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Biographical Information
Full name: Chanel Oberlin
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
KKT president (formerly)
Inmate (briefly; wrongful arrest)
Asylum patient (formerly; wrongful arrest)
Phlebotomist (formerly)
Medical student (formerly)
TV Doctor
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Chanel #1 (herself)
Mom (by Hester)
Rich Dumb Whore, Dr. Tiny Bitch (by Ingrid)
C (by Brock)
Relationship Information
Family: Mr. Oberlin (father)
Happy Oberlin (mother)
Harvard Oberlin (brother)
Muffet Oberlin (sister)
Unnamed (grandmother)
Ichabod Oberlin (paternal great-great-great-great grandfather)
Relationships: Multiple people (ex-boyfriends)
Chad Radwell (on-and-off-again boyfriend, fiancé; deceased)
Pete Martínez (crush on his side; deceased)
Dr. Brock Holt (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: The Chanels
Jennifer (deceased)
Sam (deceased)
Catherine Hobart (deceased)
Zayday Williams
Enemies: Red Devil
Melanie Dorkus
Pete Martínez (deceased)
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Thad Radwell (deceased)
Brad Radwell (deceased)
Muffy Radwell (deceased)
Bunny Radwell (deceased)
Tad Radwell (deceased)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Wes Gardner (deceased)
Green Meanie
Frenemies: Hester Ulrich
Cathy Munsch
Denise Hemphill
Grace Gardner
Victims: Agatha Bean (unintentionally)
Pete Martínez (survived)
Hester Ulrich (survived)
Cathy Munsch (survived; twice)
Melanie Dorkus (survived)
Unnamed will reader (survived)
Pet(s): Shepet (cat, mentioned in Chainsaw)
Boss: Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Employees: The Chanels
Agatha Bean (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Fashion
Pumpkin spice lattes
Chad Radwell
Being a network newscaster
Nancy Drew (book series, movie)
Black Friday
Jackie Kennedy
Boy Meets World
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
The Chanels
Talent(s): Manipulating people
Strengths: Rich
Feminist (possibly)
Weaknesses: Insecurity
Not getting her own way
Arrested by Judge Roberts
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Elmwood Community College
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneSeason Two
Episode count: 23
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Emma Roberts
And remember, Chanel Oberlin is above the law.
—Chanel Oberlin[src]

Chanel Oberlin is the protagonist villain of Scream Queens, however due to her mean-spirited and merciless attitude she is considered as an anti-villainess or anti-heroine. She is the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau, later alongside Zayday Williams.

At the end of Season One, she, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 are sentenced to life at the Palmer Insane Asylum after being framed for the Red Devil murders by Hester Ulrich. Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families. In Season Two, they are hired by Cathy Munsch to work as medical students in her hospital, where yet another series of murders take place. Afterwards, Chanel is hired to host her own TV show, Lovin' the C.

She is portrayed by Emma Roberts.



Chanel introducing herself

Chanel introduces herself as Chanel #1, the leader of her pack, her "minions" and her reign of power to the KKT sorority, when the Dean, Cathy Munsch, believes that was responsible for injuring her fellow sorority sister, Kappa President Melanie Dorkus while she was still a pledge. Chanel denies this, but Cathy, believing that Chanel wanted Melanie out of the way to take the sorority for herself, as well as her plans to take down KKT, started with revoking its charter. Gigi Caldwell arrives in the room, introducing herself as a lawyer and saying that Cathy cannot revoke the charter and apologizes. Chanel complains that the charter should not be revoked because of her plans to become a news anchor, but then Gigi interrupts the conversation when she says she cannot revoke the charter. Chanel asks what kind of skirt Gigi is wearing, and Gigi excuses Chanel to go back to the sorority, but before she leaves, Chanel threatens Cathy that she does not "fight fair." Unbeknownst to Chanel, Cathy and Gigi discuss a new plan, instead of revoking the charter, they decided to allow anyone to become a pledge, which they announce at the party. This causes Chanel to become infuriated by Cathy's decision.

Chanel looks for comfort in her unfaithful, compulsively cheating boyfriend, Chad Radwell, but he says that he cannot date someone if her sorority is "filled with fatties and weirdos". She meets her maid Ms. Bean, whom she rudely calls "White Mammy" and takes her to the Coffee Shop Barista, where she reveals her plans to scare the new pledges into leaving the sorority by staging Ms. Bean's murder by "burning her in a fryer". She also encounters her former stalker, Pete Martínez and one of the new pledges Grace Gardner, and spills the beans and gives info about Pete's former 'stalker's intentions' and Grace looks somewhat disgusted at Pete. At night, Chanel finds Ms. Bean's disrespectful "creepy collage" towards Chanel and storms down to confront the maid, forcing her minions and the new pledges to follow her lead into the kitchen, proceeding with her prank. Unknown to Chanel, the Red Devil had turned the fryer on, when Chanel decided to drown Ms. Bean in the fryer, revealing that she is suffering from severe burns and eventually dies. Grace leaves the kitchen to get the police when Chanel threatens to pin the blame on her, and even having the Chanels and pledges (excluding Zayday Williams) to take her side. They take Ms. Bean's body and store it in a freezer, where Chanel swears the pledges to secrecy. However when Grace tells Pete about it, they decide to investigate the body, but Chanel and Chad arrive in the storage room and discover that the body is missing, causing Chanel to believe that Ms. Bean is still alive.

But believing that there is someone messing with her, she and her Kappa sisters have a blood oath, where Chanel #2 reveals that she is stressed that they are gonna get caught by the authorities and decided to leave and go home, but while packing she is murdered by Red Devil. While in her bedroom, Chanel discovers her bedroom window wide open and goes to shut it, when she hears Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 screaming at the horrifying discovery of Chanel #2's body. Chanel rushes over and believes that Ms. Bean is taking revenge, but refuses to call the police because of her "attempted murder". But the new pledges have arrived for the beginning of "Hell Week" and the beginning of their hazing, but Grace refuses to allow any of the girls to get hazed and Chanel takes her to the Barista to "iron out their differences", while Chanel #5 takes over on the hazing and digs the pledges up to their necks in the ground, but while the Chanel #3 and #5 are away, Tiffany's head gets mowed off by the Red Devil.

Hell Week

Chanel talking to the Kappa girls

After last night's horrifying events, Gigi announces that she is hiring a security guard to protect the girls in Kappa Kappa Tau, however the Chanels still need to get rid of Chanel #2's body before the security find her themselves. While discussing a plan to get rid of the body, Hester Ulrich walks in and reveals her interest in "death" and how to dispose of the body properly, however Chanel ignores her help and decides to take Chanel #2's body in the freezer instead.

Gigi then introduces the new security guard, Denise Hemphill, to the Chanels, whom has rather odd methods in protecting the girls from the killer. The Chanels then continue their reign of terror as they continue "hell week" for the new pledges. They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes, but Chanel is unhappy with Zayday's lack of effort to use soap. Grace offers to get some from the basement, causing her to discover a locked secret door, but she is stopped by Chanel #5. Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the 1995 flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party. However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the 1995 sorority sisters. But she does not know if the story was an urban myth.

Chanel and Chad having sex

While having sex with Chad, she begins to realize that he is has a lack of sympathy for her and breaks up with him (which he is not happy about, commenting that he breaks up and never gets dumped at all) and orders him to leave, returning back to his fraternity, where his roommate Boone reveals his discomfort towards the killer running around campus and asks to share a bed with Chad. Chanel comes over to the fraternity to apologize to Chad, but walks in on them sharing a bed together and believes that Chad is gay, but Chad reveals that Boone was scared of the killer and not to tell anyone that Boone is gay. However Chanel sticks to breaking up with him, but Chad claims that he has broken up with her, causing Chanel to leave in anger.

The next day, while at the Barista the Chanels discuss new ways to torture the pledges, until Boone comes up and asks Chanel to not tell anyone he is gay because he will get kicked out of the Dollar Scholars and also threatens that if she does tell or if anyone finds out he will join the Kappa Kappa Tau (since anyone can join now), but Chanel #5 is furious with Boone's announcement, while Chanel sees it as a way to become famous if she became the first person to allow a gay guy in the female sorority, despite Chanel #5's pleas to not allow it to happen. Later that night, Chanel continues to haze the girls but writing obscenities on their stomachs, until she comes to Zayday and reveals that she needs to retrieve white eyeliner from her room. Minutes later, Chanel screams running down the stairs revealing that the Red Devil tried to kill her, but Denise tells them not to go upstairs to catch the killer, but they go upstairs anyway (unknown to them, the killer is not in the house and kills Denise's co-worker, Shondell), while the girls discover graffiti, the killer left saying, "SLUTS WILL DIE" causing them to scream in horror.

While having dinner, the girls become overwhelmed with paranoia and accuse each other of being the killer, however, Chanel reveals that the girls need to keep the tradition of Kappa house and respect each other like sisters. Chad and Denise run into the room, revealing that the killer killed Shondell and Boone (however it was revealed that Boone faked his death, with the Red Devil's help).


Chanel fighting with Chanel #5

Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #5 are in the freezer arguing after Chanel #2's body is missing. #5 explains that she was bored and went to the freezer to find that #2's corpse disappeared. She also says that the previous night she had an "amazing threesome" with twin brothers Dodger and Roger, and she would rather have sex with them than try to discover who the killer is. #1 is shocked when #5 says that she does not care what happened to #2, because that's #1's problem, and when people start noticing that she is missing they will start snooping about Kappa Kappa Tau. After Chanel #5 leaves the freezer room, #1 screams that she will destroy her.

Chanel is later seen when she approaches Chad while everyone is seen walking with candles towards the campus at night, because Dean Cathy Munsch has an announcement. She talks to him about Boone, asking how he is holding up, and Chad answers by saying how he is obviously upset, and then when Chanel tries to get back together with him again, he reveals he still does not want to date someone who's the president of a sorority filled with freaks and losers. She is later seen when Dean Munsch introduces the new Wallace University mascot, Coney. After Hester walks into Chanel's closet and begins trying on some of her clothes, Chanel interrupts her feels as though Hester has violated her "closet vag". Hester then asks Chanel if Karl Lagerfeld is her uncle and that every year he restocks this closet. Chanel assures her that he is not her actual uncle but is only called her uncle due to her mom and his relationship. Hester wanted to know everything about him. She expresses how much she wanted to be a fashion girl but tragedy struck. Chanel asks her if that's why she is in that neck brace. Hester denies it and admits that it is because she has severe scoliosis that stunted her growth, she then whispers to the Chanel that she is her size. Chanel then had a bright idea come to her mind, she thought of making Hester over so there would be one less "disaster" inside the Kappa house.

