Ghost Stories
Season One, Episode Nine
Air date: November 17, 2015
Written by: Ryan Murphy
Directed by: Michael Uppendahl
Production code: SQ-109
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Mommie Dearest
On your last night at Kappa House, the night when all of you are most likely to be murdered.
Denise Hemphill to The Chanels

Ghost Stories is the ninth episode of the first season of Scream Queens, and the ninth episode overall. Ryan Murphy served as writer and Michael Uppendahl served as director. It had its official release on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 on Fox.

Denise does little to calm the Kappas' fears when she spins a terrifying ghost story. Meanwhile, Hester's shocking announcement pushes Chanel to the edge, and a familiar face returns to campus as the Red Devil claims another victim.


Boone Clemens continues to disguise himself as Joaquin Phoenix as he converses with an unknown person over the phone. His disguise falls off, just as he runs into Chanel 3.


He realizes that he's been caught and as soon as he begins his confession she mistakes him for a ghost. Confused, Boone decides to play along with it and tells her he is the ghost, scaring her away. When she goes back to Kappa House and informs the other Chanels of her encounter with Boone, Denise tells them a couple of ghost stories, stating that they'll be so scared of the cautionary tales that their minds off of the Red Devil and Boone's ghost. The stories only make the Chanels more frightened, with a lore about about killers that snatch up women by the vagina in the bathroom, or killers that murder you based on your decision of toilet paper. Later, Boone pays a visit to Chad, who also thinks he's a ghost. He asks Chad if he can borrow a 'date shirt' of his, saying that the only way for him to be 'among the living' would be to have sex with Zayday, and Chad complies.

"I just got my hair done!"

Denise is then seen about to use the bathroom, only to find a choice of blue and red toilet paper. Suddenly, the Red Devil pounces from above, attempting to give her a swirly. She barely escapes, rushing over to the rest of the girls, saying that she needs a ghost story to calm her down. Hester begins a story about a meat hook killer that runs away and is never found. Nobody seems to have enjoyed the tale. Denise, feeling much more refreshed, unlocks the doors as Chanel #5 states that she's leaving the house.

Zayday Williams and Earl Grey are seen sitting on Zayday's bed, as Earl announces that they haven't had their first kiss yet. They begin to passionately kiss until Earl stops them, saying that he wants everything to be perfect, running quickly to get his 'equipment'. Boone climbs through her bedroom window, trying to seduce Zayday Williams, still pretending to be his ghost.

"You faked your death!"

Zayday does not buy into it at all and realizes Boone is one of the killers. Grace walks in and realizes everything that's going on. They try to drag him away so they can turn him in, but he shoves them away and falls out the window. But when they look out the window, he has disappeared.

Earl Grey is fatally stabbed by the Red Devil. Before Earl dies, the Red Devil removes his mask, revealing it is Boone.

"I thought you were dead...?"

Chanel #5 has had enough of being hunted down by the Red Devil, stating that she's driving home. Sitting in her car, on the radio there is an announcement that warns all passersby of Wallace University to be on the lookout for serial killer, Boone Clemens. The radio then reverts to a calming song, but she is then suddenly interrupted by the honking of a truck driver behind her. She begins to speed up, as we see the Red Devil in her car being honked by the truck driver every time he pops up. She then pulls up in a gas station alongside the truck driver, kicking him in the groin. The truck driver says he was only trying to protect her. As he's explaining this to her, the Red Devil sneaks up behind him and fatally stabs him with a machete. Libby escapes and drives back to campus.

We are then back at Chad's house, as Hester is seen wearing her neck brace, once again. Interrupting Chad packing, she ask Chad why she wasn't invited to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving. He then states that Chanel is richer than her, and doesn't have a 'poo belly'. Hester menacingly smiles, saying they'll just have to wait and see if Chanel makes it to the dinner.

Arriving back at the Kappa House, Chanel #5 returns with news that the Red Devil attacked her, but Chanel says that this was just mirroring the tale that Hester had told them before about the meathook killer. Chanel #5 still continually rants about how nobody is consoling her, as Zayday still grieves the death of Earl Grey. Grace says that they should call the police, as Boone is seemingly the baby from the Kappa bathtub and obviously the Red Devil killer. Chanel retorts that she's stupid, as there are two Red Devil killers, so she can't be certain it was Boone. Hester then walks in on everyone, beginning into a story about how a 'young girl' was bullied in high school because no one could see past her neck brace, to the point where she thought it was only right to ruin Chanel's life "getting revenge on these bullies."

"I'm pregnant!"

She then announces that she is indefinitely going to the Hamptons as she's carrying Chad's child. That same night, Chanel walks into Chad's room, wondering if the rumors of Hester's pregnancy are true. Chad says it probably is, stating that he will have to marry her now and lie in bed with hosis-neck brace wife'. He says that he could still have an affair with her, but she is upset, saying that she wants Chad to pay the ultimate price. Chad asks if Chanel is the Red Devil. She turns around and stares at her. "I guess we'll see."

Boone is seen at a suite, intent on murdering Gigi with the help of the other Red Devil, only to be turned on by the other Red Devil, who fatally stabs him in the chest.

Back at Kappa House, Hester reveals that she isn't actually pregnant, but says that she will still have Chad get her pregnant. Angered, Chanel pushes Hester down the stairs, presumably breaking her neck.


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Character Cause of Death
Earl Stabbed in the back by Boone (as the Red Devil).
Truck Driver Stabbed in the stomach with a machete by the Red Devil.
Boone Stabbed in the chest by the Red Devil.
  • Hester supposedly had broken her spine and died by being pushed down the stairs by Chanel, but it is later revealed that she was alive in Thanksgiving.

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Red Devil.
Character Situation
Denise Attacked in a toilet stall in the upstairs Kappa bathroom by the Red Devil.
Chanel #5 The Red Devil was behind her in the backseat of her car while she was driving and almost killed her.

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  • Where Denise explained to choose either the red or blue toilet paper, references choosing the red or blue pill from The Matrix.
  • Where the Red Devil attempted to attack Chanel #5 behind the back seat of her car possibly references the urban legend, the killer in the backseat.

  • When Boone tried to fool Zayday into thinking he's a ghost, Zayday knows he was the Red Devil who kidnapped her by looking at the wound on the hand she stabbed him with in Pumpkin Patch.



Youtube-16.png "Butcher Pete" – Roy Brown
Youtube-16.png "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" – Jane Child
Youtube-16.png "This Town" – The Go-go's


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