Green Meanie
Biographical Information
Full name: Green Meanie
Gender: Male/Female
Occupation(s): Serial killer
Status: Inactive
Nickname(s): Giant Booger (by Denise)
Relationship Information
Family: Jane Hollis (mother of Dr. Cassidy Cascade; deceased)
Bill Hollis (father; deceased)
Friends: Hester Ulrich (accomplice)
Enemies: C.U.R.E. Patients
C.U.R.E. Staff
The Chanels
Killer: Dr. Cassidy Cascade & Ingrid Marie Hoffel (indirectly as Wes Gardner)
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (as Dr. Cassidy Cascade)
Victims: Dr. Mike
Nurse Thomas
Catherine Hobart
Sheila Baumgartner
Chamberlain Jackson (survived)
Chanel #5 (survived)
Denise Hemphill (survived)
Tristan St. Pierre
Chanel #11
Chanel #9
Chanel #10
Slade Hornborn
Marguerite Honeywell
Daria Janssen (survived)
Boss: Jane Hollis (planner)
Other Information
Interests: Killing
Getting Revenge
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 10
First appearance: Scream Again
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Riley Schmidt (stunt)
Taylor Lautner
Oliver Hudson
Kirstie Alley
Ladies, we have another serial killer on our hands.
Chanel to #3 and #5 about the Green Meanie[src]

The Green Meanie is the main antagonistic figure in the second season of Scream Queens. It is revealed in Blood Drive that there are multiple Green Meanies, two of them being Dr. Cassidy Cascade and Ingrid Marie Hoffel, the former of whom is the muscle, while the latter becomes the brains. It is revealed in Rapunzel, Rapunzel that Wes Gardner is the third Green Meanie, using a copy-cat costume and Hester as his accomplice. It is also revealed that Jane Hollis orchestrated the original murders, recruiting her brother to kill the Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering staff in 1986.

Stunts were potrayed by Riley Schmidt.


Scream Again

In the beginning of the episode, a flashback is shown of Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering hospital in 1985, where a Halloween party occurred. One of the patient's wife's demanded that a doctor help her dying husband. When Dr. Mike and Nurse Thomas took over the medical procedure, Dr. Mike decided against it because he would rather enjoy himself at the party. He drugged Bill instead and brought him outside to throw his body in the rancid swamp behind the hospital. Nurse Thomas seemed hesitant about dumping the body, explaining to Dr. Mike that she grew up in the area and heard stories from other kids about a monster that lived by the swamp: the Green Meanie. She then pointed out that there could be witnesses, as Dr. Mike's Halloween costume is too recognizable, so he took off the Green Meanie cape and mask and threw it on top of Bill's body, watching it sink under water.

Years later, Chanel #5 and Catherine Hobart went to the hospital basement for a hydrotherapy bath, where they become locked in their chambers. Catherine starts freaking out that they both will be stuck in their tubs with no one to help them, but Chanel #5 tells her that Chamberlain, the candy striper, will come down for them in an hour. After an hour has passed, the Green Meanie creeps into the room and starts playing music, waking up Catherine and Chanel #5. They both assume it is Chamberlain coming to get them, but the Green Meanie then shows himself. He walks over to them both and starts taunting them on which of them he is going to kill. Catherine pleads for him to kill Chanel #5 instead of her, and the Green Meanie then begins to walk away, making Catherine think he's leaving. However, he quickly turns around and slices her head off with his machete, and her decapitated head lands right on top of Chanel #5's tub. He then stares at #5 before swinging his machete downward, leaving her status unknown.

Warts and All

The episode opens with the aftermath of Catherine's murder. A detective at the crime scene reveals that #5 passed out after the decapitation, leaving the Green Meanie to escape with Catherine's body unnoticed.

When investigating the hospital's history, Zayday and Chamberlain discover a news article from November 1st 1986, which details the murders of the Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering hospital's staff on Halloween night. In a flashback to that night, three of the hospital's male staff are seen in the locker room taking cocaine. Upon realising he should not being taking drugs as he is still on call, one of the staff members expresses his concern to the another; who looks up to notice the Green Meanie lurking in the doorway. Suddenly, the Green Meanie throws his machete towards them and it slits the first man's throat before impaling another in the stomach. The remaining man tries to escape but, as he is high, he is unable to make it far and the Green Meanie stabs him in the abdomen several times. The Green Meanie then finds Nurse Thomas and Dr. Mike and interrupts them whilst they're making out. An unsuspecting Dr. Mike approaches the Green Meanie to confront him/her but is promptly stabbed in the stomach, and is then lifted off the ground by the Green Meanie by raising the machete whilst it is still in Dr. Mike's stomach. Nurse Thomas tries to flee but is unable to due to the restraints of her rather wide costume, the Green Meanie throws his machete once again across the hallway and it impales Nurse Thomas in the back. The Green Meanie watches her collapse dead on the floor before killing the entire hospital staff.

