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Biographical Information
Full name: Grace Gardner
Gender: Female
Hair color: Honey blonde
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: 1997
Age: 21
Ailment: Insanity (caused by PTSD)
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
KKT Vice President (formerly)
Mental patient
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Pissy Spacek; Nancy Drew; Talking bowling ball on a stick; Walking jawline; Pencil neck; Haggie Gyllenhaal; Daughter of Sam; Talking Pumpkin; Jack Skellington; Dumbass Grace; Grace-What's-her-Nuts (by Chanel)
Señorita Awesome (By Herself and Pete)
Gracie (by Wes, Gigi and Chanel)
Hun (by Gigi)
Jeeves (by Chanel #5)
Sherlock (by Cathy)
Relationship Information
Family: Wes Gardner (father; deceased)
Mary Mulligan (mother; deceased)
Boone Clemens (half-brother; deceased)
Hester Ulrich (half-sister)
Relationships: Pete Martínez (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Friends: Zayday Williams (best friend)
Earl Grey (deceased)
Hester Ulrich
Denise Hemphill
Enemies: Red Devil
Gigi Caldwell (deceased)
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Cathy Munsch
The Chanels
Frenemies: Pete Martínez (deceased)
Other Information
Interests: Investigation
Twilight Saga (film series)
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau
Education: Wallace University
Series Information
Season(s): Season One
Episode count: 13
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: The Final Girl(s)
Portrayed by: Skyler Samuels
I'm not going to let you haze any of these girls.
—Grace to Chanel Oberlin about the new Kappa pledges during Hell Week[src]

Grace Gardner was a main character on Season One of Scream Queens. She was a student at Wallace University and a pledge of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority before becoming the vice president of Kappa to her best friend Zayday Williams, who served as president in 2016. However, her council position was short lived, as she was driven to insanity due to her traumatic experiences at Wallace, and was later admitted to Stanford Mental Asylum.

She is portrayed by Skyler Samuels.



Grace being driven to the university by her father Wes

Grace is introduced as a new freshman at Wallace University, while her father Wes drives her to her new dormitory at the school. He made Grace a playlist with all her favorite songs, including A Thousand Years, while her father reminiscences the past when he took her to see her first PG-13 movie, Twilight. He also tells her not to join a sorority because of their harsh reputations and hazing rituals, but Grace says it'll be okay. After saying goodbye in the dormitory, Wes walks out, crying. Grace is then introduced to her new roommate, Zayday Williams, and they go to the cafeteria where Grace explains that her mother died when she was two and it's just been her and her father ever since. She also asks Zayday to join Kappa Kappa Tau with her, however Zayday declines, but Grace sweetens the deal by saying that if she becomes KKT president then it can mean she will become even more successful, and will set her off into the world of politics.

Grace then attends the Kappa rush party, but is encountered by the Red Devil, whom she tries to follow before she/he disappears.

Grace and Pete being disturbed by Chanel

Grace later meets Pete Martínez at The Grinder where they briefly flirt and talk about Chanel, the president of the Kappa sorority. Pete asks if she is joining Kappa and she says yes. But then, Pete warns her not to join Kappa because something about the house is evil. But Chanel Oberlin interrupts them, bringing up Pete's stalking-assault charge back when he was obsessed with her. When Chanel leaves with Ms. Bean grudgingly behind her, Pete tells her not to join once again, but she assures him she will be fine.

Grace staying behind looking at Ms. Bean's body

Grace was present when Chanel and her minions go to confront the maid, Ms. Bean, about the creepy collage in her room. However, Chanel's anger reveals the plan that her and Ms. Bean made in the Barista that they are going to stage Ms. Bean's face being burned off in the fryer (however unknown to them the fryer was actually turned on) and Chanel pretends to drown her, burning her face and killing her. Grace walks out of the room, about to go to the police, however Chanel manages to buy everyone else's silence (except Zayday) and says she will pin the blame on Grace if she ever goes to the police. The Chanels and the pledges then take the body to a storage freezer, where Chanel swears the pledges to secrecy.

Pete reveals to Grace that he saw her help take the body to the storage room and they decide to examine the body, however Chanel and her boyfriend Chad Radwell arrive and discover the body is missing, Chad is seemingly disappointed at Chanel for letting the body go.

