Biographical Information
Full name: Chad Radwell
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Green
Age: 30
Occupation(s): Frat President (formerly)
College Student (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Chaddy (by Chanel)
Dickie #1
Nutsack (by Brock)
Relationship Information
Family: Tad Radwell (father; deceased)
Bunny Radwell (mother; deceased)
Brad Radwell (older brother; deceased)
Thad Radwell (younger brother; deceased)
Muffy St. Pierre-Radwell (sister-in-law; deceased)
Mercury Radwell (great-great-grandfather)
Prentice Radwell (great-great-great-great grandfather)
Relationships: Chanel Oberlin (fiancée)
Cathy Munsch (hook-up)
Chanel #2 (hook-up; deceased)
Chanel #3 (hook-up)
Chanel #5 (hook-up)
Hester Ulrich (hook-up)
Denise Hemphill (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: Boone Clemens (best friend; deceased)
Earl Grey (deceased)
Caulfield Mount Herman (deceased)
Roger (deceased)
Dodger (deceased)
Randal (deceased)
Enemies: Red Devil
Dr. Brock Holt
Killer: Wes Gardner
Pet(s): Rammy (goat)
Other Information
Interests: Golf
Rich girls
John Mayer
Clique: The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charity Foundation
Talent(s): Golf
Weaknesses: Lactose
Education: Wallace University
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneTwo
Episode count: 15
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Halloween Blues
Portrayed by: Glen Powell
I'm Chad Radwell, and I always win. No matter what.
—Chad talking to Dr. Brock Holt[src]

Chad Radwell was a main character on the first season of Scream Queens and a recurring character on the second season of the show. He was formerly the president of the Dickie Dollar Scholars golfing fraternity and Chanel Oberlin's disloyal on-and-off boyfriend. He became a medical student at C.U.R.E and proposed to Chanel before his death in Handidates.

He is portrayed by Glen Powell.



After a group of misfit pledges join Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel Oberlin looks for comfort in Chad, her disloyal boyfriend, but he says that he can't date someone if her sorority is "filled with fatties and weirdos", which meant that her popularity would be declining. Chanel complains, but Chad's best friend, Boone, stops her to explain that Chad is an incredible person and really handsome, so he doesn't have time for that. After Chad ends talking with Chanel, Chad and Boone start playing golf, hitting golf balls at other people. Chanel later takes Chad to the freezer where they put Ms. Bean's death body, who Chanel accidentally killed. Chad finds that hot, and says that death turns him on. When Chanel opens the freezer, they discover that the body is gone. Chad gets angry and leaves. Chad later is seen in bed with Dean Cathy Munsch after having sex. Cathy mentions that she gets sex by blackmailing students for academic approbation, and tells Chad that he is terrible in bed and kicks him out of her room, with Chad saying that he loves her and will call her later.

Hell Week

Chanel and Chad having sex

While having sex with Chanel, he says that he'd love to have sex with Chanel's corpse. Chanel realizes that he has a lack of sympathy for her and breaks up with him. This makes him angry, commenting that he breaks up and never gets dumped. He goes to his dormitory at the Dickie Dollar Scholars house with his roommate Boone. Chad explains to Boone what happened and Boone supports him and tells him that she is going to come back crying for him. When they are about to sleep, Boone tells Chad that he is scared because there is a killer on the campus and asks him if he can sleep with him. Chad reminds him of that one time where Boone slept on the same bed with him and tried to touch him sexually, and that it was really disrespectful because Boone knows that he is not gay. Boone keeps asking and Chad later accepts because they

Boone goes to Chad's bed

are best friends, but clarifies that there will not be touching this time. Boone changed beds with his teddy frog and wishes Chad a good night. Chanel later enters Chad and Boone's room and discovers them in bed together. Chad tries to explain that it's not what it looks like but she gets even madder when she sees that Boone has an erection. This leads to a fight between Chad and Chanel. After Chad explains himself, she apologizes and he accepts her apology, but later breaks-up with her again because she is a "spoiled, homophobic little girl". At the end of the episode, he and Denise Hemphill interrupt the dinner at Kappa Kappa Tau to announce the deaths of Shondell and Boone. Chad is seen trying to contain his tears.


Chad is first seen when Chanel approaches him. She talks to him about Boone, asking how he's holding up, and Chad answers by saying how he's obviously upset. When Chanel tries to get back together with him again, he reveals that he still doesn't want to date someone who's the president of a sorority filled with freaks and losers.

