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Purpose: Hospital
Leader(s): Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Zayday Williams
Libby Putney
Status: Active
First appearance: Scream Again
Last appearance: Drain the Swamp
Where the incurable are cured.
Dean Munsch on C.U.R.E.[src]

Caregivers United in Restorative Etiology Institute Hospital, simply known as C.U.R.E., sometimes stylized as C+U+R+E, and previously known as Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering, was the main setting of the second season of Scream Queens, where some of the most fascinating and bizarre medical cases are under observation. It was run by Cathy Munsch who, with the goal of taking on the most incurable medical cases, enlisted the help of surgeons Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, as well as medical students Zayday Williams and the Chanels. Currently, the head hospital staff include Zayday and Chanel #5.


The hospital was originally built as a tuberculosis clinic; however, due to a rancid swamp behind the building, the patients who checked in started becoming sicker and sicker. Upon discovering this, the clinic was promptly shut down. After a decade, it was re-opened as a hospital named "Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering" and became the fourth best performing hospital out of four in the area. On Halloween night of 1985, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas dumped a patient's body in the swamp, as to avoid blame for his inevitable death, and to protect their identities, Dr. Mike used the swamp to dispose of his distinctive Green Meanie costume. Exactly a year later, during a Halloween party in 1986, a masked murderer, wearing Dr. Mike's old Green Meanie costume, came back for revenge, killing every member of the hospital staff, except for one - Lynn Johnstone. The only evidence left behind was a trail of green slime. No one was ever arrested for the massacre, and they never found out who was responsible. A newspaper article from November 1, 1986 is the only remaining documentation of the mass murder, as someone was hired to scrub clean any past files on the hospital.

In 2016, the abandoned hospital was purchased by Cathy Munsch, under the guise of fixing the broken healthcare system in America. She renamed it 'Caregivers United in Restorative Etiology Institute Hospital' (commonly known as C.U.R.E.) and adopted the motto "where the incurable are cured." Under Munsch's lead, the teaching hospital aimed to cure diseases that twenty-first century medicine had deemed incurable. However, Cathy's true intention for opening the hospital was to find out the mystery behind her own incurable illness. It was also during this time that several serial killers, related to the events of Halloween 1985 and the murders at Wallace University, began to target the patients and staff of the hospital.


The hospital has a waiting room, a basement, a locker room, a nurse's station, an operating room, wards, a staff room, a blood storage room, and Munsch's personal office.

The hospital's waiting room has several copies of the Time magazine issue featuring Cathy Munsch and her role in the rise of 'New New Feminism'. The basement of the hospital is used for hydrotherapy, and is equipped with two hydrotherapy bath tubs with a self-locking mechanism. It also contains a cryogenic freezer that Cathy had built using a portion of the Radwell fortune. The locker room is an area for the hospital staff to change in and out of their uniforms. It holds numerous lockers and shower cubicles.



Zayday Williams Medical Student
Libby Putney Medical Student


Dr. Mike Doctor
Nurse Thomas Nurse
Lynn Johnstone Nurse
Nurse Lancer Nurse
Chad Radwell Medical Student
Denise Hemphill FBI Agent
Midge Medical Student
Addison Medical Student
Andrea Nurse
Chamberlain Jackson Candy Striper
Cathy Munsch Owner
Ingrid Marie Hoffel Head Administrator
Dr. Brock Holt Head Surgeon
Dr. Cassidy Cascade Surgeon
Chanel Oberlin Medical Student
Sadie Swenson Medical Student
Hester Ulrich Medical Student



Daria Janssen Moebius Syndrome
Mr. Obamawitz Tuberculosis


Bill Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Catherine Hobart Hypertrichosis
Tyler Neurofibromatosis Type I
Randal Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disorder
Sheila Baumgartner Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
Penelope Hotchkiss Foreign Accent Syndrome
Brandon Szathmary Cutaneous Porphyria
Anna Plaisance Polymelia
Symptomatic Heart Failure
Thomas Benderhall Dioxin Poisoning
Wes Gardner Trichophagia
Marguerite Honeywell Marfan Syndrome
Garrett Facial Neoplasm


  • Cathy Munsch refers to the hospital as 'the palace of healing' when welcoming Catherine Hobart, C.U.R.E.'s first patient.
  • During Scream Again, many members of staff are heard being called over the speaker system.
    • Nurse Lancer was called over the speaker to bring Hawaiian Punch to the Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering.
    • Dr. Semedla was called over the speaker to urology at C.U.R.E.
    • Chamberlain Jackson was called over the speaker to bring his magic cart to room 314 at C.U.R.E.
    • Nurse Hoffel was called over the speaker due to a bedpan emergency in 402 at C.U.R.E.
  • Penelope Hotchkiss, Brandon Szathmary, Anna Plaisance, Thomas Benderhall, and Garrett Larson are the only patients to exit the hospital alive.
  • Despite the hospital originally being closed down due to the rancid swamp making the patients' tuberculosis worse, the swamp appeared to have no effect on patients upon the hospital's reopening as Our Lady Of Perpetual Suffering a decade later.
    • In its current state, as C.U.R.E. Institute, the hospital is thriving - even with the presence of the swamp; Daria Janssen suggested that the humus that settles at the bottom of the swamp could even be beneficial as a fertilzser, however this was later proven to be false when a crop of tomatoes grown with the experimental fertilizer began glowing bright green.
    • Oddly, the swamp appears to have no effect on Mr. Obamawitz, a patient at C.U.R.E suffering from tuberculosis.