The pledges arrive for Hell Week, but Grace is unhappy with Chanel's announcement of her plans to haze the girls, and Chanel takes her to the Barista to iron out their differences, however Chanel offers her a place as Chanel #6 but Grace declines and leaves.

Hell Week

Grace listening to Chanel

Grace is present when Dean Cathy Munsch introduces Detective Chisolm to the Kappa Kappa Tau sisters. The Dean and detective say that they are not allowed to leave the Wallace University campus and Grace says that they cannot keep them there like prisoners. After Gigi Caldwell says that the new pledges should move in into the Kappa house so they all can be together, Grace agrees. Scenes later, she goes to basement for soap and where the Red Devil is looking at her. Grace finds a mysterious locked door and tries to open it, but Chanel #5 interrupts her and tell her that only the Kappa Presdient has the key for that door and is the only one who can enter to that room. Grace is later talking with Pete Martínez about that secret door, they both say at the same time that they will have break in to know what is happening. Suddenly, they start kissing passionately. A shocked Grace says that they should not do that again until the murders stop and Pete agrees.

Grace and Pete's first kiss

They agree that Grace is going to open the door and break into the room, and Pete is going to seek Cathy's office to find archives. After Grace enters to that room, Chanel finds her and tells her that there is where Kappa's darkest secrets lie. Chanel starts saying that, supposedly, 20 years ago a girl died in a bath tub that is in that room, which in that time was in one of the bathrooms. She gave birth and her sisters let her bleed out. Chanel tells that the legend says that Dean Munsch covered what happened to that girl who gave birth and the truth never went to the authorities. Chanel leaves the room and Grace asks herself what happened to the baby.

Grace listening to Chanel's story regarding the baby.

In Pete's room, Grace tells him what Chanel told her, and Pete, shirtless and in underwear, shows her some names that he found in a secret archive of Cathy's office. Grace starts to feel uncomfortable and opens his closet to give him some clothes. What she finds in the closet is the Red Devil costume and Grace freaks out. She asks him why he has that costume with him, and, since the Red Devil costume is the school mascot, Pete tells her that he is the mascot of the football games. Grace asks him how old he is and he tells her that he will turn 20 next month. Scared, Grace leaves the room because that's the exact same year that the baby of the girl who have birth in the bath tub would be. Subsequently, Gigi notices that there's a mysterious car outside the Kappa house and Grace clarifies that it's just her father who wants to keep an eye on her.

Chanel is writing things on the bellies of the Kappa sisters, but later is attacked by the Red Devil and Grace seems worried for her. The Kappa girls go to check if the Red Devil is still in the house and Grace grabs a chair to defend herself. When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified. In the last "Hell Week" dinner, Grace starts fighting with Chanel and other Kappa girls about who is the killer, but they are interrupted by Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell announcing that Shondell and Boone are dead, leaving Grace worried.


Grace tazering the Red Devil and is shocked

The episode opens with Grace and Zayday entering a supermarket to get food for Kappa. When Zayday grabs some chips, she is unaware of the Red Devil standing on the other side. When Grace goes over that side to get candy she turns around sees the Red Devil at the end of the aisle. In slow motion, she grabs her pink taser and tases the Red Devil, who runs towards her. Zayday knocks a shelf over to stop him. When the cleaner rushes and says "What the hell's going on?" Zayday says they caught a serial killer and she takes off his mask only to learn it's a guy she knows from class, Eugene Melman.

Grace and her friend Zayday listening to Denise

Zayday and Grace look for Chanel #2's room, and find her door with a "Do Not Disturb" sign on it. When they find a stain on the floor, Zayday assumes it's blood and Denise pops in and says "Of course it's blood." She sprays some luminal spray on the stain and says it's definitely blood. She shows Grace and Zayday the tweet she sent in Pilot, Grace then says Chanel #2 is still posting pictures on Instagram and shows one to Denise. Grace and Zayday decide to go visit her parents in California, with Denise tagging along.

Everyone is seen walking with signs and candles towards the campus to protest against Kappa, because they think that the killer will not murder them if they do not support Kappa. Dean Munsch then talks to the crowd and says their mourning the passing of Tiffany and Boone whose death is being ruled as a suicide by the County Coroner and introduces a new mascot, Coney, a guy dressed up as an ice cream cone with a smiley face.