When Grace, Zayday, and Denise go to see Chanel #2's parents, it's revealed that Chanel #2 was in and out of rehab, and met Chad, resulting in him spending Thanksgiving with her and her family. He then proceeded to write her a letter, telling her how much he enjoyed sex with her, and how much he wants to do it again.

Chad and The Dickie Dollars avenging Boone's death

When Chanel catches Hester in her closet, she realizes how much Chad will be pleased if one less loser is in Kappa house, and decides to give her a make over

Chad is later seen holding a meeting for the Dickie Dollar Scholars, and reveals to them that Boone is gay. He then announces he doesn't really believe that Boone killed himself, and thinks that there is a serial killer on the loose, who probably killed him. They decide to hatch a plan to catch the killer, and start destroying cars to get his attention. Suddenly, two Red Devil's appear, and they prove to be much stronger than intended, and Chad is knocked out.

Haunted House

Chad and Hester in the House of Shady Lane.

Chad is first seen in this episode about to masturbate, while standing over a gravestone in the cemetery, when suddenly, Hester appears behind him. They talk about how much death interests them, and he becomes so aroused that he suggests the two have sex right then and there, but Hester complains it isn't scary enough, and tells him that she'll call him in a day or two.

Chad is then seen arriving at the Shady House with Hester to have sex. They look around the house for a room scary enough to have sex in, and Hester suggests a room where there is a wax replica of Ms. Bean's dead body, until Hester's finger pokes into her leg and she realizes it isn't a wax replica. The two begin freaking out, and try to find an exit to the house. Along the way, they run into the bodies of Shondell, Chanel #2, Aaron Cohen, and Mandy. They finally manage to leave the house.

The two hang out at the cafeteria, and decide it's best to tell the Wallace University students who plan on going to Zayday's haunted house about what happened to them. Chad announces that there are dead bodies at the haunted house, but the students become excited, and decide to check it out anyway.

Pumpkin Patch

Chad's only appearance in this episode is when he argues with Dean Munsch about the Halloween curfew, stating that Halloween is the 'sluttiest' night of the year. After Dean Munsch declares that there is no way that Halloween happening, he blames Chanel, after he tells Hester she has nice boobs.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Frat members of Dickie Dollar Scholars confront Chad, saying that he slept with Denise Hemphill, and he openly admits it. Then, they go on to say that there are some rumors saying that he also slept with the Dean of Students, Cathy Munsch. Chad openly admits to that as well. They say that it's weird for him to be a man whore, but then Earl Grey interrupts and says "a little birdy" told him that the Kappas are hosting a slumber party, and Chad decided to do a panty raid.

During their way to the slumber party, Chanel calls Chad and tells him to come over, and she says "I love you" , and then he says "Uhhh, I love you too...Sorta." and his frat brothers laugh.

At the slumber party, they play truth or dare. Jennifer is somehow confused with the game, stating that anybody could lie during the game, and then Chad confronts her, saying that they can't lie, that's why it's called truth or dare.

Beware of Young Girls

Chad only appears after Chanel #2 tells Chanel that Chad's been cheating on her, and she comes to confront him. As Chanel opens Chad's bedroom door, an almost naked Chad is massaging the belly of a goat on his bed. Chad, shocked, jumps out of his bed and says, "Chanel, this is not what it looks like". Chanel, angry and shocked, accuses him of having sex with a goat and breaking the promise of staying monogamous to her. Chad declines her accusation of not being monogamous, however, he does admit he looks at porn and masturbaters every five to ten minutes trying to stay monogamous to her. Chanel doesn't believe him and quickly calls him a liar, then she tells him that Chanel #2 told her that he has been cheating on her, then accuses him again of cheating with a farm animal. Chad, angry, tells her that she is not a farm animal and that her name is Rammy and that she his non-human helper companion. Chanel, confused, breaks up with Chad and tries to leave but Chad stops and tells her that she is going to close that door and she is going to hear him out. As Chanel closes the door, Chad puts a robe on and he sits on his bed. Chanel gives him 30 seconds to explain himself. Ashamed, Chad tells Chanel that he has lived with a secret shame his entire life and that shame was that he is lactose intolerant. Chanel calls him insane but Chad quickly tells her that, "No, it is not insane Chanel. Lactose intolerance afflicts around 50% of the human population, who spent their entire lives walking past Baskin Robbins knowing if they even have a little bit of ice cream, they're going to fart a bunch." Chad calls her ignorant and that if she, "cracked a book every once in a while", she could have known that goats milk is lactose-free. Then he explains that if he rubs Rammy's belly for eight to ten minutes she will relax enough to allow milking that could yield up to two liters of nutritious, lactose-free protein that keeps him in shape. Chanel apologizes to Chad and that she is sorry she doubted him and she will never believe another of Chanel #2's messages that could get in between of their relationship again and that she is trying to break them up from beyond the grave. Chad comforts her and says that she shouldn't let dead people get to her because they are super pissed off they're dead. Chad later proposes to have sex to make her feel better. Chanel tells him "That would be so nice.", she goes for a kiss but Chad interrupts her and says, "I got to milk Rammy first, she is super relaxed right now and that utter is, like, bursting."

