S2 Cathy Poster.jpg
Biographical Information
Full name: Catreen Munsch
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light grey
Eye color: Hazel
Occupation(s): Greek Life Liaison (formerly)
Associate Dean of Wallace University (formerly)
Dean of Wallace University (formerly)
Best-selling Author
Hospital Administrator (formerly)
Sex Therapist
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Dean Box Munsch, Dean Carpet Munsch
(by Chanel)
Dean Crunch and Munsch (by Denise)
Boozy Old Hag, Creaky Old Whore, Crone Munsch, Slut (by Ingrid)
Dean Munsch
Doctor Munsch
Doctor Cathy Munsch
Doctor Dean Cathy Munsch
Relationship Information
Relationships: Steven Munsch (ex-husband; deceased)
Chad Radwell (hook-up; deceased)
Wes Gardner (ex-Fiancée; deceased)
Detective Chisolm (hook-up)
Dr. Brock Holt (ex-husband)
Clark (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Denise Hemphill
Grace Gardner
Zayday Williams
Pope Francis
Enemies: Feather McCarthy
Steven Munsch (deceased)
Detective Chisolm
Red Devil
Green Meanie
Hester Ulrich
Ingrid Marie Hoffel
Frenemies: Gigi Caldwell (deceased)
Pete Martínez (deceased)
The Chanels
Dr. Brock Holt
Victims: Steven Munsch
Former Dean Reynolds (possibly)
Boss: Former Dean Reynolds (formerly)
Employees: Gigi Caldwell (deceased)
Wes Gardner (formerly; deceased)
Denise Hemphill (formerly)
Dr. Brock Holt (formerly)
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Zayday Williams (formerly)
Chanel Oberlin (formerly)
Chanel #3 (formerly)
Chanel #5 (formerly)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Hester Ulrich (temporarily)
Doctors: Dr. Brock Holt
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Designing fashion wear
Destroying KKT
Apple cider
Charades (game)
Hating Antonin Scalia
New Guinean Restaurants
Talent(s): Fighting
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneTwo
Episode count: 23
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Jamie Lee Curtis
Hell hath no Fury, like a woman scorned.
—Dean Munsch[src]

Cathy Munsch is a main character on Scream Queens. She is the former dean of Wallace University who, after abolishing the college Greek system, decides to travel the world in search of a new mission. This leads her to purchase a hospital with the goal of taking on the most incurable medical cases. She later sells the hospital after a failed marriage and is currently a sexual tutor in Aspen.

She is portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis.



Dean Cathy Munsch is introduced when she summons Chanel Oberlin to her office to inform Chanel of her plans to take down the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. University policy keeps her from revoking KKT's charter, however, Munsch circumvents policy by instituting a new rule that KKT must open their doors to the public by accepting anyone who wants to join. Dean Munsch personally recruits an undesirable pledge. Most of the members fear reputation changes and run away, which leaves the chapter with four sisters and six pledges. Munsch has sex with Chanel's boyfriend, Chad Radwell. Chad professes his love to Dean Munsch, which disgusts her and moves her to kick him out of her bed.

Hell Week

Media attention descends on Wallace University after the murder of a KKT pledge. Dean Munsch tries to keep the story quiet, but can’t compete with social media. Mocked as “Dean of Murder U,” Munsch threatens the students that they must stay at school or risk failing out. Fearful of a university shutdown, Munsch tries to convince Grace’s father, Wes Gardner, to keep Grace at school. Wes demands to be hired as a professor so that he can keep an eye on Grace. Munsch agrees to his demand and flirtatiously states that she “finds good parenting attractive.”

Later in the episode, Munsch appears in a flashback scene, during which Chanel Oberlin tells Grace the story behind the blood-stained bathtub. Munsch is seen marching onto the 1995 death scene that she allegedly covered up. Munsch’s office is later broken into by Pete Martínez, who steals information from a file titled, “KKT House Party 1995."


Dean Cathy Munsch heads school rally for "sanity and calm" vowing to "take back the night." During her speech, she minimizes the murder of Tiffany, by calling it a "passing" and informs the students that Boone's death was ruled a suicide. She denounces the Red Devil as mascot and introduces the new mascot for Wallace University, Coney (soft serve ice cream on a sugar cone).

Later, Munsch enters Wes's classroom to find Wes and Gigi talking. She inquires about first day of class to which Gigi responds that it went great. Munsch suggests that maybe she will consider Wes for full-time employment. She requests Gigi to visit her on the tennis court during the week.

