Biographical Information
Full name: Brandon Szathmary
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Ailment: Cutaneous Porphyria
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Vampire Guy (by Cathy)
Relationship Information
Doctors: Hester Ulrich
Other Information
Interests: Drinking blood (formerly)
Vulnerabilities: Garlic
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 1
First appearance: Blood Drive
Portrayed by: August Emerson

Brandon Szathmary is a minor character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He was a patient at C.U.R.E. diagnosed with Cutaneous Porphyria, a disease that affects the nervous system and can cause blisters as a result of sun exposure.

He is portrayed by August Emerson.


Blood Drive

Brandon is first introduced as the patient Hester is assigned to. As Cathy leads Hester into Brandon's room, she introduces Hester to Brandon as one of her medical students, under the alias of Donna Summer, and the two shake hands. At first sight, Hester assumes he's just a douche who thinks dressing like a vampire is attractive, and she scolds him for looking like Corey Feldman, but he explains that he's actually a real vampire, and shows her his fangs. He also explains that he gets blisters from being in the sunlight, he is disgusted by garlic, and his eyes can't handle any bright light. Hester questions if he avoids mirrors, but Brandon clarifies that vampires can actually see their own reflection, and the belief that they cannot is just an old wives' tale. He continues explaining that he is obsessed with drinking blood, but that he doesn't hurt anyone, as he knows someone at the Red Cross who gets him the blood he desires. He then turns to Cathy, pointing out that she seems to be looking pale. He asks if she's anemic and reveals that it's a major turn-off for him, but Cathy nervously dismisses his concerns, claiming she didn't get much sleep last night. She then exits the room, leaving Hester alone with Brandon, but not before quietly reminding Hester not to murder him.

The following day, as Hester is doing some reading about Brandon's condition, Brandon decides to sneak up behind her, causing her to punch him in the gut and knock him to the ground. After helping him up, she exclaims that she has great news regarding his medical condition, and diagnoses him with Cutaneous Porphyria, a disease of the nervous system which causes extreme photo-sensitivity and receding gums, explaining why Brandon has fangs and develops blisters in sunlight. She also tells him that it causes an odd aversion to the smell of garlic, explaining his disgust for the vegetable. He asks if it's curable, but Hester says no, and Brandon gets upset that he will be cursed forever like Count Dracula. However, Hester reveals that Brandon's blood drinking obsession is all in his head, and is not a direct symptom of his disease, enabling Hester to cure his addiction. She proposes that the best way to cure his thirst for blood is to use aversion therapy techniques, making him drink an extreme amount of blood until he is disgusted by even the thought of it. Hester then cracks open a case of blood and pours a bag into a mug for Brandon to drink. He quickly chugs down the blood, letting out a sigh of relief at how fresh it tastes, but after looking at the contents of the case, Brandon clarifies that they will definitely be needing more blood if Hester wants any hope of curing him.

Next, we see Chanel visiting the blood storage room, where she finds that all of her blood bags have been stolen. She notices a trail of blood droplets on the floor and decides to follow it down the hall, leading her to Brandon's room, where Hester is forcefully feeding him blood-filled foods, such as blood sausage and blood pie. Brandon, looking miserable, with blood smeared all over his face, lets out a large sigh as Chanel scolds Hester for stealing her blood. Cathy then comes running into the room, and Hester explains to her that she is merely trying to treat Brandon of his blood addiction by feeding him so much of it that it makes him sick, to which Brandon responds that he wouldn't even eat a medium rare steak at this point. Cathy then tells Hester that she has to find another way to cure Brandon within 24 hours, or else she gets put back into her cage in the basement.

That night, we see Hester roaming the halls, frantically trying to figure out ways to get Brandon more blood. She stumbles upon the blood storage room, where she runs into Chamberlain, about to dispose of Chanel's contaminated blood samples in the swamp. However, Hester knows she can use the blood for Brandon, so she snatches it from Chamberlain before he can throw it out.

Later on, Hester is spoon-feeding Brandon even more blood, even though he is repeatedly insisting that he's cured. Just then, Chanel, Brock, and Cathy arrive to confront Hester in Brandon's room, after finding Addison surrounded by dozens of blood bags, completely drained of every drop of blood in her body. Cathy assumes Hester is responsible for the murder, as she needed more blood to give Brandon, but Hester confesses that she is using Chanel's blood for Brandon, which she obtained from Chamberlain before he could dispose of it. Brandon is alarmed, and questions if something was wrong with the blood, as he drank about three vials of it. Brock then reveals that it contained every STD known to modern medicine, and Brandon laments being cursed as a sexual pariah. Hester tells him that he is still a pariah, with or without an STD, but explains to him that he doesn't have one, as she screened the blood before feeding it to him, and it came back totally clean. Brandon then lets out a final sigh of relief, now having been cured of his insatiable blood thirst.


Season Two (1/10)


  • He is the second patient to exit the hospital alive.



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