Grace and Zayday listening to #2's parents

The next day, Denise, Grace and Zayday head to Chanel #2's parents house and have a talk with her parents. Grace informs them of a serial killer loose in the campus and shows them a picture of Chanel #2, whose name is revealed to be Sonya, saying she is still posting pictures. Denise, on the other hand, says someone might be posting them for her. Her parents then say she was in rehab and they were happy when she met Chad, who even had Thanksgiving with her family and wrote her a letter.

Grace storming out of Wes's class

Later, Grace is seen with Sam and Jennifer entering their class. When they sit down, Grace finds out that the teacher is her father, Wes. They argue, Grace ends up leaving, and Wes continues the class by showing them The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).

In the Kappa living room, Grace talks to Chanel #5 about Chanel #2 and Chad dating. It's revealed that both #3 and #5 dated Chad behind Chanel's back. Chanel #5 says Chad made her watch him play with his knife collection.

Gigi and Wes are seen having a salad together with Cathy joining them, Gigi starts to laugh hysterically when the sauce makes a fart noise when she squeezes it. Zayday walks past and Wes asks her if she is seen Grace. She says no and he calls her and she lies by saying she is at the library, when she is actually at a gas station with Pete.

Haunted House

Grace and Pete arriving at Mandy's

, Grace and Pete drive to a trailer which is owned by Mandy who tells them about what happened 20 years ago. In a flashback to 1995, Mandy and her sorority sisters are forced to wear hoods while Cathy drives to a location to bury Sophia. While digging, Cathy says they should leave the university immediately and never contact each other again. They then throw her body in the hole. Back in the present, Mandy says one of the sisters killed herself, another was institutionalized and another made it into FOX News. She then reveals that the bathtub baby is a girl.

Grace and Zayday announcing Zayday to become president of Kappa

Later on in Kappa, the Chanels and the pledges are carving pumpkins, when they reveal to Chanel their pumpkins, Zayday announces she is running for Kappa president against Chanel, and Grace knows and approves to the decision.

Grace discussing about being the baby to Wes

In Wes's class, the class is watching another horror movie and afterwards Grace appears and confronts him about the bathtub baby and asking if her mom was Sophia. She says if she finds out he is the killer, she will never speak to him again before leaving. When leaving the building, she receives a text from Pete to meet him at 53 Shady Lane.

When she arrives, Pete scares her and soon Earl and Zayday scare him. When Grace asks what they are doing there, Zayday says she is having the haunted house charity there. Denise appears, startling them and says the house is haunted and she and Pete tell them the story of 'The Hag of Shady Lane', the former resident of the abandoned shack, who took care of the bathtub baby in 1995.

Later that night, Grace and Pete head to the haunted house when they learn about the dead bodies being real.

Pumpkin Patch

In Munsch's office, Cathy and Denise talk about their experience with sleeping with Chad until Grace, Pete, Gigi and Wes barge in and talk about their search for Zayday. Cathy says she hired an investigator from Secure Enforcement Solutions, which is Denise, which makes everyone groan.

Grace, Pete and Wes ready to fight off Red Devil

Grace, Pete, Wes, Gigi and Denise find The Red Devil's secret lair, where the Red Devil turns the power off leaving them in total darkness. Gigi, however, manages to taser The Red Devil, when the power turns back on, Denise runs to the others to tell them. But when they find Gigi, she says the Red Devil got up and hit her in the head with a baseball bat and escaped down a laundry chute.

Back at Kappa, Chanel tries to call the presidential election early due to Zayday and Grace's absences, however, Zayday appears and tells them what happened. Grace then returns and is happy to see Zayday. They then all get ready to vote for presidency.

Seven Minutes in Hell

The episode opens with the Chanels and pledges placing their votes, Jennifer counts the marbles, white for Chanel and black for Zayday, it comes to a tie. Zayday suggests they both be co-presidents, which sends Chanel into a fit of rage, causing her to run up to her wardrobe. When Chanel 3 and Chanel 5 find out it was part of her plan and opts to cede her presidency to Zayday. She walks downstairs and tells everyone about it.

