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Biographical Information
Full name: Earl Grey
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): College Student (formerly)
Frat Brother (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Black British Guy (by Chanel)
Relationship Information
Relationships: Zayday Williams (girlfriend; until his death)
Friends: Caulfield Mount Herman (deceased)
Roger (deceased)
Dodger (deceased)
Grace Gardner
Pete Martínez (deceased)
Chad Radwell (deceased)
Enemies: Red Devil
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Killer: Boone Clemens
Other Information
Clique: Dickie Dollar Scholars
Education: Wallace University
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 8
First appearance: Hell Week
Latest appearance: Black Friday
Portrayed by: Lucien Laviscount
I have to make this moment perfect!
—Earl to Zayday Williams about their first time kissing, before he got killed by Boone.[src]

Earl Grey was a main character on Season One of Scream Queens. He was introduced in Hell Week and was part of the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity until he was killed by Boone Clemens, as the Red Devil, in Ghost Stories.

He is portrayed by Lucien Laviscount.


Hell Week

Earl is first introduced along with Caulfield Mount Herman, Roger and Dodger as they are searching for Boone Clemens so they can go to the White Stallion to hook up with some sorority girls, but they later find him lying on the dinner table with his throat slit and candles everywhere, and start screaming in horror.

Dickie Dollars finding Boone Clemens's body


While everyone is seen walking with candles towards the campus at night because Dean Cathy Munsch has an announcement, Earl appears talking with Chad Radwell about Boone Clemens's death, but their conversation is interrupted by Chanel Oberlin who wants to speak with Chad about their relationship. Scenes later, The Dickie Dollar Scholars decide to confront Red Devil to avenge the death of Boone. The same evening they walk out dressed in all white and walk with a Backstreet Boys theme to confront the killer, only to discover that there is more than one Red Devil. He proceeds to try to fight one of the Red Devils with a baseball bat only to have it cut in half by a chainsaw. After Caulfield Mount Herman gets both of his arms sliced off, the other members run away scared and frightened and probably to tell the police.

Haunted House

Earl and Zayday Williams meet at The Grind, the Wallace University coffee shop. Earl says to Zayday that he knows about her attempt to run for house president against Chanel and gives her some tips. He tells her that she has his full support, but Zayday reminds him that unless he is in Kappa, his support doesn't matter. Earl then goes on to say that he believes that they can change and save the Greek system that Kappa Kappa Tau is obviously destroying, just to be on the top. He tells Zayday that he already tried to run for Dickie Dollar Scholars presidency, but lost against the current leader Chad Radwell. He says all she needs to do is to run a charity for something/someone close to her heart and have a fundraiser for it.

Later, he and Zayday meet with Grace Gardner and Pete Martínez at the Shady Lane house, where Zayday's fundraiser party will be held, but Denise Hemphill suddenly appears and says that the house is haunted. Earl starts listening to Pete and Denise's story about the legend of "The Hag of Shady Lane". The five of them later go to investigate the house and its secrets inside.

When Earl, Pete, Grace, and Zayday arrive at the Haunted House party, they discover that there are a lot of people talking about dead bodies. They enter the house and find Ms. Bean and Shondell Washington's bodies, which makes Earl and the others freak out. At the end of the episode, after Zayday gets kidnapped, Earl is present when they all talk about the case in the Kappa Kappa Tau house and Earl looks worried for Zayday.

Pumpkin Patch

Earl was briefly seen in Pumpkin Patch when Cathy Munsch called a meeting cancelling Halloween and he was upset when Chanel said that Zayday Williams' disappearance is a stunt for publicity.

Seven Minutes in Hell

At the Dickie Dollar Scholars house, Earl confronts Chad Radwell about him sleeping with Cathy Munsch and Denise Hemphill, in which he happily confesses to and Earl later tells him that there is a slumber party in Kappa and suggests that they should have a pantie raid and all agree.

