Grace-Wes Relationship is the father-daughter relationship between Grace Gardner and Wes Gardner. In Pilot, it is revealed that they consider each other best friends.



Wes and Grace saying goodbye to each other

Wes is driving Grace Gardner to her first day at Wallace University. He made Grace a mixed tape with all her favorite songs, including "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, while her father reminiscences the past when he took her to see her first PG-13 movie, Twilight. He also tells her not to join a sorority because of their harsh reputations. After they say goodbye in Grace's dormitory, he leaves crying.

Hell Week

Wes wants to unenroll Grace from Wallace University because he fears that something can happen to her after Tiffany's death, but dean Cathy Munsch convinces him to let her stay in the school. Later, Wes is in his car outside Kappa Kappa Tau's house, to keep an eye on Grace, but Gigi Caldwell goes and talk to him to give Grace some space.


Grace enters her class with Sam and Jennifer and is surprised to see her father, Wes, is the teacher. She argues with him, saying that he never gives her space and she storms out. Wes continues the class by showing a film he considers the "greatest" of all time, the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

During a salad date with Gigi, that is crashed by Cathy. Zayday walks pass and Wes asks her if she's seen Grace, when she says no, he calls her and Grace tells him she is in the library, but she is in fact at a gas station with Pete.

Haunted House

After Wes finishes his class, Grace appears and confronts him about the bathtub baby and asking if her mom was Sophia, the girl that gave birth in the bathtub. When he says he doesn't know what's she's talking about, she confronts him about burning all her mother's records and says if she finds out he's the killer, she'll never speak to him again before leaving the room, leaving Wes confused.

Pumpkin Patch

Grace and Pete walk into Wes' room and end up walking in on him and Gigi making out in bed. Grace then talks to her dad and asks him to help find Zayday, which he and Gigi agree to. They soon barge into Cathy's office and talk about their search for Zayday. Denise then joins them to prove that Zayday is the killer.

The group find The Red Devil's secret lair, where the Red Devil turns the power off leaving them in total darkness. Gigi, however, manages to taser The Red Devil, when the power turns back on, Denise runs to the others to tell them. But when they find Gigi, she says the Red Devil got up and hit her in the head with a baseball bat and escaped down a laundry chute.

Seven Minutes in Hell

After the slumber party, Wes then appears and says to Grace that they're leaving, but she refuses and says her sisters need her. This causes him to walk out, leaving Grace feeling

Mommie Dearest

Grace is mad when Gigi shows her an engagement ring and confronts her father about it, telling him she's crazy.

After Chanel tells Grace that mother, Mary Mulligan, was a violent drug dealer who repeatedly drunk-drove with Grace in the car and Wes was forced to sue to get Grace out of her custody, and eventually he burnt down the family home to stop Grace from finding her. Grace confronts her father about it, and warns him to stay away from her.


When Pete tells Wes that after bribing a government official with drugs, he discovered that Wes is Boone's father. Afterwards, Wes talks to Grace alone and tells her that he didn't know he slept with Sophia. After a small talk, the two make up and Zayday appears and tells them the dinner is ready.

Black Friday

Grace , Wes and Pete end up in the police office with Detective Chisolm. They begin to describe Chisolm the situation but Chisolm, in which he replies saying " I would keep that to yourself. Pretty much always, the boyfriend is the prime suspect" As Chisolm walks away, Wes agrees that Gigi was "Crazy" and how "She was nuts", but Pete interrupts him before he can go on. Later that episode Grace comes to check out on Pete and Wes to see what was happening , they begin to tell Grace what they found out about Gigi. Pete leaves and Wes tells Grace how he felt betrayed by Gigi as he still liked her playlists.


Grace comes to Wes after Pete dies. They talk about Pete and how Wes thought that he did what he did because he loved Grace. Grace and Wes then proceed to talk about who the killer is and how they are going to capture her. Grace tells her dad that she needs to get as much information on all of her sisters as possible. She tells Wes to get ready to make the most important play list of his life and that he needs to 'take one for the team.'

The Final Girl(s)

When Grace explains to Wes about her new helpline for girls who are under the same situation as Sophia, Wes is really happy for his little girl.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

It is revealed that after the events of Season 1, Grace, traumatized by the red devil murders, had completely lost her sanity, forcing Wes to send her to a mental institution in Stanford. Enraged at his daughter's institution, Wes was motivated to become a Green Meanie and target The Chanels in revenge.



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