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Biographical Information
Full name: Daria Janssen
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Ailment: Moebius Syndrome
Occupation(s): Online Beauty Tutor
Medical Student
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Chanel #8
Moebius Girl (by Hester and Chanel
Moebius (by Ingrid)
Relationship Information
Friends: The Chanels
Enemies: Tristan St. Pierre (deceased)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Boss: Chanel Oberlin
Other Information
Interests: Beauty tutorials
Fresh tomatoes
Clique: The Chanels
Weaknesses: Running
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 4
First appearance: Chanel Pour Homme-Icide
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Riley McKenna Weinstein
I do online beauty tutorials, and my total inability to move any part of my face is really getting savaged in the comments section.
—Daria to Cathy[src]

Daria Janssen, better known as Chanel #8, is a recurring character on Season Two of Scream Queens. She is a patient at C.U.R.E. diagnosed with Moebius syndrome, a congenital neurological disorder that causes facial paralysis.

She is portrayed by Riley McKenna Weinstein.


Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

With the new influx of patients at C.U.R.E, Cathy had an abundance of new patients to meet. She invites Daria to her office, where she confirms that she was diagnosed with Moebius syndrome in 2013, a rare disorder that affects the muscles that control facial expression and eye movement. Daria also explains that she does online beauty tutorials, but her total inability to move her face often gets savaged in the comments section.

Later on, Chanel decides to recruit some of the new patients to join the Chanels, not only so the newbies can do all of the work, but also so they can be used as bait for the Green Meanie. She and #3 approach Daria in her hospital room and ask her how long it would take her to run a full sprint if a murderer was chasing her with a knife, to which she replies that she probably wouldn't be able to outrun him. That's all Chanel needed to hear, so she quickly deems Daria an official Chanel.

At the Chanels' apartment, Chanel introduces the newest Chanels to #5. She refers to Daria as Chanel #8 and explains that she can't move her face and is torturous to talk to. #5 seems completely opposed to the idea of new Chanels, but Chanel overrides her opinion, and the girls all toast to Chanel #7, #8, and Chanel Pour Homme.

Later on, Chanel invites Hester back into the Chanels, and she, #3, and #5 all discuss with her which one of the newest Chanels should be used as bait for the Green Meanie so that they can avoid being killed themselves. Although Hester insists that Tristan is the obvious choice, they instead settle on Daria.

The next night, Daria arrives at the Chanels' apartment with shopping bags in her hands after a long day of running errands. She is promptly confronted by Chanel #3, who announces that the Chanels are all going to have a sleepover at the hospital to celebrate the addition of the newest Chanels. At C.U.R.E, the Chanels are shown giving each other makeovers, having pillow fights, and dancing the night away. Chanel then gathers everyone around and begins distributing gifts. However, the girls prepared a special gift for Daria: a Hermes infinity necklace hidden somewhere in the morgue that she must go find by herself.

In the morgue, Daria begins sifting through the drawers in search of her gift, when she is approached by Tristan, who is determined to get his hands on that designer necklace before she does. He begins frantically searching for the necklace, and Daria realizes that he wants it more than her, so she decides to give up and return to the slumber party, leaving Tristan there alone. Tristan then ends up getting murdered instead of Daria, as intended, which upsets the rest of the girls.

In the morning, all of the Chanels are gathered in Cathy's office. Cathy scolds the girls for hiring three new Chanels as Green Meanie bait, and admits that she found out about the plan from Chanel #5, who was all shook up after the murder of Tristan. Chanel then clarifies that she didn't want Tristan to die, which is why she sent Daria to the morgue instead. Daria, also being in the room, addresses that she's standing right there. Cathy then confesses that Chanel's plan may have had some merit, and that with the new influx of patients, there is double the workload, so she is all for having more Chanels to help improve efficiency. She ends up hiring new Chanels #9-11, and Chanel demands that they, along with Marguerite and Daria, go clean out #5's dirty bedpan, and the girls leave to do so.

Chanels #7-11 are then shown walking through the hall after the meeting with Munsch, and as they turn a corner, the Green Meanie suddenly pops out, wielding two machetes. The girls begin screaming and running the opposite way, trampling #11 in the process, who ends up dying at the hands of the Green Meanie.

Blood Drive

Daria is first seen outside the hospital with Zayday, Ingrid, and the rest of the Chanels, as Cathy is showing them contaminated blood samples, explaining that most of the blood in the hospital is unusable. She declares that due to the blood shortage, they are in desperate need of donations, so Chanel suggests that they hold a blood drive, to which Cathy agrees.

Shortly thereafter, Ingrid gathers the hospital staff for a meeting outside, and Daria is shown amongst the crowd, standing with her fellow Chanels. Ingrid announces that the blood drive is now being turned into a contest, with the prize being an all-expense paid trip to Blood Island, and all of the staff start cheering, including Daria, who begins clapping and jumping in excitement.

Later that day, at the Chanels' apartment, Daria is sitting on the couch with the rest of the girls, donating blood to help Chanel win the blood drive. Daria questions why the blood drive is suddenly so important, and Andrea tells her that blood drives are super important, explaining how her surgeon accidentally severed her mesenteric artery while removing the first ten feet of her intestine, and that she would have died if it weren't for an emergency blood transfusion. Daria then clarifies that she doesn't understand why the blood drive is the main priority, seeing as there's a serial killer on the loose targeting nurses and patients. Chanel #3 seems noticeably annoyed by this statement, and #5 explains to Daria that once you've been targeted by your first serial killer, you realize that walking around terrified all the time doesn't help the situation.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

In order to maintain Brock's affection and bridge the age gap between them, Chanel plans a World War II themed date

S02e08 438.jpg

at the Chanels' apartment. All of the Chanels also attend, each dressed in period clothing. Daria is briefly seen playing hop-scotch before joining the rest of the Chanels to take care of Brock, as women during that time would have done when their husbands came back from the war. However, instead of appreciating the party, Brock ends up getting offended, seeing as he wasn't born until the 60s, and as he's leaving, the Chanels all wave goodbye to him, including Daria.

