted to give the victims a "second life." Munsch continues, declaring there is a shortage of blood and that they are in desperate need of donations. Chanel jumps up and excitedly proposes a blood drive, giving her a chance to show off her phlebotomy skills. Munsch wholeheartedly agrees, as it'll solve the shortage and turn the murders into a positive light.

We then see Nurse Hoffel transporting a barrel of contaminated blood down the hallway. She explains to the viewer via voice-over that Hoffel was the name of her first husband, Howard, who died of cancer. She reveals that her maiden name is actually Bean, and that she is the sister of Agatha Bean, the KKT housekeeper who had her face burnt off by Chanel. As Ingrid is dumping the barrel into the swamp, she confesses that she knows the Chanels killed her sister and got away with it. She adds that she began stalking the Chanels since they were released from the asylum, and, when she found out they were hired to work at the hospital, she pitched herself to Dean Munsch as an administrator. However, she isn't there to administrate anything, except revenge, and she's ready to play the long game. In the meantime, she continues to call the Green Meanie tip line and tell the cops that the Chanels are the killers. Ingrid then explains that while you may suspect her as the Green Meanie, she actually hasn't killed anyone. Yet. She wants to use the blood drive as a cover to kill the Chanels, planning to send them far away to die a miserable death, allowing her to keep her hands clean and eliminate the risk of being caught.

All while saying this dialogue, Ingrid walks and stands behind a podium as the entire hospital staff is waiting outside for a meeting. Ingrid begins her speech, and after being interrupted multiple times, she angrily screams at everyone to shut up. Continuing, she explains that Cathy has approved her plan to create an incentive for the hospital workers to collect blood donations, so she will be turning the blood drive into a contest. She announces that the employee who gathers the most blood will win an all-expense-paid trip to Blood Island. The crowd begins to cheer and the Chanels scream in excitement, but Ingrid then tells the viewer that Blood Island is not an exotic getaway at all, but rather a territory fought over by China and Taiwan, filled with flesh-eating insects, poisonous flora, and rancid water. Unbeknownst to Chanel, she brags about how she's most prepared to win, and Ingrid says that is what she's counting on. She suggests Chanel bring along #3 and #5, but Chanel explains she would much rather bring Dr. Brock, noticeably angering Ingrid.

After the staff meeting, Chanel is collecting blood from Brock, thanking him for contributing to their romantic trip. He asks her whether or not she actually researched Blood Island, since it definitely does not seem romantic. Cathy then slips in a flirty comment to Brock, but Chanel starts to object, explaining to her that the only reason Brock had sex with her was because he was sad about Chanel. Cathy retaliates by suggesting Chanel is riddled with STDs, and Brock seems apprehensive about the thought of such.

Meanwhile, Zayday is collecting blood from Chanel #5. She starts to prepare to extract another pint, but #5 complains she donated too much and is beginning to feel nauseous. Zayday explains that Chanel #5's blood type is O negative, the universal donor, so she wants to collect as much of her blood as possible. She then asks whether or not #5's parents would want to donate, as they would have to be O negative as well, since you inherit your blood type from your parents. Suddenly, Zayday has an epiphany and realizes that if they screen the entire hospital staff's blood and cross-reference that to the blood types of Bill and Jane Hollis, they'll be able to find the baby in the belly from 1985, or at least find out who it can't be.

Later, Brock is sitting at a table aggressively playing five finger fillet with his transplanted hand. Chanel walks in, seeming somewhat concerned, and Brock explains that he must play dangerous games with his hand to show that he is in control, not the hand. Chanel then seductively grabs Brock and confesses that when she is around him, her hands also seem to have a mind of their own. The two begin making out on top of the table, and Chanel demands that they have sex right then and there. However, Brock rejects, and instead hands her a comprehensive list of 217 STDs he wants her to get tested for before they exchange any bodily fluids. Chanel is appalled at first, but after Brock insists he wouldn't make her go through all of this if he didn't like her so much, she comes around and agrees to the testing. Ingrid then comes in the room and interrupts the couple to tell Chanel that the police are there to speak with her after receiving another "anonymous" tip that she's the killer. After Chanel leaves, Brock apologizes to Ingrid for not welcoming her properly by having sex with her, and Ingrid tells him she's not interested, as she is there for more serious reasons. She then warns Brock to stay away from the Chanels, since getting too close to them may prove dangerous for him.

