Boone-Chad Relationship is about the friendship between Boone and Chad Radwell. They were best friends until Boone's death in Ghost Stories.



They are both first seen playing golf at the campus of Wallace University. Chad is saying to his girlfriend Chanel Oberlin that if she becomes un-popular he is going to break-up with her. Chanel is claiming at him but Boone stops her and says that he is getting really angry. He explains that Chad is an incredible person and really handsome, so he doesn't have time for that. Boone agrees with Chad about that he can't date a girl who was popular and then stopped being popular. After Chad ends talking with Chanel, they both keep playing golf.

Hell Week

After Chanel breaks-up with Chad Radwell, he returns to his bedroom with his roonmate Boone. Chad explains Boone what happened and Boone supports him and tells him that she is going to come back crying for him. When they are about to sleep, Boone tells Chad that he is scared because there is a killer on the campus and asks him if he can sleeps with him. Chad reminds him one time where Boone slept on the same bed with him and tried to touch him sexually, and that it was really disrespectful because Boone knew that he is not gay. Boone keeps asking and Chad later accepts because they are best friends, but clarifies that there will not be touching this time. Boone changes bed with his teddy frog and wishes Chad a good night. Chanel later enters Chad and Boone's room and discovers them together. Chad tries to explain that it's not what it looks like but she gets even more mad when she sees that Boone has an erection. Sometime after that Boone is found "dead" by the other Dollar Scholars, Chad rushes over to the Kappa house with Denise to tell the girls the news while trying his hardest to hold back tears.


Chad tries to avenge the death of Boone, by challenging the Red Devil with the other Dickie Dollar Scholars, only to discover that there are two killers and Caulfield gets both of his arms sliced off by a chainsaw, while Chad faints when a Red Devil hits him.

Ghost Stories


Boone comes to visit Chad while he's packing. Chad is surprised to see him and quickly apologizes for having sex in his bed while he was gone. The two hug clearly happy to see each other again. Chad believes that Boone is a ghost. Boone makes up stories about the secret life of ghosts who walk among the humans everyday. He explains that he is back from the dead because he needs to take Zayday on a date in order to come back to life. He says he has to make Zayday fall in love with him. Chad is really happy about the news (though confused because he thinks Boone is gay) and is ready to do whatever it takes to have Boone by his side once again. He lends Boone his dress shirt to wear while trying to pick up Zayday and informs him that she is dating Earl Grey. Boone responds not to worry about Earl and that he'll talk to him. Soon after, he visits Zayday and tries to convince her that he's a ghost and that if he were to have sex with her he would become a living person again.



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