Earl-Zayday Relationship is the romance and friendship between Earl Grey and Zayday Williams. Their relationship ended in Ghost Stories when Earl was murdered byBoone so he could make a move on Zayday.


Haunted House

Earl and Zayday meet at the Grind. Earl says to Zayday that he knows about her attempt to run for house president against Chanel. He tells her that she has his full support, but Zayday reminds him that unless he is in Kappa his support doesn't matter. Earl then goes on to say that he believes that they can change and save the Greek system. He tells Zayday that he already tried to run for Dollar Scholars presidency, but lost against Chad Radwell. He says all she needs to do is to run a charity for something close to her heart and have a fundraiser for it. Zayday and Earl then run into Pete, Denise and Grace at the haunted house on Shady Lane and picks it for Zayday's fundraiser. They hear Pete and Denise tells the story of the Hag of Shady Lane. Later, they find the bodies of Ms. Bean and Shondell in the haunted house, before Zayday is captured by the Red Devil.

Ghost Stories

Earl and Zayday were taking about meeting each other after they leave Wallace University, due to the campus-wide evacuation. Earl then leaves to get 'equipment' for the perfect date with Zayday but Boone, dressed as the Red Devil, stabs him and Earl dies. Zayday is later seen to be extremely upset about Earl's death.

The Final Girl(s)

When Hester is shining the plaque Zayday asks for Hester to give her baby a little shine.



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