Munsch playing tennis with Gigi

While playing tennis with Gigi, Munsch convinces her to move into the KKT house for one week with her for the purpose of showing the students how two very different women can get along. She then calls "dibs" on Wes and tells Gigi to stay away from him because they are an item.

Munsch enters the KKT house with Gigi and squashes hazing activity before it begins. She informs the girls that they are moving in. Munch crowds Gigi and Wes's salad date and states she is just being overprotective of her new roomie. Upon bedtime, Munsch exits the bathroom in a 19th century homestead style nightgown. Munsch informs Gigi that she has to sleep with white noise and turns on her machine that plays distressed whale sounds. There is no volume control and the other settings (baboon attack, catastrophically depressurized airplane cabin, slasher movie) are just as much of a nuisance to Gigi, who decides to sleep on the couch. Munsch later wonders what all the screaming is about downstairs. She finds Wes and Gigi panting after they just fought off the Red Devil. Wes picks up the idling chainsaw and accuses Dean Munsch of being the killer.

Haunted House

Dean Cathy Munsch coolly and cooperatively answers Detective Chisolm's questions on scene at the KKT House after the Red Devil attempted to kill Gigi. Dean and the detective appear to have an established friendship. Wes challenges the police to further investigate Munsch as the Red Devil. Munsch uses logic to defend herself. She deflects focus from investigation by flirtatiously inviting Wes to annual faculty Halloween party.

Dean Munsch appears in flashback scene when former KKT sister, Mandy Greenwell (now grown-up), recalls the details of the 1995 cover-up of Sophia's death. In 1995, Dean Munsch placed hoods over each of the sisters' heads so they could not see the route to Sophia's burial site.

Flashback of the cover-up

She stood over them as they dug a plot and informed them of her plan to assure secrecy, which forced each sister to disappear.

In the present day, Cathy minimizes the on-and-off-campus events with police in order to contain public speculation on a serial killer. Many of the dead bodies found at the off-campus haunted house are not students, thus lending credence to Dean's point-of-view and decision to keep the university open.

Pumpkin Patch

Dean Munsch with Denise Hemphill; both had sex with Chad Radwell

Cathy assembles the students most likely to be targeted by the Red Devil, containing them at the KKT house. Chanel #5 asks whether or not Cathy is going to close campus, to which Dean shockingly says, "Yes." She also cancels Halloween, which the students protest. Later, she and Denise are in the Dean's office validating each others' experiences of having had sex with Chad. Wes and Gigi arrive at Dean's office to orchestrate a search for Zayday . Cathy eyes the two of them and inquires if the two are a couple. Gigi and Wes affirm they are dating.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Dicky Dollar Scholars call Chad out on having slept with older women, including Cathy Munsch.

The Dean does not appear in any scenes until the near-end, after the KKT sisters and Dickie Dollar Scholars break free from the KKT house lock-in. Cathy smiles while standing by Detective Chisolm as the murders during the lock-in clearly show that the Red Devil is targeting KKT members and associates. As a result, she can call the parents and assure them that their children are safe as long as they are not Kappas or associated with Kappas. Cathy can happily reopen Wallace University.

Beware of Young Girls

It is revealed that Cathy's husband, Steven Munsch, left her for student Feather McCarthy. As an act of revenge, she murders Steven, dismembers his corpse, and leaves body parts for Feather to find. She later manages to frame Feather for the murder and Feather is arrested and taken away.

Mommie Dearest

Both Red Devils break into Cathy's house and attack her while she is taking a shower. She fights them both off, as well as a third masked villain wearing a Judge Scalia mask, until they finally give up and leave her house.

Following the death of Jennifer, Cathy shuts down all campus operations.

Ghost Stories

Cathy hires Detective Chisolm to find Boone, but then Chisolm brings in the founder of D.O.P.E (Department Of Paranormal Exploration) who explains that he had always thought that the killer was a ghost, and that is why he had not been caught yet. Zayday and Grace get frustrated with him, so Cathy tries to butt in, but Zayday stops her by yelling at her about how all she is done so far is sit back and watch as they have been picked off one by one. Zayday then states that Earl Grey's blood is on Cathy's hands and then storms off. Detective Chisolm then apologizes to Cathy and tells her that Zayday is wrong. Cathy stops him by telling him that she is not wrong and then proceeds to fire him.