In the present, the Green Meanie attempts to kill Cathy but fails when she puts up a fight. Due to underestimating her strength and ability, the Green Meanie is disarmed and pinned down to the floor by Cathy; she reaches down to remove the Green Meanie's mask but before she can, #3 and Cassidy interrupt her. She tries to explain that she was attacked but upon hearing the elevator doors shut she looks down to find that the Green Meanie has escaped. Cathy then vents her frustrations to #3 and Cassidy; warning them that when someone has fought of a killer and is about to reach down and pull of the mask, it is not the time to distract them with questions.

The next night, Tyler is video chatting with #5 when the Green Meanie, not in costume, takes him into surgery. #5 realises that the surgery was actually scheduled for the next day, as Brock and Cassidy are out on dates with the Chanels. The Green Meanie, now back in costume, then uses the lasers that should have been used to cure Tyler as a weapon against Tyler. The Green Meanie sears Tyler's eyes and chest with the medical laser before slicing his throat with a scalpel. The Chanels arrive to find they are too late, and that the Green Meanie has already fled the scene.


In his hospital room, Randal removes the cloth from his face, and notices that he's not startled, and then drops a bucket to the floor and still is not startled. He then walks into the hallway looking to tell someone that he's been cured. Hearing the sound of the elevator opening, he turns around to see who is getting off. Seeing the Green Meanie, he asks out loud if this is a test, confidently walking towards the Green Meanie, saying that he does not feel any anxiety at all. As he states that he is not scared, that he's just happy to be alive, and ready to take on the world, the Green Meanie slashes his chest with a hand scythe. Not really believing it to be real, he states that the experience is incredible and that he's beginning to really feel transformed, before being slashed a second time with the hand scythe. Finally realizing that what's happening to him is real, his confidence turns to terror, and he begs for his life as the Green Meanie proceeds to slash him three more times, the killing slash happening off screen.

Cathy, Denise, Zayday, and the Chanels go to visit Lynn Johnstone, a nurse that used to work at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering, and the sole survivor of the 1986 Halloween Massacre, after figuring out a clue that Hester had given to Chanel. Nurse Johnstone reveals that he was in the bathroom during the murders, and could not hear anything, and that all he saw was the aftermath of the massacre. He also reveals that while he did talk to a reporter, the hospital paid him $5 million to keep quiet, which he used to build his business Esrun. When asked if he saw the murderer, he says he did not have to, he knew who did it. He reveals that Nurse Thomas told him about her and Dr. Mike killing Bill and dumping his body into the swamp, he knew that the killer was connected to Bill. He than says he tried to forget about everything that happened that night but recently he had received phone calls from the Green Meanie, harassing him, and threatening to kill again. He then says he thinks it was the pregnant lady that called him, to which Zayday says, or her baby.

As Sheila Baumgartner is being discharged, she tells Zayday and Chamberlain that she called the local news station and put in a good word for them. As she's thanking them, she locks eyes with the Green Meanie, who is standing down the hall from them. The Green Meanie then throws a hand scythe at her, causing it to slice through her neck, decapitating her. The Green Meanie than slashes Chamberlain across the chest, before being confronted by Zayday. Rather than attacking her, the Green Meanie turns away and runs off.

Halloween Blues

After Chad Radwell was killed, Cathy Munsch and Denise Hemphill try to come up with a way to find out the Green Meanie's identity, so they ask Hester why the killer's pattern in changing from the patients to the staff. She suggests throwing a Halloween party inside the hospital, as they suspect the killer to be a member of the hospital staff. While finishing decorating for the Halloween party, Denise is attacked by the Green Meanie but manages to get away. Denise then invites Hester to the party, only if she does not tell anyone and gives her an ankle bracelet and Jason Voorhees mask to hide her identity while attending the party, but she ends up copying Chanel #5's idea and goes as Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's daughter. Shortly after she is released, she tries to attack Chanel Oberlin while in disguise, and Chanel ends up suspecting #5 to be the one who tried to kill her and conclusively be the Green Meanie.

Later that night, Hester actually attends the party, still disguised as Ivanka Trump. When people from another Halloween party appear, suffering from nausea and hallucinations, and she disappears into the crowed. A woman dressed up as Snow White tells the hospital staff that she witnessed the Green Meanie come to the party and changed the water for bobbing apples, which they spiked with DMT. Chanel then points out that the killer failed to kill the people at the party, since DMT is found to be harmless, Zayday comes to the conclusion that the killer is using it as a distraction, at the same time Hester (still wearing her costume) appears to #5. #5 suspects it to be Chanel, who wants to take revenge on her. Hester pulls out a knife and slowly moves closer to #5, but lets it down when she sees her ally, the Green Meanie, who shoves a machete into her back. Hester leaves after that.

Denise then appears and Chanel #5 is still alive, she tries to help #5 but the Green Meanie appears and this time kills her with a defibrillator. The killer electrocutes her several times until her death, while #5 watches and begs for her life.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

As Dr. Munsch, Chanel, #3, and Zayday are distracted by finding Denise's body and an injured #5, the Green Meanie massacres every patient in the hospital, off screen.

