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Biographical Information
Full name: Dr. Mike
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Doctor
Status: Deceased
Relationship Information
Relationships: Nurse Thomas (girlfriend; deceased)
Friends: Nurse Thomas (deceased)
Enemies: Green Meanie
Killer: Jane's Brother
Victims: Bill Hollis
Patients: Bill Hollis (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Quaaludes
Sheena Easton
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 3
First appearance: Scream Again
Latest appearance: Handidates
Portrayed by: Jerry O'Connell

Dr. Mike is a recurring character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He was a doctor at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering back in 1985, before being killed in a Halloween massacre at the hospital in 1986.

He is portrayed by Jerry O'Connell.


Scream Again

Dr. Mike is first introduced as Nurse Thomas is looking for him during a Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering back in 1985. While he is in the back room searching for quaaludes, Nurse Thomas interrupts him, along with Jane, the wife of a patient with COPD. Jane begs for her husband Bill to receive medical assistance immediately as he is having trouble breathing and could be dying. Dr. Mike complains that it's Halloween, and though reluctant, finally agrees to check up on Bill, since saving lives is what he does best. He then licks his finger clean of methaqualone powder before going to perform tests on Bill.

After assessing Bill's complications, Dr. Mike determines that Bill needs to have his lungs drained, but suggests waiting until the morning to do so, since he is eager to get back to the Halloween party. Jane then demands him to give Bill the procedure now and threatens to have Dr. Mike's and Nurse Thomas' medical licenses revoked and the hospital shut down if the procedure is postponed. Dr. Mike quickly changes his mind and acknowledges that by waiting until the morning he would be disobeying the Hippocratic oath that doctors are required to follow. He tells Bill that he will give him a sedative before personally taking him to the operating room, where he will perform the surgery. He assures a nervous Jane that everything will be fine and asks her to go wait in the waiting room. She thanks him for all of his help before leaving. Dr. Mike then injects Bill with the sedative, to which Bill responds "I owe you," since he knows Dr. Mike is missing the Halloween party to potentially save his life.

After Bill is successfully sedated, Nurse Thomas admits that she is upset about missing the party for this operation, but Dr. Mike assures her that they won't be missing the party at all. Instead of wheeling Bill to the operating room, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas wheel him out on a stretcher to the swamp behind the hospital. Dr. Mike explains that the swamp is filled with so many bugs and bacteria, that if a body is left out there it will completely disappear in a matter of days. When Nurse Thomas questions if they are going to leave Bill there, Dr. Mike confesses that he was lying about performing the procedure and actually gave Bill a drug that will kill him within the hour, so him and Nurse Thomas could get back to the party. To cover up their tracks and avoid getting the blame, he suggests dumping the body in the swamp, forging the paperwork, claiming they performed the procedure, and then saying that Bill checked himself out. Nurse Thomas seems worried about what would happen if Jane were to find out, and Dr. Mike says that it's her word against theirs. He then throws Bill's body into the rancid swamp, and Nurse Thomas gets nervous that someone might have seen them and would recognize them, since Dr. Mike's costume is so specific. Dr. Mike then takes his cape off and throws it over the floating body. He also casts his Green Meanie mask directly onto Bill's face so as to hide his identity. Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas are then seen laughing and skipping back to the party, leaving Bill there to die.

In the present day, a killer begins targeting the hospital, donning the same Green Meanie costume that Dr. Mike was wearing the night of Bill's murder.

Warts and All

Sometime after Bill's murder, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas begin a romantic relationship. On Halloween of 1986, the couple are seen coming out of the hospital elevator in matching costumes, dancing to the music as they head to the Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering. As they arrive, their colleagues ask them about their costumes, and Dr. Mike announces that he is dressed as NASA's Voyager II Spacecraft, while Nurse Thomas is dressed as Uranus. Dr. Mike explains that the Voyager II made its first encounter with Uranus on January 24 of that same year, and Nurse Thomas clarifies that they plan on recreating that encounter later that night. Their colleagues ask if they would like to do cocaine with them, and Dr. Mike declines, as one of his favorite songs, "Mad About You" by Belinda Carlisle, begins playing.

Later on at the party, Dr. Mike is seen making out with Nurse Thomas in an empty hallway. As Dr. Mike begins passionately kissing her neck, Nurse Thomas turns and notices the Green Meanie coming down the hallway towards them. She recognizes the costume immediately and starts to panic, telling Dr. Mike that she never told anyone about what happened on Halloween of last year. Dr. Mike then moves forward to confront the Green Meanie, asking who he is and what he wants. Instead of an answer, he is met with a machete to the stomach. The Green Meanie then lifts him in the air, before ripping the machete out, allowing Dr. Mike to collapse dead to the floor.


As Lynn Johnstone, a former colleague of Dr. Mike, recounts the events of Halloween 1986 to Cathy, Chanel, Denise, and #3, he reveals that he became good friends with Nurse Thomas during his time working at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering. He explains how she confessed to him the secret of what happened on Halloween 1985, and while he's telling the story, a flashback ensues of Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas at Bill's bedside, along with the re-showing of the pair dumping Bill's body into the swamp.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

After looking through a file from the police department, Zayday discovers a missing persons report filed by Jane on November 2, 1985 for her husband Bill, exactly 48 hours after his body was dumped by Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas. Zayday suggests that Jane might know some crucial information, so she and Libby then decide to visit her at the address listed on the file. When the girls arrive, Zayday asks Jane what she thinks happened to her husband, and she reveals her belief that Bill indeed died that night, and that she knows Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas faked the paperwork releasing Bill from the hospital and tossed his body into the swamp to cover their tracks. Libby then proposes that Jane was actually the one to murder her husband, and that she planned to get rid of the body by bringing it to the ER and leaving it for Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas to dispose of it for her, to which Jane gets defensive and insists she wasn't the one to kill Bill.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

As Jane recalls the events of 1985, she reveals that after Bill's murder, she immediately contacted the police and explained that Bill wouldn't have checked himself out of the hospital. However, the cops would not believe her, as Dr. Mike had forged the release paperwork, and they had no evidence that he was responsible for Bill going missing. Since they refused to convict Dr. Mike of the crimes, Jane decided to take matters into her own hands. She contracted Clark, a costume designer, to create a Green Meanie costume to match the costume Dr. Mike was wearing on the night of Bill's murder. She then recruited her brother to exact revenge on the hospital on the one year anniversary of Bill's death, killing every member of the staff, including Dr. Mike.


During a Halloween party at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering in 1986, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas are seen passionately making out in an empty hallway, when suddenly Nurse Thomas notices the Green Meanie coming towards them. They immediately recognize the mask, and Nurse Thomas begins to panic, claiming that she never told anyone about what happened to Bill a year prior. Dr. Mike then confronts the Green Meanie, demanding to know who he is and what he wants. Once Dr. Mike gets close enough, the Green Meanie angrily thrusts a machete into his stomach and uses it to lift him into the air. The Green Meanie then rips out the machete, as Dr. Mike collapses dead to the floor, with Nurse Thomas watching in horror.


Season Two (3/10)


  • The Green Meanie uses Dr. Mike's Halloween costume as his outfit in 2016.
  • Similar to Bethany Stevens in Season One, he would have rather remained partying than save one of his patient's lives.




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