That night, during a thunderstorm, Chanel is awoken to find Hester looming over her with a butcher knife. Chanel starts screaming and frantically turns the light on, immediately asking why Hester is standing over her bed with a knife while watching her sleep. Hester admits that she's bored just sitting around the apartment all day, and when she gets bored, she daydreams about ways to murder people. She explains that if she isn't given something useful to do, at least one person in the apartment will end up dying. This encounter prompts Chanel to speak to Cathy about Hester the following day, confessing that she was the one who allowed Hester to move into the apartment to help them figure out who the killer is. She suggests that they give Hester a job at the hospital to keep her occupied and prevent her from murdering anyone important, to which Cathy obliges.

Cathy is then shown walking with Hester in the hallway, explaining that she is only allowed out of her cage for as long as she remains useful. Cathy adds that at the rate Hester is revealing information about the killer, the entire staff will be dead before they are caught, to which Hester responds that if she is given something cool to do, she might spill who it is by Thanksgiving. Cathy then tells Hester that she has too many patients and not enough people to figure out what's wrong with them, so she assigns Hester with a patient of her own, Brandon Szathmary. Before leading her into his room, Cathy explains that if Hester can prove herself to be able to diagnose and cure obscure diseases, Cathy will allow her to roam free another week.

Cathy then escorts Hester into Brandon's room and introduces Hester as one of her medical students under the alias of Donna Summer. While Hester assumes he's just a douche in a vampire costume, Brandon confesses that he actually is a vampire. He explains that he gets blisters from being in the sunlight, his eyes can't handle any bright light, he has fangs, loves drinking blood, and is disgusted by garlic. However, he says he doesn't hurt anyone, as he knows someone at the Red Cross who gets him the blood he desires. He then turns to Cathy, and asks if she's anemic, pointing out that she seems to be looking pale. Hester agrees and suggests running some tests on Cathy to see what's wrong, but Cathy nervously dismisses their concerns, claiming she didn't get much sleep last night. She then exits the room, leaving Hester alone with Brandon, but not before quietly reminding Hester not to murder anyone.

At the Chanels' apartment, the girls, except for #9, are all getting their blood drawn by Chanel, who is trying her absolute hardest to collect the most blood among the hospital staff. Chanel #5 complains that she's donated nine pints of blood within the last two days, but Chanel insists she keep going in order to receive her trip to Blood Island. Chanel then begins to set up the blood collection tubes for #9, asking if she has a particular vein she wants punctured. A squeamish #9 freaks out and confesses that she is terrified of needles, before running out of the apartment screaming and having a total meltdown. Now having to make up for #9's blood deficit, Chanel states she'll need to draw more blood from #5, causing #5 to sob in agony.

Back at the hospital, Cathy is suspiciously lurking the halls after-hours with a flashlight in hand. She enters the blood storage room and begins rummaging through the samples, all while the Green Meanie watches her from behind. She comes across Chanel's blood bag and removes it from the fridge, when suddenly she hears creaking noises nearby. After turning around and seeing no one is there, she quickly shuts the fridge and leaves with Chanel's blood.