Cathy then goes to Zayday and Grace's room and tells them about how there were actually two babies, saying that they were twins, a boy and a girl, and that she thinks Boone was the boy baby. She then leaves.


When Chanel #3 comes back to Kappa Kappa Tau for Thanksgiving she walks into the kitchen to find Cathy. In the kitchen Cathy is slaughtering Tiburon the Turkey which she pardoned on the quad.

Black Friday

Cathy joins Grace and Chanel to discuss a possible idea for a feminist club. Cathy greatly approves of this and decides that, since there are currently no classes scheduled (since Wallace is shut down), that the club would be perfect for the remaining students on campus. Cathy is given (poisoned) apple cider, her favorite drink, and downs the entire glass. Chanel and Grace, who intended to kill the dean, are confused by her immunity to the poison, which should have killed Cathy instantly.

Dean Munsch after her cryotherapy

Later, Cathy goes with Zayday, #1, #3, #5, and Hester to the Cryotherapy salon. She is very excited, and unknowingly enters a booth that will drop to -200°, and should kill her. This was planned by the present Kappas. Grace did not participate because she realized that killing the dean was a bad idea. However, Cathy emerges unharmed (but rather frosty) and says that she has never felt better.

Back at the house, once the dean was gone, Hester says that Cathy may be like Rasputin: immune to all outside attacks (such as poison and extreme temperatures), but may be vulnerable if drowned. Chanel gives Zayday, #3, #5, and Hester new phones that will glow with red lights when Chanel calls them, signaling them to join her at the pool, where she plans to drown Cathy. They all agree to this plan.

Cathy meets Chanel at the pool. Chanel tries to call her friends, but their phones are on another table, and since they are arguing with a lingerie saleswoman, they do not see the phones. Chanel's lame excuse for bringing heavy chains to a pool causes Cathy to leave, and Chanel becomes furious with her minions.


Cathy Munsch goes into her apartment to find candles laid out through the entire apartment and rose petals on the floor. She goes into her room to find Wes laying on the bed in his underwear with a rose in his hand. She asks him what is going on and he tells her that he stopped denying what they both knew the moment they laid eyes on each other. She asks him if that is why he decided to break into her apartment and he tells her that he has been a very bad boy and he should be sent to the Dean. Cathy says that can be arranged and jumps onto him. Wes starts playing a playlist that he made especially. They proceed to have sex.

After they have sex. Cathy and Wes are seen laying on the bed. Cathy is smoking and Wes proceeds to tell her that, that was the best sex of his life and that they are meant to be together. Cathy says that if they are going to be together then Grace is going to have to go. She then leaves the room to go and freshen up so that they can move on to 'round two.'

The Final Girl(s)

After Hester has the Chanels framed for all the killings, Cathy reveals to Hester that she recognized her as the bathtub baby and knew the Red Devil was her. She says that she should turn Hester in for murder, but Hester says that if Cathy does that, she will turn Cathy in for murdering her ex-husband. The two come to a mutual agreement.

Scream Again

Cathy is first seen greeting Catherine, and after that, a flashback shows how Cathy became a successful woman, and had a meeting with Pope Francis. After having closed the greek system, everyone was asking the same question: what would Cathy do next? Cathy decides to reopen a former hospital named "Our Lady of Perputual Suffering" and reopen it as C.U.R.E. In the same flashback, Cathy expresses her feelings on the Chanels and mentions she hasn't heard their name in ages, until a Netflix award-winning documentary about them took the world by storm. Cathy also expresses that she thought all of the Kappa girls were useless, except for one Zayday Williams. Cathy and Zayday have a conversation and Cathy offers to pay Zayday's medical school if she goes to work to her hospital as a medical student. Back to present day, Zayday asks Cathy for more ladies, and Cathy decides to hire The Chanels. When Cathy is informed about The Chanels bullying Catherine, Cathy puts them on Academic Probation, but after the Chanels successfully find a way to cure Catherine, Cathy promotes them to doctors, and expresses she's very proud of The Chanels. She's also seen with Ingrid, on the elevator.

