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Chanel: But you said you loved me!
Chad: I do sort of love you. I just… I would love you a lot more if other people loved you, too.
—Chanel and Chad about their relationship[src]

Chad-Chanel Relationship is the relationship between the characters Chad Radwell and Chanel Oberlin. They are introduced as a couple in Pilot but Chad officially breaks-up with her in Hell Week. They got back together in Seven Minutes in Hell. In Handidates, Chad proposes to Chanel. Before they could have their wedding, however, Chad was murdered, ending their relationship in tragedy.


Season One


Chanel and Chad after they discover that Ms. Bean's dead body is gone

As weird new pledges enter to Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel's popularity is in risk. She goes to talk to Chad about this and he is playing golf with his best friend Boone at the campus of Wallace University. Chad says to Chanel Oberlin that if she becomes un-popular he is going to break-up with her. Chanel starts fake-crying and claims at him but Boone stops her and says that he is getting really angry. He explains that Chad is an incredible person and really handsome, so he doesn't have time for that. Chad later says about that he can't date a girl who was popular and then stopped being popular. Scenes later, Chanel takes Chad to the freezer where she put Ms. Bean body, who was accidentally killed by her. Chad finds that really sexy and says that dead bodies turn him on. When she opens the freezer, the body is gone and Chad gets mad and asks if it is some kind of joke. He leaves the place living Chanel shocked. Subsequently, Chanel is drinking a coffee with Grace and tells her that one of the reasons she is mean with the other people is because Chad constantly cheats on her.

Hell Week

Chad and Chanel having sex

Chad and Chanel are having sex in Chanel's room and Chad says that he will choke her because that turns him on. Chanel stops him and tells him to not say that kind of things if there is a killer in the campus. They continue and Chad says "I'd love having sex with your corpse", because death turns him on. An angry Chanel gets out the bed and says that she is wasting her time being with Chad and breaks-up with him. Chad gets angry and confused because no one has ever broken-up with him. Later, Chanel goes to Chad's room to apologize, but dicovers him sleeping in the same bed with Boone. Chad tries to explain her the situation (Boone was scared because of Red Devil and as his best friend Chad let him sleep with him) but Chanel gets out of the room really angry. After Chad explains himself, she apologizes and he accepts her apology, but later breaks-up with her again because she is an "spoiled, homophobic little girl".


When Chanel tries to get back with Chad he says that she wont go out with her because everyone at Kappa isn't popular anymore Which causes Chanel to storm off.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Chanel calls Chad with her satellite phone when they are locked in and he tells her he was coming over anyway and confesses about sleeping with Dean Munsch and Denise to her which Chanel gets irritated at. When the frat brothers arrive with a ladder, Chad climbs up and when Chanel goes on about how shes his forever Chad disagrees but he breaks the window and climbs in. T he group soon decides to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and Chanel picks Chad and they are then seen in Chanel's closet making out, until she says that Chad must promise not to sleep with anyone else and pinky swear on it. Chad and Chanel then walk back to the living room where they hear a scream.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanel walks into the Dickie's house, calling for Chad until suddenly she walks in to his room and catches him with a goat on his bed. At first, she thinks that he was having sex with the goat, but Chad then explains that he's lactose intolerant and his reason for having the goat is that goat's milk is lactose free. Chanel apologizes, realizing that Chanel #2 was lying, as Chad says that she's just angry because she's dead. He then asks if she wants to have sex, as she says, 'That would be so nice.' But first, he has to milk the goat.

Mommie Dearest

Chanel and Chad meet up for there 1000 compliment night where

Ghost Stories

Chanel walks into Chad's room, wondering if the rumors of Hester's pregnancy are true. Chad says it probably is, stating that he will have to marry her now and lie in bed with hosis-neck brace wife'. He says that he could still have an affair with her, but she is upset, saying that she wants Chad to pay the ultimate price. Chad asks if Chanel is the Red Devil. She turns around and stares at her. "I guess we'll see."


Chanel tells Chad that Hester wasn't actually pregnant and that she pushed Hester down the stairs. Being the necrophiliac Chad is, he wants to see the body, but when Chanel leads him to the meat freezer to show it to him, the body isn't there. Chad suggests that Hester wasn't actually dead and that she got up and walked away after the Chanels put her there. Chad takes Chanel to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Each of his family members share one thing they're grateful for. Then when playing Pictonary Chanel argues with the Radwells ending with Chad, and telling him she never wants to talk to him ever again. Chanel and Hester arrive at Kappa as does Chad soon after. He and Chanel make up.

Black Friday

There's no interaction between them in the episode.

Dorkus/The Final Girl(s)

There's no interaction between them in the episode, but Chad is mentioned when Chanel says she doesn't have to try so hard anymore to be hot for the guys.

Season Two

Warts and All






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