Biographical Information
Full name: Feather McCarthy
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Occupation(s): Inmate
Blogger (paused)
College Student (formerly)
Sorority Sister (formerly)
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Relationships: Steven Munsch (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Enemies: Cathy Munsch
Other Information
Interests: The Beatles
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 1
Only appearance: Beware of Young Girls
Portrayed by: Tavi Gevinson
Do you know where Bologna is? It's in Italy. Bologna's amazing. Bologna's my favorite. I love Bologna. Bologna, Bologna, Bologna. I could go on about Bologna all day long.
—Feather talking to the Dean[src]

Feather McCarthy was a minor character on Season One of Scream Queens. She was the girlfriend of her professor, Steven Munsch, and was incarcerated after being framed for his murder in Beware of Young Girls.

She is portrayed by Tavi Gevinson.


Beware of Young Girls

Feather talking to Dean Munsch

When Gigi and Grace go out together trying on clothes, they discuss about the murders, and Gigi tells Grace to interrogate Feather to get some information about Cathy. In Kappa house, Grace and Pete question Feather about Dean Munsch, and Feather tells them that it all began when she first met Steven, her former Beatles 101 teacher. She didn't think he was attractive at first, but she loved it when he would play his guitar and sing The Beatles songs. The two later fell in love, and when Steven and Feather decided to confess their love to Cathy in her office, Cathy became furious and crazy and started stalking Feather ever since. Feather tells Grace and Pete to watch out and keep an eye on Cathy. When Feather arrives home, she notices an arrow made of blood pointing to a certain direction. She follows it and sees a bunch of other signs like more arrows, body parts, and messages saying things like "THIS WAY". When Feather reaches the top of the stairs and turns a corner she sees the end door with a message saying "JUST A HEAD". She opens the door to find Steven's decapitated head inside the fish tank and screams in fear. When Cathy gets arrested for the crime, Feather is outside witnessing it but is still in fear of what she's done. Cathy is placed in an asylum, and she tells Grace and Pete who visit her to prove that she's innocent and that it was actually Feather who murdered Steven. Grace and Pete then go back to the scene of Steven's murder to look around. They discover a bloody bologna sandwich on the ground next to the fish tank, which adds up to Feather being the one who killed Steven and not Cathy, since Cathy is "allergic" to bologna, and Feather is obsessed with it. Later on, Feather ends up getting incarcerated in solitary confinement screaming in sadness and fear that she loved Steven and she would never do such a thing; Cathy got her revenge as planned, leaving Feather to rot in prison for life.


Feather is lovesick, nice and naive. She is in love with Cathy's ex-husband Steven and eventually ends up getting together with him. She used to be Steven's student and has always loved him. When Steven confessed to divorce Cathy, Feather was very nervous and didn't want to show off or take any part in the conversation. She is also very afraid of Cathy, ever since she got to be with Steven. Cathy has been stalking her for months and when Grace and Pete question her about hay, she admits everything to them and wanted to get rid of her.

Feather has short blonde hair with different flower headbands. She wears long dresses and wears pink and blue jackets.


Total: 1/13


  • Feather has a blog about bologna called ilovebologna.org.
  • She is a capicolaphilist which is someone who's turned on by someone who pronounces bologna the way it's spelled "bow-log-na".



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