Dr. Mike-Nurse Thomas Relationship is about the friendship and relationship between Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas. It started prior Scream Again.


Season Two

Scream Again

Nurse Thomas is seen looking for Dr. Mike with Jane, Upon findng each other Jane complains to Dr. Mike how her husband has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. They both go to Bill and find out what is wrong, while there Thomas is eating cheetos and Mike is working on the patient. After finding out what's wrong with him they both are reluctant to do the surgery but, they do it anyway. When Jane leaves they sedate Bill and bring him to the back of Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering, Thomas is annoyed on why they are missing the party for this but Mike seems to go on to wheel the patient into the lake. Mike explains to Thomas how the bacteria and bugs will eat Bill and his body will be gone soon. Thomas then tells him how the swamp used to scare her as a little child and explains about a monster in the swamp. The both then leave and return to the party.

Warts and All

A year after Bill's death, the Halloween Party of 1986, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas are dressed as NASA's Voyager II Spacecraft and the Planet Uranus. Dr. Mike explains to some other staff that on January 24th the Voyager II made its first encounter with Uranus, and Nurse Thomas then adds that they plan on 'recreating the encounter on Earth'. The other staff members invite the pair to do cocaine with them, but Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas decline.

Later on at the party, Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas are making out in an empty hallway, when suddenly Nurse Thomas notices the Green Meanie watching them. Upon recognizing the costume, Nurse Thomas swears to Dr. Mike that she didn't tell anyone about the night they dumped Bill into the swamp. Dr Mike, not expecting him to be a serial killer, then moves forward to confront the Green Meanie, who stabs Dr. Mike in the stomach. Nurse Thomas then runs as fast as she can back towards the party to get help, but before she gets there the Green Meanie throws a machete at her. The machete quickly travels through the air and into Nurse Thomas' back, and she collapses to the floor, dead, ending the relationship.


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