Chanel #3-Sam Relationship
SamxChanel3 OTP
General Information
Intimacy level: Friends
Infatuated on Sam's side, secretly in love with on Chanel #3's side
Dating history: Kissed in Seven Minutes in Hell
Friendship history: Started in Chainsaw when Sam helped Chanel #3 light her candle.
Friendship status: Inactive (Sam died)
I have weird sexy feelings for Sam.
Chanel #3 about Sam[src]

Chanel #3-Sam Relationship is about the romantic friendship between Chanel #3 and Sam. They are both friends, or as they call each other, "Allibuddies". Chanel #3 opens up to Sam, revealing most of her private personal information. Sam was infatuated with her, but respected her personal space. Chanel #3 started to develop a romantic interest in Sam, but the latter was killed by the Red Devil before Chanel #3 could profess her love to Sam.



Chanel #3 and Sam aren't involved but rather acquaintances They soon grow.

Hell Week

Chanel #3 and Sam aren't involved but rather acquaintances They soon grow.


In Chainsaw, Sam lights Chanel #3's candle. Chanel #3 is weirded out and so she walks away. the day after, Chanel #3 approaches Sam and tells her that she is Charle's Manson's daughter. Sam decides that they should be Alibi-Buddies, or Alibuddies. They try to protect each other from the Red Devil and try to help each other's alibi.

Haunted House

There relationship is good, starting to have love feelings and Sexy feelings (on Sam's side).

Pumpkin Patch

There relationship is good, starting to have love feelings and Sexy feelings (on Sam's side).

Seven Minutes in Hell

Chanel #3 admits that she does have sexual feelings for Sam and how she would love to make out with her. Later, playing Spin the bottle, they kiss, happily. Later it is reveled why she can't show her ears and why their love can never be sadly. Later while playing Truth or dare Chanel #3 admits that she has "Weird Sexy Feelings for Sam." Sam soon admits that Sadie's dad is Charles Manson. enraged, Chanel #3 dares Sam to go in the basement, to sleep in the bathtub. Sam agrees and is locked in the basement stairs. Sam sees the blood and get's knocked out by either Boone or Pete. she then get's suffocated and dies while begging for her life. She was later "found" by Hester after her brother had murdered sam. Later, Chanel #3 tells Libby that when she loves someone, she's gonna tell them right away in honor of Sam.