Mommie Dearest

Chad's only appearance in this episode is when Chanel mentions him to The Chanels and Denise that tonight was their "Night of a Thousand Compliments", when they sit across each other fully clothed, and he compliments her a thousand times. The scene jumps to Chanel and Chad sitting across each other next to a fireplace. Chad's first compliment to Chanel is that she has a hot mouth. But using that same compliment he compliments himself that her "Hot mouth" would look better if it was kissing his pecs and abs. Chanel interrupts him telling him that that's him complimenting himself. Chad proceeds to tell her that her outfit is amazing. Chanel, flattered, says thank you and Chad starts to smile. However, as before, he uses the same compliment to compliment himself, and this time, he tells her that her outfit would look better if it was rolled up in a little ball in the corner of his bedroom. As before, Chanel interrupts him but this time a little angrier as before and tells him that that's him complimenting himself. Chad, however, continues on how her outfit is super absorbent enough to wipe down the sweat on his body after an hour long "Bone sesh". Chanel loses it and yells at him that does are not compliments. Chad shouts at her and he tells her that he is trying. Both end up really pissed off. The scene then jumps back to Chanel as she tells the others that "Compliment Night is... a work in progress".

Ghost Stories

Chad appears in this episode several times as he is packing up to go to Thanksgiving. His first appearance is in the "Compliment Night" him and Chanel scheduled last episode after Chanel mentions him to The Chanels that she is going to Thanksgiving with him and his family and that he proposed to her. As Chanel tells the Chanels that they were enjoying a very romantic Compliment Night, the scene jumps to Chad and Chanel next to a fireplace (just as before). Chad's first compliment to her is that she is so hot that she gives his bone a bone. Chanel, flattered, says thank you to Chad. Instead of saying another compliment to Chanel, he tells her that if she remembers on how she's been talking about taking their relationship to the next level. As he was finishing the sentence he got on one knee and Chanel started freaking out and shouts in excitement "Oh my God, this is happening! This is really happening!!". Chad pulls out a little box in which had a Silver Turkey Wishbone Necklace and tells her if she'll accept the necklace and accompany him to the Hamptons to spend Thanksgiving at his house Family Compound. He informs her on how she is going to meet his mother, father, his brothers Thad and Brad and how his house is awesome and its on an 50,000-acre cranberry orchard that his great-great-great-great grandfather Prentice Radwell bought off the Shinnecock Indians for six glass beads. The scene jumps back to Chanel #3 and questions Chanel on what he proposed to her. Chanel, calls them "jealous bitches" and informs them on how "Every girl that's gotten a Radwell Silver Turkey Wishbone Necklace has gotten an engagement ring by Christmas." She quickly tells them that except for one girl. The scene jumps back Chad and Chanel as he informs her that this one girl named Debbie was dating Thad at the time but he didn't give her a Silver Turkey Wishbone Necklace so she was not invited to Thanksgiving but she showed up anyway and hung herself in the orchard. He then tells her that the house is haunted, and that the furniture will start screaming and if you open a bottle of Mountain Dew and start drinking it, it will turn to blood.

In his second appearance, we see him packing up to go to Thanksgiving. As he is packing up we see the door of his bedroom open as we see a shadow on the floor which it turned out to be Boone. Chad, surprised, says "So it's true... you have come back to haunt us." He drops the shirt he was carrying and informs Boone that he had sex with a few girls in his bed after he died but he already knows that because he saw it from heaven. The friends hug each other and Chad says that he loves Boone new haircut. He then says that he thought ghosts were supposed to be cold because he was so warm. Boone denies and tells Chad that everything he knew about ghosts were lies and then proceeds to tell that ghost walk around the world every day but humans never know it only ghosts do. Chad agrees with him and asks him why is he back and that so much has happened since he killed himself, Chad tells everything that he has done and what has happened since Boone "died." He tells him that he had sex with the security guard and how the neck brace girl took off her neck brace and became hot. Then he goes on on how three of the Dickies were dead. Boone tells Chad that he had come back to finish some 'unfinished business" so he could return to the "world of the living." He then asks Chad that he needs to borrow his "date" shirt, Chad questions him on why he needs it and Boone informs Chad that he needs to take Zayday on a date. Chad, confused, tells Boone that he is "super gay." Boone noticed the mistake he made but then tells Chad that that's the only way he could come back to Earth. Chad, however, informs him that Zayday is dating Earl Grey. Boone then says "Don't worry about that, I'll talk to him straighten him right now."