All throughout the episode, the Chanels begin to enact a plan to gave patients memberships to the Chanels, to use as a human shield from the Green Meanie. During a party given to "celebrate" the new Chanels making it into the group, Chanel enacts the plan to sacrifice one of them to the Green Meanie. Hester tells Chanel #8 that there is an Hermes Infinity Choker hidden somewhere in the morgue, and that she has to go all by herself to find it. Chanel #8 goes to the morgue and begins to look for the choker. As she's looking, an envious Chanel Pour Homme shows up and says he's been saving up to by an Hermes Silver Infinity Choker, forever, and that he's not gonna let her have it. Unknown to the both of them, they are being watched through the morgue window, by the Green Meanie. Chanel #8 returns to the party, much to the shock of the Chanels, whom she tells, Chanel Pour Homme wanted the choker more. Realizing that their plan has gone wrong, they rush to the morgue to find Chanel Pour Homme, dead in the morgue drawer, having been cut in half at the waist, the present laying on top of him.

The surviving Chanel recruits are in the office with the Chanel's as Dr. Munsch is grilling them on Hester's whereabouts. As they're talking to Dr. Munsch, they accidently reveal to the recruits, that they were recruited to be human shields. Chanel #7 speaks up and says she's fine with the arrangement as she really loves the new clothes. Dr. Munsch congratulates them on coming up with that plan, and has taken it upon herself to bring them three more recruits. Chanel then sends the recruits to clean out #5's bed pans. As the recruits are walking to the Chanel's room, the Green Meanie shows up with two machetes. The recruits run away, with Chanel #7 shoving #11 out of her way, causing #11 to fall to the ground and get left behind. As she gets up, the Green Meanie walks towards her. Seeing her extra finger, the Green Meanie cuts it off, immediately being thanked by #11, before stabbing #11 in the stomach with both machetes at the same time. After killing her, the Green Meanie turns and runs off down the hall.

Blood Drive

As Dr. Munsch is looking through the blood bags in the blood room, the Green Meanie can be seen watching her through the window.

Later on in the episode, Chanel #9 is strapped to a table in the blood room, by Chanel, due to her fear of needles. Chanel than proceeds to put the needle in her arm, and begins to draw her blood. As she's drawing blood, she sees Brock walking down the hall, and runs out to talk to him, leaving Chanel #9 in the blood room alone. As Chanel #9 questions this choice, the Green Meanie walks into the room, equipped with an old fashion medical bag. Opening up the bag, the Green Meanie grabs a rolled up pouch of needles and begins to insert one into Chanel #9's arm. As this is happening, Nurse Hoffel walks into the room. As the Green Meanie looks up in surprise, Nurse Hoffel says they are on the same side, and tells the Green Meanie to remove the mask for a real conversation. After being prompted by Nurse Hoffel saying that Chanel #9 would not be living to tell anyone the Green Meanie's identity, the killer removes the mask, to reveal himself as Dr. Cassidy Cascade. Nurse Hoffel offers her services in being the brains of the Green Meanies and Cassidy continuing as the muscle, only to be told by Dr. Cascade that he's doing fine on his own. She then proceeds to tell him that he's not, because Zayday is close to finding out who he is. She then makes a deal with him, she'll help, but he has to leave the Chanels for her. He agrees to the deal and she then asks if she can help kill #9, to which Dr. Cascade willingly obliges. As they're preparing to kill #9, Dr. Cascade asks if Nurse Hoffel if she's the other Green Meanie killing people, which she says she has not killed anyone yet, which reveals that there is another killer. They then proceed to kill #9 by draining her of all her blood.

At the end of the episode, Cassidy presents Ingrid with a green gift box, which contains a Green Meanie costume. She at first is confused, wondering if it'll confuse them, seeing as there is another Green Meanie killer besides them. After Cassidy assures her it will not, she happily accepts the present. The episode ends with the two walking down the hall in their Green Meanie costumes.

The Hand

Due to his exhaustion and the pressure of performing Anna Plaisance's surgery, as well as being accused of being the Green Meanie, Dr. Brock Holt tries to get some sleep in the operating theatre; however, due to his state of exhaustion, his hand is able to take control of his body. His hand wakes him up by slapping him in the face and sticking it's fingers in his mouth before violently slamming Brock's head against the operating table. Brock tells his hand off and even attempts to amputate the hand. Meanwhile, the Green Meanie enters the room and creeps up behind Brock. Interestingly, Brock's hand notices the Green Meanie before Brock does and the hand grabs the Green Meanie's arm in an attempt to save Brock from being stabbed with a machete. The Green Meanie continues to attack Brock but the hand assures Brock that it will save him. The hand is skilled in kung fu, so effortlessly defeats the Green Meanie - while Brock is dragged around the room due to his hand being in control. After the Green Meanie is lying on the ground, the hand summons for another round of fighting but the Green Meanie instead gives up and retreats.

