Boone Clemens
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Biographical Information
Full name: Boone Doyle (birth name)
Boone Clemens (name change)
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Birthday: October 1995
Age: 20
Occupation(s): Red Devil (inactive)
Asylum Patient (formerly)
College Student (formerly)
Frat Brother (formerly)
Serial Killer
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Red Devil
Joaquin Phoenix
Dead Gay Boone (by Chanel #3)
Brother Boone
Relationship Information
Family: Sophia Doyle (mother; deceased)
Wes Gardner (father; deceased)
Hester Ulrich (twin sister)
Gigi Caldwell (guardian; deceased)
Amy Meyer (guardian; deceased)
Grace Gardner (half-sister)
Relationships: Zayday Williams (infatuated)
Friends: Chad Radwell (best friend; deceased)
Pete Martínez (deceased)
Enemies: The Chanels
Grace Gardner
Gigi Caldwell (deceased)
Earl Grey (deceased)
Dodger (deceased)
Roger (deceased)
Caulfield Mount Herman (deceased)
Killer: Pete Martinez (deceased)
Victims: Melanie Dorkus (survived)
Chanel #2
Tiffany DeSalle
Shondell Washington
Aaron Cohen
Mandy Greenwell
Caulfield Mount Herman
Earl Grey
Truck Driver
Pet(s): Dog (shown in Pumpkin Patch)
Other Information
Interests: Golf
Michael Bay (Director)
Johnny Cash
Clique: Dickie Dollar Scholars (formerly)
Talent(s): Golf
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 5
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: The Final Girl(s)
Portrayed by: Nick Jonas
Beau Hart (young)
All I do is work out and kill people.
—Boone to the Red Devil[src]

Boone Clemens was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens until his death in Ghost Stories. He was a member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity and Chad Radwell's best friend. It was revealed in Ghost Stories that he was one of the Red Devils. In The Final Girl(s), it was revealed that Hester Ulrich is his twin sister and that he did most of the killings.

He is portrayed by Nick Jonas.



Boone is first seen playing golf with Chad Radwell at the campus of Wallace University. Chad is saying to Chanel Oberlin (Chad's girlfriend) that if she becomes unpopular he is going to break-up with her. Chanel is claiming at him but Boone stops her and says that he is getting really angry. He explains that Chad is an incredible person and really handsome, so he doesn't have time for that. Boone agrees with Chad that he can't date a girl who was popular and then stopped being popular. After Chad ends talking with Chanel, they both continue playing golf.

Hell Week

Boone in bed with Chad

After Chanel breaks up with Chad, he returns to his bedroom with his roommate Boone. Chad explains to Boone what happened, and Boone supports him and tells him that she is going to come back crying for him. When they are about to sleep, Boone tells Chad that he is scared because there is a killer on the campus and asks him if he can sleep with him. Chad reminds him of that one time where Boone slept on the same bed with him and tried to touch him sexually, and that it was really disrespectful because Boone knew that he is not gay. Boone keeps asking and Chad later accepts because they are best friends, but clarifies that there will not be touching this time. Boone goes to Chad's bed and wishes Chad a good night. Chanel later enters Chad and Boone's room and sees them sleeping in the same bed. Chad tries to explain that it's not what it looks like but she gets even more mad when she sees that Boone has an erection. This leads to a fight between Chad and Chanel. Scenes later, Boone goes to talk to The Chanels and says to Chanel Oberlin that he knows that she is going to tell everyone about his real sexuality and ruin his reputation. Boone explains that he wants to come out on his own and later join Kappa Kappa Tau, and this makes The Chanels laugh. Chanel #5 and Chanel #3 decline his offer really quick, but Chanel later thinks it is a good idea because having all the media looking at her as the first sorority president who accepted a gay man into her sorority will make her even more popular. #5 starts to freak out and says to Chanel that she lost her mind because having a gay man in their sorority would hurt the house and would steal their makeup and toiletries. She threatens Boone, saying that if he brings shame to Chanel #1's life and Kappa house, she would destroy him. Boone later says that he knows they will consider his offer and leaves the place.

Boone with his throat slit open

Afterwards, Boone is training in his room when the Red Devil opens the door. The other Dollar Scholars members later see Boone's dead body lying on the dining room table with his throat slit open and start screaming. He is later mentioned by Chad when he announces Boone's death to the Kappa girls. At the end of the episode, Red Devil goes to the mortuary and opens a drawer where Boone's body is located. Boone opens his eyes, and the episode ends with him saying to the Red Devil "What took you so long?" taking his throat slashing make-up off, revealing that he is Red Devil's ally.


Boone's death is ruled a suicide. During the rally, Chad tells Earl that he misses Boone and that it'll be weeks before he gets over his death. Chanel runs toward them and tells Chad his death is "so sad". She then asks if she can replace Boone in telling Chad how awesome he is. Back at the fraternity house, Chad informs the Dickie Dollar Scholars that he believes Boone was murdered. The Dickie Dollar Scholars go outside at night to search for the Red Devil, only to discover that there are two of them. Unbeknownst to them, one of the Red Devils is Boone. The scholars are attacked, and Caulfield gets his arms cut off with a chainsaw.