In his third appearance, he is, again, packing up to go to Thanksgiving. The door opens again, but this time, instead of being Boone, it was Hester. Hester asks Chad "So why not me?" Chad gets scared and tells her to not startle him while he is packing. Hester asks him why she is not the one going to Thanksgiving at the Hamptons. Chad asks her if her name was Hester, which Hester agreed, then proceeds to ask her why she is wearing the neck brace again. Hester tells him that her spinal column was collapsing and she has to wear it again. "You still haven't answered my question, neck brace,looses" Hester says as she finished her sentence. Chad gives her five reasons why she is not going with him. First reason is that the last time they "porked" he noticed she farted. The second reason is the neck brace. Third reason is that her breath smells like a cheeseburger. The fourth reason is that she has a poo belly. And the fifth reason is that she is not rich. Hester then tells him that we will see how bringing Chanel for Thanksgiving will end up. Ask she heads for the door, she tries to flirt with Chad by blowing a kiss as she says "We'll see" every time after Chad says something back at her. Chad catches the kiss and says "Just so we are clear, I only caught this kiss so I could throw it away." As Hester leaves, she winks at him and Chad continues packing.

His last appearance, he sees him yet again, packing up his clothes. The door, again, opens up and instead of Boone or Hester, we see Chanel and she asks if he was still packing. Chad responds that he takes his packing seriously. Chanel then asks Chad if it's true that Hester is pregnant. Chad, bummed out, tells Chanel that he really screwed up and most of the times he porked with Hester they did it in a way that could not result in pregnancy "If you know what I mean." Chad apologizes to Chanel and he says that he know has to marry her and bring her home to Thanksgiving. Chanel freaks out as Chad says "That's just how the Radwell's roll, we make our beds and we lie in them". He then proceeds to tell Chanel that she could still be his side piece to comfort her. Closes it and threatens Chad that that was the last straw and she wants him to pay. Chad confused ask Chanel on what does she mean but Chanel proceeds to say "You are going pay Big-Time for this Chad Radwell. You might even just pay the ultimate price." Chad, even more confused, asks her if she just threatened to kill him while she is heading to the door. Chad asks "Chanel are you the killer?" Chanel stops at the door, does a hair flip, and turns around to say "I guess we'll see."


Chad invites Chanel to his family's Thanksgiving dinner, much to her delight. Soon after arriving, however, Hester shows up. Hester was believed to be dead, having been pushed down the Kappa stairs by Chanel, up until this point. She thanks Chanel for laying her body down on the cold cement of the meat locker, saying that her scoliosis may be cured now. Chad hastily claims that Hester is his sober coach while she affectionately clings to his arm, much to his discomfort. Chanel is greatly angered by Hester's sudden appearance but Hester does not mind Chanel's reaction to her presence in the Radwells' house. Later, during charades, Chad is seen calling out ideas when his brother pulls out the card labeled "neck brace whore." Once the round is over, Hester is visibly upset due to the obscene names she was called. Chanel defends Hester, saying that the Radwells were being incredibly rude to Hester. Chad denies that his family was insulting Hester, and counters with the rule that teams are not allowed to converse between rounds. Chanel and Hester promptly leave. Chad arrives at the Kappa house later for more food. Chanel believes that Chad has rejected his family in defense of Chanel and Hester, but Chad says that his family is awesome and they did nothing wrong, and this unsettles Chanel. He is later seen screaming at Gigi's decapitated head served on a platter.