As she works the graveyard shift, taking out the trash, Chanel #10 is on the phone with her mother, excitedly telling her how she has been hired as a nurse at C.U.R.E and has also been made a 'Chanel'. She admits that she's not sure what exactly it means to be a Chanel, but that it allows her to act like a bitch all the time. As she enters one of the hospital rooms, the Green Meanie comes up from behind, and begins strangling her with her headphones. Her phone falls to the floor and smashes into pieces as she tries to break free from the Green Meanie's grip, but she is unable to do so and is strangled to death. The Green Meanie then drags her body across the room and places her on a hospital bed. Before leaving, the Green Meanie checks for her pulse in order to determine whether she is brain dead and if her heart can be donated for the surgery Brock will be performing the next day.

As he snoops around the hospital's basement, Slade Hornborn phones one of his colleagues to report the ethical violations he has witnessed over his past two days at the hospital; including the fact that first year medical students are assisting on major surgeries, Hester Ulrich is working at the hospital and that the head nurse is a drug addict. Furthermore, as he inspects Denise Hemphill's cryogenically frozen body, he expresses his concern that Cathy Munsch keeps insisting that she's a doctor. He believes that he's in the middle of a major ethics scandal, and notes that he has photographic evidence. The Green Meanie sneakily comes up behind an unsuspecting Slade and impales him through the head with a machete, cutting off Slade mid sentence.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Zayday is seen drawing a relaxing bath in the hydrotherapy room, complete with lit candles and rose petals in the water, as the Green Meanie lurks in the hallway. She closes the curtains around the bathtub in order to get some privacy, and her silhouette is seen undressing. The Green Meanie enters the room and heads towards the bathtub, pulling back the curtains to find a fully clothed Zayday crouching next to the bathtub holding a torch and a taser in anticipation of the Green Meanie's attack. She shoots the Green Meanie's machete with the taser, temporarily shocking and disarming the Green Meanie. On Zayday's command, Chamberlain, who had been hiding in the next room, bursts in and tackles the Green Meanie. Zayday grabs a pair of scissors, that she had concealed in a pile of towels, which she plans on using to cut a sample of the fabric used in the Green Meanie's costume. The Green Meanie overpowers Chamberlain and flips him backwards into a pool behind them. Picking up the machete, the Green Meanie slowly approaches Zayday before lunging towards her with the machete. Zayday dodges the machete and pushes over a metal trolley onto the Green Meanie, who is knocked onto the ground. She attempts to cut a sample of the fabric but the Green Meanie recovers and throws the trolley at her. Chamberlain rises from the pool and runs to Zayday's aid as the Green Meanie flees the scene. Unbeknownst to the Green Meanie, Zayday was able to obtain a sample of the fabric.

Zayday then takes the fabric to various fabric stores to discover the origin of the Green Meanie costume. She comes across Clark's shop and asks him if he recognizes the fabric, to which he explains that he created three of the same costume using the fabric, each paired with a green mask with horns, but in three different sizes. One was made in 1986, the same year the massacre occurred at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering. The second costume was ordered a few months prior to the murders at C.U.R.E, and the third costume was made a few weeks ago. He says he has no idea who ordered the second costume, as the order was done entirely by mail, but he does disclose that the first and third customer were the same person, an older woman with nice hands. Zayday immediately realizes he's referring to Jane and goes to confront her at her house. Jane admits that she had the costume made to look like that of Dr. Mike's, and then told her brother to go kill everyone on the anniversary of her husband's death. She also says she raised Cassidy to do the same if the hospital were ever to open again, but drugs Zayday before she can tell anyone.

The next night, as Cathy and Wes prepare for 'round two' in the bedroom of Wes's apartment, the Green Meanie appears and tries to stab Cathy from behind with a machete. Wes notices and pulls her out of the way at the last second. The pair jump out of bed and attempt to escape but the Green Meanie flips over the bed and it lands over them as they are crawling. The Green Meanie repeatedly stabs through the bed frame, narrowly missing the pair each time. Wes grabs a discarded can of body spray from the floor next to them and instructs Cathy to kick the bed off of them on the count of three, she does so as Wes sprays the body spray in the Green Meanie's direction. This frees the pair from being trapped under the bed whilst also disorientating and knocking down the Green Meanie. Wes takes Cathy by the hand and tries to flee the apartment with her but Cathy insists they stay and fight. Wes points out that he had just had surgery but before they come to an agreement on what to do, they hear a window smash and turn around to find the Green Meanie has gotten away.

The following night, as Chamberlain is doing his rounds, he finds Wes' hairball on the floor in a Ziploc bag. After sifting through it, he discovers not only a hardware store receipt for a machete and chainsaw purchase, but also a piece of fabric from the Green Meanie costume. He immediately goes to confront Wes at his apartment and explain his suspicious findings, to which Wes confesses that he is one of the Green Meanies. He explains that after hearing about the murders at the hospital, he decided to use the Green Meanie identity to get revenge on the Chanels after his daughter Grace went insane following her traumatic experience at Kappa Kappa Tau. He says that no one would ever suspect him, as there was already another Green Meanie to take the fall for it. He then fatally stabs Chamberlain in the sternum to prevent him from divulging this information to anyone, and after his death, Wes picks up Chamberlain's phone and listens to the voicemail left by Zayday in which she explains that Jane Hollis is the mother of the other Green Meanie.

