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I'm sorry. Did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt? Nobody likes a suck-up, Chanel #5.
—Chanel to Chanel #5 in the Pilot
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Chanel-Chanel #5 Relationship is about the friendship and occasional rivalry between Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #5.



Chanel #5 is one of Chanel's minions. Chanel is not interested in knowing her real name, and calls her Chanel #5. When Chanel makes jokes towards Ms. Bean, the Chanels compliment her, however Chanel hates #5's compliments, calling her a suck-up. When #5 goes to alert Chanel about Cathy Munsch's announcement to allow any other student to join Kappa Kappa Tau she forgot to knock and had to be punished and slapped herself in the face. Chanel #5 was present was Chanel burned Ms. Bean's face off in the fryer and was their to dump the body into the freezer. When #5 and #3 discover #2s body, Chanel didn't care, while #5 was worried. When Hell Week began, Grace Gardner had a problem with Chanel hazing the pledges and they go to the Barista to discuss their differences, while Chanel allowed #5 to take over in Hell Week.

Hell Week

After the death of Tiffany DeSalle, Gigi Caldwell announced her plans to hire a security guard to protect the girls, but the Chanels still need to expose of #2s body. Hester Ulrich comes in and reveals her interest in death and how to expose of the body, but they ignored her help and dumped it in the freezer instead.

Gigi then introduces the new security guard, Denise Hemphill to the Chanels, whom has rather odd methods in protecting the girls from the killer. The Chanels then continue their reign of terror as the continue "hell week" for the new pledges. They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes, but Chanel is unhappy with Zayday's lack of effort to use soap, but Grace offers to get some from the basement, causing her to discover a locked secret door, but she is stopped by Chanel #5 who reveals that only the president (Chanel) has the key.

While at the Barista the Chanels discuss new ways to torture the pledges, until Boone Clemens comes up and asks Chanel to not tell anyone he's gay (Chanel caught him and her boyfriend sharing a bed) because he will get kicked out of the Dollar Scholars and also says he will come out on his on terms, eventually and join the Kappa Kappa Tau (since anyone can join now), but Chanel #5 is furious with Boone's announcement, while Chanel sees it as away to become famous if she became the first person to allow a gay guy in the female sorority, despite Chanel #5's pleas to not allow it to happen. Later that night, Chanel continues to haze the girls but writing obscenities on their stomachs, until she comes to Zayday and reveals that she needs to retrieve white eye-liner from her room. Minutes later, Chanel screams running down the stairs revealing that the Red Devil tried to kill her, but Denise tells them not to go upstairs to catch the killer, but they go upstairs anyway, while the girls discover graffiti, the killer left saying, "SLUTS WILL DIE" causing them to scream in horror.

While having dinner, the girls become overwhelmed with paranoia and accuse each other of being the killer, however Chanel reveals that the girls need to keep the tradition of Kappa house and respect each other like sisters. Chad and Denise run into the room, revealing that the killer killed Shondell and Boone (however it was revealed that Boone faked his death, with the Red Devil's help), causing the Chanels to appear horrified.


Black Friday

Chanel buys Chanel #5 a roll of black toilet paper from Black Friday, which #5 doesn't seem very happy about. Later, the Chanels all prepare to go out shopping for Black Friday, and #5 backs up Chanel when the Dean tells her to wait on the police, much to Chanel's annoyance. At the mall, Chanel is asking Chanel #3 advice on what to get #5 for Christmas, and #5 questions the point of Chanel buying them awful gifts and letting them know about it first. The Chanels tell Chanel that they got her a bag, but Chanel says she already has it and questions why they would get her something she already has, but #5 says its because it is Christmas. The Chanels prepare to shop some more, when suddenly the lights in the mall cut off, and the mall is deserted. They go to find an exit and see a door. #5 goes to try and open, when the Red Devil appears behind her. The Chanels all flee, as Chanel remarks that it's #5's fault. The Chanels see an open gate, and Chanel allows #5 and the others to escape as she stays behind to face the Red Devil.

The Final Girl(s)

After the events of Dorkus, Chanel comes to the conclusion that #5 is the killer. However, once Hester begins to frame all three of the Chanels, Chanel sees that this is clearly not the case. The trio get locked up in an asylum and Chanel and #5 end up becoming best friends and forget their past.



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