Black Friday

Chad's only appearance in this episode is when he is in the Dickie Dollar Scholars with Pete. We see him ordering a meeting of the Dickie Dollar Scholars. As Chad does that, Pete raises his hands and says that he has no idea why he is here. Chad stops him and orders Earl Grey to read the minutes from last week's meeting. He then remembers that he was murdered. He then lets Pete speak and asks him why did he bring him here. Chad informs him that Boone was murdered and that he was here so they could read his will. Pete is still confused on why he is here. Chad interrupts him saying "I, Boone Clemens, in the event of my untimely passing, do solemnly bequeath the following: My awesome Johnny Cash poster, where he's biting his lip and giving everyone the finger because you know he don't care about nothin', to Pete Martinez. My awesome Xbox, with the Kinect thing that I haven't figured out how to hook it up but I hear its so freaking awesome when you do, to Pete Martinez." Pete interrupts him and Chad yells "Please stop interrupting my dead gay friend Boone!" Pete remains silent as Chad continues on. "MY HBO Go password to Pete Martinez. The shoe box under my bed that is filled with bottles of lube, to Pete Martinez. My buttplug with the beautiful blue jewel on the business end, to Pete Martinez." Pete interrupts him and tells Chad that his will is insane because he barely knew the guy. Chad threatens Pete and that he needs some explaining to do. Pete proceeds to call Boone crazy and Chad accuses him of being a gay lover of Boone and if they ever had sex in his bed and if he did, he was about to get real. Quickly, Pete denies his accusation and Chad says that you do not bequeath a show box full of lube to an acquaintance. Pete shouts out "He was my source! he was my source, okay. He was my eyes and ears inside Greek system at this school. When I decided to study the history of Kappa Kappa Tau, I went to him- he was my Deep Throat!". Raises his head with confidence and asks Pete again that they were gay lovers. Pete denies him again. He proceeds to tell Chad that he did not tell anyone because he didn't want to blow up his or Boone's cover. Chad then makes Pete remember when he tried to Pledge to the Dickie Dollar Scholars. The scene jumps to a year earlier, we see a young Pete being questioned by Chad, Earl, Roger, Dodger & Caulfield. Caulfield asks Pete why he wants to join the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Pete answers that he loves the idea of a bunch of guys from different background getting together and forming a brotherhood for life. Chad, disgusted, tells Pete that he has never played golf. Pete confirms. Earl asks if he has ever been to a driving range which, Pete confirms. Caulfield asks what type of "abs rush" is he in and Pete responds, sit-ups. Chad asks Pete how many John Mayer albums does he own. Pete responds none. Chad proceeds to tell Pete that he is the worst pledge candidate he has ever seen. The other Dickie's agree with Chad. The scene jumps back to Chad and Pete and Chad accuses Pete that it bothered him so much that he didn't get in into the Dickie Dollar Scholars that he started to bother Chanel which really bother Chad because Chanel was dating him at the time (even though he was dating other girls as well). Chad then made a proposal for Pete to join the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Pete denied then insulted the Greek system. Chad then asks Pete to name his weapon. Pete responds in a confused matter and Chad repeats himself again. Pete asks Chad on what he was talking about, which Chad responds with "Well, it's a longstanding Dickie Dollar tradition, if you're offered membership in the Dickie Dollar Scholars, and you refuse said membership, you must duel". Pete leaves the scene in which Chad threatens him saying "You will get murdered, Pete Martinez. Murdered to Death".

Chad in Black Friday

Later in the episode, Chanel #3 mentions Chad when she said some guy had to get a Lego figure removed out of his rectum. Chanel proceeds to call that guy an idiot but Chanel #3 says that it was Chad Radwell, she proceeded to say "He told the nurse he usually does his nightly nude yoga before he sets a perimeter of Lego characters to guard his bed while he sleeps, but this time he decided to do it after,and accidentally sat on a Lego Captain Jack Sparrow."

The Final Girl(s)

Chad arguing with Denise

Chad's first appearance was after Cathy mentions him and Denise's relationship in May 2016. After The Chanels were denied bail and sent to jail, Chad and Denise continued their torrid love for each other. Sadly for him, Denise was getting ready to go to Quantico to begin training for the FBI. Denise apologizes to Chad several times as she references the lyrics to the song "Waterfalls". Denise tells Chad that "Because we're chasing waterfalls! We gotta stick to rivers and lakes that we used to!" Chad, devastated, tells Denise that they were in the marriage zone. Denise quickly tells him that she doesn't have a choice and she has to be in Quantico tomorrow. She proceeds to tell Chad that she knows he needs her but the FBI needs her more. Chad says that the FBI is not going to have that and that she is his. He starts crying as he tells Denise that she hurt him real bad. As he starts to walk away Denise stops him and says "Don't let it end like this. Don't do that to us!" Denise further speaks to Chad, by saying quotes from the song "Waterfalls". Chad looks back at her and starts running to her as they begin hugging each other. Chad proceeds to tell Denise that it wasn't going to work out anyway. Denise tells him that "We got too close to the sun, baby. We shine too bright". He then promises to Denise that he will never bang anyone the way he banged her. Denise starts crying as they share a passionate kiss. As the kiss ends, Chad tells her to go. The camera zooms in in his face while he shouts "Just go!!" as he has lipstick all over his mouth and teeth. Denise asks him if he wants to "look back at it". Chad turns back and looks at her butt as she turns around. Chad and Denise start crying at the same time as he shouts "Go!", and again we see a zoom up in Chad's face of him crying.

