Chanel #5-Tyler Relationship is the relationship between Chanel #5 and Tyler. It started and ended in Warts and All when Tyler was killed by the Green Meanie.


Season Two

Warts and All

Tyler approaches Chanel #5 and asks her why is she so sad. Chanel #5 complains to Tyler about how bad her life has been, only to apologize as his life is so much worse. He says he doesn't mind due to the fact it's been so long since a girl has ever spoken to him. Tyler then shows Chanel #5 what he looked like before his warts began to appear, and she responds by saying he was super hot back then. Tyler expresses his concern over how he's ever going to find the money for his laser treatment that will cure his disease and Chanel #5 promises to him somehow she will find the money for it.

Chanel #5 makes a fundraising video to help raise the money for Tyler and shows it to Chanel and Chanel #3, only for them to express how bad it is. They tell Chanel #5 that once Tyler is cured and hot again he won't want to be with her. Chanel says if Chanel #5 really wants Tyler she has to go for him now and be the girl who stuck by his side so that once he is cured, he'll feel obligated to still be with her.

While at a diner Tyler says he'll help Chanel #5 find proof that she is innocent in Catherine's murder. After two guys at the diner make fun of Tyler's appearance Chanel #5 attacks them both much to his delight.

After returning to C.U.R.E Institute Hospital Chanel #5 and Tyler kiss only to be interrupted by Chanel and Chanel #3. The two girls reveal they were testing Tyler and since he learned that looks aren't the only thing that matter, they are purchasing the laser for his treatment thanks to the money that Chad had given to Chanel.

Chanel #5 and Tyler are facetiming and thank each other for being able to see the real them in one another. Tyler tells Chanel #5 he found out something big in regards to the Green Meanie who attacked her in the previous episode but before he can tell her exactly what it is he found, Tyler is wheeled into surgery by an unknown off-screen person. However Chanel #3 says that Tyler going into surgery that night is impossible due to the fact both Brock and Cassidy went home. The Chanels all then rush to Tyler's operating room but are too late, and the girls find him dead on the operating table.


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