Chanel-Zayday Relationship is the relationship between Chanel Oberlin and Zayday Williams. They first met in Pilot, in which they become rivals.


Season One


After Chanel accidentally killed Ms. Bean, Chanel says that she couldn't die for having her face burned, but Zayday, horrified for what she did, says that Ms. Bean did died for that. When Chanel blackmails the Kappa girls with a trip to Cancun if they say that Grace was the one who killed Ms. Bean, but in reality it was Chanel, Zayday is the only one who wants to say the truth. At the beginning of "hell week", Chanel says that she is going to haze all the new Kappa pledges, Grace and Zayday both say that they are not going to permit it.

Hell Week

Zayday to Chanel

Chanel is writing things in the belly of the pledges with a black eyeliner. She calls Zayday a "hood rat" and Zayday gets angry and says that she is going to slap her so hard that her tampon is going to come out. When Chanel is about to write on Zayday, she says that she has to go to her room for a white eyeliner because the black one will not be noticed.

In the last "Hell Week" dinner, Zayday says that Chanel is her primary suspect to be killer, because of what she did to Ms. Bean, and reminds her about the horrible accident that happened with Melanie Dorkus. This makes everyone look at her and Chanel stands up to asks how she dared to say that, because that was a tragic accident.


There's not progress in their relationship on this episode, except when Chanel shows everyone the new Chanel #6 and when Zayday is cuffed to Denise's car, Denise discovers she is planning to be president of Kappa.

Haunted House

Zayday telling Chanel she's running for president

While carving up pumpkins for Chanel-o-ween, Zayday shows her pumpkin, that spella "YES, I CAN". When Chanel asks what it means, Zayday announces she is running for president, angering Chanel. With the help of her minions, Chanel decides to create a pumpkin patch for the "black hairy tongue" disease. After Zayday being kidnapped in the haunted house, Grace suggests to the Kappas to go looking for Zayday, Chanel refuses and goes to her room to prepare everything for the patch.

Pumpkin Patch

With Zayday still kidnapped, Chanel starts the voting with the Kappas, in hope neither Grace or Zayday will come, but they do anyways.

Seven Minutes in Hell

After Chanel and Zayday both become the presidents of Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel throws a fit, claiming she is extremely upset. However, in a scene with #3 and #5, this is revealed to be fake, with Chanel claiming she doesn't even want to be president, as she suspects that if she is, she'll die soon. Chanel later hands Zayday the presidents keys and the two become more friendly with each other. Chanel isn't supportive of Zayday's slumber party idea.

Chanel saving Zayday from the Red Devil

When the two go into the tunnel under Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel shows Zayday the portraits of all former KKT presidents, and some of their 'greatest' accomplishments. They wonder what they will be known for years from now. The duo is then attacked by the Red Devil, and Chanel quickly escapes, while Zayday is left to fend for herself. However, when it seems like she's going to die, Chanel saves Zayday, and the two escape from the tunnel.

Beware of Young Girls

There's not much progression in the episode, except Chanel suspects both Grace and Zayday are the killers.

Mommie Dearest

There's not any interaction with them, but Chanel asks her minions if they had found proof of Zayday being the killer, ultimately having no proof.

Ghost Stories

There's no interaction between them.


There's no interaction between them, because Chanel is at the Hamptons to meet Chad's family.

Black Friday

When Chanel presents her plan of killing Dean Munsch, Zayday innitially disagrees with this, but Grace agrees and the plan is settled. But when the Dean survives the attempt on her life, Grace stops and leaves Kappa, but when she asks Zayday to come with her, Zayday stays and helps the Chanels as they try to freeze Dean Munsch. She doesn't show up at the pool to drown the Dean for unknown reasons.


Chanel emails Zayday and others about them not showing up at the pool to kill Dean Munsch, and when the email accidentally goes viral and Chanel is internationally hated, she tries to kill herself by ending her life with a snake, but Zayday cheers her up. This is interrupted when Zak asks for help and eventually dies.

The Final Girl(s)

Zayday watches as Hester frames all the Chanels, and adds that Chanel did burn Ms. Bean's face off.

Season Two

Scream Again

Zayday asks Dean Munsch to hire help, and the Dean decides to hire The Chanels, and Zayday screams as they first see her, and asks Chanel why are they here. Chanel responds by saying the Dean hired her. Zayday quickly gets excited with the news, and hands over the clothes to Chanel. After the Chanels bullied Catherine at the hospital, Zayday complains to Cathy about what happened, and Cathy punishes The Chanels. After that, Zayday discovers the only possible way to cure Catherine's disease is to give her a lobotomy, but after flirting with Dr. Brock, both him and Chanel realize the way to cure Catherine is to change her diet. After giving a makeover to Catherine, Zayday says she's very proud of Chanel and hopes she has learnt a valluable lesson, but Chanel answers on how Zayday should have learned another valluable lesson, by learning how easy someone can be a doctor, through the power of the internet.



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