Chanel Pour Homme-Icide
Season Two, Episode Five
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Air date: November 15, 2016
Written by: Ian Brennan
Directed by: Barbara Brown
Production code: SQ-205
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Chanel Pour Homme-Icide is the fifth episode of the second season of Scream Queens, and the eighteenth episode overall. Ian Brennan served as writer and Barbara Brown served as director. It had its official release on Fox on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

After the terrifying events of Halloween, Dean Munsch is forced to notify the authorities of the murders occurring at the C.U.R.E. Institute, which surprisingly leads to an influx of new patients. Fed up with doing dirty work, Chanel concocts a plan to put the new patients to use by recruiting them to join the Chanels. Meanwhile, Zayday and Chanel #5 pay a visit to someone with ties to the hospital's past, and a new patient's ailment causes the hospital staff to go a little mad.[1]


The episode picks up where Halloween Blues left off, in the midst of C.U.R.E.'s Halloween party. Cathy, Chanel, Chanel #3, and Zayday are all seen rushing out of the elevator after hearing screams in the distance. As they run down the hallway, they come across Denise's dead body, laying there in a pool of fruit punch, along with a severely injured #5. Completely ignoring #5, Cathy immediately tends to Denise's body and takes her pulse, deeming her deceased. She then proposes that they throw Denise's body in the swamp, explaining that she cannot let Denise's death have a negative impact on all the great work they've done at the hospital. The group is then interrupted by men screaming downstairs, and they all run towards the sound, leaving Chanel #5 there alone.

When they go back downstairs to the nurse's station, they find dozens of dead bodies, consisting primarily of the men that were dressed as Hamilton. Cathy exclaims that they have no choice but to contact the authorities, and tells the girls to change out of their costumes before asking Zayday for assistance with something important.

Cathy and Zayday are then seen in the elevator with Denise's body strapped to a gurney. Zayday is still adamant on not dumping Denise's body into the swamp, but just then, Cathy confesses that Denise is actually still alive. She clarifies that when she took Denise's pulse, she had the faintest heartbeat, but not enough to resuscitate her, as she is basically brain dead. Although she can't be saved, Cathy explains that Denise will play an integral part in potentially saving Cathy's life. She proposes her plan to place Denise into a cryogenic chamber as a test round, just in case Cathy's condition proves fatal before a cure is found. Zayday seems apprehensive, but Cathy convinces her, and the pair push Denise into the chamber before shutting the door and turning the nozzle to activate the liquid nitrogen. Cathy then expresses her worry to Zayday that her kuru might be getting worse, and pleads for her help, as she doesn't want to end up like Denise.

We then see Chanel, no longer blue, telling Dr. Holt that she was able to pee out all of the silver that was turning her skin blue. Brock explains that he gave her a dose of deferasirox, which helps rid the body of heavy metals and allows them to be urinated out. He goes on to apologize for giving Chanel silver poisoning and admits that someone must have messed with his solution. Chanel immediately puts the blame on Cathy, since she probably wanted Brock all to herself and viewed Chanel as a threat. Brock then goes into detail about his amazing sex with Cathy, and Chanel covers her ears in annoyance. Brock confesses that the only reason he even had sex with Cathy in the first place was because he was bummed about losing his chance with Chanel. Chanel seems unsure, and as she steps into the elevator, she expresses that after everything happened with Chad, she just needs some me-time.

The authorities are then shown walking through the hospital, taking photos and gathering evidence from the crime scenes. The press is also there trying to interview Cathy about the murderous events. As the authorities are zipping up bodies, Cathy expresses how she felt like she was living a nightmare, and that C.U.R.E. would soon be dead, and she would be soon after.

Fast forward to the following week, where Cathy explains via voice-over that there is no such thing as bad press, and that the news of the murder streak actually ended up working in the hospital's favor. They gained hundreds of hours of free publicity, which in turn led to an influx of new patients, who were willing to risk being knocked off in order to receive the miracle cure they needed. As Cathy is headed to her office, she is approached by Nurse Hoffel, who is suggesting they contact the Board of Directors about the new wave of patients they received. While tuning her out completely, Cathy internally expresses her utter distaste for Hoffel and how she asserts herself in a way to compete with Cathy's authority.