Warts and All

When Catherine's severed head is found, Cathy says she had been on a Skype call, therefore she couldn't have murdered Catherine. Chanel then appears with Chanel #3 and both start framing Libby for the murders. However, the evidences are inconclusive, so the investigation ends. After that, Chamberlain and Zayday confront Cathy about her suspicious behavior and motive, and she reveals that she opened this hospital to try to save her own life from a disease she has, which leads to an emotional breakdown, and she is comforted by the both of them. Later, Cathy is walking down the hallway when the Green Meanie tries to kill her, but Cathy defeats him, but when she's about to unmask the killer, Chanel #3 and Cassidy start asking questions about what happened, and the killer runs away, leaving Cathy angry at the two of them. After that, Zayday and Chamberlain research on Cathy's disease and she's known to have symptoms of cannibalism, and there is no cure.


The episodes starts off where it left off, with the Chanels standing over Tyler's body after he was killed by the Green Meanie. Cathy appears and make the Chanels help her take Tyler's body out to the swamp because Cathy fears that the publicity of the crimes and the fact the Chanels work here will force the hospital to shut down. Cathy suspects one of the staff, including the Chanels, killed him and they toss Tyler into the swamp. Cathy makes none of them speak what has happened, and leaves.

Cathy and the Chanels visit Hester again and demand to know who the killer is; it's killed two and another patient (Randal) is missing. Hester says he's dead and demands to be transferred to C.U.R.E., but Cathy rejects it. Hester says they're running out of time; the more they wait for the transfer, the more outrageous her demands get, the more the Green Meanie will kill. Hester dryly observes Chanel's skin is dry and needs Esrun cream. The gang leave when Chad sends a text saying he knows who the killer is.

In Munsch's office, Chad accuses Dr. Brock of being the killer since his hand belonged to a serial killer. The two fight over Chanel which ends when Chanel rejecting them both. Cathy suggests having Dr. Brock's hand replaced with a new one that never belonged to a murderer.

The next scene introduces Sheila Baumgartner, who experiences her 27th orgasm of the day. Dr. Cassidy and Chanel #3 stand uncomfortable as Dean Munsch looks amazed. Sheila says her condition has destroyed her life. Dr. Cassidy diagnosis Sheila with "persistent genital arousal disorder".

Cathy, Zayday, Denise, and the Chanels exit an SUV. Zayday explains she googled Esrun and found a property named after that in the Everglades. They knock on the door of the mansion, and ask for Lynn Johnstone; one of the survivors of the 1986 Halloween massacre at the hospital. Cathy asks about the former hospital, and Lynn responds that he did work there and was present when the Halloween murders occurred. Lynn went to the bathroom, so she couldn't hear anything and discovered the dead hospital staff. The hospital board paid Lynn five million dollars in hush money and made him sign an NDA. However, recently, he tells the group he received a creepy phone call seemingly from the Green Meanie, who tells him it will kill again. Lynn concludes the autotuned voice was really hiding a woman's voice. He thinks either the pregnant lady from the previous Halloween before the massacre or her child called him.

Back at the hospital in Musnch's office, the group is contemplating the Green Meanie's motive. Denise wonders why the Green Meanie is just starting to kill - he/she got their revenge because the doctors and nurses who killed the pregnant lady's husband are dead. Cathy is convinced someone who works in the hospital is the killer. She also found out the pregnant lady gave birth to a baby boy, who, today, would be approximately 30. Denise says Chad was held back eight consecutive years in second grade, making him 30. Cathy rushes to stop Chad from preforming the operation on Brock as he is now a prime suspect.

During Chad and Chanel's wedding day, Cathy sneaks in and takes a seat. However, Chad is nowhere to be seen. Everyone is impatiently waiting for Chad to come, until the ceiling breaks and Chad's body falls on the table, with his throat slit. Chanel and everyone else screams.

Halloween Blues

After Chad's death, Cathy, Zayday, Denise, Cassidy, Brock, and the rest of the chanels rush over to Chanel at the hospital's morgue to comfort her, while she is literally crying over Chad's body. The rest of the Chanels then take Chanel out of the room after Denise dismisses her. Denise then makes everyone else leave to examine the body (when in reality she wanted to be alone with the body and vows to find his killer).

Cathy and Denise then appear to Hester in the hospital's basement and tell her that Chad died, and ask her why the killer's pattern has changed from the patients to the staff, however, she doesn't confirm or deny that the killer was responsible for Chad's death and that they should throw an Halloween party to single out the killer, which they agree to, but when Hester asks to come to the party, they both deny her request.

Cathy, Denise, and the Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. Institute. The lawyer then goes on to say that Chad changed the will recently before his death and didn't leave an explanation. Chanel then begins a temper-tantrum, and attacks Chad's lawyer as everyone rushes to stop her.