In the morning, Chanel and Ingrid are speaking with Cathy in her office, as Brock comes in and sits down. Chanel is noticeably eager to get this over with, so she can return to her blood drive efforts and maintain her three pint lead over the others. However, Cathy has other plans, and announces that she has bad news for Chanel. She explains that Chanel has tested positive for every STD known to modern medicine, immediately alarming both Chanel and Brock. Cathy then states that to avoid any contamination, all of Chanel's blood must be removed from the blood drive tally, which in turn puts Cathy in the lead. A worried Ingrid tells Cathy that Chanel shouldn't be penalized for this, but Cathy disagrees, and instead runs to the blood drive competition board to strip it of Chanel's progress, as an angered Chanel dramatically chases after her. After a brief confrontation at the board, Chanel collapses to the ground, screaming in defeat, as Cathy points and laughs at her, as she is not only on the right track to winning the blood drive, but also to winning Brock as well.

We then see Jane getting out of her car and opening the trunk to gather her groceries, when suddenly, Zayday appears from behind. She immediately helps Jane with the groceries and explains that she was in the neighborhood going door to door to inform people of the blood drive. She asks Jane whether or not she would be interested in donating blood to the hospital, and after angrily snatching her groceries from Zayday, Jane demands that Zayday leave her alone. Zayday still insists on the donation, but Jane clarifies that the hospital is evil, and that if it were up to her, it would be burnt to the ground. She then storms into her house and slams the door, leaving Zayday feeling hopeless about solving the mystery.

Meanwhile at C.U.R.E, Hester is doing some reading, when Brandon decides to sneak up on her, causing her to punch him in the gut and knock him to the ground. She then helps him up and exclaims that she has great news regarding his medical condition. She diagnoses him with Cutaneous Porphyria, an incurable disease which causes extreme photo-sensitivity and receding gums, explaining why Brandon has fangs and develops blisters in sunlight. However, she reveals that Brandon's blood drinking obsession is all in his head, and is not a direct symptom of his disease. She proposes that the best way to cure his thirst for blood is to use aversion therapy techniques, making him drink an extreme amount of blood until he is disgusted by even the thought of it. Hester then cracks open a case of blood and pours a bag into a mug for Brandon to drink. After looking at the contents of the case, Brandon clarifies that they will definitely be needing more blood if Hester wants any hope of curing him.

Next, we see Chanel approaching a mobile Plasma Care Center. She asks one of the nurses if they test all of their blood before sending it off to the hospital, to which the nurse replies yes. Chanel then states that she would like to donate a bag, so the nurse heads to the back of the trailer to obtain the necessary materials. After the nurse is out of sight, Chanel starts raiding the fridge and begins stuffing entire drawers of blood samples into her purse, before managing to escape unnoticed.

Chanel then takes her newly obtained blood samples to the blood bank at C.U.R.E. However, she opens her designated cabinet to find that all of her samples have been stolen. She notices a trail of blood droplets on the floor and decides to follow it down the hall, leading her to Brandon's room, where Hester is forcefully feeding him blood-filled foods. Chanel screams at Hester for being a blood thief, causing Cathy to hear the scream and come running into the room. Chanel explains to Cathy that Hester is manipulating the outcome of the blood drive, to which Hester explains that she is merely trying to treat Brandon of his blood addiction by feeding him so much of it that it makes him sick. Cathy tells Chanel that what's done is done, and she'll just have to collect even more blood, so she storms out of the room, warning Hester that payback is coming. Cathy then tells Hester that she has to find another way to cure Brandon within 24 hours, or else she gets put back into her cage in the basement.

In the meantime, Zayday runs into Chamberlain in the hallway, where he calls her out for acting so cold and distant towards him lately. She nervously says that nothing is wrong, but Chamberlain reveals that he knows Zayday secretly thinks he's the baby in the belly and that she is trying to obtain the blood types of the Hollises to definitively prove that someone is the baby on staff. Zayday seems shocked, and questions how he was able to figure all this out, and Chamberlain exclaims that he was literally thinking the same thing all along. He wants to work as a team again, and assures Zayday that she doesn't have to be suspicious of him, revealing that he checked the hospital records and discovered that Bill's blood type was O positive. However, Zayday is still unsure, and admits that she can't trust Chamberlain until she can prove he isn't the killer, which is impossible without a blood sample from Jane.