Lovin the D

Hester decides to call a Green Meanie summit, inviting Ingrid, Cassidy, and Wes to come together to not only discuss past murders, but also to divvy up the remaining murders so that no one's feelings get hurt. To get everyone on the same page, Hester plans a game called "Who Gets to Kill the Chanels?" and lays pictures of each of the Chanels out on the coffee table, including Daria. Wes tries to bargain with Ingrid, and agrees to let her kill #3, #5, #7, and Daria in exchange for getting to murder Chanel. However, after the group takes a vote, Ingrid gets assigned Chanel, so Wes, much to his disappointment, gets stuck with killing the remaining Chanels.

Drain the Swamp

Chanel opens a door and enters an apparently abandoned area of the hospital, where she notices the exit ahead of her has been barricaded shut. The Green Meanie then appears at the end of the hallway and Chanel quickly turns around to leave but finds the door she entered through has shut, and cannot be opened from the outside. The Green Meanie attempts to attack her by firing baseball balls at her, using a pitching machine to increase the force at which they hit her. While Chanel is frantically tying to dodge the balls being fired at her, Daria opens the locked door, from the inside, to take Chanel back to the main part of the hospital. Unaware of the Green Meanie's attack, Daria is hit by one of the balls while speaking to Chanel and falls to the floor mid-sentence. Chanel then jumps over Daria's unconscious body, which is holding the door open, and flees from the Green Meanie.

S02e10 11.jpg

After regaining consciousness, Daria returns to the main area of the hospital, working as best as she can while holding an icepack to her cheek.

That evening, Ingrid is heading out to the swamp area to dispose of some bio-hazardous waste, where she finds Daria gardening. Ingrid, referring to her as 'Moebius', asks her what she is doing. Daria exclaims that she is sick and tired of being called 'Moebius', and that she would prefer it if people could call her by her real name: Daria Janssen. She goes on to explain to Ingrid that she loves fresh tomatoes, and so after measuring the pH level of the swamp she has concluded that the swamp could be used as fertiliser due to it being rich with nitrogen. However, Ingrid points out that some of the tomatoes she has grown using the swamp fertilizer are glowing. She then takes out a lighter and is about to light a cigarette when Daria stops her, explaining that the swamp fertilizer is extremely flammable and is capable of blowing them both up.

The next day, Daria is helping Cathy prepare for her wedding to Brock at the hospital. She finishes by placing a bridal veil in Cathy's hair and proceeds to push Cathy, who is in a wheelchair due to her diagnosis of kuru, to her wedding ceremony.

Later that day, just after Cathy finds out she doesn't have kuru and will live, Daria excitedly enters the room to tell everyone that Ingrid has prepared a champagne toast to celebrate the good news and wants everyone to come down to the basement. Although Cathy points out that there's no way Ingrid could have known the good news about Cathy not having kuru, she is too happy to question Ingrid's intentions and they all go to the basement. Upon arriving, they find that Hester's cage has been decorated with streamers and fairy lights. Ingrid invites them all in to enter the cage, and so they go inside to celebrate. They begin to sense that something is wrong and Ingrid then reveals to them all that she is the Green Meanie; seeking revenge for her sister's murder by the Chanels, which Cathy let them get away with. After an attempted rescue from Zayday and Jane, they are all locked in the cage next to a bomb that Ingrid

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made having been inspired by Daria's use of the swamp to create a fertilizer, which happened to be highly explosive. Ingrid leaves the basement with the bomb set to detonate in only several minutes time. As they all start to panic, Denise comes running over to the cage to save them. She reveals that the cryogenic chamber she had been placed in had a low temperature which had allowed her heart to beat slowly enough for her to regain her strength. Denise is unsure exactly how to diffuse the bomb but is nevertheless successful in her attempt to diffuse it, as she correctly guesses which wire she needs to detach. They all run up to Ingrid's office to apprehend her, but Ingrid spots them and throws her belongings on the floor to give herself a headstart as she runs away. She runs out the back of the hospital and is about to run into the woodland area behind the swamp when everyone catches up with her. Along with the others, Daria witnesses Ingrid hurl her Green Meanie machete towards #3 in a

S02e10 507.jpg

last attempt to kill a Chanel. Just before the machete reaches her, Cassidy jumps in front of #3 and is impaled in the chest. Everyone is focusing on Cassidy, including an extremely emotional #3 who is kneeling by his side, until Denise notices that Ingrid has escaped into the woods. They all begin to chase after Ingrid except Daria, who presumably stays with Cassidy during his last moments alive.


Season Two (4/10)


  • She is the only new Chanel still alive, as Chanels #7, #9, #10, and #11 have all been murdered by the Green Meanies.
    • Ironically, Daria is the only new Chanel to survive, despite Chanel trying to make her the first to die in Chanel Pour Homme-Icide.
  • She is one of the 9 survivors of Season Two.
  • It is still unknown if she is still a Chanel or not.



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