Chanel introduces Hester Ulrich as Chanel #6

Chanel later introduces Hester as "Chanel #6" to the other girls, and they looked surprised. Chanel #5 gets angry and says that she cannot turn a pledge into a Chanel, but #1 says that she is running out of minions now that two Chanels are dead. Chanel #5 gets even more freaked out and says that she will not tolerate this, because #1 has no respect for any of the Kappa members and the rules of the house, so she does not deserve to be president, and Zayday agrees with her. Gigi Caldwell and the Dean Cathy Munsch enter to the house and say that they are moving in to keep an eye on them, surprising Chanel. At the end of the episode, Chanel is scared after Gigi got attacked by Red Devil.

Haunted House

The episode opens with Chanel talking about "Chanel-O-Ween", where she gives her Instagram fans presents for Halloween. Some footage shows the girls receiving their present with their reactions being filmed. Some of the presents include a box filled with blood, a box of moths and rosy apples. Chanel even visits a fan named Susan that always posts sad videos of her online, when she arrives at her house Susan cries of happiness. Later, after Chanel reviews the pumpkin that The Chanels and pledges carved, Zayday Williams announces her intentions of running for president of Kappa Kappa Tau against Chanel. This makes Chanel angry and both start fighting, with Chanel threatening to destroy her reputation.

Chanel is later seen in her closet sharpening knives, really sad because her place at Kappa house maybe be over if Zayday wins. Chanel #5 and Chanel #3 comfort her giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for the "black hairy tongue" disease, so this will make everyone vote for Chanel at the elections. This makes #1 very grateful and the three of them share a hug.

The Chanels fighting with Tommy

After giving the invitations for the party, #1, #3, #5, and Hester start eating cotton ball, so they will not gain weight. Chanel gets tired of that and suggests to go and get some pizza, which the other girls agree, but a guy named Tommy interrupts them asking which of them would like to be his costume for Halloween, and says that he is going as "Dude Having Awesome Sex With You". The girls start to get angry and his friend Rick joins the conversation and says that Tommy was just trying to tell them that they look hot. Chanel Oberlin defends her group saying that the culture that says it is okay for a man to objectify a woman for her appearance is the same culture that pressures girls to have eating disorders. Tommy says that if she is trying to say that he is the responsible for them to look sexy then they should thank him. Chanel compares his attitude with Red Devil, and later Chanel #3 asks sarcastically that if he is going to call them "sweetheart" now, and he answers that he will because it is kind of his signature move. Hester gets angry and says "Well this is mine!" and kicks him between the legs, making #1 surprised. Rick wants to defend Tommy but Chanel #5 makes him stumble. Tommy calls Hester a bitch, and Chanel #1 punches him in the face in return. Having both guys on the floor suffering from pain, the girls start to kick them and throwing trash at them until they get tired. At the end of the episode, Chanel is present when everyone discusses Zayday's kidnapping at Kappa house, and later fake cries when they announce that Ms. Bean's dead body was found at the Shady Lane house. Later, when Grace suggests searching for Zayday, Chanel rejects the idea and Grace tells her that she makes her very hard to not think that she is the killer. The girls later go and prepare everything for Chanel's Pumpkin Patch party.

Pumpkin Patch

Chanel yelling at Chanel #5

The Chanels are really excited to meet the person who will organize Chanel's pumpkin patch party for her Kappa Kappa Tau presidential campaign, who also organized Chanel's Sweet Sixteen. She later introduces Cliff Woo to the girls and he starts explaining the party with a scale model. Chanel notices that he prepared a corn maze for the party, but she asked for an exact replica of the maze from the movie The Shining. Cliff explains that the reason that he did a corn maze instead of the maze from the movie was because it would cost more money. Angry, Chanel clarifies that she is really rich and money is not a problem for her, so demands the maze that she wanted immediately. Cliff later leaves the room to prepare the new maze. Chanel asks the other Chanels about the music they hired for her party, Hester Ulrich gets Maroon 5 and Chanel #3 gets Fergie and accidentally also hired Sarah Ferguson (Sarah, Duchess of York) to attend the party. #5 is unable to hire Led Zeppelin as musical guests for the party because one of them died, and #1 starts to scream at her saying that everything is her fault and that she is tired of her lame excuses. The other girls later follow #1 to her closet, where she introduces them their Halloween costumes, wives of fallen presidents. Chanel tells #5 that she will go to the pumpkin patch as Mary Todd Lincoln, because she is most likely to end in an asylum because she is a psycho lunatic. #5 gets really angry and screams that she cannot take this anymore, that she is done with Chanel. #1 does not think she is meaning her words, because #5 has said multiple times in the past that she is done with Chanel and yet she is always there standing by her side. #1 puts an ultimatum, either she goes as Mary Todd Lincoln to the Halloween party or she can pack her things and leave. #5 decides to leave, leaving Hester saying to Chanel that she does not deserve to be treated the way #5 did. She later appears when dean Cathy Munsch announced that the campus will be closed for Halloween and any student will be able to go out of their houses, and Chanel gets angry because her pumpkin patch party is over. After listening to Chad's speech about courage, he blames her for Dean Munsch's decision of cancelling Halloween and compliments Hester's breasts to make her jealous.

Chanel in jail

Chanel will not let Dean Munsch cancel Halloween and her pumpkin patch party, so she changes her party to November 1st at 00:01. Subsequently, Detective Chisolm interrupts a class where Chanel Oberlin is "taking" an exam to announce that she has been arrested for the murder of Ms. Agatha Bean. He later takes her to the police car where she sees The Chanels and Jennifer and realizes that they might have turned her in. In jail, she befriends Millie, Eva, and Maria. At lunch time, Millie reveals that Chanel sent her the biggest present for Chanel-o-ween last year, before killing a gas station attendant, which was a fake amputated food full of jelly beans. Millie proceeds to say that she is Chanel's biggest Instagram fan, and compliments her saying that she is a style genius, which makes Chanel glad. Millie also says that the real friendships are the ones that are made inside of prison. Chanel thanks the three women for their kindness, and suggests to be "besties for life". A jail security guard interrupts their conversation to say that Chanel's bail has been paid and is now free. Chanel stands up from the table the girls are eating lunch and says "Later, losers", leaving Millie, Maria, and Eva really surprised and offended. Chanel #3 and Sam go to bail Chanel out of prison and Chanel says that they are true friends, and that is time to take revenge on Chanel #5.

Hester and Jennifer tell Chanel that #5 turned her in to the police

When Chanel returns to the house, she discovers that #5 is wearing her Halloween costume, Jackie Kennedy. #1 starts screaming that Hester told her that #5 said she was going to turn her in for killing Ms. Bean. Chanel #5 says that Hester set her a trap, but #1 does not believe it. Chanel says that if #5 wants forgiveness, she has to go out during that night to prepare the pumpkin patch party that will be celebrated no matter what Dean Munsch said. #5 does not want to do it, because the killer will obviously be outside, but #1 says that if she does not do it then she will show her boyfriends Dodger and Roger the video that she has of #5 touching herself watching Dora the Explorer, revealing that she was cameras everywhere. Later on, Chanel has begun the voting for Kappa without Zayday and Grace. Zayday then busts in through the room and reveals that the Red Devil kidnapped her and put her in a pit and also reveal that the Red Devil prepared her a dinner date but escaped once she stabbed him in the hand with a fork. Grace then walks in and hug Zayday, but Chanel then says it is time to vote.

Seven Minutes in Hell

The Chanels talking in Chanel's closet

The Kappa Kappa Tau sisters are voting to choose who will be the new president of the sorority, Chanel Oberlin or Zayday Williams. When Jennifer reveals it is a tie, Chanel gets angry and blames Chanel #5 for it, calling her weird and an idiot for not ensuring that she would win the election, making #5 surprised and a little sad. After Chanel leaves to her closet, #5 and #3 follow her only to discover that she was just acting because she wanted Zayday to win so she could be Red Devil's main target now, but now that they are both co-presidents her plan worked even better. #5 asks #1 if what she said to her was fake too, but #1 says that part was real. #3 asks surprised if the whole pumpkin patch thing was a plan to save her own life, which is true. #1 says to #3 that she should not judge her for her plan, because they all know that she just talks to Sam because she thinks she has karate abilities. #3 says that she actually likes to talk with Sam, but Chanel says that if she goes lesbian she does not think they should have sex with pledges, which makes #3 mad. The three later return to the living room so Chanel can give Zayday the key of the storage room, which hides Kappa's darkest secrets. The next day, Zayday decided to have a slumber party in the house as her first order as co-president. Chanel does not like the idea, but #3 confronts #1 saying that it will happen, convincing the majority of the girls to vote in favor.

Chanel and Hester during the Kappa slumber party

When the slumber party starts, the girls start playing Spin the Bottle. Chanel spins the bottle and she has to kiss Jennifer, which Chanel refuses and Hester takes her place. Chanel later witnesses the kiss between Chanel #3 and Sam. In the kitchen, the girls are cooking chocolate-covered packing peanuts. Sam and Jennifer come and say that every door and window of the house is locked, #1 checks if it is true and the door that she tries to open is locked. Chanel says that it was probably the killer who hacked the security system that she installed for the house that closes all the doors and windows. When all the lights turn off, all the girls start screaming. They light some candles and #1 talks to Chad through the only working cell phone of the house, asking him to come and help them. He also reveals to her that she slept with Cathy Munsch and Denise Hemphill, so he can now take a load off. When the Dickie Dollar Scholars arrive, they bring a ladder with them and climb to the second floor and get inside the house breaking the window of the room where Chanel is waiting for them. While they are climbing, Red Devil arrives and decapitates Caulfield, which freaks out Chanel. They all start playing Truth or Dare. #1 asks #5 "truth or dare?", and #5 picks truth. Chanel asks if her vagina has teeth, but Chanel #5 denies it. Chanel keeps insisting that her vagina does have teeth, and #5 later leaves the room angry. Everyone is later seen dancing in the living room after #3 says to Sam to go to the basement alone as a dare.

Chanel interrupts Chad and Hester's talk in the kitchen, and Chad reveals to her that Hester was trying to hit on him. She later announced to the other people in the slumber party that they are going to start playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. She and Chad go first and in the closet they both agree to start a relationship again, and this time, Chad will be a loyal boyfriend. When they go out of the closet, it is Chanel #5 and Roger's turn and go inside. Everyone except #5 and Roger goes to the basement after they hear a scream, only to discover that Hester found Sam's body. This makes Chanel accuse Hester of being the killer. They later enter to the closet after they hear #5 screaming, where they find out that Roger has been shot multiple times in the face with a nail gun by the killer. Chanel and everyone else starts saying that Hester and #5 are the killers until Chad found a tunnel in the room that connects the inside of the house with the outside, which the killer may have used to enter and leave. However, Zayday thinks it is suspicious that Chanel never mentioned the secret tunnels before. Zayday then says that she is going to explore the tunnels and Chanel agrees to go with her.