His second and last appearance of the season is quickly followed by the Denise scene. We see Chad again as he is being interviewed by the press. He makes an announcement to the press about the formation of "The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charity Foundation" - also known as DDEGRDCCF. He also announces that from "Every Dickie Scholar kegger, wet T-shirt contest, co-ed mud wrestling tournament and Jell-O gavage" will go to charity. A news reporter asks him what charity the money will go to. Chad, confused, says the money will just go to charity and that all charities will be satisfied. However, she still asks which charity. He yells at her about how he is not a big fan of 'gotcha' questions and then rants about how all of his friends are dead and that he has nothing left. This is the last time we see Chad in Season One.

Warts and All

Making Chanel think that the Red Devil is back, Chad dresses up as him and "attacks" her with an axe. He chases her down the hallways of the C.U.R.E hospital until she falls on the ground. Before striking his axe at her, he takes off his mask, revealing to Chanel that it is him. Thinking the opposite of Chanel, he laughs it off. She then brings up the prank he pulled on her two years ago in the asylum she was stuck in with the other Chanels. Chad later reveals that he has returned to get her back.

Chad brings his friend, Randal, to the hospital for the doctors to see him. As he's explaining the background story of the accident, his attention was caught by the casual flirtation from Dr. Brock to Chanel. They both fight over Chanel's breast, however, they were interrupted by Cathy Munsch's comment about their pointless fight about "A relatively small and insignificant amount of land". He goes on with the story, about how Randal's startle reflects were caused after he accidentally shot Liz Cheney in the face instead of shooting a quail. Promised that they are going to find a cure, Dr. Brock and Chanel leave. As they leave, Chad asks Cathy about how she feels about revenge sex.

Chad enters the locker room and hops into a shower next to Dr. Brock's. Informing him that it's an employer locker room, Chad tells him that he likes to stay fresh for any case of emergency sex. Both of them fight over Chanel again, but, this time, they argue about who is going to check Chanel's "box". Chad decides that they are going to settle who is taking Chanel by an old Radwell tradition, the first who gets to 11 at a match of squash wins. Brock agrees and he puts his hand for a handshake but Chad grabs his hand and pulls his closer to him. Chad realizes that they were still naked and comments on how they wieners accidentally touched.

While exiting an elevator, Dr. Cassidy Cascade tells Chad that Randal's disease is a treatable disorder. Dr. Brock then lets him know that Randal is in an environment where nothing will startle him. When he opens the curtains, Randal becomes startled and starts screaming. Brock sets his arm on Chad's shoulder and tells him that his symptoms will get worse before they get better. Chad interrupts him and asks him what is he doing with his right hand, revealing that Brock was writing something down unwillingly.

At the squash match, Chad judges the fact that Brock is over 60 and got hold back several times. In the middle of the match, Chad grabs Brock's right hand and asks him who's hands does it belong to. Brock refuses to answer and leaves, but before he does Chad warns him that he is not done with him and that he will become a doctor. Brock approaches him and holds his squash racket against Chad's torso and tells him to back off him and Chanel, and that his hand is capable of many things.

Chad meets with a detective in a cafe with detective Richard. The detective informs him that the girls he showed his penis pics to thought the way it bends was concerning. After that, he tells that the donor who gave Brock his right hand came from a serial killer who killed over 600 people. His main motive of killing was when he won a match of squash. He then confronts Brock about his hand and if it creeps him out that the donor to his hand was from a serial killer. Brock confesses that to be true and asks Chad what is he going to do with that information, in which Chad answers in "You'll see"


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Halloween Blues

Chad appears in various flashbacks in this episode as well as in the form of a ghost. After Chanel finished sobbing about his death, Denise ushers everyone out of the room where Chad's body was being kept, then has a private memorial in honor of her on-and-off-again lover. She recalls the time they did a romantic southern role play session. She finished her memorial by groping at his body both affectionately and inappropriately before leaving.