Back at the Chanels' apartment, Chanel is examining #5's toes, trying to find a new vein to draw blood from, as all of the veins on #5's arms are overused and covered in scar tissue. After donating 15 pints, #5 insists that she cannot give anymore blood, and Chanel momentarily gives up hope. Just then, #9 walks in, and Chanel demands that she donate blood, but #9 is still succumbing to her extreme fear of needles. However, after Chanel assures her that she is the best phlebotomist in town and that this is the best way to overcome her fear, #9 reluctantly obliges.

Chanel and #9 head back to the hospital, where Chanel straps #9 down to a chair as a safety precaution so that she won't flinch as the needle is being inserted. #9 begins having a minor meltdown, but as soon as Chanel pricks her, she relaxes and realizes it wasn't as bad as she expected. She thanks Chanel for helping her overcome her fear, but just then, Chanel spots Brock walking by, and goes to chase after him, leaving #9 alone in the room, strapped to the chair, with her blood still flowing.

When Chanel reaches Brock, she explains that the STD tests were definitely manipulated, most likely by Cathy, out of sheer jealousy. She begs Brock to still consider going to Blood Island with her, but Brock states that tests don't lie, and until she can prove to him that she's completely healthy, he cannot be romantically involved with her in any way. Chanel then attempts to embrace him, but he rejects and walks away, leaving Chanel to cry alone in the hallway.

Meanwhile, Chanel #9 hears the door open, and although she assumes it's Chanel at first, in walks the Green Meanie instead, and #9 screams in horror. He immediately stuffs #9's mouth with a cloth and begins taking out various surgical tools. He unrolls a case containing hypodermic needles onto her chest, and just as he is about to insert the first one, he is interrupted by Ingrid. The Green Meanie is alarmed, having just been caught in the act, but Ingrid assures him that she isn't there to stop him and that they're actually on the same team. She encourages him to take his mask off, and after a brief pause, he does so, revealing himself to be Dr. Cassidy Cascade. Ingrid seems unfazed, but insists that Zayday is getting close, to which Cassidy responds that he was going to kill her next, but he's low-key scared of her.

Ingrid then wants to cut a deal with Cassidy, allowing him to remain the muscle of the operation while she takes over as the brains. She requests that he leave the Chanels alone, as she wants to handle them herself, and Cassidy agrees. She also asks if she can assist with the murder of #9, just for fun, and Cassidy happily hands her a needle. He then asks her if she is the other Green Meanie, but Ingrid has no idea what he's talking about, as she hasn't killed anyone yet. Cassidy then reveals that he wasn't the one to kill all the victims, and that there's someone else killing people in the hospital as well. Ingrid thinks about it for a moment, but quickly returns her focus to #9. She aggressively jabs a needle into #9's arm, draining even more blood, as #9 lets out a muffled scream before the screen goes black.

Next, we see Hester coming down the hallway, frantically trying to figure out ways to get Brandon more blood. She stumbles upon the blood storage room, where she runs into Chamberlain, about to dispose of Chanel's contaminated blood samples in the swamp. However, Hester has other plans, and she snatches up the blood from Chamberlain before he can throw it out.

Back to Chanel #9's hospital room, Chanel finally returns to find #9 withered and frail, with dozens of filled blood bags hanging around her, still connected to her veins, after having all of the blood drained from her body. She lets out a loud scream, drawing the attention of both Brock and Cathy, who quickly come running into the room. At first, Brock assumes Chanel is responsible, but Cathy immediately insists that it was Hester, since she is a serial killer and desperately needed blood for Brandon. Suddenly, Chanel then comes to the realization that #9 was her patient, which means all of #9's blood bags would go towards her tally, winning her the blood drive contest. She excitedly celebrates with Brock, but he is persistent that she go alone, as he is still creeped out by all of her STDs.

