Chanel-Grace Relationship is the relationship between Chanel Oberlin and Grace Gardner. They first met in the Pilot, in which they become rivals.



Grace first starts to dislike Chanel after the latter manipulated most of the other pledges into supporting her if she were to claim to the campus police that Grace was responsible for Ms. Bean's death, even though it was Chanel.

They're later seen running into each other outside of the coffee shop, where Chanel tells Grace that Pete had a huge crush on her last year, and it got to the point where he 'stalked her' and sent her a bunch of text messages. According to Chanel, she filed a restraining order, and he's supposedly a registered sex offender.

Grace stands up for the other pledges when Chanel announces her plan to haze them, and Chanel invited Grace to coffee. Chanel explains that she thinks Grace is Chanel material, and invites her to be Chanel #6. Grace declines, however, which angers Chanel. Grace asks her why she is such a terrible person, and Chanel explains that she has no real friends, and her parents didn't even call or visit her on her birthday. Grace invited Chanel to turn Kappa Kappa Tau back to where it used to be, but Chanel declines. Chanel seems to almost grow a small sense of respect for Grace.

Hell Week

When Grace breaks into the presidents secret room, Chanel catches her, and tells her the tale of the 1995 incident, where Sophia was deserted by her friends and bled out in the bathtub, and how Cathy supposedly helped cover the incident up. When Grace asks Chanel if she expects her to forget about this, Chanel says "Actually, I do."

Chanel and Grace are later seen staring out the window, watching as Wes sits in his car, watching over Grace. They're both visually disgusted when Gigi announces she'll give him a 'peace of mind'.


There is little to no interaction between Chanel and Grace during this episode. Grace was present for a KKT house meeting. While waiting for Chanel to come down and run the meeting, Grace learns that not only was Chanel #2 hooking up with Chad Radwell , but so were Chanel #5 and Chanel #3. As the meeting starts, it's interrupted by Dean Cathy Munsch and Gigi Caldwell.

Haunted House

Chanel hates Grace's regular jack-o-lantern

Chanel makes all of the pledges carve pumpkins for her Chanelloween giveaways. When prompted to show hers, Grace describes her jack-o-lantern as a regular one that she is sure Chanel will not like. Chanel affirms her dislike and orders Grace to do another pumpkin carving.  

Zayday is missing and Munsch refuses to close Wallace U. Grace pleas with Chanel that the sisters should start a search party for missing pledge Zayday. Chanel declines on rationale that Zayday was disloyal to her by announcing her candidacy for KKT Presidency. The other sisters follow Chanel's lead to plan Pumpkin Patch instead of going on a search for Zayday. Grace states to Chanel, "You make it harder and harder to believe that you're not the killer." 

Mommie Dearest

Grace switching the coffees Chanel gave her

Intent on proving Zayday and Grace are the killers, Chanel hires two Scotland Yard detectives, who manage to uncover vital information on Grace's mother. Chanel then begins to insult her mother, calling her a 'skank, and a 'drunk, degenerate slut', to the point that Grace stands up and slaps her, storming out of the house. Denise then confronts Chanel, telling her to apologise for what she did. Chanel then meets up with Grace at The Grind, setting down two pumpkin spice lattes. Grace switches the two cups (in risk of poisoning or spiking the drink), to Chanel responding, 'Is that how little you trust me?' Grace then changes her mind on switching the drinks, pushing both the cups towards Chanel. Chanel, apologises to Grace, stating that her mother was probably worse than Grace's was. She then states that the lack of motherhood was the exact reason she joined a sorority. Grace says that the way she treats pledges of Kappa is no different than the way her mother did. She then walks out with her coffee, thanking Chanel, until she is quickly stopped, Chanel stating that she did in fact spit in Grace's coffee.


Grace and Chanel and everyone else sits down at the table

Black Friday

Grace thinks its a good idea to kill Dean Munsch and so does Chanel, this makes their friendship a little better. Later on when they attempt to kill Dean Munsch again she disagrees and gets mad, this leads the Chanels to kick Grace out of the group


Grace and Zayday run into Melanies house and tell Chanel Hester, is the killer. They all run to Kappa and find #5 and Hester.

The Final Girl(s)

Grace sits through the accusations of Chanel without saying anything.



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