I think our wieners just touched accidentally.
Chad Radwell to Dr. Brock Holt[src]

Chad-Brock Relationship is the relationship between Chad Radwell and Dr. Brock Holt. They are both competing for Chanel Oberlin's affections.


Season Two

Warts and All

When first meeting Dr. Holt, Chad instantly becomes jealous of his relationship with Chanel. Chad then notices Brock's hand acting very strangely, as to writing on its own without Brock's knowledge. This leads to Chad hiring a private detective and learning that Dr. Holt’s donated hand formerly belonged to a squash player who was also a serial killer. Chad confronts Dr. Holt with this, and Holt appears to take a swipe at him. Chad and Brock then agree to play a game of squash against each other for Chanel Oberlin's honor.




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