In her room, Zayday and Grace suggests they throw a slumber party and play "Truth or Dare" to find out who the killer is. When she announces the idea to the sisters, they argue about it until #3 suggests they play "Spin the Bottle" and some of the sisters give in.

Grace in the room

That night in the kitchen, Jennifer and Sam tell the sisters that all the doors and windows are locked, Chanel thinks someone might have hacked into the security system she had installed after watching "Panic Room" with Chad. When Jennifer says it's only a matter of time before one or all of them are killed, the lights suddenly go out and the sisters scream.

After Caulfield's, the Kappa sisters and Dickie Dollar brothers decide to play "Truth or Dare" to determine who the killer is. The game ends up with Sam revealing that Chanel #3's father is Charles Manson.

The group soon decide to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and Chanel picks Chad and they are then seen in Chanel's closet making out, until she says that Chad must promise not to sleep with anyone else and pinky swear on it. Soon it's Chanel #5 and Roger's turn and they walk in. Chanel and Chad are walking back into the living room when they hear a scream. They go down to the basement and find Hester who discovered Sam's body and some of the sisters claim that Heater's the killer as she was the first to find her.

After hearing Chanel 5 scream, the group enter the closet and are shocked to see Roger dead, but soon claim #5 as the killer. Chad mentions him and his brothers fighting two Red Devils, letting everyone knows there's now two killers. Chanel claims Pete as the killer as he has not been seen yet, Grace says he told her he is studying. Soon Chad finds a trap door under one of the Chanel's shelves. The group suggest that's how the killer got in and left after killing Roger. Chanel and Zayday go explore it.

Grace with Wes

The next day, Grace talks to Detective Chisolm about how the murders may be related to Kappa, except Coney's. While the detective talks about having uniformed officers protecting the house 24/7 and Dean Munsch saying that's fantastic news, Grace receives a text from Pete saying "Done studying. Wanna make out?" Wes then appears and says their leaving, but she refuses, claiming that her sisters need her. This causes him to walk out, leaving her feeling guilty.

Beware of Young Girls

Grace attends Chanel #2's funeral with everyone.

Grace picks out a shirt for Gigi

Grace is seen in a clothes shop helping Gigi try on some clothes for Wes, and Gigi is touched when Grace is actually trying to get info from her father.

After Feather finds Steven's severed head, Grace and Pete manage to link Cathy Munsch to many of the murders on campus, and Cathy is suspected to be the Red Devil and is taken to an insane asylum. Grace and Pete share a kiss, thinking the whole Red Devil case is over. Cathy calls Grace, asking her and Pete to come and visit her.

The following day, they visit her in the asylum, where she reveals she cannot eat bologna because it would put her into anaphylactic shock. It occurs to Pete that the killer made a sandwich at the scene and had taken a bite out of it and they decide to find out what kind it was. Pete and Grace return to the scene to find out that it was a bologna sandwich, and thus, decide Cathy could not have been the killer.

The last shot shows Grace and Zayday returning to the Kappa Mansion as the Chanels watch from upstairs.

Mommie Dearest

Grace in Cathy's office

Grace is held up in Cathy's office while discussing about the baby. Grace becomes shocked upon finding out that Gigi has gotten engaged to her father. She confronts Gigi and tells her to stay away from him.

Grace slaps Chanel.gif

Later on, Chanel tells her more information about the party in 1995, including the identity of her mother. At that party, Bethany Stevens hooked up with Wes, who knocked her up shortly after; Bethany was Grace's mother. She had also died in a car accident when Grace was a baby. Chanel goes on to tell Grace about what a slut Bethany was, and Grace slaps her and walks away.

She goes to Wes, who admits to lying to her, but insists it was only to protect her. Grace gets mad again and storms out. Later, after being threatened by Denise, Chanel apologizes to Grace, who although she does not trust her, bonds with her over their mother issues. Grace points out that, while Chanel has a point, she is continuing the pattern her mother taught her and that her intention was to destroy Grace instead of making her life better.

Ghost Stories

Zayday enters Grace's room and asks her why she has not finishing packing. She says that she wants to stay and Zayday mentions her dad. Grace replies, "To hell with my dad" and continues by saying that he lied to her about the most important thing; who she is and where she came from. She also says she would rather stay at Kappa house than spend Thanksgiving with him and Gigi.

