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Chanel #3: And, let's make a pact. No matter what happens, no matter what dignity we have to sacrifice, what laws we have to break, what bodies we have to step over, you and I are going to outlive Chanel. Deal?
Chanel #5: Deal.
Chanel #3 to #5 about overthrowing Chanel

Chanel #3-Chanel #5 Relationship is about the intimate friendship and alliance between Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 who's goal was, with the help of Chanel #6, to overthrow Chanel Oberlin. However, Chanel wins their trust back again in Ghost Stories after their unsuccessful attempt on Chanel's life.



The Chanels are doing a blood oath to promise to not speak of the death they just witnessed earlier and Chanel #3 reveals that she has HPV (human papilloma virus), but #2 says that she is stressed that they are gonna get caught by the authorities and decided to leave and go home, but while packing she is murdered by the Red Devil. When The Chanels discover her body, they decide to leave it in that room until they know what to do with it. The "hell week" from their sorority begins, but #1 goes for a coffee with Grace and leaves Libby in charge. Sadie and Libby bury HesterZaydaySamJennifer and Tiffany up to their heads in the lawn of the KKT house. They leave them alone to spend the night buried, but the Red Devil later appears with a lawnmower and drives towards the girls.

Hell Week:

The Chanels later discuss they should do something with #2's body soon before Denise Hemphill finds it. Libby says that they should feed a pig with her body, and Sadie thinks they should give her as food to one of her uncle's lobsters in his farm, but #1 rejects both ideas. Suddenly, Hester appears behind them and

The Chanels after finding Chanel #2's body

says that she knows what they should do, since she is obsessed with death. Sadie quickly insists that #2 is not dead, just sleeping. Hester gives the insane ideas of putting her in food processor or boning her, but #1 decides to put her in the same freezer where they put Ms. Bean's body.

Afterwards, Boone goes to talk to The Chanels and says to Chanel that he knows that she is going to tell everyone about hiss real sexuality and ruin his reputation, because she found out about his homosexuality scenes before. Boone explains that he wants to come out on his own and later join Kappa, and this makes The Chanels laugh. Libby and Sadie decline his offer quickly, but #1

Boone Talking to The Chanels

ultimately likes the idea. Libby starts to freak out, and says to Chanel that she lost her mind,, because having a gay man in their sorority would hurt the house and he would steal their makeup and toiletries. She threatened Boone saying that if he brings shame to Chanel #1's life and Kappa house, she would destroy him. Boone later says that he knows they will consider his offert and leaves the place.


In the living room at Kappa house, Grace and Zayday ask Libby if she knows something about the secret affair that Chanel #2 had with Chad that they discovered in previous scenes. Libby says that she can't believe that Chad never told her, because she was dating him too. Sadie joins the conversation and says that she went out with him too last year. Shocked, Grace and Zayday ask why they did that to her friend Chanel, because Chad is her ex-boyfriend. Libby explains that it was just one date and that it was really weird because he made her look at him playing with his knife collection the whole time, but she also slept with him.

Haunted House:

After Zayday  announces that she is going to run for president of Kappa house, and will make a Haloween party to raise money for sickle cell anemia, to show that she is a serious candidate, Sadie is seen shocked. This makes Chanel worried about her position in the house as president, so she gets sad and goes to her closet to sharpen her knives. Sadie and Libby comfort her, giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for "black hairy tongue" decease, so everyone would vote for Chanel at the elections. It makes #1 very grateful, and the three share a hug. 

Pumpkin Patch:

The Chanels meet Cliff Woo, a party planner who is set to organize Chanel's pumpkin patch for her Kappa presidential campaign. Libby is unable to hire Led Zeppelin as musical guests for the party because one of them died, and #1 starts to scream at her saying that everything is her fault and that she is tired of her lame excuses. The other girls later follow #1 to her closet, where she introduces them their Halloween costumes, wives of fallen presidents. Chanel tells Libby that she will go to the pumpkin patch as Mary Todd Lincoln, because she is most likely to end in an asylum because she is a psycho lunatic. Libby gets angry and screams that she can't take this anymore and that she is done with Chanel. #1 doesn't think she means her words, since Libby has said multiple times in the past that she is done with Chanel and yet she is always there standing by her side.  Later,

Chanel's #3, #5, #6, and Jennifer seeing Chanel being arrested for murdering Ms. Bean

after Chanel gets arrested by the police for the murderer of Ms. Bean, Libby watches as she is taken with the other Chanels and Jennifer. Sadie and Sam bail Chanel out of prison.