Chanel then finds out that Brock and Cathy had sex on her wedding day, when she arrives to see Dr. Brock for a cure after he gave her medication that accidentally made her skin blue.

Cathy is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff. Hester appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, while Chanel #5 appears dressed as her mother. Everyone at the party becomes suspicious, as they are unaware it is Hester wearing the Ivanka costume. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples with DMT. Zayday then passes the diagnosis to Cathy, whom congratulates Zayday's research.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

In the midst of C.U.R.E.'s Halloween party, Cathy, Chanel, Chanel #3, and Zayday are all seen rushing out of the elevator after hearing screams in the distance. As they run down the hallway, they come across Denise's dead body, along with a severely injured #5. Completely ignoring #5, Cathy immediately tends to Denise's body and takes her pulse, deeming her deceased. She then proposes that they throw Denise's body in the swamp, explaining that she cannot let Denise's death have a negative impact on all the great work they've done at the hospital. The group is then interrupted by men screaming downstairs, and they all run towards the sound, leaving Chanel #5 there alone.

When they go back downstairs to the nurse's station, they find dozens of dead party guests strung up with marsh vines. Cathy exclaims that they have no choice but to contact the authorities, and tells the girls to change out of their costumes before asking Zayday for assistance with something important.

Cathy and Zayday are then seen in the elevator with Denise's body strapped to a gurney. Cathy confesses that they won't be dumping Denise in the swamp, as Denise is actually still alive. She clarifies that when she took Denise's pulse, she had the faintest heartbeat, but not enough to resuscitate her, as she is basically brain dead. Although she can't be saved, Cathy explains that Denise will play an integral part in potentially saving her life. She proposes her plan to place Denise into a cryogenic chamber as a test round, just in case Cathy's condition proves fatal before a cure is found. Zayday seems apprehensive, but Cathy convinces her, and the pair push Denise into the chamber before shutting the door and turning the nozzle to activate the liquid nitrogen. Cathy then expresses her worry to Zayday that her kuru might be getting worse, and pleads for her help, as she doesn't want to end up like Denise.

The next day, the authorities are shown walking through the hospital, along with the press, who are there trying to interview Cathy about the murderous events. Cathy expresses via voice-over how she felt like she was living a nightmare, and that C.U.R.E. would soon be dead, with her shortly after. However, a week later, Cathy explains that there is no such thing as bad press, and that the news of the murder streak actually ended up working in the hospital's favor. They gained hundreds of hours of free publicity, which in turn led to an influx of new patients, who were willing to risk being knocked off in order to receive the miracle cure they needed. As Cathy is headed to her office, she is approached by Nurse Hoffel, who is suggesting they contact the Board of Directors about the new wave of patients they received. While tuning her out completely, Cathy internally expresses her utter distaste for Hoffel and how she asserts herself in a way to compete with Cathy's authority.

Cathy is then shown looking over patient files in her office, when she is introduced to Marguerite Honeywell, a woman who has Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the body's connective tissues, resulting in extremely long limbs. The next patient she meets is Daria Janssen, who was diagnosed with Moebius syndrome, a disorder that causes facial paralysis. But there was one patient that particularly intrigued Munsch - Penelope Hotchkiss. Penelope is then seen in her hospital room, speaking with a different accent every time she opens her mouth. Although Penelope is completely unaware of her accents shifting, Cathy assures her that they have the resources necessary to cure her and that they will not stop until they find one.

Back at Cathy's office, Zayday arrives to express her concern that Chamberlain could potentially be the killer, or at least the baby in the belly from 1985. She asks Cathy for information on him and to explain what his interview was like, but Cathy responds that she has no idea who Chamberlain is and that she never even hired a candy striper. She always assumed that Chamberlain was Dr. Brock's assistant, which only makes Zayday even more suspicious, as she promises to look further into Chamberlain's background.

The next day, Ingrid pays Cathy a visit in her office, where Cathy decides to fire her for treating the staff poorly, particularly the Chanels. She also brings up the fact that Ingrid is addicted to pethidine, and Ingrid gets defensive, clearly in denial about her addiction. Cathy then demands that Ingrid's office be cleaned out within the hour, but Ingrid has other plans. She announces that she knows all about Cathy's disease, and that she'll let the word out if Munsch doesn't re-hire her. Having no other choice, Cathy is forced to keep Ingrid on staff, and as Ingrid is leaving, she makes sure to warn Cathy not to cross her.