After Earl's death, Grace and Zayday are with Cathy and Detective Chisolm talking about Boone faking his death and how he is responsible for the murders. Chisolm asks Grace and Zayday to describe Boone to a sketch artist so that they can give a drawing of him to the news, but they both get mad and explain that they already have numerous photos of him. Chisolm then states that he believes Boone's really a ghost and brings a paranormal investigator with him. Grace and Zayday angrily storm out and Zayday says to Cathy that her blood is on her hands.


As Cathy has Thanksgiving dinner with Grace, Zayday, Wes, Pete, Chanel 3 and Chanel 5, they begin to argue over who they think the killer is. Cathy thinks it's Chanel 3, while Chanel 3 thinks it's Cathy. Wes starts to think it's Grace, but Grace provides evidence as to why she could not be and why she suspects it's Chanel.

Pete tells a story he has compiled of evidence he has dug up, claiming Wes is the killer. Pete reveals that he discovered that Wes, having bribed a government official with a bag of weed to escape prosecution, was Boone's father, and thus, the father of the other bathtub baby. Grace looks at him somewhat disappointed.

Wes talks to Grace alone and tells her that he did not know he had knocked up Sophia. After the two make up, Zayday calls them over for dinner. Chanel and Hester arrive, as does Chad soon afterwards. He and Chanel make up as well, and Chanels 3 and 5 go retrieve the turkey. As Chanel Oberlin uncovers the turkey they are eating tonight, everyone begins screaming in horror as it's revealed that instead of holding the turkey, the platter is holding Gigi's severed head.

Black Friday

Grace and Chanel, suspecting that Dean Munsch is the killer, try to poison Dean Munsch with apple cider that they poured blowfish venom in. Dean Munsch drinks it all, but survives and does not even feel any ill effects.

Pete tries to get Grace to have sex with him, but she refuses and says she is not ready. However, at the end of the episode, she tells Pete she is ready to do it with him, but he refuses and says he does not want her first time to be with a murderer, which hints at the fact that Pete could be the Red Devil.


Pete confesses to Grace that he actually killed Roger, Boone, and the mall cop, and he attempted to kill Chanel but was not able to due to the mask he was wearing obscuring his eyesight. He also claims to lack any skills when using a crossbow, thus shooting Chanel's shoulder rather than a fatal target. Grace yells at him, disgusted by his actions. Pete tries to justify what he did was all to protect Grace and to bring the conspiracy to justice. Just as he is about to reveal the other baby, the Red Devil jumps out of the closet behind them and fatally stabs Pete. Furious, Grace attacks the Red Devil and seems to have the upper hand at first. The Red Devil manages to overpower Grace and knock her to the floor. She looks to Pete's corpse, seeing that he died looking at her. She is then knocked unconscious.

After waking up, she goes to her father to get his help to subdue Dean Munsch so that she can get to the student records. She asks that he seduce her, so as to buy as much time as possible.

She and Zayday later track down the identity of the Red Devil in Dean Munsch's student records. They look through the files of the Chanel's and find one record with clearly falsified information. Quickly, they realize the other girls may be in danger and run to find them. Grace and Zayday burst in on Chanel and Chanel 3 about to kill Melanie Dorkus (of whom Chanel believed to be the Red Devil.) They tell Chanel that it cannot be Melanie because they discovered it to be Hester.

Upon getting back to the Kappa house Grace grabs and spatula as a weapon and the girls retreat upstairs to find the others. After hearing screaming, then run to find Hester on the ground with a stiletto sticking out of her eye. She awakes to point out Chanel #5 as the Red Devil.

The Final Girl(s)

In January of 2016, a month later, we are shown Grace has survived the killings and is now Vice President of Kappa Kappa Tau. They are having a winter rush due to the events of the previous semester killing or getting rid of most of the pledges. She states that it is now written in the bylaws of the sorority that all girls seeking to pledge Kappa may join.

In flashback to December, Grace does not initially believe Hester, who dramatically claims it is Chanel 5. After Hester brings a large amount of (clearly false) evidence accounting of how Libby is the bathtub baby, and that Chanel 3 and Chanel helped her in the killings, Grace believes Hester's claim that her falsified records were just to cover up her life so that she could be liked.