Mommie Dearest

Boone disguised as Joaquin Phoenix

Just before the end of the episode, a mysterious bearded figure walks into the gym. It turns out to be Boone wearing a wig and a fake beard. He is recognized by people thinking he is Joaquin Phoenix asking him for pictures and autographs. He then receives a call from an anonymous person (presumably the Red Devil), saying that he is tired of 'working out & killing people'. He also complains about the associate who wore an Antonin Scalia mask during Dean Munsch's attack saying it was "off brand". He then states that the real problem is Gigi, declaring his intentions to get rid of her once and for all.

Ghost Stories

Boone continues to walk around disguised as Joaquin Phoenix, until his fake beard falls off, right in front of Chanel #3, who assumes he is a ghost. Boone decides to play into the delusion and scares her, so she runs away in fear. She later tells the Chanels and Denise that she saw the ghost of "Dead Gay Boone". They don't believe her and tell her that she's just making things up.

Boone then visits Chad while he is packing, and Chad also believes that Boone is a ghost. Boone makes up stories about the secret life of ghosts who walk among the humans everyday. He explains that he is back from the dead because he needs to take Zayday on a date in order to come back to life. He says he has to make Zayday fall in love with him. Chad is really happy about the news and is ready to do whatever it takes to have Boone by his side once again. He lends Boone his dress shirt to wear while trying to pick up Zayday and informs him that she is dating Earl Grey. Boone responds not to worry about Earl and that he'll talk to him. Soon after, he visits Zayday and tries to convince her that he's a ghost and that if he were to have sex with her he would become a living person again. 

Boone after killing his friend Earl Grey

She does not fall for his act, figures out he is one of the Red Devils, and tries to take him away to turn him in, but he escapes through the window. Incensed at Zayday's rejection of him, he later fatally stabs Earl Grey in the back while wearing his Red Devil mask, knowing Zayday would be upset at this. He removes the mask as Earl is dying so that Earl can see who it is before he passes away. He then goes to hide in Chanel #5’s car and kills the truck driver who tries to help her as she screams and drives away.

Back to the house, the Kappa girls are discussing the revelation that Boone is one of the Red Devils and that the police and Denise are organizing a man hunt to find him. They also hired a ghost specialist to help with catching him. The detectives ask Grace and Zayday to describe Boone to a sketch artist so that they can give a drawing of him to the news, but Grace gets mad and explains that they already have numerous photos of him.

In a hotel suite Boone tells the other Red Devil that Zayday may not be as amazing as he thought she was since she didn’t want to have sex with him in order to save his soul. Gigi meets with Boone and the Red Devil and he tells her it's time to go. As Boone is telling her what a terrible guardian she is and how he sacrificed his life to go along with the plan, the Red Devil pulls out a knife and rises it in the air as Gigi screams. The Red Devil suddenly turns to Boone and betrays him by stabbing him in the chest instead. Shocked, Boone falls to the ground and dies.

Black Friday

Chad invites Pete to the Dickie's house to read Boone's will in which he states that he leaves a Johnny Cash poster, an X-Box, an HBO GO password, a box full of lube and his bedazzled buttplug to Pete, who seems very confused to be in Boone's will. Chad then suspects that Pete and Boone were secret gay lovers, but Pete explains that Boone was just helping him with his investigative reporting by being his eyes and ears inside the world of Greek life.

The Final Girl(s)

Boone as the Red Devil

Denise mentions that police have found Boone's decaying corpse.

Pete Martinez revealed that he was the one who killed Boone. He did this because he wanted to dismantle the Red Devil operation from inside. Since Boone was the muscle, he decided to kill him instead of Gigi.

Hester's narration reveals that she and Boone were raised by Gigi in the asylum.

It also reveals that Boone was the one who poured acid into Melanie Dorkus's tanning spray, under Hester's supervision. Boone asks her why he can't just stab Melanie, to which Hester says this would be more dramatic.


Boone is dedicated, unexpecting and a little bit fearful and shy. He is very protective towards his best friend Chad when it comes to Chanel and he likes to share his true feeling towards his twin sister when it comes to their guardian Gigi. He is also very unexpecting and secretive, he kept his homosexuality from everyone on campus including his own Dickie Dollar Scholars brothers except his best friend Chad, who doesn't allow gays into Dickie Dollar Scholars because it isn't very popular or acceptable in the Golf sports community, but Chad doesn't kick out Boone because they both are very dedicated bros and will never shut each other out, unless if Boone reveals his homosexuality out in public to everyone. Boone is also very secretive about his true identity, the fact that he is the second Red Devil who has been killing people and that he is the male baby in the bathtub without anyone knowing or even noticing, he also lied about being full on gay and actually is infatuated with Zayday. Even though Boone is still a mastermind serial killer, he is a bit of a meat head and not very bright like Chad, Boone has stated that he doesn't want to be bothered killing anymore because he'd rather be working out and hitting the gym.

