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Dix? You choked on Dix?"
"Kix! I choked on Kix!
—Chanel and #3 after her answers by #2´s spirit[src]

Chanel-Chanel #3 Relationship is about a friendship and former rivarly between Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #3.



Chanel #3 is introduced as one of Chanel Oberlin minions, who calls her #3 because she doesn't know her name and doesn't want to. After dean Cathy Munsch announces that this year every girl who wishes to become a pledge will be accepted at the KKT rush party, Chanel#3 doesn't look pleased. 

Later Chanel #2 notifies Chanel Oberlin about a "Creepy Collage" of hers in Ms. Bean bedroom.  #1 gets really angry and wants to kill Ms. Bean, but this is just an evil plan that no one knows about so the new Kappa pledges get scared and quit the sorority. Accidentally, Chanel really kills Ms. Bean, so Chanel #3 and the other Kappa sisters get really scared. Grace Gardner attempts to tell the police what Chanel did, but she blackmails #3 and most of the other members to say that Grace was the one who killed Ms. Bean if she dares to say a word. They all later put Ms. Bean's dead body in a freezer.

When Chanel #5 and #3 discover #2s body, Chanel didn't care, while #3 was worried. When Hell Week began, Grace  had a problem with Chanel hazing the pledges and they go to the Barista to discuss their differences, while Chanel allowed #3 to take over in Hell Week.

Hell Week:

The Chanels with #2 corpse

The Chanels later discuss they should do something with #2's body soon before Detective Chisolm finds it. Chanel #5 says that they should feed a pig with her body, and Chanel #3 thinks they should give her as food to one of her uncle's animals of his farm, but #1 rejects both ideas. Suddenly, Hester appears behind them and says that she knows what they should do because she is obsessed with death. #3 quickly insists that #2 is not dead, just sleeping. Hester gives the insane ideas of putting her in food processor or boning her, but #1 decides to put her in the same freezer where they put Ms.Bean's body. At the freezer, Hester says to them if she can call them "mom" because she feels so protected by the three of them, and #3 says that is a new pop culture trend where young women desperately in need of role models call other girls they look up to "mom".

Scenes later, Chanel is writing things on the bellies of the Kappa pledges, but later is attacked by Red Devil and Chanel #3 seems worried for her. The Kappa girls go to check if the Red Devil is still in the house. When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified. In the last "hell week" dinner, the Kappa girls are fighting about who is the killer, but they are interrupted by Denise Hemphill and Chad  announcing that Shondell and Boone are dead, leaving Chanel #3 preoccupied.


#3 is seen surprised when Chanel introduces Hester as Chanel #6, after she gets a makeover. At the end of the episode, Chanel #3 is seen scared when after Gigi got attacked by Red Devil.

Haunted House:

After Zayday announces that she is going to run for president of Kappa house and will make a Haloween party to raise money for sickle cell anemia to show that she is a serious candidate, #3 is seen really shocked. This makes Chanel #1 be worried about her position in the house as president, so she is really sad in her closet sharpening knives. #3 and #5 comfort her giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for the "black hairy tongue" disease, so this will make everyone vote for Chanel at the elections. This makes #1 very greatful and the three of them share a hug. While giving the invitations for the party, #3 reveals that the main reason she joined Kappa was because she didn't know who she was befreo joining.

Pumpkin Patch:

The Chanels planning the "Black Hairy Tongue" fundraising party

Chanel takes the Chanels to meet her party planner, Cliff Woo, for the Pumpkin Patch and the Chanels were tasked to hire muscians, Chanel #3 got Fergie but got Sarah Ferguson instead, so she call Fergie and said that the two Fergies were coming. Chanel then takes the Chanels to show off her costume of Jackie Kennedy and that the Chanel's will be dressing up as the wives' of Fallen Presidents.

Chanel #3 was seen alongside HesterJennifer and #5 when Chanel is blamed for Ms.mBean's murder and is arrested. Grace and Pete go over to talk to the Chanels, who are having lunch. They try to reason a change in the house since Chanel is arrested, and try to help find Zayday, but Chanel #3 says that she is next in line to be the leader. Chanel #3 and Sam go to bail Chanel out of prison.

Seven Minutes in Hell:

The episode opens with The Chanels and pledges placing their votes, Jennifer counts the marbles, white for Chanel and black for Zayday, it comes to a tie. Zayday suggest they both be co-presidents, which sends Chanel into a fit of rage, causing her to run up to her wardrobe. When Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 enter, they see her crying and go and comfort her until she starts to laugh and tells how it was part of her plan and opts to cede her presidency to Zayday. At the end of the episode in the bathroom, #3 and #5 are both distraught by the murders of their significant others and decide to make a pact to outlive Chanel, whatever the cost.

Beware of Young Girls

Still 14.jpeg

Chanel #3 is seen with the other Chanels going to comfort Chanel after #2´s open coffin funeral. They convinced Chanel to play with the Ouija board to contact #2 so she could apologize to Chanel for her actions. After playing the Ouija board for second time, #2 tells The Chanels that Chanel is serial killer who is killing everyone. Chanel stands up and goes to her room very angry with #2.

After hiding in the bathroom with #5 and #6, #6 suggest to kill Chanel. #5 suggest to poisson her bras and

when they dried she puts one on and then they tell her "Chanel, there´s a new Barneys Co-op down the street" and she starts running and starts to sweat and the poisson would seep through her nips and kill her, to which #6 says that is a horrible idea. Then, #6 suggest to take all of Chanel´s diamond and crushed them into a powder, and the throw a sugar party where everyone sits around eating bowls of sugar, but Chanel´s isn't filed with sugar it´s powder diamond that would slice open her esophagus and kill her from the inside.

After Chanel discovers The Chanels complot, Chanel ask The Chanels why did´t the kill her, to which #3 answers that they couldn't decide how to kill her, she tells The Chanels that there are two real killer on the campus and there names are Grace and Zayday.

Mommie Dearest

As part of Chanel’s plan to prove that Grace and Zayday are the serial killers, the Chanels gathered at Kappa House, where Chanel told her minions to inform her of what progress they had done on the plan. Seeing as the information gathered by the Chanels was not relevant, Chanel storms off the room, quoting her father and telling the Chanels that she will pay a professional to dig up dirt on Grace and Zayday.



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