Chanel showing Zayday the underground tunnel of the Kappa house

While down the tunnels, Chanel reveals the former presidents that reside in Kappa house. Red Devil then appears with two axes and begins to chase them through the tunnels. Zayday is attacked and cornered, but Chanel knocks him/her out and they continue to escape. The next day at night, Chanel gives some pink nunchakus to all the Kappa sisters so they can fend off the killer. This way, they won't lose any more sisters. The girls start dancing, ending with the slumber party that they did not get to finish the other night. #5 wants to join #1 and #3's dancing, but #1 does not let her and tells her to stop. The Red Devil is later seen watching all the girls through the window, ending with the episode.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanel during Chanel #2's funeral

Chanel starts the episode at Chanel #2 open casket funeral and describes her as a backstabbing little bitch and got everything she deserved, because she dated Chad. She and The Chanels then try out the ouija board to talk to Chanel #2 from the grave. The first question they asked her was does Chanel #5's vagina have teeth, in which #2 replied yes, making Chanel want to ask more questions because she knew it was really her.The board then starts moving on its own spelling out 'Chad is cheating on you' which Chanel then replies with "It's not true! Chad promised! Chanel #2 is screwing with me from beyond the grave!" and storms out the room. She then goes to Chad's room and finds him in bed with a goat which he explains that he is lactose intolerant and she then says she will not let #2's messages get between them again. The Chanels decide to contact #2 again Chanel starts with shouting at her for lying about Chad and the goat when her friends then explain she never said anything about a goat. Hester then asks her how many tampons do she has in her purse, which #2 answers with 9 and at that point they knew she was telling the truth. So Chanel asks her the question everyone wants to know, "Who is killing everyone?". The board then spells out 'YOU'. All The Chanels gasp in shock thinking that Chanel is the killer. They come up with the idea of killing her. Chanel then goes to bed but is awakened by Chanel #2, she informs her that The Chanels are going to murder her and how hell is not fun. Chanel then goes to the Chanels, confronting them about trying to kill her and what was taking them so long when they told her they were going to put rat poison in her Prunex. She laughs and says she would have puked it up and would have survived their attempted murder and also make her skinnier.

The Chanels at the end of the episode

Chanel then gives them Nancy-Drew-looking sleuthing caps and enormous magnifying glasses and catch the killer as a team, after they all join forces again. Knowing that Feather McCarthy is too dumb to be the killer and that there are two killers, The Chanels start thinking that the killers are Zayday and Grace, as the killings started when the two of them walked into Kappa.

Mommie Dearest

As part of Chanel’s plan to prove that Grace and Zayday are the serial killers, the Chanels arranged a meeting at Kappa House, where Chanel ordered her minions to inform her of the progress they had done on the plan. Seeing as the information gathered by the Chanels was not relevant, Chanel storms off the room, quoting her father and telling the Chanels that she will pay a professional to dig up dirt on Grace and Zayday.

Later on, the Chanels all gather around Denise, eager to find out if she had found proof that Grace and Zayday are the killers, however, the Chanels are all disappointed to find out that she has nothing. Angered, Chanel leaves the room, briefly saying that she has a date with Chad and they are going to have a “compliment night”, where Chad and her sit on chairs, fully clothed, and Chad compliments her appearance and personality a thousand times. However, in a flashback, it is revealed that Chanel’s idea had actually failed, and Chad wound up complimenting himself, to which Chanel scolded him, before an argument broke out. Remembering this, Chanel claims that the Compliment Night is still a “work in progress”, before finally walking out of the room.

The Chanels and Denise discover Jennifer's corpse.

Denise follows her, asking for payment for the job she is done to Kappa House (though in reality, she did nothing), to which Chanel continues to walk, looking over her shoulder and telling Denise to call her family’s money managers, before going downstairs, with the Chanels and Denise still following. Suddenly, Chanel comes to a halt, claiming that there is a horrible burning smell coming from the dining room. They all rush downstairs towards it, only to find Jennifer’s corpse covered in candle wax, which makes them all scream in horror.

That night, at Dean Munsch’s announcement of a tribute to Jennifer under an oak tree, Chanel is not seen, possibly because she did not really care about Jennifer, and the only reason why she screamed when her body was found was its gruesome condition. Later, Chanel is seen again at Kappa house, along with two hired Scotland Yard detectives, which were hired by her in order to dig up dirt on Grace and Zayday. However, when they both inform her that Grace and Zayday are innocent and Chanel #5 has been planning to murder her without attempting it outright, Chanel is outrageous, until one of the detectives tells Chanel that the same cannot be said for Grace’s mother, who is then revealed to be Bethany. Content, Chanel thanks the detectives, who hand her a file with Bethany’s criminal record before Chanel leaves the room.

Chanel and Denise talk

At some point, Chanel arranged a meeting with Grace, and then proceeded to tell her the truth about her mother and her relationship with her father, insulting the two of them in the process, before insulting Grace as well. Angered and with tears in her eyes, Grace stands up, and slaps Chanel across the face without a warning, storming off the room without saying a word.

The next day, when Chanel returns home from shopping, Denise pulls her aside, telling her to apologize to Grace. Chanel is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees to do so. She and Grace meet again at the university’s café, where Chanel gives Grace a pumpkin spice latte, which she pulls aside, claiming not to trust Chanel at all. Chanel, however, is indifferent to this, and proceeds to apologize to Grace, who accepts her apologies.

Ghost Stories

Chanel dressed-up

Chanel is first seen at Kappa House, packing her clothes with the other Chanels and Denise, who was helping them. However, she quickly got into a small argument with Denise over the use of a sheet of plastic she brought, that was stopped when Chanel #3 let out a scream, informing the girls that she was being haunted by Boone’s ghost. However, little did the Chanels know that Boone was actually alive.

Interested by this, Denise decided to tell them a couple of ghost stories, stating that they'll be so scared of the cautionary tales that they will forget about the Red Devil and Boone's ghost. The stories only make the Chanels more frightened, with a lore about killers that snatch up women by the vagina in the bathroom, or killers that murder you based on your decision of toilet paper.

Scared, Chanel says that she wants to go to the bathroom, but thanks to Denise’s ghost stories, she will no longer do so. Denise just shrugs, and goes to use the first floor’s bathroom. However, when she returns, she informs the Chanels that she was attacked by the killer, who is still in the house.

She then proceeds to lock the door, and tells the Chanels that she is not opening it until someone spins a ghost story. Hester then tells a ghost story of her own, bout a meathook killer that runs away and is never found. Nobody seems to have enjoyed the tale. Denise, feeling much more refreshed, unlocks the doors as Chanel #5 states that she is leaving the house, and proceeds to do so. Chanel pretends to be upset at first, but when #5 storms out of the door, she admits that #5 was dead weight.

Chanel attempts to kill Hester

Hours later, Chanel #5 returns with news that the Red Devil attacked her with a meathook, but Chanel says that this was just mirroring the tale that Hester had told them before about the meathook killer. Chanel #5 still continually rants about how nobody is consoling her, as Zayday still grieves the death of Earl Grey, who was murdered earlier. Hester tells Chanel that she is pregnant with Chad's baby. This enrages Chanel and she confronts Chad about it and threatens to kill him. Hester reveals that she is not actually pregnant, but says that she will still have Chad get her pregnant. Angered, Chanel pushes Hester down the stairs, seemingly breaking her neck.


At Kappa House, Chanel tells Chad that Hester was not actually pregnant and that she pushed Hester down the stairs. Being the necrophiliac Chad is, he wants to see the body, but when Chanel leads him to the meat locker to show it to him, the body is not there. Chad suggests that Hester was not actually dead and that she got up and walked away after the Chanels put her there, to which Chanel gets worried.

Chad restraining Chanel

Later that day, Chad takes Chanel to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Each of his family members shares one thing they are grateful for. As Chanel becomes more and more irritated by Mrs. Radwell's arrogant remarks about her, Hester arrives unexpectedly. She claims to be Chad's "sober coach," claiming that he has a drinking problem. A fight quickly ensues. Chanel is then later seen calling her mother, asking for help, when Chad's father walks in. He asks Chanel to name her price, and she asks if he is propositioning her. Chad's father further explains that he'll give her a check of fifty thousand dollars if she'll leave and never come back. Chanel is irritated about the way Chad's parents treat her and storms out.

Despite this, however, The Radwells play Pictionary, and Chanel decides to join them with Hester, whom they insult. Finally, Chanel gets fed up and rants. She apologizes for trying to kill Hester and then proceeds to tell off each of the Radwells, ending with Chad, and telling him she never wants to talk to him again. She then storms away, accompanied by Hester, the two girls having made amends.

Chanel in Kappa Kappa Tau's Thanksgiving dinner

Chanel and Hester return to Kappa, just in time for the Thanksgiving dinner. However, Chad arrives soon after. He and Chanel make up as well, and Chanels 3 and 5 go retrieve the turkey. As Chanel uncovers the Turkey, everyone begins screaming in horror. It is revealed that instead of holding the turkey, the platter is holding Gigi's head.

Black Friday

After the horror-filled events of Thanksgiving, the Chanels decide to celebrate their favorite non-Chanel based holiday, Black Friday. Dean Munsch tries to stop them on their way out, but Chanel reminds her she has no control over them and says she suspects Dean Munsch to be the killer. They then leave and go to the mall.

The Chanels are locked-up in a mall by Red Devil

They spend several hours shopping, and by the time they realize this, the mall is already deserted and the lights have begun to be turned off. The Chanels are about to freak out until Chanel reassures them and tells them they are going to find a way out. However, as they come across the front door, it is locked. Chanel #5 tries to squeeze herself through the door, to which Chanel mocks her. However, as #5 turns around, the Red Devil shows up behind her, causing the Chanels to scream. They all run off, with #5 clinging herself onto #3 in order to not be left behind.

As they run down the stairs, Chanel shouts insulting things to #5, stating that all that's happening is her fault. When they reach the first floor of the mall, they realize that there's another Red Devil waiting for them. However, Chanel #3 spots an open door, and the Chanels run away. Chanel, however, does not go with them, and states that she will stay behind because she is Kappa's president.