Lovin the D

Upon Nurse Hoffel's insistence, Chanel, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 are all working the graveyard shift at the hospital. #5 and #3 begin discussing Zayday's disappearance while Chanel checks on some of the patients. She enters one of the patient's rooms and draws back the curtain around the bed to find it filled with swamp goo and vegetation. She then turns around to find a mannequin that has been stabbed in the stomach with several knives, causing her to scream. #3 and #5 enter the room after hearing Chanel's scream, and Chanel suggests that the Green Meanie is trying to get them panicked before attacking them, but #3 points out that the adrenaline from the scare would actually aid their survival and thus be counterproductive for the Green Meanie. #5 adds that the mannequin is dressed like a Kappa sister, which is out of character for the Green Meanie and very 'two years ago'. Chanel agrees, and proposes that for their best chance of survival they should all split up, and meet back at the Starbucks across the street, as it would be physically impossible for the Green Meanie to kill them all if they aren't together. They agree and each run a different direction.

Chanel immediately runs to an exit but bumps into the Green Meanie before she can reach the end of the hallway and screams. #5 is pressing the elevator button when she hears Chanel's scream, thus becoming slightly relieved as it means that she has successfully escaped the Green Meanie. However, as the elevator doors slide open, another Green Meanie is revealed and #5 screams as she runs away from the elevator. As she turns a corner, #3 runs into a third Green Meanie; she immediately turns around and runs back towards the nurse's station, where she passes Chanel and #5, and they all warn each other of the Green Meanie they are running from before running in another direction. Chanel then runs into #3's Green Meanie, before heading back to the nurse's station; #5 is nearly caught by Chanel's Green Meanie but manages to make it back to the nurse's station; and #3 is almost attacked by #5's Green Meanie but is saved when the Green Meanie is tackled by another one of the Green Meanies. She realizes that it was Cassidy who saved her and winks at him to say thanks, before running off to the nurse's station. Chanel is running down a third hallway where she is stalked by a Green Meanie (Wes). She trips over whilst running and Wes closes in on her. Just then, another Green Meanie (Ingrid) comes behind her and signals for Wes to back off, as Chanel is her victim. While they fight over who gets to kill her, Chanel manages to escape with the others. Cassidy then joins Ingrid and Wes as they all take off their masks, arguing over their failed attempt to kill the Chanels, even though Ingrid had made everything easy for them by gathering all the Chanels during the graveyard shift. Hester then appears and breaks up their fight, suggesting they hold a Green Meanie summit to rectify the situation.

The next day, at Wes' apartment, Hester leads the Green Meanie's summit, where she reviews the trio's past kills and aims to help them plan their future kills, in the style of a game show. She begins with a segment called "Who Killed Who?" where she presents a board with pictures of all the Green Meanie's victims, before inviting the three Green Meanies to admit which of them were responsible for which murders. As they confirm their kills, Hester awards them with a picture of each of their victims. Ultimately, Cassidy confesses to the murders of Catherine, Tyler, Randal, the Hamilton patients, Tristan, Chanel #11, and Chanel #9. Wes confesses to killing Sheila, Chad, and Chamberlain, in addition to drugging the apple bobbing water and attacking Chanel #5 and Denise on Halloween. Lastly, Ingrid confesses the murder of Chanel #9, Chanel #10, and Slade Hornborn.

Hester then moves onto the "Who Gets To Kill The Chanels?" segment, and explains that Cassidy gets first pick as he has killed the most people thus far. Cassidy volunteers to give up murdering all the Chanels, and Cathy, as long as he can take care of #3. However, Ingrid objects to this and points out that Cassidy does not plan on killing #3, but in fact he plans on literally 'taking care' of her, since he is madly in love with her. As he reaches forward to take #3's picture, Hester tells him that he is only allowed to take the picture if he is actually going to kill her, to which he agrees. Wes then acknowledges that Ingrid has killed the least amount of people, so he offers her the chance to kill #5 in exchange for letting him kill Chanel. Ingrid refuses this proposition, as she couldn't care less about #5, and instead wants revenge on Chanel for frying off her sister's face. Wes tries to argue that his revenge motive is greater, as it is Chanel's fault that his daughter is in a mental asylum, but Ingrid points out that his daughter still has a face, and is still alive, whereas her sister is not. Hester rules Ingrid's motive for revenge superior to Wes', so Wes then offers Ingrid #5, #7, #8, #3, and Cathy, who he loves, in exchange for Chanel, but she still refuses. Hester puts it to a vote, and she, Ingrid, and Cassidy all agree that Ingrid should be the one to kill Chanel, much to Wes' dismay. The group then comes to a rocky consensus: Cassidy will kill #3, Ingrid will kill Chanel, and Wes will kill the remaining targets.