In May of 2016 Grace has set up a helpline for girls who get pregnant so as not to have the same incident which caused all the events to happen again. Although the hotline is unsuccessful, her father claims that it was the amount of valiant effort that went into all of her actions that would cause real change in the sorority. He also agrees to give her some space and leaves his teaching position at the university to run off with Cathy.

Grace is last seen polishing the monument erected in honor of the dead students. She leaves with Zayday saying they need to get ready for a night of the girls eating and talking about all their problems and feelings.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

After Wes visits C.U.R.E. to get a hairball removed from his stomach, he reminisces about his time spent with Cathy and describes their relationship to the doctors. He explains that Cathy's intentions were to put a wedge between him and Grace, and a photo of Grace is seen in a flashback as she was trying to call her father, but Cathy quickly declined the call and blocked her number. He also reveals that because of Cathy, he was distanced from Grace and ended up not seeing her for over a year. He does, however, clarify that Grace is doing well, as she recently went to Stanford to work on her master's degree, and he also scolds the Chanels for not being even remotely concerned about how Grace is doing.

In the final moments of the episode, Wes reveals that Grace was not in fact at Stanford University, but rather Stanford Mental Asylum, after losing her sanity following her traumatizing experience at Kappa Kappa Tau. He explains that she seemed fine at first and was on the right track to greatness, but that the hazing and murders finally took a toll on her, causing her to stop sharing all the boring details of her life with him. She just wasn't the same person, and even sided with Katy Perry in the Katy vs. Taylor Swift feud, and refused to wear any of the hats that Wes would buy her, no matter how cute or whimsical they were, all because of the Chanels. He expresses his anger that the Chanels are working at a hospital and get to become doctors while Grace is locked up in a mental institution because of what they did to her. In turn, this caused Wes to become a Green Meanie copy-cat killer, hoping to exact his revenge on the Chanels for their mistreatment of Grace.

Lovin the D

Hester decides to call a Green Meanie summit, inviting Ingrid, Cassidy, and Wes to come together to discuss the past and future plans for murder. During a game of "Who Killed Who?", Wes reveals that he killed Sheila Baumgartner because he became increasingly enraged after having just visited Grace at the asylum. He also explains that he ran away without hurting Zayday because he knew Zayday used to be Grace's best friend.

Hester then initiates a game of "Who Gets to Kill the Chanels?" and explains that the remaining murders will be fairly divvied up between the killers. Wes fights for the opportunity to kill Chanel, arguing that she was responsible for Grace's insanity, but Ingrid insists she deserves it more, considering Chanel burnt her sister's face off. Hester agrees, admitting that Grace, although insane, is still alive with her face perfectly intact, so ultimately Ingrid is awarded the ability to kill Chanel, much to Wes' dismay.


Justify or not, you're not a killer! You're a rare breed, one of the true good guys.
Pete Martinez to Grace[src]

Grace slapping Chanel after learning the truth about her mother

Grace is intelligent, investigative and strongly independent. Throughout her life, Grace has lived with her father Wes, who she treats as her best friend that she can never let go because they both are the only close family they've got left. Grace's mother committed suicide when Grace was very young, and has left Wes to be confused and upset and having to lie to Grace telling her that her mother died in a fire. Ever since then, Grace gained an agenda to find out who her mom really was and learn more about her, and Grace's primary source is Kappa Kappa Tau, a rich mean sorority in Wallace University that her mother pledged in.

Even though Grace is still highly independent, when it comes to separating herself from her father, Grace gets a little upset and has to count to three to stop hugging him and walk away. When Wes drives Grace to the university, they both had to do just that, but it motivated Grace and made her realise that for now on, she will have to live her own life and stay strong and not give in to her emotions. Even though Grace loves her father very much, Grace certainly does have a limit and sometimes can feel a little bit too smothered and overprotected by him, which leaves her kind of annoyed and embarrassed, but understandable as she does the same for him, especially when it comes to his new girlfriends like Gigi.

Grace is also very intelligent, she knows who to be friends with and who to not be friends with as shown when she first meets Zayday, the two instantly became best friends and pledged Kappa together, and when she met Pete she knew something was up but accepted him later on and the two became a couple, but when Grace first met Chanel, the president of Kappa, Grace knew she was going to be a problem. Grace's intelligence also comes into her investigative nature as she is able to figure out the clues and puzzles of the murders caused by Red Devil, along side Pete who is like her sidekick. When Grace tries to solve the murders, she looks through every detail and suspects almost every important person involved with the murders on campus.