While Mitch Mitchum was reading Chad's will, Chanel discovers that the whole Radwell family had died in a plane crash on their way to the hospital to stop the marriage and also discovers that Chad wanted all of his money to go to Dean Munsch for reasons that only she would know.

Later in the episode, Denise and Chanel fight over who Chad loved more. Denise told Chanel that Chad actually said that he loved Denise better than Chanel during another one of their movie roleplays. In the end, they both decide to hold a seance for Chad's ghost. During the seance, his ghost takes over Denise's body and tells Chanel that he loved Denise much better, that he was now golfing buddies with Jesus and that he knew who killed him. But, before he could tell Chanel who the killer was, Zayday Williams interrupts.

Lovin the D

Hester decides to call a Green Meanie summit, inviting Ingrid, Cassidy, and Wes to come together to discuss the past and future plans for murder. To get everyone on the same page, Hester plans a game called "Who Killed Who?" and reveals a board filled with pictures of each of the various murder victims. Hester then points to a picture of Chad, to which Wes proudly takes credit for his murder, among a few others.


Chad is fratty, crazy and has a massive ego. He is a complete jerk and he makes his girlfriend Chanel feel insecure and worthless and treats other students on campus like he is the most important. He thinks of himself as the most attractive, popular, muscular guy on campus, who gets all the girls and lives up to it, he is promiscuous to incredible levels, to the point it's an open secret he's slept with nearly every girl on campus. Chad has a little bit of a loving, caring side when it comes to his best friend Boone, who he treats as his little bro. Stemming out of their friendship, Chad completely accepts his friend's sexuality, and even calls Chanel out for being homophobic. Likewise he seems to like and care for the other members of the Dickie Dollar Scholars and is often supportive and encouraging to them, like when Caulfield got his arms sliced off by the Red Devil with a chainsaw, Chad swore that he would support and protect Caulfield and beat up anyone who makes fun of him. He is likewise devastated by each of their deaths, except Dodger because Chad believed that he was holding Roger back and seemed glad that he was gone. But Chad also has a disturbed side, as he is a slight necrophiliac, he admits to being sexually aroused by dead bodies and killings and most of his disturbed side gets very open every time he's around Hester who is also a crazed necrophiliac. While selfish, arrogant and a jerk, Chad isn't especially malevolent, his hostility stems mostly from being so self-obsessed and out of the way of the world, to the point where he can't truly grasp the morality of his actions. All of his bad decisions in life usually come from him having bad mommy issues which he openly admits. He is also very not bright but is capable of moments of insight.

Chad is a pretty muscular guy, he wears golfing caps with frat jackets and sometimes actual golfing clothes. He sometimes wears colorful jeans and likes to impress girls on campus with his "killer looks."


Main article: Chad-Chanel Relationship
Chad is introduced in Pilot as Chanel's boyfriend. It is seen that he is just dating her because she is popular and nothing more. Chad even says that if her popularity decreases, he is going to break-up with her. Chanel mentions that he compulsively cheats on her. In Hell Week, Chanel thinks that she is wasting her time being with Chad, so breaks-up with him. This surprises Chad because no one has ever broke-up with him. Soon, Chanel regrets it and apologizes to Chad, but he breaks-up with her again.

Main article: Boone-Chad Relationship
Chad is best friends with Boone. They have a really close friendship, and Boone is usually very protective and supportive of Chad, always complimenting him and catering to his demands. Even though Boone was only pretending to be gay, Chad was the first person to know about it, and decided to accept him the way he was and keep his secret from the other Dollar Scholars brothers because he knows that they would kick him out. As best friends, Chad has no problem sleeping in the same bed with Boone, but always clarifies to him that there will be no touching, since Boone has done that in the past. After Boone's "death" was ruled as a suicide, Chad was devastated and wanted nothing but justice for 'Brother Boone', so he decided to face the Red Devil along with the other Dickie Dollar members. When Boone returns as a "ghost" in Ghost Stories, Chad is extremely happy to see him and even lends him a dress shirt after he tells Chad that he needs to have sex with Zayday in order to come back to life. Ultimately, their friendship comes to an end after Boone is later killed by Pete Martinez.

Main article: Chad-Hester Relationship
Because Hester wants everything that Chanel has, she attempts to start a relationship with Chad, Chanel's boyfriend. They both share a creepy obsession with corpses, and Hester uses that to lure Chad to the House on Shady Lane so they could hook-up. Hester ended up sleeping with Chad and later faked being pregnant so that he would marry her. She shows up uninvited to Thanksgiving dinner with the Radwells in an attempt to be accepted by them. However, the Radwells turn out to be so horrible to Hester that she decides to break all ties with Chad.