The following morning, after the death of Tristan, Cathy gathers all of the Chanels into her office. She berates the girls for hiring three new Chanels as Green Meanie bait, and admits that she found out about the plan from Chanel #5. Cathy is also furious that Hester has gone missing, and she suspects the Chanels might have something to do with it, but the girls quickly deflect her concerns. Cathy then reveals that Chanel's plan may have had some merit, and that with the new influx of patients, there is double the workload, so she is all for having more Chanels to help improve efficiency. She admits that she even hired some new Chanels of her own, and introduces Addison aka Chanel #9: a semi-professional dungeon master, Andrea aka Chanel #10: a girl born with no kidneys and thirty extra feet of large intestine, and Midge aka Chanel #11: a girl who coincidentally has 11 fingers. Chanel then orders the newbies to clean out #5's bedpan, and after they leave, Cathy threatens that she will report the girls as accessories to murder if she finds out that they're harboring Hester as a fugitive.

Blood Drive

Outside the hospital, Cathy is seen holding up contaminated pints of blood to the Chanels, Zayday, and Ingrid. She rages how the only blood they have at the hospital is the blood spilled from the Green Meanie's victims, which has been mopped up and put back into bags by Chanel #3. She explains that they are in desperate need of donations, so Chanel suggests having a blood drive, to which Cathy agrees, as it'll solve the shortage and turn the murders into a positive light.

After the staff meeting, Chanel is collecting blood from Brock, when Cathy then slips in a flirty comment to him. Chanel immediately interjects, explaining to her that the only reason Brock had sex with her was because he was sad about Chanel. Cathy then retaliates by suggesting Chanel is riddled with STDs, and Brock seems apprehensive about the thought of such.

The next day, Chanel approaches Cathy and confesses that she allowed Hester to move in with the girls in order to get information about the killer. Cathy is appalled, but Chanel then suggests that Cathy give Hester a job at the hospital to keep her occupied and prevent her from murdering anyone, to which Cathy obliges.

Cathy is then shown walking with Hester in the hallway, explaining that she has too many patients and not enough people to figure out what's wrong with them, so she assigns Hester with a patient of her own, Brandon Szathmary. Before leading her into his room, Cathy explains that if Hester can prove herself to be able to diagnose and cure obscure diseases, Cathy will allow her to roam free another week. Cathy then escorts Hester into Brandon's room and introduces Hester as one of her medical students under the alias of Donna Summer. While Hester assumes he's just a douche in a vampire costume, Brandon confesses that he actually is a vampire. He explains his condition and that he loves drinking blood. He then turns to Cathy, and asks if she's anemic, pointing out that she seems to be looking pale. Hester agrees and suggests running some tests on Cathy to see what's wrong, hinting that she knows about her ailment, but Cathy nervously dismisses their concerns, claiming she didn't get much sleep last night. She then exits the room, but not before quietly reminding Hester not to murder anyone.

That night, Cathy is suspiciously lurking the halls after-hours with a flashlight in hand. She enters the blood storage room and begins rummaging through the samples, all while the Green Meanie watches her from behind. She comes across Chanel's blood bag and removes it from the fridge, when suddenly she hears noises nearby. After turning around and seeing no one is there, she quickly shuts the fridge and leaves with Chanel's blood.

In the morning, Chanel and Ingrid are speaking with Cathy in her office, as Brock comes in and sits down. Cathy announces that she has bad news for Chanel and explains that Chanel has tested positive for every STD known to modern medicine, immediately alarming both Chanel and Brock. Cathy then states that to avoid any contamination, all of Chanel's blood must be removed from the blood drive tally, which in turn puts Cathy in the lead. A worried Ingrid tells Cathy that Chanel shouldn't be penalized for this, but Cathy disagrees, and instead runs to the blood drive competition board to strip it of Chanel's progress, as an angered Chanel dramatically chases after her. After a brief confrontation at the board, Chanel collapses to the ground, screaming in defeat, as Cathy points and laughs at her, as she is not only on the right track to winning the blood drive, but also to winning Brock as well.

