Cathy-Gigi Relationship is about the friendship/rivalry between Cathy and Gigi. They met and became staff friends in Pilot, and then became frenemies when Cathy realised Gigi is trying to be with Wes and Cathy wants to. They became enemies in Chainsaw when Gigi begins to think that Cathy is the Red Devil.



Gigi arrives Cathy's office as Chanel hears that KKT will be shut down. As the National KKT President, Gigi asserts herself as the attorney representing KKT. Wallace University standards will not allow Dean Munsch to rid  KKT's charter. Gigi excuses Chanel and disarms Cathy by agreeing with her that things have to change at the chapter. Later, both arrive at KKT house during a rush party to inform the students that a new inclusive approach to rushing and pledging a sorority is being instituted. Munsch announces that pledging is open to the public.


Cathy walks in on Gigi flirting with Wes after his Intro to Film Class. Cathy requests Gigi to stop by the tennis courts one day during the week. During tennis play, Cathy convinces Gigi to move in to the KKT house for a week to show the girls how two very different women can get along. Just before departure from the tennis court, Cathy tells Gigi that she and Wes are kind of an item (which they are not) and calls "dibs" on Wes. Gigi responds, "you can't call dibs on a person."

Cathy and Gigi room together at the KKT House and stand united in front of the students. During Gigi's salad date with Wes, Cathy tags along and brings a bunch of different dressings.

Just before bed, Gigi compliments Cathy on her 1900's homestead style nightgown, which flatters Cathy. Cathy turns on her white noise machine that plays distressed whale sounds. Gigi mentions that it's kind of loud. Cathy says there is no volume control, but there are a total of 500 different settings, none of which are peaceful or soothing [to most]. Cathy settles on "slasher movie setting" and Gigi says she will just sleep on the couch. While beginning to fall asleep on the couch, the Red Devil enters the house attempting to kill Gigi. Wes enters the scene and helps chase the Red Devil away. The episode ends with Cathy at the top of the stars asking what is all the noise about. Wes alleges that Cathy is the Red Devil, Gigi seemingly in agreement.

Haunted House

When Cathy is being interviewed by Detective Chisolm, Wes and Gigi keep going on about how she is defintaly the killer.

Pumpkin Patch

Gigi and many others barge into Cathy's office and talk about their search for Zayday.

Seven Minutes in Hell

There is no progression of this relationship during this episode.

Mommie Dearest

Gigi was disguised as Judge Antonin Scalia and along with the other Red Devil's they tried to beat up Cathy but, in the end Cathy finished them leaving them to run outside.


Cathy is seen screaming at Gigi's decapitated head.




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