Later, as #7 is walking down the hallway, she notices a plate of snickerdoodles on the floor. Snickerdoodles are one of her favorite foods, so without any hesitation she bends down and starts eating one. Unbeknownst to her, the ceiling panel above her opens and the Green Meanie is seen crouching in the ceiling space. The Green Meanie slowly lowers down a large noose and loops it around #7's neck. A confused #7 instantly drops her snickerdoodle and tries to pull herself free, but the Green Meanie starts to pulls upwards on the noose which forces #7 onto her knees. She continues to try releasing herself but begins to struggle breathing. The Green Meanie once again pulls on the noose, bringing #7 onto her feet, and continues until she is raised above the ground - keeping her held up in midair as she slowly suffocates.

Shortly thereafter, Cassidy is out for a run during his break, where he is approached by Wes. Cassidy questions why Wes has been following him, to which Wes responds that he's just trying to get in shape, as murder demands serious strength and stamina, explaining that #7 almost gave him a hernia after trying to lift her dead weight off the ground. He then tries to convince Cassidy to conspire against Ingrid, as she is only out for herself and does not have the best interest of the Green Meanie community in mind. He explains that she will probably end up framing them for the murders in the end, so as a solution, Wes proposes to kill Chanel before Ingrid can get to her, but he requests Cassidy's help, as Ingrid will not be able to take on the both of them. He then suggests that after the murder spree is all over, and the hospital gets shut down, they pin the murders on Ingrid, and everyone walks away happy. Cassidy agrees, and the two shake on it.

Wes then puts his plan into action and laces a cup of coffee with cyanide. He puts the coffee cup in a cardboard sleeve addressed to Chanel, made to look as if it was from Brock, and leaves it on the desk at the nurse's station for Chanel to discover. However, Dr. Scarlett Lovin accidentally picks up Chanel's coffee instead of her own and takes a large gulp, causing her to heavily foam at the mouth and visibly shake before falling to the ground, dead. Wes then enters the hydrotherapy room, in his Green Meanie costume, to express to Cassidy his frustration about his poisoned coffee plan failing. However, Ingrid is also there, waiting to confront Wes about trying to kill Chanel before her, thus breaking the binding agreement made at the summit. She tells him that he needs to back down, as Cassidy and herself begin to corner him. She then goes on to explain that it would be beneficial to let everyone know that the Green Meanie is dead, as it would mean they would let their guards down, thus making it easier to carry out one final massacre. Wes agrees, suggesting they kill and frame Hester, but Ingrid and Cassidy have other plans, and begin backing Wes onto the raised platform next to the tub, filled with fry oil, which is now fully prepared and boiling. However, before Ingrid can push him in, Wes instead decides to quit the killings, and sacrifices himself by leaning backwards into the boiling fry oil. While looking on at Wes' torturous death, Ingrid and Cassidy smile at each other, clearly satisfied with their job well done.

Later, Cathy takes Arthur Annenburg into the hydrotherapy room to test the pH balance in the tub. There, they discover the horribly disfigured body of Wes, in the Green Meanie costume, laying on the floor, causing Cathy to faint upon view. She later wakes up in a hospital bed with the entire staff surrounding her, and Ingrid reassures her that the Green Meanie is dead. Cassidy then clarifies that it appeared Wes came to the hospital to get revenge on the Chanels for what they did to Grace, but instead slipped and fell into the hot oil tub while getting it ready to burn the Chanels alive. This puts the staff at ease, and Chanel #5 rejoices about how they can now return to their normal lives.

Drain the Swamp

Chanel opens a door and enters an apparently abandoned area of the hospital, where she notices the exit ahead of her has been barricaded shut. The Green Meanie (Ingrid) then appears at the end of the hallway and Chanel quickly turns around to leave but finds the door she entered through has shut, and cannot be opened from the outside. The Green Meanie attempts to attack her by firing baseball balls at her, using a machine to increase the force at which they hit her. While Chanel is frantically tying to dodge the balls being fired at her, Chanel #8 opens the locked door, from the inside, to take Chanel back to the main part of the hospital. Unaware of the Green Meanie's attack, Daria is hit by one of the balls while speaking to Chanel and falls to floor mid-sentence unconscious. Chanel then jumps over Daria's unconscious body, which is holding the door open, and flees from the Green Meanie. Frustrated by yet another failed attempt to kill Chanel, Ingrid takes off her Green Meanie mask and throws it to the ground.