Inside the mall, she repeatedly taunts the Red Devil, but she ends up shooting Chanel in the shoulder, to which she falls to the ground, thrashing about madly while shrieking and crying in pain. She starts to crawl away until the Red Devil points her crossbow towards Chanel's face. She is about to pull the trigger when Denise Hemphill shows up with two other cops. She starts bragging about getting a new job, but is interrupted when the Red Devil shoots one of the cops in the chest, killing him.

The Red Devil then proceeds to escape, and Chanel is taken to safety. The next day, Chanel informs the rest of Kappa that she is okay, and the wound did not affect any artery. She then states that it is obvious that Dean Munsch is the killer, and tells the other Chanels that they should kill her.

The Chanels and Zayday try to kill Dean Musnch

The Chanels and Grace attempt to poison Dean Munsch, but fail. Later on, the Chanels attempt to murder Dean Munsch again, but this time, Zayday comes with them and Grace leaves the plan. They attempt to freeze her to death, but once again, fail.

Chanel comes up with a plan to use chains to drown Dean Munsch. She gives the other Kappas Phones so she can signal for them to met at the pool. The other kappas do not show up so she did not get to drown her. After Chanel gets angry and starts to right the Missive to end all Missives.


Pete admits to Grace that he was part of the Red Devil scheme, and claims responsibility shooting Chanel in the mall.

The girls discover that a pizza delivery guy was dressed as Red Devil, with a bomb attached to the costume

The next day, a vitriol-filled email, penned by Chanel after her Kappa sisters' failure to help her kill Munsch, goes viral after the Red Devil forwards the email to the news, and the public begins to turn on Chanel. She considers suicide, but Zayday convinces her to rise up and reform her cruel ways. Just then, the Red Devil bursts into Chanel's room, but as it turns out, it was only a helpless pizza delivery guy who was strapped to a dynamite vest and forced to impersonate the Red Devil by an unknown female, who Hester claims was wearing a veil and mumbling "something dork". The pizza guy is then blown apart in the Kappa house, with his intestines spewing all over the walls. After Chanel's conversation with Zayday, she tells the other Chanels to go on an apology tour, starting with Melanie Dorkus, who still believes that Chanel is responsible for the acid attack that left her permanently deformed.

The Chanels then arrive at Melanie's house for the apology, however, Hester stays behind to rob Chanel's closet, and Chanel #5 leaves for a Tinder date. As it turns out, Chanel never intended to apologize, and instead, she repeatedly attempts to stab Melanie with scissors, convinced she is the killer, due to Hester's description of a woman wearing a veil and mumbling "dork". She is just about to finish off Melanie when Grace and Zayday show up and stop her with the proclamation that Hester is the Red Devil.

Chanel and some of her sisters talk about destroying Hester

The sisters all return to Kappa house, and are discussing what to do about Hester, when suddenly, they hear a loud scream. The girls all grab assorted kitchen utensils as weaponry, and slowly walk upstairs to the source of the noise. They find Chanel #5 coming out of the bathroom, who says her Tinder date was actually fake. From there, they all walk into Chanel's closet and find a distraught Hester laying on the ground with a stiletto heel jammed into her eye socket. Grace seems noticeably confused as she was convinced that Hester was, in fact, the killer, but now she is questioning everything. Just then, Hester looks up and points her finger at Chanel #5, referring to her as the killer, and claiming that she was the one who attacked her.

The Final Girl(s)

Chanel during the veredict

Once Hester is out of the hospital and recovering from the damage inflicted on her eye, she points at Libby and shouts that she is the Red Devil. Chanel and Chanel #3 start to corner Libby because they begin to believe she is the killer, just as Denise Hemphill arrives to support their theory. Grace and Zayday object, stating that Hester is the real killer and they have evidence to prove it. Hester suddenly arrives and perfectly dismisses all of their evidence.

After accusing #3 and #5 as the killers, Hester accuses Chanel of being one of the killers. She shows her a video recording from the hardware store of "her" shopping the tools that the Red Devil previously used to murder people. It is revealed that it was actually just Hester wearing a blonde wig in order to frame Chanel, as the video only shows her from the back. She says if the video is not enough proof, she has the receipt from the purchase since Chanel used a credit card in her name, which Chanel claims she does not even own.

Denise is then convinced that Chanel was involved, so she arrests her as well. Refusing to be apprehended, Chanel attempts to ran away with Chanel #3 and Libby following but were taken away by a bunch of officer-clad male strippers sent by Denise to escort them out of the sorority house.

The Chanels in the asylum

During their trials, Chanel lashes out at the judge, who tells her she is the worst person he has ever encountered and that she is crazy. Shortly after, Chanel, Libby, and Sadie are sentenced to life in a mental asylum. They unexpectedly find happiness there; Chanel is unanimously voted as the asylum president. The three of them happily eat anything they want since there are "no boys to be skinny for."

Chanel gets attacked in the final scene

The season ends with Chanel preparing to go to sleep. Chanel walks by the people sleeping and smiles. She finally lays on her bed and covers her eyes. She hears a knife being taken out of his/her sheath, but does not pay much mind to it. The Red Devil appears behind her bed wielding a knife. Chanel is last seen screaming in terror as the Red Devil is about to stab her from behind, leaving her fate unknown as the season ends. However, when Season 2 begins there is no mention of this encounter and Chanel is still alive. It is currently unknown if this was a dream. It is later revealed it was Chad playing a joke on her.

Scream Again

At the beginning of the episode, we find out through Dean Munsch that Chanel was acquitted from the crimes made at Wallace University after the real killer confessed.

She is later seen giving a monologue, explaining what The Chanels have been up to in the previous two years. They earned Communications degrees at the local community college, but were very disappointed to find out that it's practically useless. Due to them being hated by the public, an occurrence that Chanel finds very odd as she thinks they should be looked upon as heroes, she comes up with the idea of getting jobs to serve the community. Chanel herself becomes a phlebotomist and seems to like the job, commenting that she knows how to "poke in the right places".

However, the three of them are still very poor and hated, something that Chanel takes very hard as she hasn't gotten used to the lifestyle after her parents disowned her. As the three are lounging in the yard of their apartment, eating fruit pies, Dean Munsch pulls up in a limo. She offers the girls places at her new hospital, where they would be majoring in medicine and serving as assistants.

When the girls arrive, Chanel is immediately drawn to the handsome Dr. Brock Holt. This is seen when she strips down to her underwear upon seeing him in the shower, even though she previously refused to do so as she dislikes the hospital scrubs. The three girls are told that they will be ghosting: observing the doctors and not saying a word. Chanel is confused, as she considers ghosting to be a term connected with excrement.

She is later seen standing in Catherine Hobart's exam room with Chanel #3, Chanel #5, Dr. Brock, Zayday, and Dr. Cassidy. Although the Chanels try ghosting at first, Chanel #5 quickly asks Catherine embarrassing questions about her disease. Chanel is very relieved that #5 did this, as she was "dying" to ask Catherine questions herself. When they all exit the room, they observe the nurses. Chanel remarks that the nurses are their servants now. They are then approached by Ingrid Marie Hoffel, who is very hostile and says that the girls don't belong there. Chanel mocks her name and then tells her they must go as they have a personal meeting with Dean Munsch.

At the meeting, they find out that Zayday told Dean Munsch how rude the girls were to Catherine, which results in their dorms being taken away and them being put on academic probation. Chanel asks if they're at least still getting paid, and when the Dean says they were never getting paid, the three scream in terror.

Back at their apartment, Chanel rants about their future, saying how she wanted to be a newscaster and that she thinks this can be achieved by her getting her own doctor TV show, such as Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz. She is very excited as she comes up with the idea of finding a cure for Catherine before Zayday does, which would put the girls back in Cathy's good graces.

She is later seen approaching Dr. Brock, asking him for his help in doing this, as she realized that #3 and #5 are too stupid to do so. Their research quickly turns into heavy flirting, and Chanel is visibly uncomfortable when Dr. Brock's new hand caresses her neck in a manner that resembles choking. She then comments on Catherine's diet, saying how she eats a lot of irregular food. This makes Dr. Brock come to the conclusion that because Catherine's diet is filled with so much Vitamin D, her testosterone levels are spiking and causing the excessive hair growth. The two then interrupt Zayday, Dr. Cassidy, and the two Chanels, just as they're about to perform a dangerous surgery on Catherine. They explain that a soy-based diet and a regimen of dihydrotestosterone will help Catherine lose her hair naturally, rendering Zayday's procedure unnecessary. Before leaving, Chanel victoriously announces that she has come up with a better cure than Zayday.

When the Chanels visit Catherine the following morning, they discover her sitting horrified, surrounded by her body hair, all of which has fallen off. She screams at them for not telling her that she would lose all of her hair, and Chanel quickly comes up with the idea of a makeover. The girls put a wig and makeup on Catherine, for which she is very thankful. Once they leave, they are again approached by Ingrid and Dean Munsch. The former repeats her previous words, but Chanel chooses to ignore them, inviting her friends for celebratory appletinis.

They are later seen in the locker rooms, changing to go home. Chanel comments on how lucky they are to be back in the Dean's good graces, except for #5, as she has to work the night shift. After #5 protests, Chanel reveals that she can't do it herself because she has a date with Dr. Brock. #5 tries to remind her of their time at the asylum when they were best friends and shared secrets, which infuriates Chanel as this was the most traumatic period of her life. After insulting #5, she leaves the locker room together with #3.

Warts and All

At the beginning of the episode, Chanel and #3 are seen accusing #5 for the murder of Catherine Hobart. Chanel explains that #5 was so jealous of the other two's double date with Dr. Brock and Dr. Cassidy that she killed the "poor, defenseless, hairless creature".

Chanel is then seen with #3, #5, Dr. Brock, Dr. Holt and Zayday, examining Tyler's tumors. She asks him if he tried popping them which causes a minor argument between her and Zayday in which Zayday tells her to stop demeaning the patients. Chanel responds by saying that she's not demeaning anyone and is simply being rash and confident because she was the one to find the cure for Catherine. She and her friends insult him some more before he interrupts them.

She is later at the movies with Dr. Brock, where she purchased a large popcorn with a lot of butter. However, she explains that she doesn't actually plan on eating the popcorn, but rather throwing them on the floor to make "the fatties" feel bad and says that this is one of her favorite hobbies. Dr. Brock puts his arm around her and his new hand starts caressing her ominously. He quickly apologizes, but she encourages him to continue as she hasn't been mandhandled in two years. She thinks that him not being able to control his hand is just an act and loves it.