Seven Minutes in Hell:

Grace asks what happens if it's a tie and #3 responds that it has never happened before but Kappa laws state that they must rule together. Jennifer then confirms that it is a tie and Chanel isn't happy about the reveal and blames #5 for her placement. After Chanel storms off, #3 and #5 go find her in her closet and find a crying Chanel who then turns to laughter as she reveals that she voted for Zayday. She then goes on to reveal that she wanted to relief her responsibilities to decrease her risk of being Red Devil's next target. But then says that she was hoping that the Chanels would betray her but says that being co-president works out even better. Chanel then confirms that the pumpkin patch were all plans to get Zayday killed, and selfishly save her own. She calls #3 out for being a hypocrite when she was looking for protection from Sam and #3 says that she just likes

Chanel #3 and #5 in Chanel's closet

hanging out with her and that she is cool to talk too. Chanel then instruct the Chanels to phase 2.

The Chanels and the Dickie Dollar Scholars all start playing Truth or Dare. #1 asks #5 "truth or dare?", and #5 picks truth. Chanel asks if her vagina has teeth, but Chanel #5 denies it. Chanel keeps insisting that her vagina does have teeth, and #5 later leaves the room angry. Grace then asks Sam truth or dare? Sam picks truth as Grace asks "what is Chanel #3's deepest, darkest secret". Chanel #3 is convinced that Sam is gonna reveal that she has feelings for her. During Sam's answer, #3 blurts out her confession, however Sam reveals that #3's biological father is Charles Manson, shocking everyone about both revelations. Chad accuses #3 of being the killer, which she denies and is furious about Sam's failure to keep her true parentage a secret. Chanel #3 then angrily asks Sam truth or dare? Sam picks dare and #3 dares her to go downstairs to visit the creepy Kappa house basement and take a nap in the bathtub, which she agrees. Everyone is later seen dancing in the living room after #3 says to Sam to go to the basement alone as a dare.

Chanel and Chad finish playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and it's now turn of Chanel #5 and her boyfriend Roger. Both start kissing and he stops her saying how relieved he is of not having Dodger in his life anymore, because they were always together. He says that the only bad thing is that they both created an amazing clicking language that he won't be able to use anymore. Roger has the idea of teaching #5 the language and while he continues to talk, Chanel #5 sees the Red Devil behind him and Roger is shot three times with a nail gun and falls to the floor as the Red Devil continues to shoot him with the nail gun while #5 watches in horror. The killer continues to shoot him until running out of nails and leaves. Everyone enter to the room and they assume #5 and #6 are the killers (because Hester found Sam's dead body earlier). Chad later discover a tunnel in the room that connects the inside of the house with the outside, which the killer may have use to enter and leave.

Chanel #3 telling Chanel #5 to overthrow Chanel

The next day, #5 and #3 are in the bathroom, where #3 apologizes to her for Dodger and Roger's death, and #5 says she's sorry for Sam's murder. #3 says she loved Sam and #5 asks if she is a lesbian, which Chanel #3 denies saying that she is just in love with love, implying that she is pansexual. #5 starts crying and says that she felt like she won the lottery with Roger and Dodger and now she doubts that she will find another guy who will like her. #3 says that she will definitely find someone else that will love her for who she is because she is super cute. They later make a pact, that says that they will outlive Chanel together no matter what happens.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanels #3  and #5 are seen with #6 going to comfort Chanel after #2´s open coffin funeral. They convinced Chanel to play with the Ouija board to contact #2 so she could apologize to Chanel for her actions. After playing the Ouija board for second time, #2 tells The Chanels that Chanel is serial killer who is killing everyone. Chanel stands up and goes to her room very angry with #2.

#3 and #5 hiding in the bathroom

After hiding in the bathroom with #6#6 suggest to kill Chanel#5 suggest to poison her bras and when they dried she puts one on and then they tell her "Chanel, there´s a new Barneys Co-op down the street" and she starts running and starts to sweat and the poison would seep through her nips and kill her, to which #6 says that is a horrible idea. Then, #6 suggest to take all of Chanel´s diamond and crushed them into a powder, and the throw a sugar party where everyone sits around eating bowls of sugar, but Chanel´s isn't filed with sugar it´s powder diamond that would slice open her esophagus and kill her from the inside.

Mommie Dearest

There is not much interaction between #3 and #5, except when Chanel Oberlin gathered them in the living room.

Black Friday

Chanel #5 asks the sales lady if she can switch the tags from the size 0 underwear to the size 4's. The sales lady is unsure what Chanel #5 means, causing Chanel #5 to become angered. This attracts the attention of Chanel #3 and Chanel #6, who come over to defend her and begin yelling at the sales lady for their friend.


When Zak the Pizza guy blows up Chanel #3 gets irritated at Chanel #5 for going on how crazy this is. Later on #5 confesses things to Chanel #3 in her sleep causing Chanel #3 to get mad with her. #3 and #5 are with Chanel when she is apologising to Melanie but #5 walks off for a tinder date. Then when all the Kappas come back #5 is accused of being the killer to which #3 gives a dirty look

The Final Girl(s)

When Chanel #5 and #3 are being accused Hester says they had a conversation between #3's different personality, Dirty Helen to which #5 asks her if she would like to kill Chanel and Dirty Helen agrees but this is not true. They don't talk much in the asylum as #5 becomes Chanel's best friend.


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