Later on, Chanel discovers that all off her donated blood bags have been stolen by Hester in order to cure Brandon. Chanel screams at Hester for being a blood thief, causing Cathy to hear the scream and come running into the room. Chanel explains to Cathy that Hester is manipulating the outcome of the blood drive, to which Hester explains that she is merely trying to treat Brandon of his blood addiction by feeding him so much of it that it makes him sick. Cathy tells Chanel that what's done is done, and she'll just have to collect even more blood, so she storms out of the room. Cathy then tells Hester that she has to find another way to cure Brandon within 24 hours, or else she gets put back into her cage in the basement.

After Chanel #9 is killed, Chanel screams upon discovering the body, drawing the attention of both Brock and Cathy, who quickly come running into the room. Cathy immediately insists that Hester was responsible, since she is a serial killer and desperately needed blood for Brandon. The three of them then go to confront Hester, where she is still force-feeding Brandon blood, even though he insists that he is cured. Cathy questions where she obtained the blood from, and Hester confesses that she's using Chanel's blood, which is totally STD free, as she made sure to screen it before giving it to Brandon. Chanel and Brock immediately turn to Cathy, who pretends to be shocked, but Chanel threatens that she will get Cathy back for what she's done.

After Cassidy switches his blood type label with Brock's to take the scent off him as the killer, Cathy is then shown confronting Brock in her office, along with Zayday and Chamberlain. She explains that Brock is the only man on staff with type O positive blood, and insists that he is the son of Bill and Jane Hollis, in turn giving him motive to kill everyone at the hospital. This greatly angers Brock, and his hand starts getting out of control, causing him to smash the glass table next to him. He then points his bloodied hand at Cathy, threatening her that there will be consequences for accusing him of murder.

The Hand

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

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Cathy is intelligent, selfish and stoic. She has a very tough mature persona and loves to be in control and demanding when things get in her way, as seen when she ruins Chanel's perfect sorority Kappa Kappa Tau by letting any student who wants to become a pledge. Cathy is a smart classy young woman and very tough and brave too, like when she outsmarted three Red Devil's by tricking them thinking she is in the shower ready for them to kill her and fighting all of them off one by one. She is also very lovesick, her ex-husband Steven left her for a 19 year old named Feather, causing Cathy to be devastated and making her confused in her sex life, she became very promiscuous and already had a hook-up with Chad and attempts to seduce and attract Wes and later on eventually starts to get him. But Cathy is also very dark and intimidating which matches her selfish persona, although Chanel is not scared of her, people like Mandy and Feather are, as back in 1995 when Sophia died, instead of calling the police or helping her, Cathy decided it would have been easier to bury the body and get Mandy and the other girls out of Wallace University forever, because the best solution to every problem with Cathy is that murder and framing are the primary solution. Cathy is also very competitive and makes a lot of frenemies in her life, as she admitted to Gigi that Wes is hers and does not belong with Gigi. When Cathy is selfish, she is really selfish and does not usually care for anyone else in her life as she treats the students on campus like they are disposable nobodies and thinks someone trying to kill Kappa is doing her and her job a huge favor.

Cathy is the dean of a university, so she has to look professional, but at the same time, not too conservative and uptight. Her wardrobes are quite edgy with clothing from Band of Outsiders and Rag & Bone, which help portray her bold personality.[1]


Main article: Cathy-Gigi Relationship
Cathy and Gigi originally started of as friends (if not on friendly terms), but their romantic interest in Wes Gardner has strained their friendship into a rivalry. They move into the Kappa house together in Chainsaw.

Main article: Cathy-Wes Relationship
Cathy intially has a one-sided crush on Wes, but he does not respond to her advances, suggesting that he does not return this romantic interest. Wes mistakenly is seduced by Gigi into a relationship, causing friction between the three. However after Gigi dies, Wes and Cathy fall in love and get engaged in and on and off relationship due to Grace being annoying.

Main article: Chanel-Cathy Relationship
Chanel and Cathy have a mutual hate against each other; Cathy wants to end the sorority and Chanel hates her for this and allowing any other Wallace University student to join the sorority. She also moved into the Kappa house in Chainsaw alongside Gigi to watch over the girls.