The following night, she is doing some work at the hospital when she suddenly hears a strange noise. She goes to investigate and encounters the Red Devil. He starts attacking her and tackles her to the ground before revealing that he's Chad Radwell. He considers it very funny, but she's mad at him. It is revealed that he was the Red Devil that attacked her at the asylum at the end of season 1, and he only did it as a joke - one that she didn't find particularly funny. Screaming is heard, and Chad explains that it's his friend Randal, who needs medical attention. He says he wants her back before they go to see Randal, which makes Chanel happy.

While they are tending to Randal together with Dr. Brock and Dean Munsch. Chad quickly picks up on the flirtatious nature of Brock and Chanel's relationship

After this, she offends #5's fundraiser video for the laser needed for Tyler's surgery, and tells her that the only way to his heart is to be there for him in these troubling times. Later on, she goes to visit Hester at her asylum with the Dean, #3 and Denise Hemphill. A patient throws cake frosting into her hair, which makes her panic. After talking to Hester, they realize that she knows who the killer is; however, she won't give it up before they bring her make-up products that were discontinued 10 years ago.

She and #3 later interrupt a kiss between Tyler and #5, saying that he passed their test - he saw past #5's hideous looks and accept her for who she is. Thus, they bought the laser he needs. Chanel explains that she got the money from Chad by telling him that she's buying a machine which will make her vagina permanently hairless. Tyler goes to hug her, but she pushes him away with disgust.

The three girls later realize that Tyler is in danger when he's wheeled off to surgery despite the fact that the doctors had already left the hospital. They run off to save him, but find him dead on the operation table. Chanel realizes that there's a new serial killer on the lose.


The episodes starts off where we left off, with Chanel announcing they have a new serial killer to deal with. She accuses #5 of killing Tyler, but #5 denies it. #3 suggests Hester had something to do with it, and they agree. Chanel says they'll have to store Tyler's body in the meat locker again, but #3 interrupts and says the body will disappear again, like the meat locker at Kappa. Cathy appears behind Chanel, asking what's going on. The scene cuts to the Chanels and Cathy, who are bringing the stretcher that had Tyler's body in a dark hallway. #5 wants to call the police, but Cathy fears that the publicity of the crimes and the fact the Chanels work here will force the hospital to shut down. They go to the swamp, where they prepare to toss Tyler's body. Cathy suspects one of the staff, including the Chanels, killed him. The four toss Tyler into the swamp. Cathy declares none of them speak what has happened, and leaves.

Dean Munsch and the Chanels visit Hester at the asylum again. They demand to know who the killer is; it's killed two and another patient (Randal) is missing. Hester says he's dead, and demands to be transferred to C.U.R.E., but Cathy rejects it. Hester says they're running out of time; the more they wait for the transfer, the more outrageous her demands get, the more the Green Meanie will kill. She demands to get a time-share condo. Chanel, impatient, bangs on the door and demands Hester to reveal who the killer is; Hester dryly observes Chanel's skin is dry and needs Esrun cream. The gang leave when Chad sends a text saying he knows who the killer is.

In Munsch's office, Chad accuses Dr. Holt of being the killer since his hand belonged to a serial killer. The two fight over Chanel which ends when Chanel rejecting them both. Cathy suggests having Dr. Holt's hand replaced with a new one that never belonged to a murderer.

At the Chanels apartment, Chanel mentions Esrun cream while bragging about her skin. Zayday has an epiphany as she spells out a word. The word she spelled out was "nurse".

Cathy, Zayday, Denise, and the Chanels go to investigate Hester's clue. They knock on the door of the mansion, and meet Lynn Johnstone who was a nurse and survivor of the 1986 Halloween massacre. He reveals that he was paid a silence to the massacre and used the money to start the Esrun cream company. However, recently, he tells the group he received a creepy phone call seemingly from the Green Meanie. Lynn concludes the autotuned voice was really hiding a woman's voice. He thinks either the pregnant lady from the previous Halloween before the massacre or her child called him.

Back at the hospital in Cathy's office, the group is contemplating the Green Meanie's motive. Cathy is convinced someone who works in the hospital is the killer. She also found out the pregnant lady gave birth to a baby boy, who, today, would be approximately 30. They immediately suspect Dr. Cassidy Cascade. However, Denise says Chad was held back eight consecutive years in second grade, making him around 30. They also guess Chamberlain Jackson. Cathy rushes to stop Chad from performing surgery on Brock.

After Cathy stops Chad and declares him a suspect, Dr. Brock announces the next body he touches with his hands will be Chanel's. He declares he's going to Tiffany's to get an engagement ring for her. However, Chad is defiant, saying he always gets what he wants.

Chad waits as Chanel arrives at a park. Chanel thinks Chad is trying to murder her, so she brought a stungun, but Chad convinces her it is just a walk in the park. An eight-man mariachi band plays as Chad tells Chanel he's been thinking a lot about them. He goes down on one knee to an ecstatic Chanel, but hands her a prenup instead of a ring. He tries to tell her to have her legal team look at it, but Chanel isn't paying attention and says yes to marrying him. They kiss as they turn in circles, but Chad sees Dr. Brock in the distance. They engage in a staring fight, but Chad proceeds to kiss Chanel again.

In the locker room, Chad tries to convince Dr. Brock to be his best man. Dr. Brock observes him and comments that he has cold feet. Chad is scared because he doesn't think he can stay monogamous forever. Dr. Brock says when Chad and Chanel break up in six months, he'll be the one comforting her. Meanwhile, Chanel is showing the other Chanels and Zayday the enormous diamond on her ring. She asks Chanel #3 and Zayday to be her bridesmaids, and they agree. Chanel asks #5 to be her ring bearer.

In the hospital, Zayday, #3, then #5 come in as Chanel walks the aisle. However, Chad is nowhere to be seen. Chanel says Chad wanted her to walk in first. Everyone is impatiently waiting for Chad to come. Chanel feels a drop of red on her shoulder, followed by another. She looks up as the ceiling breaks. Chad's body falls on the table, his throat slit. Chanel screams in horror.

Halloween Blues

After Chad's death, Zayday, Denise, Cathy, Cassidy, Brock, and the rest of the Chanels rush over to Chanel at the hospital's morgue to comfort her, while she is literally crying over Chad's body. The rest of the Chanels then take Chanel out of the room after Denise dismisses her. Denise then makes everyone else leave to examine the body (when in reality she wanted to be alone with the body and vows to find his killer).

The Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. Institute. The lawyer then goes on to say that Chad changed the will recently before his death and didn't leave an explanation. Chanel then begins a temper-tantrum and attacks Chad's lawyer as everyone rushes to stop her.

The Chanels then participate in Chanel's Chanel-o-ween video for 2016, but instead of her usually nice and somewhat expensive gifts, she gives her fans actual body parts that she got from the hospital.

After Dr. Brock gives Chanel medication for her rash, she wakes up the next day and screams in horror at the sight of her blue dyed skin. She later goes to confront Denise (who is wearing Chanel's wedding dress) about trying to ruin her life and accuses her of killing Chad. Denise then claims that she didn't kill Chad, but has a suspicion that Cathy did and revealed that Chad was in fact in love with her, not Chanel.

After Chanel finds out that Brock and Cathy had sex on her wedding night, she walks away and finds someone in the hospital dressed like Ivanka Trump with a mask. She is amazed by the costume and asks the identity of the person. However, the masked person doesn't respond and gives Chanel a throat slitting gesture, before throwing an IV stand and chasing after Chanel, using the stand as her weapon. Chanel manages to flee but falls. After Chanel is almost impaled by a light shattering, she runs to an emergency exit door, calling out for someone to help her and that Ivanka Trump was trying to kill her. The attacker slashes the IV stand at the doorstep as Chanel fearfully crawls away. The IV stand strikes down, slicing the back of Chanel's leg. Terrified and greatly injured, Chanel throws her high heel at the attacker's face before running away. After Chanel escapes, the person takes of their mask, revealing that it's Hester.

After Chanel is attacked by Hester, Zayday bandages the wound on Chanel's leg. As she describes the details of the Ivanka costume, Chanel #3 and Zayday look at #5, whom they helped in making her own Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel #3 then opens #5's closet and discovers that the costume has disappeared. They then begin to accuse #5 of being the killer, and the Chanels disown her as a friend and uninvite her to the Halloween party at the hospital.

Chanel is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff. Hester appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, while Chanel #5 appears dressed as her mother. Everyone at the party becomes suspicious, as they are unaware it is Hester wearing the Ivanka costume. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples contaminated with DMT which was done by the killer. Chanel then notes that the killer is an idiot since they failed to kill anyone, however, Zayday assumes that the killer used this as a distraction.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

The episode picks up where the last episode left off, as Cathy, Chanel, Chanel #3, and Zayday rush towards Chanel #5 who is screaming in pain from being stabbed in the back by the Green Meanie. They come across Denise's dead body and ignore #5, until Chanel calls her out for being insensitive as Denise is dead. They hear a scream and rush towards to discover party guests massacred by the Green Meanie. Cathy has no choice but to alert the authorities and tells Chanel and Chanel #3 to call the police.

Chanel then appears no longer blue, telling Dr. Brock that she was able to pee out all of the silver that was turning her skin blue. He goes on to apologize for giving Chanel silver poisoning and admits that someone must have messed with his solution. Chanel pins the blame on Cathy, believing that she is jealous of her relationship with Brock. Brock confesses that the only reason he even had sex with Cathy in the first place was because he was bummed about losing his chance with Chanel. Chanel seems unsure, and as she steps into the elevator, she expresses that after everything happened with Chad, she just needs some me-time.

Chanel and #3 are seen scrubbing dirty bedpans, when they are pursued by Ingrid. Looking to make their lives even more miserable, Ingrid demands that #3 rinse and sanitize used catheter tubes, while Chanel must strain and organize fecal samples. The girls angrily refuse, and after Ingrid leaves, Chanel has an epiphany and realizes that the reason they are so miserable is because they don't have anyone to boss around. She suggests recruiting some of the new patients to join the Chanels, not only so the new girls can do all of the work, but also so they can be used as bait for the Green Meanie.

Later that day, Chanel is freaking out because no one has replied to her social media call-outs looking for new Chanels. Chanel and #3 decide to interview Marguerite Honeywell and Daria Janssen and add them to the group as Chanel #7 and Chanel #8, but they realize they need one more member to double their chances of survival. Having no more patients left to interview, Chanel declares that they will have to resort to calling Tristan St. Pierre. A flashback reveals that Tristan is the Chanels #1 fan, and would write lesbian fan-fiction about them and mail it to the girls when they were in prison. Upon their release, he sent them tons of obsessive text messages and DMs, which overall creeped the girls out. However, Chanel was desperate, and decides to make Tristan an official Chanel, dubbing him "Chanel Pour Homme." Chanel #5 does not approve, but Chanel overrides her opinion, and the girls all toast to the newest members of the Chanels.

