Detective Chisolm
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Occupation(s): Detective (formerly)

Interior Designer (currently)

Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Relationships: Cathy Munsch (sexual)
Friends: Cathy Munsch
Enemies: Wes Gardner
Boss: Cathy Munsch
Other Information
Interests: Cathy's heavenly hash
Interior Design
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 7
First appearance: Hell Week
Latest appearance: Black Friday
Portrayed by: Jim Klock

Detective Chisolm was a recurring character on Season One of Scream Queens. He was hired by Cathy Munsch to investigate the murders and attacks made by the Red Devil.

He is portrayed by Jim Klock.


Hell Week

At the beginning of the episode, Dean Cathy Munsch introduces Detective Chisolm to the Kappa Kappa Tau sisters and tells them that she hired him to investigate the murders ocurring at Wallace University.

Haunted House

When the episode starts, Detective Chisolm is asking questions to Cathy Munsch about what happened at the end of the previous episode, where the Red Devil tried to kill Gigi. Wes and Gigi want the detective to further investigate the case, but now that Cathy and Detective Chisolm have developed a friendship he thinks that it is not necessary, since she has been a pillar in Wallace University for over three decades. At the end of the episode at Kappa house, everyone is reunited to talk about the bodies that were found at the Shady Lane house, all of them being the Red Devil's victims. Detective Chisolm says the police department is not ready to say that the bodies found are related to the university, because the house is not part of the campus. He and Cathy begin to review the list of dead bodies. The adults that are present, including Detective Chisolm, later go to the kitchen to talk about the best course of action while eating crepes.

Pumpkin Patch

Detective Chisolm interrupts a class where Chanel Oberlin is taking an exam to announce that she has been arrested for the murder of Ms. Agatha Bean. He later takes her to the police car.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Detective Chisolm arrives at the Kappa house along with Cathy Munsch and Wes Gardner after the murderous sleepover the night before. Grace talks to Detective Chisolm about how the murders may be related to Kappa, minus Coney's. Detective Chisolm decides along with Dean Munsch that there should be uniformed officers protecting the house 24/7.

Beware of Young Girls

When Chisolm is in Cathy Munsch's office, he questions her about her whereabouts the night before and why she seemed to be injured. Cathy claims she got so drunk that she fell down the stairs in her apartment, but Chisolm says that he's been to her apartment and it doesn't even have stairs. Chisolm then informs her that her ex-husband Steven had been murdered the previous night, and Cathy pretends to not know anything about it. Chisolm tells her that he's positive she is not only the one responsible for Steven's murder, but also for all the other murders on campus, and starts going on about how she is going to be arrested. Given their previous sexual encounters, Cathy assumes he's only joking and that he wants to handcuff her in a sexual way. However, when Chisolm finally yells for backup, the rest of the police force come in and arrest Cathy.

Ghost Stories

At Kappa house, the girls are discussing the revelation that Boone is one of the Red Devils and that the police and Denise are organizing a man hunt to find him. Chisolm asks Grace and Zayday to describe Boone to a sketch artist so that they can give a drawing of him to the news, but they both get mad and explain that they already have numerous photos of him. Grace tells him that Boone is the Red Devil killer, but Chisolm's incompetence deepens as he believes that the killer isn't caught yet because he is a ghost, so he hires a paranormal investigator to help catch Boone. After Grace and Zayday then angrily storm out, Cathy realizes that Detective Chisolm is really a moron and that she's been blind to his incompetence because of their past sexual relationship.

Black Friday

Grace, Wes and Pete go to the police station to report them all being served Gigi's head at Thanksgiving to find that Detective Chisolm, and the entire homicide department, have been fired. Detective Chisolm explains that the mayor was annoyed they had no leads on the Red Devil case and spent an entire month's budget on ghost hunting supplies. He then tells them that he is going to become an interior designer, which has been a dream of his.


Total: 7/13


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