At the same time, Cassidy is dressed as the Green Meanie and sneaks up behind Chanel #3 as she is delivering clean scrubs to the surgery room. #3 hears his footsteps and jumps. She turns around to find the Green Meanie preparing to impale her with his machete; however, at the last second he decides not to kill her and lowers his weapon. He takes off his Green Meanie mask, revealing his identity to #3 and apologising to her. He admits to her that he doesn't want to be a killer anymore and #3 asks what his mother would do if he quite. He states that he must kill her, but #3 points out that killing her would be an extreme solution and suggests he just talks to her instead. #3 then tells him that she's turned on by him not killing her and standing up to his mom, and asks to meet him in half an once she has gone home to have a bath. Just after she leaves, Ingrid comes to share with Cassidy her frustration about how the Chanels seem impossible to kill; believing that their narcissism and stupidity have created a forcefield around them. Cassidy then tells her that he is done with being the Green Meanie, and that it is up to just her now to kill the Channels, but demands that she leave #3 alive or else he'll kill her. Ingrid then says that unless he is part of the solution, he is just another problem for her, implying that he may become one of her targets. Cassidy storms out of the room.

The following evening, Ingrid is heading out to the swamp area to dispose of some bio-hazardous waste, where she finds Daria gardening. Ingrid, referring to her as 'Moebius', asks her what she is doing. Daria exclaims that she is sick and tired of being called Moebius, and that she would prefer people call her by her real name: Daria Janssen. She goes on to explain to Ingrid that after measuring the pH level of the swamp she has concluded that the swamp could be used as fertiliser, due to it being rich with nitrogen. However, Ingrid points out that some of the tomatoes she has grown using the swamp fertiliser are glowing. She then takes out a lighter and is about to light a cigarette when Daria stops her, as the swamp fertiliser is extremely flammable and is capable of blowing them both up. This gives Ingrid an idea for how she can speed up her murder spree, and she goes back to her office to research online how to make a fertiliser bomb.

Cassidy and #3 are having lunch with Jane, as they try to break it to Jane that Cassidy has decided to give up killing. He justifies his decision by pointing out to her that killing for revenge is not his desire, but rather her's. Jane then declares that she is disowning Cassidy, and that she won't stop wanting revenge until the hospital is shut down.

After Cathy and Brock's wedding, Ingrid disappears down to the basement to assemble her fertiliser bomb. In looking for a power point to plug the bomb into, she pulls out the plug that is powering the cryogenic chamber that Denise is resting in. As she continues to prepare the bomb, her phone rings and she answer to Jane, who proposes they team up now that Cassidy is no longer the Green Meanie. Ingrid, however, declines Jane's offer of help as she is fully capable on her own.

While Cathy, Brock, Cassidy and the Chanels process the news that Cathy does not have kuru, and is instead extremely dehydrated, #8 enters the room to tell everyone that Ingrid has prepared a champagne toast to celebrate the good news and wants everyone to come down to the basement. Although Cathy points out that theres no way Ingrid could have known the good news about Cathy not having kuru, she is too happy to question Ingrid's intentions and they all go to the basement. Upon arriving, they find that Hester's cage has been decorated with streamers and fairy lights. Ingrid invites them all in to enter the cage, and they go inside the cage and begin to drink the flutes of champagne that have been laid out. However, Chanel remarks that it is not real champagne they are drinking, but sparkling apple cider. #3 then notes that the cheese presented next to the champagne is actually styrofoam. Ingrid explains that she is aware, and that she wanted to make sure their last meal was as awful as possible before revealing a gun that was concealed in her scrubs. Cathy exclaims that she was not expecting Ingrid to be the Green Meanie, and comments that Hester could have warned them. However, they all realise that Hester is no where to be seen. #3 says that she actually saw Hester get an Uber with her suitcase a couple of hours ago and is most likely running away. #5 is confused as Ingrid is way too old to be the baby in the belly, and Ingrid reveals that Cassidy is the baby in the belly and the other Green Meanie. She also reveals that Hoffel isn't her maiden name, her real name is Bean. While Cathy realises that Agatha Bean was her sister, the Chanels remain clueless, with Chanel commenting that the name sort of sounds familiar, which further infuriates Ingrid. She explains that her motive for murder was not only because the Chanels killed her sister by frying her face off, but also because Cathy let them get away with it. Brock objects to being associated with them, as he hasn't done anything wrong, to which Ingrid agrees and tells him that he is collateral damage. She then shares that she plans on blaming everything on Cassidy; but Zayday objects. Ingrid then turns around to see Zayday and Jane. Jane is angry that Ingrid wants her son to take the fall and tells Ingrid that after seeing the amazing work the hospital in its current state does, she no longer wants revenge or for people to die. Ingrid, however, is not over the past and shoots her before instructing Zayday to take herself and an injured Jane to the cage. Once they are both in the cage, Ingrid locks the door. She reveals to everyone that she has planted a bomb, with it set to detonate in several minutes time before leaving the basement to clear out her office. Just as they all begin to panic, Denise comes running over to the cage to save them. She reveals that the cryogenic chamber's low temperature had allowed her heart to beat slowly enough for her to regain her strengh. Denise is unsure exactly how to diffuse the bomb, but is successful in her attempts to diffuse it, as she correctly guesses which wire she needs to detach. Ingrid has is leaving her office and preparing to leave the hospital's premises when she looks up to see everyone standing at the end of the hallway. She freezes on the spot temporarily due to the shock, but as everyone begins to charge towards her she runs away. She throws her belongings on the floor to try to obstruct their path but takes her Green Meanie machete with her. She runs out the back of the hospital and is about to run into the woodland area behind the swamp when everyone catches up with her. In her last attempt to kill a Chanel, she hurls her machete towards #3. Just before the machete reachers her, Cassidy jumps in front of #3 and is impaled in the chest. Brock and Denise note that he could have just pushed #3 out of the way, or done literally anything else to save her. #3 states that sacrificing himself to save her life is Cassidy's redemption for killing so many people as the Green Meanie, but Chanel points out thats not how redemption works. With his last breaths, Cassidy admits that he knew he was alive due to how good it felt to love #3. Denise realises that while they have been focusing on Cassidy, Ingrid had a chance to get away. They all follow her into the woods and accidentally chase her into quicksand. They gather around her as she pleas for help, but Chanel claims that in her experience, costumed serial killers are never adequately punished and so they should just leave her to die in the swamp as a form of vigilante justice. Cathy asks them to raise their hand if they in favour of saving Ingrid, but only Ingrid raises her hand. Chanel asks them to raise their hand if they are in favour of leaving her to die a horrible swamp death, and everyone raises their hand. However, as they all begin to leave, Cathy turns back to save Ingrid as otherwise it would forever be on her conscience that she let Ingrid die like that. Brock follows Cathy's lead and they attempt to pull Ingrid out of the quicksand with a piece of old hospital equipment they find laying around near them. As they begin pulling her out, the rusted metal pole snaps in half and Ingrid falls back into the quicksand with her entire body submerged in the quicksand and only her head sticking out. They all watch, horrified, as her head sinks into the quicksand and Ingrid's last breath escapes to the surface of the quicksand in the form of a large air bubble.