That night, Chanel is strolling around the hospital alone when she hears an eerie moan coming from one of the rooms. She follows the sound into a bedroom, where she hears a woman creepily whispering. Chanel locates the source of the sound, and sees someone hiding in bed sheets, when suddenly she jumps up, revealing herself to be Hester. Hester confesses that she misses being a Chanel and proposes that she rejoin the group, to which Chanel accepts and allows Hester to reclaim her old title of Chanel #6. Chanel then brings Hester home to the girls' apartment and explains to the others that Hester can help them catch the Green Meanie and avoid being killed. They decide using Tristan as Green Meanie bait, they end up settling on Daria.

The Chanels have a sleepover at the hospital to celebrate the addition of the newest Chanels. Chanel then sends Daria on a scavenger hunt in the morgue, however Tristan intervenes resulting in his death. The Chanels discover his corpse in the morgue and scream in horror as the lower half of his body has been cut off.

The next morning, the Chanels are all gathered in Cathy's office. Cathy admits that she likes the Chanels idea about having more Chanels to use as human shields, and hires three more Chanels. However, she in convinced that they are responsible for Hester's release in the basement.

Blood Drive

Outside the hospital, Cathy is seen holding up contaminated pints of blood to the Chanels, Zayday, and Ingrid. She rages how there is a shortage of blood and that they are in desperate need of donations. Chanel then jumps up and excitedly proposes a blood drive, giving her a chance to show off her phlebotomy skills, to which Munsch agrees and praises her for the amazing idea.

Next, we see Ingrid walking down the hallway, explaining via voice-over that she is actually the sister of Agatha Bean, the KKT housekeeper who's face was burnt off by Chanel. She explains that she only began working at the hospital to get closer to the Chanels, as she wants to get revenge on them for killing her sister and getting away with it. She also admits that she has been calling the Green Meanie tip line and telling the cops that Chanel is the killer.

Ingrid then calls for a staff meeting outside, and as she begins her speech, Chanel scolds her for not simply sending an in-office memo. Ingrid tells the crowd to shut up, before explaining that the blood drive will now be turned into a contest, with the prize being an all-expense-paid trip to Blood Island. Chanel begins cheering in excitement, but Ingrid then tells the viewer that Blood Island is not an exotic getaway at all, but rather a territory fought over by China and Taiwan, filled with flesh-eating insects, poisonous flora, and rancid water. Unbeknownst to Chanel, she brags about how she's most prepared to win, and Ingrid says that's what she is counting on. She suggests Chanel bring along #3 and #5, but Chanel explains she would much rather bring Dr. Brock, noticeably angering Ingrid.

After the staff meeting, Chanel is collecting blood from Brock, thanking him for contributing to their romantic trip. He asks her whether or not she actually researched Blood Island, since it definitely does not seem romantic. Cathy then slips in a flirty comment to Brock, but Chanel starts to object, explaining to her that the only reason Brock had sex with her was because he was sad about Chanel. Cathy retaliates by suggesting Chanel is riddled with STDs, and Brock seems apprehensive about the thought of such.

Later, Brock is sitting at a table aggressively playing five finger fillet with his transplanted hand, when Chanel walks in, seeming somewhat concerned. Brock explains that he must play dangerous games with his hand to show that he is in control, and Chanel then seductively grabs Brock and confesses that when she is around him, her hands also seem to have a mind of their own. The two begin making out on top of the table, and Chanel demands that they have sex right then and there. However, Brock rejects, and instead hands her a comprehensive list of 217 STDs he wants her to get tested for before they exchange any bodily fluids. Chanel is appalled at first, but after Brock insists he wouldn't make her go through all of this if he didn't like her so much, she comes around and agrees to the testing. Ingrid then comes in the room and interrupts the couple to tell Chanel that the police are there to speak with her after receiving another "anonymous" tip that she's the killer. After Chanel leaves, Ingrid warns Brock to stay away from Chanel, as getting too close may prove fatal for him.

That night, during a thunderstorm, Chanel is awoken to find Hester looming over her with a butcher knife. Chanel starts screaming and frantically asks Hester what's going on, to which Hester admits that when she's bored she daydreams about ways to murder people. She explains that if she isn't given something useful to do, at least one person in the apartment will end up dying. This encounter prompts Chanel to speak to Cathy about Hester the following day, confessing that she was the one who allowed Hester to move into the apartment to help them figure out who the killer is. She suggests that they give Hester a job at the hospital to keep her occupied and prevent her from murdering anyone important, to which Cathy obliges.

At the Chanels' apartment, all of the girls, except for #9, are getting their blood drawn by Chanel, who is trying her absolute hardest to collect the most blood among the hospital staff. Chanel then begins to set up the blood collection tubes for #9, asking if she has a particular vein she wants punctured, but a squeamish #9 freaks out and confesses that she is terrified of needles, before running out of the apartment screaming and having a total meltdown. Now having to make up for #9's blood deficit, Chanel states she'll need to draw more blood from #5, causing #5 to sob in agony, as she's already donated nine pints in two days.

The next morning, Chanel and Ingrid are speaking with Cathy in her office, as Brock comes in and sits down. Chanel is noticeably eager to get this over with, so she can return to her blood drive efforts and maintain her three pint lead over the others. However, Cathy announces that she has bad news for Chanel, explaining that she has tested positive for every STD known to modern medicine, immediately alarming both Chanel and Brock. Cathy then states that to avoid any contamination, all of Chanel's blood must be removed from the blood drive tally, which in turn puts Cathy in the lead. A worried Ingrid tells Cathy that Chanel shouldn't be penalized for this, but Cathy disagrees, and instead runs to the blood drive competition board to strip it of Chanel's progress, as an angered Chanel dramatically chases after her. After a brief confrontation at the board, Chanel collapses to the ground, screaming in defeat, as Cathy points and laughs at her.

Later, we see Chanel approaching a mobile Plasma Care Center. She asks one of the nurses if they test all of their blood before sending it off to the hospital, to which the nurse replies yes. Chanel then states that she would like to donate a bag, so the nurse heads to the back of the trailer to obtain the necessary materials. After the nurse is out of sight, Chanel starts raiding the fridge and begins stuffing entire drawers of blood samples into her purse, before managing to escape unnoticed.

Chanel then takes her newly obtained blood samples to the blood bank at C.U.R.E. However, she opens her designated cabinet to find that all of her samples have been stolen. She notices a trail of blood droplets on the floor and decides to follow it down the hall, leading her to Brandon's room, where Hester is forcefully feeding him blood-filled foods. Chanel screams at Hester for being a blood thief, causing Cathy to hear the scream and come running into the room. Chanel explains to Cathy that Hester is manipulating the outcome of the blood drive, but Cathy tells Chanel that what's done is done, and she'll just have to collect even more blood. Chanel then storms out of the room, warning Hester that payback is coming.

Back at the Chanels' apartment, Chanel is examining #5's toes, trying to find a new vein to draw blood from, as all of the veins on #5's arms are overused and covered in scar tissue. Chanel momentarily gives up hope, when just then, #9 walks in, and Chanel demands that she donate blood. #9 is still succumbing to her extreme fear of needles, but after Chanel assures her that she is the best phlebotomist in town, #9 reluctantly obliges. Chanel then takes #9 to the hospital, where she straps her down to a chair as a safety precaution. #9 begins having a minor meltdown, but as soon as Chanel pricks her, she relaxes and realizes it wasn't as bad as she expected. She thanks Chanel for helping her overcome her fear, but just then, Chanel spots Brock walking by, and goes to chase after him, leaving #9 alone in the room, with her blood still flowing.

When Chanel reaches Brock, she explains that the STD tests were definitely manipulated, most likely by Cathy, out of sheer jealousy. She begs Brock to still consider going to Blood Island with her, but Brock states that tests don't lie, and until she can prove to him that she's completely healthy, he cannot be romantically involved with her in any way. Chanel then attempts to embrace him, but he rejects and walks away, leaving Chanel to cry alone in the hallway.

Moments later, Chanel returns to #9's room, only to find her surrounded by dozens of filled blood bags, after having all of the blood drained from her body. She lets out a loud scream, drawing the attention of both Brock and Cathy, who quickly come running into the room. Suddenly, Chanel then comes to the realization that #9 was her patient, which means all of #9's blood bags would go towards her tally, winning her the blood drive contest. She excitedly celebrates with Brock, but he is persistent that she go alone, as he is still creeped out by all of her STDs.

The three of them then go to confront Hester in Brandon's room, as Cathy assumes that Hester is responsible for #9's murder. They find her force-feeding blood to Brandon, and Cathy questions where she obtained the blood from. Hester then confesses that she's using Chanel's blood, which is totally STD free, as she made sure to screen it before giving it to Brandon. Chanel and Brock immediately turn to Cathy, who pretends to be shocked, but Chanel threatens that she will get Cathy back for what she's done.

Chanel wins the Blood Drive Contest.

Just then, Ingrid comes into the room and awards Chanel with her blood drive trophy. Chanel is ecstatic, and although Ingrid is still encouraging her to take #3 and #5, Chanel is determined on taking Brock, especially now that she has been proven free of STDs. However, after Ingrid hands Chanel the plane tickets and she realizes that they're business select, she is repulsed, as she only flies charter. Chanel then demands that she receive the cash equivalency of the prize in order to go on her own trip, but Ingrid explains that she can't afford to do so. Chanel gets defensive and says that Ingrid better honor the terms of her contest, or else she will be contacting her lawyer. She hands Ingrid back the trophy and storms out, leaving Ingrid feeling defeated and confused.

The Hand

At the beginning of the episode, Chanel appears talking to Brock about having dinner. At night, Chanel knocks on Brock's front door. He opens the door and Chanel asks if he has duct-tape strapped to his leg, and she says "Kinky". At the dining room table, Chanel eats a very salty meal, and asks Brock questions about himself. Brock's evil hand breaks free from under the table, and grabs a kitchen knife nearby and yells that he doesn't want to talk about it. The knife points right at Chanel, who's horrified. Brock immediately tries apologizing as Chanel sadly gets up and tells Brock that someone already tried to kill her at work and their relationship is over. She stomps away.

Chanel encourages Brock during the surgery.