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Chad climbs up a ladder and breaks the window and climbs in, but when he looks out, he sees the Red Devil coming and shouts at his brothers to climb up. Earl and Roger manage to get safely up the ladder, but Caulfield Mount Herman struggles to get up as he has no arms. When he makes a quarter of the way up, the Red Devil knocks over the ladder, causing Caulfield to fall and the Red Devil then stabs him in the chest twice with an axe before chopping his head off. Earl cringes at the sight, but Earl is seen dancing with Zayday later on in the episode.

Beware of Young Girls

Earl can be seen briefly attending Chanel #2's funeral looking at Chad Radwell somewhat disappointingly.

Earl Dead.png

Ghost Stories

Earl is seen making out with Zayday Williams, but he stops and says that he has to make this moment perfect as goes on to say he'll get some 'supplies'. When Earl comes back with the 'supplies', the Red Devil attacks him and stabs him. As he lies on the ground, the Red Devil takes his mask off, revealing himself to be Boone Clemens. His last and dying words are "Boone, I thought you were dead" with Boone replying "I wasn't."

Black Friday

The remaining Kappas (The Chanels, Grace Gardner and Zayday Williams) discuss all of the Red Devil's main victims, including Earl; who Chanel refers to as 'black British guy'.

When Chad Radwell invites Pete Martínez to join the Dickie Dollar Scholars, he reveals that was Earl's job to read the minutes of the last week's meeting.

Earl later appears, along with the rest of the deceased Dickies, in a flashback to when Pete tried to pledge DDS, and they all laugh. Earl asks Pete if he's ever even played golf before and Pete says he hasn't, which prevents him from joining.

The Final Girl(s)

Chad Radwell changed the name of Dickie Dollar Scholars to The Dickie Dollar Earl Grey Roger Dodger Caulfield Charity Foundation, in memory of his fallen Dickie brothers. At the end of the episode, Earl is listed along with all the other deceased students on a memorial plaque donated by the Radwell family for the campus and Zayday Williams asks Hester Ulrich if she can give Earl's name more shine.


Earl's style is mostly sweaters, long sleeve scholar frat shirts, no sleeve jackets, jeans and colorful ties.

Earl is a compassionate, mischievous and not a typical frat brother who is the only pledge in Dickie Dollar Scholars that isn't douchey or obsessed with himself as he shows a lot of love and compassion towards Kappa Kappa Tau pledge Zayday Williams and doesn't get into much trouble as his fellow frat brothers. He is a mix between the nice guy and the rowdy crowd, he is fratty but not too much and isn't very full on committed to his clique. He is also quite smart and likes to hang around with people his own intelligence like Grace Gardner, Pete Martínez and Zayday (of course), but he enjoys the company of Chad Radwell and Caulfield Mount Herman with Roger and Dodger. Earl can get pretty mischievous and naughty when he wants too as well, when he found out the Kappa girls were going to have a slumber party Earl announced it to his fellow frat brothers and decided a panty raid, and when him and Zayday were about to actually take their relationship a step further, he stopped and wanted the night to be absolutely perfect by bringing some champagne and wearing a classic shiny black gown.


Earl is outside of Kappa house walking with a basket to seduce and have a romantic adventure with Zayday Williams, until the Red Devil comes from behind and stabs him in the back, causing Earl to drop to his knees and collapse on the ground. While Earl is in severe pain and confused about what's happening, he watches as the Red Devil removes his mask, revealing himself to be Boone Clemens. Earl then reaches for his last breath, telling Boone that he thought that he was dead before finally passing away.


Total: 8/13


  • The full name Earl Grey is also the name of a British tea which plays on the stereotype that the British like tea.
  • Lucien Laviscount auditioned for a different role on Scream Queens, but did not get it.
    • However, Ryan Murphy still wanted him to be part of the series and wrote a different part for him.
  • Earl is the only main character to not be introduced in Pilot.
  • Sam and Earl both saw their killers unmasked before dying.
  • Earl is the first main character to die.
    • He is also the first male main character to die.
  • Earl's last words were "I thought you were dead!" to Boone Clemens (Earl's killer).


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