Cathy is then looking over patient files in her office, when she is introduced to Marguerite Honeywell, a woman who has Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the body's connective tissues, resulting in extremely long limbs. The next patient she meets is Daria Janssen, who was diagnosed with Moebius syndrome in 2013, a disorder that causes facial paralysis. But there was one patient that particularly intrigued Munsch - Penelope Hotchkiss.

Penelope is seen in a hospital room, getting examined by Zayday, where she expresses that it was not her decision to come to C.U.R.E, but rather the decision of her employers at the United Nations. She starts off speaking with a British accent, but quickly switches to Swedish as she discusses how she is the model of perfect health. She then changes to an Australian accent to explain how she slipped and fell a few weeks prior, but only ended up with a minor concussion. Cassidy then asks her if she realizes her shift in accents, to which Penelope gets flustered, as she does not notice them changing. Cathy then approaches Penelope and ensures her that they will not stop fighting until they find a cure.

Shortly thereafter, Chanel and #3 are outside scrubbing dirty bedpans, when they are pursued by Ingrid. Looking to make their lives even more miserable, Ingrid demands that #3 rinse and sanitize used catheter tubes, while Chanel must strain and organize fecal samples. The girls angrily refuse, and after Ingrid leaves, Chanel has an epiphany and realizes that the reason they are so miserable is because they don't have anyone to boss around. She suggests recruiting some of the new patients to join the Chanels, not only so the new girls can do all of the work, but also so they can be used as bait for the Green Meanie.

Back at Cathy's office, Zayday arrives to express her concern that Chamberlain could potentially be the killer, or at least the baby in the belly from 1985. She asks Cathy for information on him and to explain what his interview was like, but Cathy responds that she has no idea who Chamberlain is and that she never even hired a candy striper. This makes Zayday even more suspicious, and she promises to look into Chamberlain's background and further investigate the mysterious 1985 baby.

Zayday heads home to her dorm, where she opens her laptop in hopes of locating the mother of the 1985 baby. She hears a loud thud, and goes to the end of the hall, where she finds Chanel #5 in a full body brace on the floor of her bedroom after accidentally tripping. Zayday is concerned and tells #5 she should be in the hospital, to which #5 agrees, considering she had a machete thrust nine inches into her thorax, breaking three ribs, puncturing her left lung, and severing her right trapezoidal. She explains how she was put into the ICU, but was wheeled back to the dorm by Chanel because it was more convenient to insult her that way. Zayday then agrees to take care of #5, in return for #5 helping her find the 1985 mother. She suggests they go to the police station and have a look through the archives.

Later that day, Chanel is freaking out because no one has replied to her social media call-outs looking for new Chanels. Chanel and #3 decide to interview Marguerite and Daria and add them to the squad as Chanel #7 and Chanel #8, but they realize they need one more member to double their chances of survival. Having no more patients left to interview, Chanel declares that they will have to resort to calling Tristan. A flashback ensues, revealing that Tristan is the Chanels #1 fan, and would write lesbian fan-fiction novels about the Chanels having sex with each other and mail them to the girls when they were in prison. Upon their release, he sent them tons of obsessive text messages and DMs, which overall creeped the girls out. However, Chanel was desperate, and decides to make Tristan an official Chanel, dubbing him "Chanel Pour Homme." Chanel #5 does not approve, claiming that there cannot be any gay males in the Chanels, but Chanel overrides her opinion, and the girls all toast to the newest Chanels.

The next day, Cassidy and Chanel #3 are shown meeting with Penelope to gather further information about her condition. She explains in a Southern accent how she was eating lunch at the U.N. commissary when she slipped on a plantain peel and hit her head on the linoleum floor. Just then, Brock bursts in the door and diagnoses Penelope with Foreign Accent Syndrome, which is usually associated with a stoke or a traumatic brain injury. Penelope then questions Brock in a Scottish accent about the possibility of her having a stroke, to which he responds that she didn't have one, but he does so in a Scottish accent, seemingly having caught it from Penelope. Chanel #3 and Cassidy then adopt an Irish accent, and they come to the realization that the disorder is contagious.

