Bitches, I'd like you to meet Chanel #6.
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Chanel-Hester Relationship is about the relationship between Chanel Oberlin and Hester Ulrich. They first met in Pilot and became friends (seemingly superficial) in Chainsaw after Chanel gave Hester a makeover and announced her as Chanel #6.


There were many times after Hester's makeover that Chanel appeared to actually like Hester, but also intimidated by her as well.

Season One


Hester attends the rush party at KKT and is one of the few rushes to remain after Dean Cathy Munsch announces that pledging is open to the public. Chanel nicknames her "Neckbrace" and describes, "She smells like hot dog water, and probably sprained her neck giving bumpkins down at the local bowling alley."

After Ms. Bean dies, Hester willingly agrees to corroborate Chanel's account of how she dies when Grace threatens to go to the authorities. After helping to transport the body to cold storage, Hester excitedly pursues Chanel's lead to get cocktails.

Hell Week

Hester enthusiastically participates in and completes all of the obstacles during Hell Week, including the final challenge to drink Chanel's poo-ey hand water. Hester walks in on The Chanels contemplating how to get rid of Chanel No. 2's body. Chanel says. "It's not what it looks like." Hester replies, "Don't worry, we're sisters. I won't tell anyone."

Hester advises on concealing the body.

Hester reports her history that has made her obsessed with death and then advises how to inconspicuously dispense of Chanel No. 2's body. Chanel responds that Hester is an obvious psychopath and instructs her to grab the duvet to wrap No. 2 up. Hester follows Chanel's direction.

Hester transports the body to cold storage with The Chanels per Chanel's demand. Chanel accuses Hester of trying to terrify them after Hester suggests closing No. 2's eyes to avoid her haunting their dreams and taking them with her. Unphased by Chanel's hysteria, she asks is she can call Chanel Mom because she feels loved and protected by all of them (The Chanels). The "Mom" moniker is a pop culture phenomenon when girls lacking a female role model call other girls they look up to Mom. Chanel begrudgingly agrees to let Hester call her and the others "Mom," as long as Hester stops talking as she (from Chanel's POV) is creepy!


Hester in Chanel's closet

Chanel catches Hester admiring the items in her closet. Hester is mesmerized by all of the expensive couture and Chanel's connections to Karl Lagerfeld.  Hester notes that the two are the same size to which Chanel responds, "maybe on a bloaty day." She makes-over Hester so that Chad will see that KKT is not full of loser pledges so that she can win back his affection.

Chanel presents Hester to the rest of the members and pledges and proclaims her to be Chanel No. 6.

Hester's carving of Chad

Haunted House

Hester presents her jack'o lantern as a carved image of Chad, which Chanel narrowly approves of for Chanel-o-weens to be delivered to her Instagram followers. Chanel is not aware that Hester has been vying for Chad's affection over their joint interest in "death stuff." Hester mentions to Chad that she wants to be Chanel and have everything that she has, including him. She entices him by revealing her plan to be KKT's Queen Bee who unlike Chanel, likes corpses and death and even allows "back door entry" during sex.

Pumpkin Patch

Hester mimics all things Chanel even repeating Chanel's same statement to Dean Munsch upon news that Halloween is cancelled. Hester copies Chanel's sentiments by protesting, "You don't have the authority [to cancel Halloween]." Hester joins The Chanels  in Chanel's closet as they review costume assignments (wives of assasinated presidents) for Pumpkin Patch party. Hester yells at Chanel No5 on behalf of Chanel to "move along bitch." However, behind Chanel's back, Hester plays double agent and empowers Chanel No 5 to hurt Chanel. Hester leads Chanel No 5 to join in on pitting Jennifer aganist Chanel.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Chanel and Chanel #6 after finding Sam lifeless body.

When Chad chooses Chanel Oberlin as her girlfriend, a rivalry between Chanel and Chanel #6 started, and intensifys after Chanel #6 finds Sam's death body in the Bathtub, Chanel Oberlin accuses #6 of being the killer arguing that, because her obsession with death, it is very convenient that she was the one who found the body. Then #6 suggested that one person fallow her all night, and at the time of another murder she would have an alibi.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanel #6 is seen with the other Chanels going to comfort Chanel after #2´s open coffin funeral. They convinced Chanel to play with the Ouija board to contact #2 so she could apologize to Chanel for her actions, were they mention that Chanel would never gave #6 her trust again, because she tried to have sex with Chad and framed her for murder. After playing the Ouija board for second time, #2 tells The Chanels that Chanel is serial killer who is killing everyone. Chanel stands up and goes to her room very angry with #2.

#3, #5 and #6 arguing how to kill Chanel

After hiding in the bathroom with #3 and #5, #6 suggest to kill Chanel. #5 suggest to poisson her bras and when they dried she puts one on and then they tell her "Chanel, there´s a new Barneys Co-op down the street" and she starts running and starts to sweat and the poisson would seep through her nips and kill her, to which #6 says that is a horrible idea. Then, #6 suggest to take all of Chanel´s diamond and crushed them into a powder, and the throw a sugar party where everyone sits around eating bowls of sugar, but Chanel´s isn't filed with sugar it´s powder diamond that would slice open her esophagus and kill her from the inside.

After Chanel founds its plans with the help of #2, she tells The Chanels that there are two real killer on the campus and there names are Grace and Zayday.

