Grace-Zayday Relationship is about the friendship between Grace Gardner and Zayday Williams. They first met in Pilot and soon became best friends.



Zayday and Grace bonding

Zayday and Grace first met when Grace arrived at their dorm. After their introductions were made, the girls headed out to have lunch so they could get to know one another. As they talked about their families, Grace explained that her mom died when she was young, and Zayday said she was raised by her grandmother. Zayday has ambitions to be president one day and Grace wants to feel closer to her mother by joining Kappa Kappa Tau. Grace wants Zayday to join with her her, but Zayday isn't interested. However, by joining with Grace as a fellow pledge, it will look good for Zayday's future political career, so she agrees to do so.

At the KKT Party, Cathy Munsch and Gigi Caldwell announce that the sorority is open to anyone at the college who wants to pledge. As Grace and Zayday join, Chanel devises a plan to scare the new pledges into not wanting any part in the sorority by pretending to burn the maid Ms. Bean's face in the fryer. The prank does not go as planned when Chanel sees that the fryer has been turned on and Ms. Bean's face has actually been burned off, killing her. Grace wants to go to the police, but Chanel announces that she will just pin the blame on Grace, with the help of the other girls. Zayday is on Grace's side and says the ones who agree to help Chanel are "ratchet". Zayday and Grace are then forced to help put the body in the storage freezer.

Hell Week

Zayday and Grace are seen washing the floors together, and to avoid an argument between Zayday and Chanel, Grace decides to get more soap to clean the floors with.


Grace and Zayday looking for Chanel #2.

Grace and Zayday are at the grocery store, getting snacks. They talk about Pete's Red Devil costume and whether or not they should trust him. Zayday doesn't see the Red Devil when she grabs some chips, and Grace later runs into him while getting syrup. She quickly pulls out her stun gun, but Zayday pushes a shelf onto him. A cleaner goes to see what's wrong, and Zayday boasts they just got a serial killer, but upon taking off his mask, it's just one of Zayday's classmates.

The two girls decide to check out Chanel #2, but upon entering her room, they find nothing but a stain on the floor. They discuss the possibility of it being blood, and Denise Hemphill suddenly enters, helping the girls conclude that it is in fact blood. Denise shows the girls Chanel #2's tweet about the attack and photos of herself on Instagram. The trio decides to go to California to talk with Mrs. Herfmann and Mr. Herfmann.

Denise, Grace, and Zayday go to Chanel #2's house, where Mrs. and Mr. Herfmann reveal that Sonya (real name of Chanel #2) has been in and out of rehab, and she finally became happy when she met Chad Radwell. Chad wrote how much he enjoyed sex with Sonya, and how he would do it again.

Haunted House

When Zayday reveals she is running for Kappa president, Grace happily supports her. Grace later receives a text from Pete to meet him at 53 Shady Lane, and when she arrives, Pete scares her, and soon Earl and Zayday scare him. When Grace asks what they're doing there, Zayday says she's having the haunted house charity there. When Zayday is kidnapped by the Red Devil, Grace is worried and tries to convince the Chanels and the pledges to help her in the search for Zayday.

Pumpkin Patch

Grace and Zayday hug.

Grace teams up with Pete, Wes, Denise and Gigi to save Zayday from the Red Devil. Denise constantly accuses Zayday of being the killer, but Grace defends her best friend. After arriving at the Red Devil's secret lair, they are unable to find Zayday as she is no longer there. Grace becomes even more worried. Back at the Kappa House, Chanel begins the voting for Kappa President, not caring that Zayday and Grace aren't there. But before the voting can start, Zayday appears, then Grace shortly after her. Grace, happy to see Zayday is safe, hugs her. Voting then begins for Kappa President.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Zayday gets elected Kappa House co-president. Her and Grace throw a slumber party to find out who the killer is.

Beware of Young Girls

At the end, Zayday and Grace are walking into Kappa together while The Chanels are watching them from the stairs above because they think they are the killers.

Mommie Dearest

Even though Grace and Zayday don't have any direct interactions, Chanel goes on about how them two are the killers.

Ghost Stories

When Boone is trying to seduce Zayday, Grace storms in and figures out what's going on and the both of them rant at Boone being the killer. Later on, the Kappas are all in the living room where Zayday is still grieving and Grace thinks they should call the police.


They are both seen while everyone is accusing each other of being the killer. Grace and Zayday then sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner together, along with all the other KKT members.

Black Friday

Their relationship goes a bit wonky as at the beginning, when the Chanels want to murder Cathy, Grace agrees, while Zayday disagrees. However, when they try to kill Cathy the second time, Zayday comes around and agrees, but then Grace doesn't. This leads to the Chanels kicking Grace out of Kappa Kappa Tau. Of course Zayday doesn't want this, so she doesn't put her hand up when Chanel asks if she should be removed.


While Wes is seducing Cathy, Grace and Zayday look for information about The Chanels on Cathy's computer to see which one of them is the Red Devil. While they are looking, they both ignore the moaning and groaning noises inside the bedroom until they find out who the Red Devil is. When Chanel is attempting to kill Melanie, both Zayday and Grace run inside the room and proclaim that Hester is the killer. Everyone then comes running back to Kappa to find Chanel #5 standing inside the bathroom and Hester's body on the floor. Then Hester yells that Chanel #5 is the killer, and Zayday and Grace give dirty looks to her.

The Final Girl(s)

At the start it fast fowards to January 2016, where Grace and Zayday are holding the Kappa rush party. It shows that Zayday is now the President with Grace as her Vice President. It then returns to present day, where Hester accuses The Chanels for all the murderous events on campus. Grace and Zayday sit through the whole thing questioning everything that happened. Going forward to May 2016, it shows Grace, Zayday, and Hester shining the memorial plaque before leaving Hester to go somewhere else.



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