Biographical Information
Full name: Clark
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Tailor
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Other Information
Interests: Karate Kid II
Italian restaurants
Talent(s): Sewing
Costume making
Mask making
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 1
Only appearance: Rapunzel, Rapunzel
Portrayed by: Bill Oberst, Jr.
I've made several interesting costumes with this fabric. Big, scary ones, with a green mask and horns.
—Clark to Zayday about the Green Meanie costumes he made[src]

Clark is a minor character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He is the owner of a costume shop and an expert tailor and mask maker, responsible for the creation of the Green Meanie costumes.

He is portrayed by Bill Oberst, Jr.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Due to the specificity of the fabric used for the Green Meanie costume, Zayday and Chamberlain devise a plan to obtain a piece of fabric from the costume and trace it back to various fabric stores to see if they recognize it. After tricking the Green Meanie and cutting off a piece of fabric, Zayday then goes around to several shops to investigate the origins of the costume.

That night, she stumbles upon Clark's shop and bangs on the door. He tells her the shop is closed, but Zayday begs and insists it will only take a minute. She holds up the fabric and asks if he's seen it before, prompting him to open the door and let her in. Zayday apologizes, explaining that she's been to every fabric store within a 50 mile radius, with no such luck of anyone recognizing the fabric. Not saying a word, Clark begins leading her to the back of the store, past several aisles of creepy masks and costumes.

He goes into the back room and grabs a fabric sample called "midnight green velvet pleather", which exactly matches that of the Green Meanie costume. He explains that he made several costumes using the exotic fabric, each paired with a green mask with horns. Zayday asks him if the costume was similar to a swamp monster, and Clark says yes, clarifying that they are both referring to the same costume. He goes on to say that he created three of the Green Meanie costume, but in three different sizes. One was made in 1986, the same year the massacre occurred at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering. Clark says he remembers the year so vividly because that was the same year Karate Kid II came out and he received a handjob in the theater. The second costume was ordered a few months prior to the murders at C.U.R.E, which Clark remembers because he went to try a new Italian place in town and got a handy under the table. The third and final costume was made a few weeks ago, but Clark couldn't remember any handjobs associated with the making of that costume.

Clark then explains that he doesn't have any record of these purchases, as he doesn't use receipts and all of the orders were paid for in cash. Zayday questions if he saw what the customer looked like, but Clark tells her that the second order was done entirely by mail, so all the measurements and designs were not transferred in person as usual. The customer simply sent Clark the measurements and the P.O. box number to send the costume to. He does, however, reveal that the first and third customer were the same person, an older woman with nice hands. Clark is unable to remember her name, but Zayday immediately realizes he's referring to Jane. She thanks Clark for the information and leaves the shop, as Clark stands there suspiciously stroking the Green Meanie fabric.


Season Two (1/10)



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