Mommie Dearest

As part of Chanel’s plan to prove that Grace and Zayday are the serial killers, the Chanels gathered at Kappa House, where Chanel told her minions to inform her of what progress they had done on the plan. Hester told Chanel about Zayday being on the pill and Grace too, to which she stated "Those who pill together, kill together" Seeing as the information gathered by the Chanels was not relevant, Chanel storms off the room, quoting her father and telling the Chanels that she will pay a professional to dig up dirt on Grace and Zayday.

Hester telling Chanel about her pregnancy.

Ghost Stories

Hester tells Chanel that she's pregnant with Chad's baby. This enrages Chanel and she confronts Chad about it and threatens to kill him.

Hester later reveals that she was not actually pregnant and she was pretending to be in order to get Chanel out of her way. She gets into an argument with Chanel and says that she will still have Chad get her pregnant. Chanel becomes furious with her and ultimately pushes her down the stairs.


Chanel gets angry at Hester and asks her how she is alive.

Hester comes to the Chad's Thanksgiving feast and Chanel is horrified because she thought she killed her. Chanel gets angry at Hester and asks her how she is alive and Hester says she should really thank Chanel as pushing her down the stairs and putting her in the meat locker may have fixed her spinal problem forever. Hester then tells the Radwell family she's pregnant and Chanel tries to convince them that this isn't true.

Chanel stands up and apologizes to Hester.

Later, the Radwells are playing Pictionary and Hester and Chanel get put in a team together. When they start playing Brad gets a card saying 'horse' but they changed it to say 'neckbrace whore,' he starts gesturing to Hester. The Radwell family start saying offensive things about Hester and Chanel looks offended. When the Radwell family finally guess that it's 'neckbrace Whore,' Hester looks like she's about to cry. Chanel feels sorry for Hester and so she stands up and apologizes to Hester saying that she shouldn't have pushed her down the stairs. Chanel then states that Hester is her sister and says she's sorry because Hester had to sit through the most mean spirited game of Pictionary in the history of Pictionary. Chanel then offends all of the Radwells and dumps Chad. Chanel then walks off and Hester runs up to her and says she's coming with her and that all she has ever wanted to be is Chanel's sister. They then go back to Kappa.

Black Friday

The Chanels trapped on the mall with the Red Devil.

After witnessing Gigi's head on a plate, Chanel, Hester and the other Chanels go to a mall celebrate Black Friday. In the mall, Chanel finally realizes that she doesn't need to buy lousy gifts to her friends, but the Red Devil shows up at the mall turning off all the lights and manages to trap the Chanels inside. Hester, #3 and #5 escape, but Chanel gets shot with a crossbow. She survives after Denise Hemphill and a mall cop come to the rescue for a showdown with the Red Devil.

After that, Chanel has the idea to kill Dean Munsch. Chanel is baffled as to how Dean Munsch survived this, but later, the Chanels hatch another plan. They decide to freeze her to death using a cryotherapy chamber. When Chanel opens the door, Dean Munsch, covered with icicles, says she's never felt better. After this, Hester tells a story to Chanel and the other Kappas about a man who survived anything except when drowned. So Chanel attempts to drown Dean Munsch but the other Chanels and Zayday don't show up, leaving Chanel angry.


A vitriol-filled email, penned by Chanel after her Kappa sisters' failure to help her kill Munsch, goes viral after the Red Devil fowards the email to the news, and the public begins to turn on Chanel. Just when Zayday is cheering Chanel up, the Red Devil bursts into Chanel's room, but as it turns out, it was only a helpless pizza delivery guy who was strapped to a dynamite vest and forced to impersonate the Red Devil by an unknown female, who Hesterclaims was wearing a veil and mumbling "something dork". The pizza guy is then blown apart in the Kappa house, with his intestines spewing all over the walls. When she tries to kill Melanie Dorkus, because she thinks she's the killer, Grace and Zayday reveal the killer is Hester, but when they come back from the Kappa house, they find a distraught Hester laying on the ground with a stiletto heel jammed into her eye socket. Grace seems noticeably confused as she was convinced that Hester was in fact the killer, but now she is questioning everything. Just then, Hester looks up and points her finger at Chanel #5, referring to her as the Red Devil, and claiming that she was the one who attacked her. The rest of the girls all turn to give a dirty look at Chanel #5.

The Final Girls

On a flashback to December 2015, Hester reveals she stabbed herself in her own eye the red stiletto heel and put the blame on Chanel #5. She used an anatomy book and had x-rays taken of her skull so that she could successfully calculate the exact angle and force needed to pierce the heel through her eye socket without hitting any vital organs. She also created a fake Tinder account to swipe right on Chanel #5, so that she would leave Melanie Dorkus' house. From there, Hester slipped laxatives into #5's drink so she would have to use the bathroom and would not have an alibi for the time frame Hester was stabbed, as she was the only other person in Kappa house with Hester. From there, Chanel has a talk with #5 and think she is the killer, when Hester comes to the house and starts accusing all the Chanels: First how #5 was actually the baby in the bathtub (and this story is backed by Chanel #5's real parents), then how #3 has a split personality "Dirty Helen" (which is backed by a forged letter from a "psychiatrist" to manipulate everyone including Sadie that she did have a split personality) and ends off on Chanel, and she says how she wanted every pledge dead to get her perfect sorority back (backed by the security footage shows her from the hardware store of "her" shopping the tools that the Devil previously used to murder people when in actuality it was Hester wearing a wig, but the footage was from the back). Hester convinces everyone of this and The Chanels are arrested and await trial until they are sent to the same asylum Hester grew up in.

Season Two

Warts and All






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