In Warts and All, it's revealed that despite being locked up in prison, Hester seems to know the new serial killer very well (i.e. their killing activities during the graveyard shifts) and even knows his or her identity. It's currently unknown if she's been visited by the killer while in prison, or if she has met the killer in some other way. She also used the killer's identity as leverage to get what she wants from Cathy. Denise, Chanel and Chanel #3, however, they declined because her demands involved her being released from prison. She also seems to be very close to the killer, presumably since she was one herself. It is also unknown the extent of their "relationship", however she seems to be the only person to know the identity of the Green Meanie. In Halloween Blues, the Green Meanie and Hester (disguised as Ivanka Trump) teamed up for the very first time onscreen as Hester distracts Chanel #5 while the Green Meanie sneaks up behind her and stabs her in the back.


Season Two (10/10)



  • Machete: Decapitated Catherine. Stabbed Dr. Mike, Nurse Thomas, Chanel #5 (survives), Chanel #11, and Slade. Cut Tristan in half.
  • Medical Laser: Burned Tyler's eyes and chest.
  • Scalpel: Slit Tyler's throat.
  • Scythe: Sliced Randal's chest and arms. Decapitated Sheila. Cut Chamberlain's chest (survives).
  • Defibrillator: Electrocuted Denise (survives).
  • Hypodermic Needles: Drained blood from Chanel #9.
  • Headphone Cord: Strangled Chanel #10.
  • Catch Pole Noose: Asphyxiated Marguerite.
  • Automatic Pitching Machine: Shot a baseball at Daria (survives).


  • The Green Meanie uses the mask worn by Dr. Mike on Halloween, 1985.
    • The Green Meanie is also connected to the murders that took place the following year on this night.
  • Its nickname comes from an old legend told by kids about a monster that lived in the swamp behind the hospital.
  • The Green Meanie initially only attacks in the dead of night, during the graveyard shift at the hospital. However, he eventually begins attacking during the day as well.
  • One major difference between the Green Meanie and the Red Devil is that the Red Devil had no specific weapon for killing, while the Green Meanie mainly uses a machete.
  • Hester says that the Green Meanie will make the Red Devil look like a "Girl Scout."
  • In Blood Drive, the first Green Meanie is revealed to be Dr. Cassidy Cascade, with Ingrid teaming up with Cassidy and becoming an official Green Meanie in the same episode.
  • The third Green Meanie is revealed to be Wes Gardner in Rapunzel, Rapunzel.
  • All of the current Green Meanies meet for the first time in Lovin the D.
  • All four Green Meanies have used a machete to kill at least one of their victims.
  • All four Green Meanies are deceased.
  • It is never confirmed by either whether Wes knew that Hester was the ally helping him during the Halloween spree or if she in turn knew it was him, as she never states which of the Green Meanie's identities she knows.
  • Ingrid is responsible for the deaths of all of the other present Green Meanies, Jane Hollis (shooting her with a pistol when she tried to get Ingrid to stop her murder streak), Dr. Cassidy Cascade (throwing a machete into his chest by accident), and Wes Gardner (indirectly).


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