Back at the Chanels apartment, #5 is ordering Tristan around when Zayday arrives with a box of files from the police department. In the box, she discovers a missing persons report filed by Jane Hollis on November 2, 1985 for her husband Bill, exactly 48 hours after his body was dumped by Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas. Zayday suggests that Jane might know some crucial information, so she and Libby then decide to visit Jane at the address listed on the file to obtain information about who the killer could be.

That night, Chanel is strolling around the hospital alone when she hears an eerie moan coming from one of the rooms. She follows the sound into a bedroom, where she hears a woman creepily whispering to "make the voices in her head stop." Chanel locates the source of the sound, and sees someone huddled up in bed sheets, when suddenly she jumps up, revealing herself to be Hester. Hester confesses that she misses being a Chanel and proposes that she rejoin the group, to which Chanel accepts and allows Hester to reclaim her old title of Chanel #6. Chanel then brings Hester home to the girls' apartment and explains to the others that Hester can help them catch the Green Meanie and avoid being killed. They decide which of the newest Chanels to use as Green Meanie bait, and although Hester suggests Tristan, they end up settling on Daria.

The next day, Zayday and #5 go to visit Jane at her house, hoping to prove that Chamberlain is her son. However, when they arrive and ask about her son, Jane tells them that she hasn't seen her son in years, as they have never had a close relationship. She admits that he is her only son, and that she never got remarried after Bill's death. Zayday then asks her what she thinks happened to her husband, and she reveals her belief that Bill indeed died that night, and that Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas faked the paperwork releasing him from the hospital and tossed his body in the swamp to cover their tracks. Libby then insensitively accuses Jane of murdering Bill and setting up the hospital death to shift the blame away from her, but Jane insists she didn't kill her husband and yells at Libby for being accusatory.

Zayday and Libby then briefly excuse themselves to Jane's kitchen, where Zayday explains that Chamberlain cannot be Jane's baby as she suspected, because Jane is white. They return to the living room to announce their departure and thank Jane for her time. As the girls are walking to the door, Libby notices a photo of Jane and Bill on an end table, and she mistakes Bill for an NBA player. Jane, noticeably annoyed, clarifies that the photo is of her husband, and as she rolls her eyes and walks away, Zayday realizes that Bill is black, and therefore Jane's baby could be as well, putting Chamberlain back on the suspect list.

Back at C.U.R.E, Zayday confronts Chamberlain in his candy striper closet. She calls him a freak for pretending to be hired at a hospital, to which he responds that the only reason he slipped into the hospital unhired was because he genuinely enjoyed making people happy, and that he just happened to choose C.U.R.E. because it was within walking distance of his house. Zayday was not completely convinced by his claims, but she let down her guard with him regardless.

Cassidy and Chanel #3 are then seen doing more research on Foreign Accent Syndrome, when Brock comes in and announces he has found a cure. He explains that when Penelope fell and hit her head, she suffered a minor concussion which caused swelling in the part of her brain that processes language, so the group goes to Penelope and proposes that she take steroids to reduce the swelling in her brain. However, Brock discovers that he, Cassidy, and #3 all picked up their accents solely from being exposed to Penelope and diagnoses the group with Madonna Syndrome. He suggests they all lock themselves in a room and binge watch movies with American accents in hopes of regaining their normal speaking voices. Cassidy awkwardly confesses that he can't participate, as he already has plans this weekend. After he leaves Brock and #3 alone, Brock immediately goes to sit next to #3 and wraps his arm around her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Ingrid pays Cathy a visit in her office, where Cathy decides to fire her for treating the staff poorly, particularly the Chanels. She also brings up the fact that Ingrid is addicted to pethidine, and Ingrid gets defensive, clearly in denial about her addiction. Cathy then demands that Ingrid's office be cleaned out within the hour, but Ingrid has other plans. She announces that she knows all about Cathy's disease, and that she'll let the word out if Munsch doesn't re-hire her. Having no other choice, Cathy is forced to keep Ingrid on staff, and as Ingrid is leaving, she makes sure to warn Cathy not to cross her.