Main article: Cathy-Chad Relationship
Cathy blackmailed Chad and slept with him.

Main article: The Chanels
It was revealed in Chainsaw that Chad had dated/slept with Chanel #2, #3 and #5. It is likely that he also slept with Chanel #4. It was revealed by Chanel #2's parents that she was seeing Chad and he "evened her out" with her drinking problem. It was also revealed that he joined her and her parents for Thanksgiving. Furthermore, Chanel #5 also revealed that she dated him but thought it was weird because he only wanted her to watch him play with his action figures, but also claimed to have sex with him. Chanel #3 also confirmed that she used to date Chad.

Main article: Denise Hemphill
Denise Hemphill is Chad's ex-girlfriend. In the episode Pumpkin Patch, it was revealed that she and Chad had been making love when Cathy and Denise talked about their experience with sleeping with Chad. Chad and Denise later continued their torrid love for each other after him and Chanel officially broke up. However, in the episode The Final Girl(s), they went their separate ways since Denise had to go to Quantico for FBI training.


After proposing to Chanel Oberlin, the pair decide to get married the next day. Chad specifically requested that Chanel walk down the aisle first because she should "get used to coming first." While Chanel and the guests are waiting for Chad to finally arrive, blood starts to drip down from the ceiling and land on Chanel's shoulder. As everyone looks up, they see that the whole ceiling is covered with blood, which leads it to break, and with it comes a corpse, which crashes onto the altar. As Chanel and the guests scream in horror, it is then revealed to be Chad Radwell, whose throat is covered with blood.


Season One (12/13)

Season Two (3/10)


  • It was revealed in the Pilot that he has mommy issues.
  • He majored in Psychology.
  • He is a necrophiliac.
  • He is hypersexual; he mentions that he had sex with "like 50 chicks" after he and Chanel broke up. When being monagomous, he states that he masturbates every five to ten minutes in order to avoid having sex.
  • He got his first boner watching Faces of Death.
  • His name was revealed after Emma Roberts uploaded an Instagram photo of Glen Powell and her tagging both characters' names.
  • Chanel #5, in the Dance With The Devil teaser, accused Chad of being the Red Devil.
  • When Ryan Murphy was writing the part of Chad, he didn't know who could be cast for the character. Ian Brennan told him about Glen Powell, and Ryan loved him for the part.[1]
  • It was revealed in Chainsaw that Chad has dated and had sex with Chanel #2, #3 and #5.
  • It was also revealed in Chainsaw that he has a knife collection.
  • He is lactose intolerant.
  • He takes packing very seriously.
  • He and Chanel have broken up three times and gotten back together four times throughout the course of the show.
  • It was revealed in Black Friday that Chad does nude yoga at night.
    • It was also revealed in this episode that he sets up a perimeter of LEGO characters to guard his bed while he sleeps.
  • Dorkus and Scream Again are the only episodes he does not appear in.
  • He is the founder of the DDEGRDCCF (Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charitable Foundation) created in memory of the deceased Dickie Dollars.
    • Even though he did mention most of the deceased Dickie's, he did not mention Boone.
      • A possible reason for this is that he might have found out the truth about Boone lying and being one of the Red Devil's.
  • His family donated the money to build the memorial at Wallace University for all of the deceased, and Chad wrote the inscription for it.
    • On the memorial, Chad wrote: "I always wanted to have sex with a deaf girl." This may imply that he wanted to hook up with Tiffany at some point.
  • He is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
    • Chad is also one of the two male surviving characters, the other one being Wes Gardner.
      • They also are the 2 male characters that have appeared most in the series, both in 12 episodes.
    • With Chad's death in Handidates, there are no surviving members of the Dickie Dollar Scholars.
  • Chanel revealed that it was Chad who snuck into the asylum and scared her in The Final Girl(s).
  • He stated that while having sex with Denise, he had "ten back-to-back orgasms."
  • He started a band called the "Gold Plated Nutsacks".
  • His penis bends at an extreme right angle.
  • According to Special Agent Denise Hemphill, Chad was held back in 2nd grade for 8 consecutive years.
  • He is the first season 1 survivor to be killed off.
  • In Halloween Blues, Chad's lawyer revealed that his family died in a plane crash to stop Chad's wedding with Chanel.


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