The three of them then go to confront Hester in Brandon's room, where she is still force-feeding him blood, even though he insists that he is cured. Cathy questions where she obtained the blood from, and Hester confesses that she's using Chanel's blood, which is totally STD free, as she made sure to screen it before giving it to Brandon. Chanel and Brock immediately turn to Cathy, who pretends to be shocked, but Chanel threatens that she will get Cathy back for what she's done.

Just then, Ingrid comes into the room and awards Chanel with her blood drive trophy, since #9's blood bags have officially taken her over the finish line. Chanel is ecstatic, and Ingrid happily places a lei over her neck, eager that her plan is finally coming to fruition. Ingrid hands her two more leis for #3 and #5, but Chanel is still determined on taking Brock, especially now that she has been proven free of STDs. However, after Ingrid hands Chanel the plane tickets and she realizes that they're business select, she is repulsed, as she only flies charter. Ingrid, noticeably upset, explains that she can't afford a charter jet, so Chanel demands that she receive the cash equivalency of the prize in order to go on her own trip. Ingrid clarifies that she can't do that either, as she's already maxed out all of her credit cards to pay for the trip. Chanel gets defensive and says that Ingrid better honor the terms of her contest, or else she will be contacting her lawyer. She hands Ingrid back the trophy and storms out, leaving Ingrid feeling defeated and confused.

Later, we see Chamberlain addressing Zayday at the nurse's station. In attempts to get back in her good graces, he explains that Jane and Bill's blood types are both O positive, but that his blood type is AB negative, proving that he can't be the baby in the belly. Zayday questions how he was able to gather Jane's blood type, and a flashback reveals that Chamberlain took a trip to Jane's house with his magic cart, and offered her a slice of pie. However, he tells Zayday that this wasn't an ordinary pie, but rather a pie containing enzymes that absorb saliva, allowing Chamberlain to use the saliva to determine her blood type. Zayday praises him for his discovery and gives him a hug of relief, apologizing for ever thinking he was the killer. Zayday then comes to the realization that the baby in the belly's blood type would have to be O positive, given that blood types are inherited from your parents.

Meanwhile, Cassidy enters the blood storage room, and begins switching some of the blood bag labels. He puts his own O positive label onto Brock's bag, and places Brock's A positive label onto his own bag, leading the scent toward Brock and away from himself.

Cathy is then shown confronting Brock in her office, along with Zayday and Chamberlain. She explains that Brock is the only man on staff with type O positive blood, and insists that he is the son of Bill Hollis, who was murdered at the hospital 30 years prior, and Jane Hollis, who was with child at the time, despite the fact that Brock is 50 years old. Brock points out that O positive is the most common blood type there is, and he is confused as to how he is the only person at the hospital that has it. Zayday adds that science doesn't lie and as a result, Brock is now the prime suspect. This greatly angers Brock, and his hand starts getting out of control, death gripping the arm rest on his chair. He then smashes the glass table next to him and points his bloody hand at Cathy, threatening her that there will be consequences for accusing him of murder.

That night, Ingrid is sitting in her office popping pethidine pills, when suddenly Cassidy arrives with a gift. She opens the giant green box to reveal a Green Meanie costume of her own. She seems hesitant at first, assuming it will get confusing now that there are three Green Meanies, but regardless she accepts the offer, and admits that green is her color. The pair then put their costumes on and strut down the halls of the hospital together, wielding machetes in hand.


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Character Cause of Death
Chanel #9 Blood drained from her body with hypodermic needles by the Green Meanie (Cassidy) and Ingrid.

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  • The episode was accidentally made available for purchase on iTunes 10 hours before the official release, leading to the identities of the Green Meanies being leaked prior to the airing of the episode.
  • Brandon Szathmary made his first and last appearance in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first time we see a Green Meanie without their mask.





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