At the Chanel's apartment, Daria arrives after a long day of running errands. She is promptly confronted by Chanel #3, who announces that the Chanels are all going to have a sleepover at the hospital to celebrate the addition of the newest Chanels. Later that night at C.U.R.E, the Chanels are shown giving each other makeovers, having pillow fights, and dancing the night away. Chanel then gathers everyone around and begins distributing gifts. However, the girls prepared a special gift for Daria: a Hermes infinity necklace hidden somewhere in the morgue that she must go find by herself.

In the morgue, Daria begins sifting through the drawers in search of her gift, when she is approached by Tristan, who is determined to get his hands on that designer necklace before she does. He begins frantically searching for the necklace, and Daria realizes that he wants it more than her, so she decides to give up and return to the slumber party, leaving Tristan there alone. The Chanels are horrified, as Daria was meant to be the Green Meanie bait, not Tristan, and they all begin running to his rescue. However, they are too late, and they find Tristan's body laying in a morgue drawer, clenching Daria's gift, with his body split in half and intestines spilling everywhere. The girls then scream in horror as Hester gives a menacing smirk in the background.

The next morning, the Chanels are all gathered in Cathy's office. Cathy berates the girls for hiring three new Chanels as Green Meanie bait, and admits that she found out about the plan from Chanel #5, which greatly angers Chanel. Cathy is also furious that Hester is missing, and she suspects the Chanels might have something to do with it, but the girls quickly deflect her concerns. Cathy then reveals that Chanel's plan may have had some merit, and that with the new influx of patients, there is double the workload, so she is all for having more Chanels to help improve efficiency. She admits that she even hired some new Chanels of her own, and introduces Addison aka Chanel #9: a semi-professional dungeon master, Andrea aka Chanel #10: a girl born with no kidneys and thirty extra feet of large intestine, and Midge aka Chanel #11: a girl who coincidentally has 11 fingers. Chanel then orders the newbies to clean out #5's bedpan, and after they leave, Cathy threatens that she will report the girls as accessories to murder if she finds out that they're harboring Hester as a fugitive.

Meanwhile, Chanels #7-11 are all shown walking through the hall after the meeting with Munsch, wondering if they're going to get paid for their efforts. As they turn a corner, the Green Meanie suddenly pops out, wielding two machetes. The girls begin screaming and running the opposite way, trampling #11 in the process, as she falls to the ground directly in front of the Green Meanie. She immediately puts her hands out in front of her as a form of defense, and after momentarily inspecting her hand, the Green Meanie cuts off her eleventh finger, to which she stands up and thanks the masked murderer for doing so. She is then met with two machetes to the stomach and collapses dead to the ground as the Green Meanie flees the scene.

Soon after, Jane is seen in her house, cooking breakfast for dinner, when she hears someone come through the door. It is revealed to be her son, Dr. Cassidy Cascade, who hangs up his coat and gives Jane a kiss upon entering. As Cassidy is washing his hands, Jane makes her way over to the kitchen table and explains to Cassidy that a few people from the hospital came by to ask about Bill and to try to find out Cassidy's identity. She asks him if they should do anything about it, and he walks over to her, assuring her not to worry and that he will take care of everything. Jane rubs his arm and shows gratitude for how well he treats her, and Cassidy explains that she deserves it after all she's been through.


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Character Cause of Death
C.U.R.E. Halloween Patients Slaughtered and strung up with marsh vines by the Green Meanie.
Tristan St. Pierre Sliced in half and gutted with a machete by the Green Meanie.
Chanel #11 Eleventh finger cut off and stabbed in the stomach by the Green Meanie.

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