Season One, Episode Twelve
Air date: December 8, 2015
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Brad Falchuk
Ian Brennan
Directed by: Bradley Buecker
Production code: SQ-112
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The Final Girl(s)
The other baby in the bathtub is--
Pete Martínez before getting stabbed by the Red Devil

Dorkus is the twelfth episode of the first season of Scream Queens, and the twelfth episode overall. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan served as writers and Bradley Buecker served as director. It had its official release on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 on Fox and was followed by the thirteenth episode, The Final Girl(s), as a special two-hour finale of the first season.

After a friendly face confesses to be one of the killers, Grace and Zayday are really close to know who the final killer is. Chanel reunites with someone of her past, with an unexpected surprise. Shocking confessions lead everyone to think that a Kappa sister is trying to murder them, and someone is blamed as the Red Devil.


Pete admits to Grace that he was part of the Red Devil scheme, and was in fact the third murderer to don the costume, alongside Boone and his twin sister. Pete claims responsibility for the murders of Roger, Boone, and the attempted murder of Chanel at the mall. He also says he killed the mall cop, but that was just self-defense. Grace is disgusted by his constant rationalizing of his actions and tries to leave. However, Pete piques her interest with the identity of the remaining Red Devil. He tells Grace that it's one of her Kappa sisters, and although the Devil never directly revealed her identity to him, all he had to do was perform a DNA test to find out who it was. He begins to divulge the identity, when suddenly, the Red Devil jumps out of his closet and fatally stabs him before he can tell Grace who it is.

The next day, a vitriol-filled email, penned by Chanel after her Kappa sisters' failure to help her kill Munsch, goes viral after the Red Devil fowards the email to the news, and the public begins to turn on Chanel. Distraught, Chanel considers suicide, but Zayday convinces her to rise up and reform her cruel ways. Just then, the Red Devil bursts into Chanel's room, but as it turns out, it was only a helpless pizza delivery guy who was strapped to a dynamite vest and forced to impersonate the Red Devil by an unknown female, who Hester claims was wearing a veil and mumbling "something dork". The pizza guy is then blown apart in the Kappa house, with his intestines spewing all over the walls. After Chanel's conversation with Zayday, she tells the other Chanels that she wants to go on an apology tour, starting with Melanie Dorkus, who still believes that Chanel is responsible for the acid attack that left her permanently deformed.

Meanwhile, Grace visits Wes to tell him about her conversation with Pete, and how he had said that the remaining Red Devil is one of her sisters. Grace then decides to institute a plan to unmask the killer once and for all; Wes will have to seduce Dean Munsch, so that Grace and Zayday can gain access to her school records and investigate the Chanels to determine who has the skills to be the killer. While Wes fools around with Cathy, Grace and Zayday begin looking through Munsch's laptop and discover that Hester's transcript is completely fabricated. She also took some suspicious classes such as engineering, domestic terrorism, human anatomy, and sewing basics - all of which explain how she knew how to construct a bomb, properly cut Gigi's head off, and sew together the Red Devil costumes. Once they gather their information, the girls leave to go tell the other Kappas.

After their romantic encounter, Wes then confesses his love for Cathy. However, Cathy says, in order for them to be together, Grace will have to be out of the picture, as Cathy finds her unbearably annoying and feels as though she will convince Wes that Cathy isn't good enough for him. Wes looks rather confused, and Cathy heads to the bathroom to freshen up for their "round two".

The Chanels then arrive at Melanie Dorkus' house for the apology, however Hester stays behind to rob Chanel's closet, and Chanel #5 leaves for a Tinder date. As it turns out, Chanel never intended to apologize, and instead, she repeatedly attempts to stab Melanie with scissors, convinced she is the killer, due to Hester's description of a woman wearing a veil and mumbling "dork". She is just about to finish off Melanie, when Grace and Zayday show up and stop her with the proclamation that Hester is the Red Devil.

Grace, Zayday, Chanel, and Chanel #3 all return to Kappa house, and are discussing what to do about Hester, when suddenly, they hear a loud scream. The girls all grab assorted kitchen utensils as weaponry, and slowly walk upstairs to the source of the noise. They find Chanel #5 coming out of the bathroom, who says her Tinder date was actually fake. From there, they all walk into Chanel's closet and find a distraught Hester laying on the ground with a stiletto heel jammed into her eye socket. Grace seems noticeably confused as she was convinced that Hester was in fact the killer, but now she is questioning everything. Just then, Hester looks up and points her finger at Chanel #5, referring to her as the Red Devil, and claiming that she was the one who attacked her. The rest of the girls all turn to give a dirty look at Chanel #5.


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Character Cause of Death
Pete Stabbed in the neck and chest by the Red Devil.
Zak, the Pizza Delivery Man Blown up via dynamite by the Red Devil.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder.
Character Situation
Grace Gardner Knocked out by the Red Devil and survived.
Melanie Dorkus Attacked with scissors by Chanel Oberlin.

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

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  • More than one ending was filmed.
  • It's revealed that Pete was in on the Red Devil scheme and was responsible for the murders of Roger in Seven Minutes in Hell, Boone in Ghost Stories, and a mall policeman, though, he did it out of self-defense and he couldn't see well through the mask, and the attempted murder of Chanel in Black Friday.
  • During Cathy and Wes sex scenes, he changes from one type of underwear to another.
  • In the promo, when Zayday opens the mask, the person dressed in the Red Devil costume grabs her, which wasn't shown in the actual episode.





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