Cathy-Wes Relationship is about the romance, friendship, and rivalry between Cathy Munsch and Wes Gardner.


Hell Week

Wes wants to withdraw his daughter Grace from Wallace University, because he fears that something could happen to her. A flirty Cathy convinces him to keep his daughter at school, but Wes demands to be hired as a professor so that he can keep an eye on her. She then says that she finds good parenting attractive.


Dean Munsch shows up after Wes's first introduction to Film Analysis class to find out how it went. She finds Wes and Gigi seemingly flirting. She summons Gigi to visit her on the tennis court, where she calls "dibs" on Wes. Later on Cathy crashes Wes and Gigi's salad date and exchanges looks with Wes. After the Red Devil attacks Gigi and Wes in the Kappa House and leaves, Cathy comes down the stairs. Wes accuses Cathy of being the Red Devil because she was "asleep" during the whole attack.

Haunted House

Tension rises between Wes and Cathy because Wes wants the police to further question her as a Red Devil suspect. Munsch flirts with Wes in a domineering fashion and invites him to the annual faculty Halloween party. By episode's end, Wes's anger is further fueled by Munsch's power to keep Wallace University open.

Pumpkin Patch

Cathy, Gigi and Wes are the protective adults standing in front of the students at the Kappa Kappa Tau house. Cathy indicates that she is shutting down the campus and canceling Halloween. All three appear united in the decision. Later, Gigi and Wes go to Cathy's office to report plans to search for missing student Zayday. Cathy notices the closeness between Gigi and Wes and inquires if the two consider themselves a couple now. Gigi affirms a yes with a slight smirk that leaves Cathy reeling since she called dibs on Wes during Chainsaw.


Grace goes to her father so that he can seduce Cathy while her and Zayday look at the student records. Her father agrees and goes to Cathy's home unannounced and sets up a candle light romantic scene for when she enters. Cathy then comes home, confused, and follows the candle lights leading to a bedroom. Wes, in his boxers, lays on the bed and seduces Cathy then they have sex twice. After, Wes says he loves her, but Cathy says that Grace has to go first, only for a little while. She states she'll be barking in his ear about this.



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