Later at work, Chanel asks #3, #5, and Hester for some advice since Brock's homicidal raging hand tried to kill her. Chanel explains that she wanted to go back to Brock's house and ask him why he keeps trying to kill her. She tells them that the reason Brock tries to kill her is because he's stressed, and his top priority is to not kill her. Chanel tells #5 that she's never had a boyfriend. #5 declares that Tyler was her boyfriend but was murdered three weeks ago.

Chanel appears in the operating room. She faints after seeing a exposed leg. Chanel sings a song to Brock. Chanel shrieks once the operation goes successful.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

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Lovin the D

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Drain the Swamp

The episode starts with Chanel absentmindly making her way to a dark side of the hospital. Once she nears a door that's boarded up, she turns around and sees the Green Meanie and he brings out a tennis pitching machine. Green Meanie activates the machine as tennis balls swiftly fly towards Chanel's direction. Shrieking, Chanel ducks and moves aside from the numerous tennis balls, which crash into the door's window, shattering the glass. Chanel is saved by Chanel #8, who witnessed the attack, but gets knocked out by a tennis ball, hitting her in the head. Chanel runs inside the door to escape.

Chanel asks Brock if they're still going to dinner. Brock says that he doesn't feel comfortable sice he did try to strangle Chanel. Chanel tells Brock that there is a point in a long-term relationship, that someone would want to strangle their partner, and so Chanel says that when Brock actually tried to kill her, means that they are communicating their feelings for one another, instead of burying them. And since Brock's actually help her, #3 and #5 cheat on the MCats, is Brock's way of truly apologizing. #5 eavesdrops and tells Chanel that she didn't cheat and no one, in fact, help her. Chanel says that no one cares, causing #5 to whimper in sadness and leave. Brock says that they're still on for dinner. Chanel leaves with glee.

Chanel excitingly walks up to #3 and #5. Chanel tells them that she was looking through Brock's phone last night for hours while he was sleeping, and discovered Brock was googling "cheap engagement rings" online. She realizes that Brock was going to propose to her. This makes Chanel scream, as well as #5 and #3. Ingrid tells The Chanels that Brock wants to see them in Dean Munsch's room.

In slow-motion, The Chanels skip gleefully and excitingly down the hall, as #1 grabs flowers. The Chanels reach a room and Brock waits. He exposes a diamond ring. Chanel is astatic and filled with excitement and total joy. Brock, however, turns to propose to Dean Munsch. Chanels is completely dumbfounded and horrified. Everyone claps and cheers.

We see Chanel wailing loudly and runs into the locker room. She abruptly stops and looks around to see if anyone is listening. After Brock calls out her name, Chanel "sobs" in grief". Brock tells Chanel that he should've told her about what happened. Chanel backlashes by saying the least he could've done was propose to her mortally enemy. Chanel says that she's "dying, in way", and all she wants is to have a "hot doctor boyfriend". She declares that her social media footprint is important to her. Brock says that she can continue taking selfies with each other, as if they were actually a couple, because they are a couple, and maybe he will take Dean Munsch's ring from her dead finger and give it to her instead. Chanel is star-struck.

Chanel appears at Dean Munsch's wedding, and is smiling.

Chanel runs into the break-room and shuts the door. While holding a coffee cup, she tells #3 and #5 that she's hated Dean Munsch ever since they pledged to Kappa Kappa Tau where all the pledges got murdered, which prevented them from getting murdered, and Dean Munsch got them out of poverty and made them work at the hospital. Chanel tells them about her evil plan: accidentally trip while throwing her scalding hot pumpkin spice latte into Dean Munsch's open brain. #5 says that the coffee won't kill Dean Munsch and only burn a piece of her brain. Chanel angrily declares that it's not "doing someone a favor" and the plan will work.

In the operating room, Chanel throws the coffee, but it splashes on Ingrid. Chanel is exited out.

Later, Chanel appears going into a cage with Cathy, #3, #5, #8 Brock and Cassidy. Ingrid locks them up as Chanel tells her that the drink is actually apple cider. Afterwards, Chanel say she that she doesn't know why any of this hasn't to do with Ingrid. Ingrid reveals that her last name isn't "Hoffel" but "Bean". The Chanels meaning confused and thoughtless. Dean Munsch says "Agatha Bean". Chanel still doesn't get it. Ingrid says that Agatha was Chanel's former maid, who got her head dunked in the deep fryer. The Chanels immediately remember and Chanel apologizes.

KKT ring box.

After Denise Hemphill defused a bomb, and Cassidy dies, the group chase after Ingeid in the woods. Ingrid falls into quicksand and slowly sinks. The group takes a vote: save Ingrid OR let her suffer a terrible swamp death. After choosing to leave her, Ingrid soon drowns.

Chanel does her monologue about survival to her and walks onto the stage of her own TV show. Chanel walks to her car in an alleyway. She hears clatter but jumps inside her car, and notices a Kappa Kappa Tau ring box. She's looks in the car mirror and sees the Red Devil in the backseat. Chanel screams.


You're an awful person.
Grace Gardner to Chanel[src]

Chanel insulting the new pledges of Kappa

Chanel is ruthless, selfish, and fashionable. All her life, all she wanted to do is to have a great boyfriend like Chad, be the president of Kappa Kappa Tau, and rule the roost. When this finally happened, she became the most popular and the meanest girl of Wallace University.

Chanel is not a nice person, and, usually, says whatever goes through her mind. She likes to insult people and does whatever she wants. Typically, Chanel considers everyone an enemy and inferior to her. She has a very snotty attitude and she can be quite a bully to other people, and even treats poorly her "best friends", The Chanels. She can show kindness on occasion, such as the time she tried to buy the Chanels pink Jeeps in the spirit of Christmas or the time she defended Hester at the Radwells’ Thanksgiving dinner, but these displays are usually cancelled out by other bad things she does, or they have an ulterior motive. The deaths of Chanel #4 and Chanel #2 did not even really seem to phase her. Popularity, humiliating, and blackmailing are essential things in her life. Once, she made Pete think that she liked him back so she can laugh at him and humiliate him. Every time Chanel wants something she has to get it, or else, she will make a big scene in front of everyone which involves her screaming and crying because she feels superior and no one can ever tell her to stop because she will start insulting that person physically and emotionally. As a queen bee, she walks with a lot of confidence and is always the center of attention wherever she goes.

Chanel is very spoiled and regularly clarifies that she is extremely rich. She appears to have severe anger issues, and is arguably the most aggressive of the Kappa Kappa Tau girls. Chanel gets really freaked out when things do not go the way she wanted and blames other people for her problems, mainly Chanel #5, who appears to be Chanel's least favorite person in Kappa house and treats her in really bad way. She mocks Chanel #5 by mentioning to everyone that she has vagina teeth and always makes her feel like the lucky whiny loser Chanel brought in. Chanel also shows a lot ruthless mean attitude towards new pledge Grace, Chanel always calls her Nancy Drew and finds Grace to be very annoying and obnoxious, but not as much as Chanel #5.

She needs to be mean to other people so she can feel confident. The reason why she is a horrible person to everyone is because in reality she is very insecure and she feels really lonely, because she has never had true friends, her boyfriend compulsively cheats on her, and her parents forget her birthday. She has tried being a nice person in the past, but all things that include being a good person make her want to vomit.

In her love life, Chanel loves hard and usually tries to work it out every time there is a problem. She cares about the person she is in a relationship with and all she asks for is to get back what she gives. When her boyfriend lets her down, she usually gives more chances for him to change and when she makes mistakes she quickly asks for forgiveness and tries to fix it.

Chanel Oberlin's physical appearance

Chanel Oberlin has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She wears a lot of Chanel, because she is "the peacock of the group and has to really stand out," said the show’s costume designer Lou Eyrich.[1]

As a very fashionable girl, Chanel is always impeccably dressed, perfectly matched, and perfectly coiffed. Her clothes usually come in very icy pastel colors and vintage pieces.


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The Chanels

The Chanels are Chanel's sidekicks and initially considered her their best friend. They always do what Chanel wants and says, because she gives them popularity and an on-top position at school. Chanel calls them Chanel #2, #3, and #5 because she does not know and care about their names. The truth is that Chanel does not care about them, she just considers them as her helpers. This is shown when Chanel #2 is killed by the Red Devil and she thinks her death is an opportunity to get out of her problems. Chanel just turned Hester Ulrich into Chanel #6 so Chad, Chanel's boyfriend, stops thinking that the Kappa house is full of weirdos. Previous to this, Chanel hated Hester because she was unpopular and called her "Neckbrace", while Hester has an obsession with Chanel and wants everything she has, including Chad. Chanel and #5 have a strained relationship that can sometimes appear antagonistic, because both disagree in a lot of things. Chanel really dislikes #5, and, usually, makes her feel bad and insults her, while #5 secretly hates her and would get out of Chanel's kingdom if she did not give her popularity. For Chanel, #3 is the only one that is close to being "normal" but does not think she should be talking a lot with Sam, one of the pledges who has become one of #3's closest friends, which makes Chanel #3 angry.

As time goes by, all of Chanel's minions start realizing how little they mean for Chanel, and as of Seven Minutes in Hell, #3 and #5 have secretly turned against her, making a pact to outlive her, while Hester is doing whatever it takes to steal Chad from Chanel. By Thanksgiving, they are all friends again after Chanel apologizes for being really mean to them. In The Final Girl(s), she becomes best friends with #5 and they all become asylum patients.

Main article: Chad-Chanel Relationship

Chad and Chanel

Chad is introduced in Pilot as Chanel's boyfriend. It is seen that he is just dating her because she is popular and nothing more. Chad even says that if her popularity decreases, he is going to break-up with her. Chanel mentions that he compulsively cheats on her. In Hell Week, Chanel thinks that she is wasting her time being with Chad, so breaks-up with him. This surprises Chad because no one has ever broken-up with him. Soon, Chanel regrets it and apologizes to Chad, but he breaks-up with her again. They get back together in Seven Minutes in Hell, with Chad even agreeing to be monogamous. In Thanksgiving, she officially meets Chad's family.

Main article: Chanel-Grace Relationship

Chanel and Grace

Chanel and Grace Gardner first meet at the Kappa Kappa Tau party in Pilot, but their rivalry officially starts after Chanel accidentally kills Ms. Bean and Grace wants to tell the police. Chanel blackmails most of the Kappa sisters to say that Grace was the one who killed her if she says to the police what happened. Their enmity continues when Grace stands up the new KKT pledges, but Chanel tries to make peace by inviting her to be the sixth member of her minions, but Grace declines and their rivalry continues.