Although she may seem harmless and approachable, Grace can get very mean and tough if she wants to, like the time she slapped Chanel across the face because of being tormented that she is not the baby but is actually the daughter of Bethany Stevens, who was the Chanel of Kappa in 1995, and when Grace attempted to poison Dean Munsch because of her belief that the Dean was to do with all the murders.

But Grace is always willing to do the right thing and make the right choices and will always be determined to get answers, even if it means putting herself into severe danger or having to physically fight the Red Devil on her own. She believes people can eventually change for the good and she will never let anyone drag her confidence down, and will always continue to try to make Kappa a better place.

Grace usually wears cool, eclectic clothes that give her an almost '70s vibe. Her style usually includes colored berets and sweaters or coats. Many of her clothes are from Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and Forever 21.


Main article: Grace-Wes Relationship
Grace and her father Wes have a best-friend relationship. She is very conflicted and is nervous about going to college and joining a sorority because she and her father have a very close family relationship and have nothing but each other. Wes is always looking out for her but sometimes Grace only wants independence.

Main article: Grace-Pete Relationship
Grace has feelings for Pete. Since they first met in Pilot, they have felt a connection between each other. Both have a lot of things in common, they are hard workers, curious, and always want to know the truth about the mysteries surrounding the sorority.

Main article: Grace-Zayday Relationship
When Zayday and Grace first met in Pilot they became really good friends instantly. They show great support for each other, like when Zayday joined Kappa Kappa Tau to accompany Grace. They both want to change the system that the sorority has fallen into and change it into a really big and nice sisterhood. Both seem to be the only members that realize that something strange is going on at Wallace University and want to know what it is.

Main article: Chanel-Grace Relationship

Chanel and Grace

Grace and Chanel Oberlin first meet at the Kappa Kappa Tau party in Pilot, but their rivalry officially starts after Chanel accidentally kills Ms. Bean and Grace wants to tell the police. Chanel blackmails most of the Kappa sisters to say that Grace was the one who killed her if she says to the police what happened. Their enmity continues when Grace stands up the new KKT pledges, but Chanel tries to make peace by inviting her to be the sixth member of her minions, but Grace declines and their rivalry continues.

Mary Mulligan is Grace's mother, who would treat Grace awfully. While drunk, she would put Grace on her lap and drive her around. Luckily for Grace, Wes sued for custody of her in 1996 and ended up winning.


Total: 13/13


  • Grace's name was supposed to be "Stacy Bugless" according to the original leaked script of episode one.
  • Her mother was the president of KKT in 1995.
  • She was the first character to see the Red Devil in the present day (chronologically it was Gigi Caldwell and Hester Ulrich).
  • She was offered to be a Chanel (Chanel #6), but refused. In Chainsaw, that title went to Hester.
  • Her first PG-13 movie was Twilight.
  • She said that she was "Team Edward", which was a pop culture trend in the late 2000s.
  • Her mom committed suicide.
  • Her mom (Mary Mulligan) one time went drunk driving with Grace on her lap and another time on top of her car.
  • She hates Gigi Caldwell, even though Gigi's sister was her mom's friend.
  • Her mom saw the baby(s) being born in the Kappa bathroom.
  • Boone and Hester are her half siblings. They share the same dad (Wes Gardner).
  • She is the character with the highest count of nicknames in Season One.
  • Her mother is Bethany, as revealed in Mommie Dearest.
  • Both her and her father Wes dated people involved with the killings, Grace was dating Pete, while Wes dated Gigi.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
    • She is also one of the 7 characters to be in every episode.
  • Although Grace doesn't appear in Season Two, she plays a significant role in her father's revenge against the Chanels, as she was sent to an asylum following her experience at Kappa Kappa Tau.
  • In Mommie Dearest, it is revealed that she was conceived on the night of the party in 1995 where Sophia died. This means she should've been born in 1996, not 1997. She also should have been 19 during the events of season 1, not 18 like she tells Pete in Hell Week.


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Grace Gardner has a photo gallery.


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