Season One (13/13)

Season Two (10/10)


[To Chanel Oberlin] I'm gonna be honest. I hate sororities and I hate you. For years, I've seen the damage these so-called sisterhoods have had on young girls. (Pilot)

[To Chanel Oberlin] The police still can't find out who filled that tank with hydrochloric acid. You know what I think? I think you did it. (Pilot)

[To Chanel Oberlin] This is personal for me, Chanel. You represent everything that is wrong with young girls nowadays, and I'm gonna take you and that so-called kingdom you call a sorority down. (Pilot)

In the age of Twitter, students were instagramming pictures of the crime scene and posting narcissistic Facebook posts about where they were when it happened before the police even arrived. I've got news for you, self-involved junior, just because you know a guy who was in class with the dead girl's roommate does not mean that it could have been you. (Hell Week)

[To Gigi Caldwell] I don't condone a serial killer picking off students, I must say the intensity of the experience of being hunted by a psychopath has really bonded them. (Chainsaw)

[To Wes Gardner] Do you mean to suggest I changed out of my nightgown, strapped myself into a skin-tight pleather Red Devil costume, climbed out a second-story dormer and shimmied to the ground with a chainsaw before entering a window I had left open, tried to kill you, then leaped out the window, climbed back up the wall, changed back in my nightgown and raced downstairs, all in the course of about ninety seconds? (Haunted House)

I'm protecting you. I'm protecting your families. And you may think I'm a monster tonight, but years from now, when you have lived a boring, painfully uncreative life in a home filled with Pottery Barn sofas and no integrity, you're gonna remember me as I truly am... your guardian angel. (Haunted House)

I don't trust a girl with a huge bush of pubic hair. Makes me think she has something to hide. (Beware of Young Girls)

[To Grace Gardner] Let me lay out a hypothetical for you. In this state, there is no statute of limitations for homicide. Now, hypothetically, if I was at Kappa that night, and I did, hypothetically, cover up this hypothetical negligent homicide, I would, hypothetically, not be responsible for that girl's death. But I would, hypothetically, undoubtedly be an accessory after the fact. So when these murders started up, even if I hypothetically thought they were related to the events of 20 years ago, I couldn't, hypothetically, start offering up information to the... hypothetical police, or anyone else, for that matter, because I risk, hypothetically, implicating myself. Hypothetically, of course. (Mommie Dearest)

This school could survive a few serial killings, but I really don't think that this university could handle losing me. Neither can I, frankly. (Mommie Dearest)

[To Detective Chisolm] I am not only gonna make sure that you are taken off this case and fired, but I'm gonna make sure that everyone you know knows that when we had sex, you asked me *in baby talk* if you could nurse from me. (Ghost Stories)

[To Zayday Williams] I never say I'm sorry. I've done what I had to do for the sake of this school and my career, both of which will be here long after you or any of the students here are gone, either through graduation or death. (Ghost Stories)

[To Grace Gardner] Congratulations... on making this moment all about you. (Ghost Stories)

[To Hester Ulrich] Well, Hester, your high school transcripts are clearly faked, and I'm guessing you made up your SAT scores 'cause it's not possible to get one million percent on them. Now, that being said, we do have a new mandate here at Wallace University for special needs diversity, and seeing as we have no students with spinal deformities, I am going to take a chance on you. (Dorkus)


  • Cathy was specifically written for Jamie Lee Curtis. According to Ryan, as the series was made for her, if she had said no to the role, then the series would not be made.
  • Jamie did not read the script before signing on.[2]
  • Cathy's name was supposed to be "Jennifer Santel" according to the original leaked script of episode one.
  • She's seen the movie Psycho 50 times.
  • She mentioned in Mommie Dearest that when she was a junior in college, she spent a year abroad and had an affair with a "beautiful Eurasian man" who taught her everything he knew about fighting in return for her teaching him everything she knew about making love.
  • She and Grace's mom once met to bury Sophia.
  • She murdered her ex-husband Steven Munsch and framed Feather McCarthy.
  • She has immense sexual expertise, with Chad, Wes, and Brock stating it was the best sex they'd ever had.
  • Her favorite drink is apple cider.
  • She is the only person known to have not only completely survived both Red Devils but to have bested them as well.
  • After publishing her New York Times Bestselling Book "New New Feminism", she became a feminist icon and was on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and Men's Health.
    • She did not actually write the book herself. She hired a ghost writer to do it for her.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
    • She is also one out of the 7 characters to be in all episodes.
  • While not a doctor, Cathy does have an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, which they stripped from Bill Cosby.
  • In the episode Warts and All, Zayday diagnosed Cathy with kuru, a disease which was believed she caught when she went to Papau New Guinea and ate part of a deceased human without her knowledge.
    • In the episode Drain the Swamp it was revealed that she did not actually have kuru but instead was just suffering from extreme dehydration from using scotch to replace water.


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