Main article: Chanel-Cathy Relationship
It is no secret that Chanel and Cathy Munsch hate each other, they both strongly disagree with each other's lifestyle and beliefs. In Pilot, Dean Munsch wants to destroy Chanel's sorority because she hates how bad the system is inside the house. Chanel does not care what Munsch says, and even if she let all the girls that wanted to join Kappa in and did not let her decide who can join, Chanel will still continue with her system that has been there for years. Cathy does not care at all about Chanel, this is proven where she blackmails Chanel's boyfriend, Chad Radwell, to have sex with her.

Main article: Chanel-Zayday Relationship
Chanel has hated Zayday since she first joined the sorority, but she is not the only one whom she tried to make suffer during Hell Week, as shown with the other pledges. Zayday also returns her hate on Chanel and wants to destroy her. Zayday runs for Kappa Kappa Tau president against Chanel, which makes Chanel hate her more. In Seven Minutes in Hell, it is revealed that they both won the elections as a tie and become co-presidents. Chanel confesses to The Chanels that she secretly voted for Zayday, because is she turns into the new Kappa president she will now be Red Devil's main target. In the same episode, both are attacked by the Red Devil and Chanel saves Zayday after she hits the killer in the head, but Chanel says that was a selfish act because if there are more girls in the house then there will be fewer possibilities of the killer murdering her. Chanel later reveals that she kind of likes Zayday now.


Season One (13/13)

Season Two (10/10)


My name is Chanel Oberlin, and I am the queen of Kappa Kappa Tau. (Pilot)

Chanel: Excuse me, White Mammy.
Ms. Bean You're not allowed to call me that.
Chanel: Sorry. I have a question, and it's just a hypothetical. If I asked you if you knew somethin' 'bout birthin' babies or if you didn't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies, what would you say?
Ms. Bean: I'd say I don't know.
Chanel: Don't know...?
Ms. Bean: I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies.
Chanel: Amazing. Thank you. Oh, still a lot of puke to scrub. Let's make that a priority. (Pilot)

Chanel #3: The things you say are hilarious and poignant.
Chanel: Thank you.
Chanel #5: Yeah, you have an amazing skill at telling people what they need to hear.
Chanel: I'm sorry. Did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt? Nobody likes a suck-up, Chanel #5. (Pilot)

Grace: You're an awful person.
Chanel: Maybe. But I'm rich and I'm pretty, so it doesn't really matter. (Pilot)

Chanel: Sisters and pledges of Kappa Kappa Tau, you now all share something so very precious to me.
Grace: A felony?
Chanel: A secret. And secrets are the glue that binds sorority sisters together. We will remember this night for the rest of our lives. And until the day we die, we will know that we few are the only people who know what happened in that kitchen. Because if any of you ever tell, I will make sure you end up laying right next to Ms. Bean in this freezer. Who wants cocktails? (Pilot)

Chanel #2: I can't do this.
Chanel: Oh, God, fine. You know what? Forget the blood oath. Every time I try to plan something, you dumb bitches ruin it.
Chanel #2: I can't stay silent! Somebody murdered Ms. Bean, and someone's gonna find out, and I want to be a network newscaster. I'm calling my mom, and I'm going home. (Pilot)

If any of you bitches die while protecting a sister, you're allowed to skip the rest of hell week. (Hell Week)

[To Grace] You're a snoopy little bugger. And I don't like snoopy little buggers. (Hell Week)

[To Zayday] If I do murder someone, it's gonna be you. (Haunted House)

[To Tommy, about Hester] That's my sister and she's no bitch. But I am. (Haunted House)

[To Chanel #5] I have eyes everywhere, bitch. (Pumpkin Patch)

I may be a stone cold bitch, but I love Kappa. (Seven Minutes in Hell)

[To Grace] Thank you for making that announcement that no one cared about. (Seven Minutes in Hell)

I think I figured out what my problem is... I'm way too nice. (Beware of Young Girls)

[To Chanel #2's dead body] This is what happens to sneaky backstabbers. (Beware of Young Girls)

Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today because a backstabbing little bitch got exactly what was coming to her. Chanel #2 literally never had my back. Whenever I wanted to strut across campus or down a long hallway with the other Chanels, she'd always be like "I have a colonic!" So, instead of strutting across campus in a beautiful diamond formation, we were forced to strut across campus in a triad formation like a bunch of hobos because #2 didn't think she should have to walk behind me. But whenever I'd find myself descending a staircase in heels, you can bet #2 was right there behind me with a helpful little nudge. This dumb, dead whore also used her high pony wiles to seduce my man into rubbing uglies with her. So I hope you all grasp the concept that this is what happens when you rub uglies with my man... you end up dead! So, have fun being dead, #2. You were a stupid, little trollop and I hope you're burning in hell right now. Amen. (Beware of Young Girls)


[To Brad Radwell]] I'm sorry, but someone needs to contact the good people at Hasbro, because the odds of you picking neck brace whore are astronomical. I'm fairly certain this board game's been tampered with. (Thanksgiving)

[To Cathy] Try not to murder anyone else while we're gone, Dean Carpetmunsch. (Black Friday)

Should I get #5 a pair of 99-cent brass studs that'll turn her earlobes green and give her an infection or a pair of $1.99 danglies that'll get caught on her sweater and tear her earholes? (Black Friday)

Grace: We understand that as millennial feminists.
Cathy Munsch: Wait, wait a minute. That's a thing?
Grace: Oh yeah!
Chanel: Totally. Being a millennial feminist means growing up listening to Taylor Swift say she doesn't like to think of the world as boys vs. girls.
Grace: Yeah and then graduating and entering the workforce only to realize that you make 20% less than men for doing the same job. (Black Friday)

[Letter to her KKT sisters] ATTENTION ALL USELESS KAPPA SLUTS – Congratulations! If you’re reading this it means you’ve overcome the limitations of your tiny manatee brains and opened an email. Now if you’re asking yourself “DERR, wait, I’m confused. Is Chanel talking to me? Am I a useless Kappa slut?" Simply ask yourself the following question aloud: "IS MY NAME CHANEL #3, CHANEL #5, CHANEL #6 or ZAYDAY WILLIAMS?” If the answer to that is YES then FELICITATIONS! THIS MISSIVE IS FOR YOU! So, do you all remember when we agreed to meet at the campus pool and kill the Dean and I got you all awesome new phones so that when it came time to meet, the phone would light up a certain color, and when it did, you didn’t even have to answer it? You just had to come meet at the aforementioned pool? And then do you remember NOT coming to the pool, despite me making it super easy for you by concocting a plan so simple that an orangutan could have figured it out? Like, literally a circus ape of moderate intelligence could have looked down at the phone sticking out of the single pocket in the front of his comical lederhosen and seen it light up and used his short little legs to waddle over to his tiny motorized Shriners car and driven to the pool like I asked. Do you remember any aspect of this SUPER SIMPLE PLAN? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m literally asking if your tiny slut brains have the power to process ANY OF MY SUPER-SIMPLE ORANGUTAN LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS! Because what I remember is that NONE OF YOU SHOWED UP! Which meant I had to sit at that stupid pool by myself like a GRADE-A ASSHAT with a bag full of enormous chains to drown Dean Munsch with and then have a super awkward convo with her where I was like “OH DURR I JUST LIKE BRING ENORMOUS CHAINS TO POOLS” and I looked like a total div. I don’t entirely know what you whores could have been doing that was more important than helping your chapter president drown a serial killer, but unless that thing you were doing was getting enemas of pure liquid gold at a new local establishment called “LIQUID GOLD COLONICS FOR YOUNG SLUTS”, like, if you were doing LITERALLY ANYTHING else, you all should seriously consider doing the human race a favor and getting sterilized. I’m not being facetious, I literally think you should consider undergoing a surgical procedure to remove your ovaries, thereby sparing human race exposure to your DNA. You four trollops ARE THE WORST SPECIMEN OF HUMAN BEINGS EVER BORN and you should all REALLY watch your backs, because if this serial killer targeting Kappa house doesn’t chop off your heads, I'M GOING TO DO IT! So I can sell your tiny whore brain pans to science.


Chanel Oberlin. (Dorkus)

[To Chanel #5] You should go. Any guy swiping right on you is a miracle. So go. Go meet this blind man and when I'm done apologizing to Melanie, I'm gonna call Pope Francis, because we now have proof of God's existence in this universe. (Dorkus)

Sam: I just don't understand how deep the hole is supposed to be.
Chanel: Whore deep! What kind of a question is that?! (The Final Girl(s))

Chanel: I'm choosing to ignore this verdict.
Judge Mathis: What? You can't ignore the verdict.
Chanel: What verdict? See? This is me ignoring the verdict. (The Final Girl(s))


  • Chanel was the first character that the fans got introduced to by being the first one to have an official promo.
  • She is the first character that got an official teaser trailer and a promotional photo-shoot picture.
  • Emma Roberts thinks that Chanel will be better than her past American Horror Story: Coven role, Madison Montgomery.
  • Ryan Murphy first talked to Emma Roberts about Scream Queens in the set of American Horror Story: Freak Show.
    • He stated that the role was written for her because she kept saying "I want to be snarky again. I loved it when I was bitchy."[2]
  • Chanel Oberlin was inspired by a sorority manifesto that took place in 2013.[3]
  • Karl Lagerfeld is her "uncle".
  • She had a pet cat.
  • She once took a woman's studies class and after the fight with Tommy and Rick is perceived to be a Feminist.
  • She has killed one person so far, which is Ms. Bean. However, her death was an accident as Chanel did not turn the deep fryer on and had no intention to kill Ms. Bean.
  • Her mom is the first American to wear one of Karl Lagerfeld's skirts.
  • She had offered Grace the role of Chanel #6, to which she refused.
  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween, which she and her fans dub 'Chanel-O-Ween', because it's the one day she can "go around terrifying children and not be branded a psychopath".
    • Her second favorite holiday is Black Friday because it is "about buying deliberately cheap, totally forgettable Christmas gifts" which she can use to manipulate her friends.
    • She is a fan of Nancy Drew which is an homage to Emma Roberts who played the character in the 2007 movie adaptation
  • In Dorkus, the "missive to end all missives" that Chanel wrote to the remaining Kappas paid homage to the infamous leaked email that gave birth to the Scream Queens series.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of Season 1.
    • She is also one out of the 7 characters to be in all episodes.
  • Chanel's first and last scenes, in Season 1, were on a bed.
  • Chanel's mom and dad did not call her on her 20th birthday because they were too busy with a fundraiser for Jeb Bush.
  • In Thanksgiving, it is implied that her mother is an alcoholic.


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