Boone is a muscular guy, so he always tries to show off his guns with his bright and bold clothing. But also, he cares a lot about his looks and wears designer clothes like Marc Jacobs and Band of Outsiders. He has light brown hair with hazel eyes.


As Boone and the Red Devil are sitting together talking about their plan to get rid of Gigi, Gigi comes in late and talks about how Boone ruined a perfect plan and insults him about his stupid idea of faking being a ghost and trying to date Zayday. Boone has had enough and tells his part of the story to Gigi, threatening her and pushing her away and revealing his plan to her about getting rid of her. As he says his last words to Gigi, thinking the Red Devil behind him will kill her, the Red Devil stabs him in the chest instead, and he collapses to the ground.


Main article: Boone-Chad Relationship
Boone is best friends with Chad Radwell. They have a really close friendship, and Boone is usually very protective and supportive of Chad, always complimenting him and catering to his demands. Even though Boone was only pretending to be gay, Chad was the first person to know about it, and decided to accept him the way he was and keep his secret from the other Dollar Scholars brothers because he knows that they would kick him out. As best friends, Chad has no problem sleeping on the same bed with Boone, but always clarifies to him that there will be no touching, since Boone has done that in the past. After Boone's "death" was ruled as a suicide, Chad was devastated and wanted nothing but justice for 'Brother Boone', so he decided to face the Red Devil along with the other Dickie Dollar members. When Boone returns as a "ghost" in Ghost Stories, Chad is extremely happy to see him and even lends him a dress shirt after he tells Chad that he needs to have sex with Zayday in order to come back to life. Ultimately, their friendship comes to an end after Boone is later killed by Pete Martinez.

Main article: Hester-Boone Relationship
Hester is Boone's twin sister and ally, and both were raised together in an asylum by Gigi Caldwell. The two were heavily taught about murder and revenge concepts by Gigi, and eventually grew up to carry out their murder plan against Kappa Kappa Tau. Hester was the brains of the operation, while Boone was the one who executed the killings. Despite constant pressure from Gigi to murder Boone, Hester never carried out Gigi's wishes, presumably because she did not want to kill her own brother. Their sibling bond was put to an end, however, after Boone was stabbed by Pete Martinez. Hester avenges Boone by stabbing Pete to death later.

Main article: Gigi-Boone Relationship
Gigi took care of Boone and his twin sister, Hester while growing up and taught the pair everything they needed to know about murder and revenge. However, Boone always wanted a normal life, and he didn't appreciate having to grow up in a mental institution and living off stolen milk. Gigi also didn't like the way that Boone was handling the killings and felt as if he was the weakest of the trio, so she constantly pressured Hester to get rid of him. Boone felt the opposite, that Gigi was the weakest link, and he decided he wanted to get rid of her once and for all, but in the end, it led to his own demise.

Main article: Boone-Zayday Relationship
Boone is absolutely infatuated with Zayday. In Haunted House, he kidnapped her and prepared her a dinner date with her favorite food, Oakland nachos, and even gave her flowers, hinting a possible crush. In Ghost Stories, it's revealed that Boone was lying about being gay and that he actually had a major crush on Zayday. He asks for Chad's help in trying to pick her up, and even climbs through the window of her room at Kappa to try to seduce her. However, Zayday didn't reciprocate those romantic feelings, since she already had a blossoming relationship with Earl Grey, so Boone retaliates by stabbing Earl to death later that night.


Total: 6/13


  • Boone's name was supposed to be "Brad Towery" according to the original leaked script of episode one.
  • He was one of the Kappa babies that was born in the bathtub.
  • He is in love with Zayday.
    • He pretended to be gay.
  • It is shown in Pumpkin Patch that Boone owns a small dog.
  • He spent four years of his life learning how to slow his breathing and heart rate down to the point where even a trained coroner would declare him dead.
  • He studied film makeup for eight months straight, and practiced on the patients, so he could create the perfect slash mark on his throat.
  • He was the Red Devil that staged an attack on Gigi to take the scent off her.
  • He bought a new knife to kill Gigi with, which ironically he was actually killed with.
  • He is Grace Gardner's half-brother.
  • In The Final Girl(s), it is revealed that Hester Ulrich is Boone's twin sister and thus, the female Red Devil.
    • During the scenes that Boone dressed-up as the Red Devil, Nick Jonas has a voice-only role since there's a stunt inside the costume in reality.
  • He is the last recurring character to die in Season One.
    • He is also the last male recurring character to die.
  • He never actually enrolled at Wallace University. He simply showed up on campus and pretended to be a student due to the DDS members never even attending a class.
  • He has a box full of bottles of lube under his bed.
  • While Hester is the brains of the operation and the final Red Devil, she reveals that Boone did almost all of the killings, with her only killing when necessary and Pete only killing those he felt deserved it.
  • Boone appears in the episodes Chainsaw, Haunted House, Pumpkin Patch and Seven Minutes in Hell disguised as the Red Devil.


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