Halloween Blues
Season Two, Episode Four
Halloween Blues Still 1.jpg
Air date: October 18, 2016
Written by: Brad Falchuk
Directed by: Loni Peristere
Production code: SQ-204
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Halloween Blues is the fourth episode of the second season of Scream Queens, and the seventeenth episode overall. Brad Falchuk served as writer and Loni Peristere served as director. It had its official release on Fox on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. After this episode, there was a four week break due to the World Series and Election Day.

After the latest attack by the Green Meanie leaves everyone shocked and saddened, Dean Munsch and Denise, along with Hester, devise a plan to catch the killer by throwing a Halloween party in the hospital. Meanwhile, Chanel celebrates a different kind of Chanel-O-Ween and attempts to make contact with the killer’s latest victim from beyond the grave. Once the party begins, an outbreak surprises the hospital, leading Brock and Cassidy to jump into action, and another victim falls.[1]


The episode starts off with a crying Chanel, dressed as Jackie Kennedy, screaming and mourning Chad in the coroner's room. Denise asks how she was able to change so quickly in the five minutes Chad's body fell through the ceiling. Dean Munsch says the 1986 pregnant lady or her child can't be the killers - they targeted patients, not staff. She's scared at a media firestorm, and can't go through that with her current state. Denise suspiciously asks why the Dean got so ominous at the end. Munsch lies and says it was her concern. Chanel interrupts them, screaming that Chad is dead. Chanel #5 suddenly yells out that they know. A menacing Chanel walks toward her. #5, terrified, babbles that everyone here is feeling the grief she's feeling. Chanel lashes out that one one is crying or seems to care about Chad, shutting out #5. She collapses in grief. Denise orders everyone to leave as she investigates. However, what she really wants is to spend some time alone mourning Chad. She reminisces about their role-playing sex and vows to find his killer. She leaves, crying, feeling up Chad's body.

Dean Munsch is shocked Denise had Hester transferred to C.U.R.E. thanks to the FBI over What's App. Denise is wearing Chanel's wedding gown - she's Mrs. Chad Radwell for Halloween. They arrive at Hester's cell. They tell her about Chad's death, but they know she already knew that. Hester just stares at them menacingly. The two demand to know the killer. Hester instead says every massacre in this hospital happens on Halloween, and this Halloween will be a doozy. She says that they should throw a party, luring the killer using the staff as bait and unmask him or her there. They think it's a pretty good idea. Hester also demands to go to the party, but is rejected. Dean Munsch gets a phone call, as she proceeds to look grave. They leave.

Back in Munsch's office, his lawyer announces he has his will. He says when the entire Radwell family heard of his impending marriage to Chanel, they hopped on a plane to stop the wedding but it crashed, killing all of them. Chanel lets out a brief smile. Denise asks how much money that Radwells had, but Chanel interrupts: she can steal her man, but she isn't stealing the money she needs to become popular. She proceeds to say how awful her life is with petty excuses but Dean Munsch stops her, encouraging the man to continue. He reads out Chad's will, announcing that Chad has left all the Radwell money to Dean Munsch and the hospital. All are shocked, but Dean Munsch gleefully says he probably wanted to do one last generous offer. The man said Chad called the day he died to change the will. Chanel suddenly launches herself over Dean Munsch's desk and attacks the lawyer, punching him. The Chanels restrain her as Denise asks him if he'll like to press charges, and comments and says that Chanel is crazy for still thinking Chad liked Chanel better than her. The man says he won't as Chanel is obviously still in grief. Chanel suddenly smiles.

Next, we see many poor fans of Chanel receiving rancid and ransacked garbage and waste from the hospital, courtesy of the Chanels for Chanel-O-Ween. This was a ploy to use Chanel's disgusting fans to reboost her social media popularity. Chanel writes how much she hates them, calling them cows and bitches, but they happily accept their gifts.

Later, Dr. Brock is examining Chanel. She seems to have rashes all over her body. Dr. Brock says Chanel got a viral infection from stress. Chanel comments being pursued by a second serial killer can do that to a person. Dr. Brock asks if she knows who the killer might be, and she says it's usually two or multiple (inferring to Boone, Hester, and Pete). Dr. Brock says they must be some smart cookie to be the mastermind. Chanel babbles and says her self-esteem is low enough for her to infer that Dr. Brock is the killer, and admits it turns her on. Dr. Brock gives Chanel a dosage of silver. Chanel protests, but Dr. Brock says it will cure her infection.

The next morning, Chanel wakes up and walks to the bathroom to shower. She sees herself in the mirror and screams - she's turned blue! Her screams alert the other Chanels. Chanel #3 observes and says during Elizabeth's reign royals world wear blue. Chanel yells that she isn't blue - she is blue! How does an old society have an relevance to her situation? Chanel #5 says this is brilliant - she doesn't have to get a costume. She can either be a blueberry or Smurfette. Chanel tells them to get out, and closes the door behind them. She whines in despair.

Meanwhile, Denise does Halloween decorations until the power goes out, prompting her to get a flashlight and looks around. She looks under a gurney and sees the Green Meanie. Denise stands upright and throws something at them, but misses. They try to stab her with their machete, but they get it stuck in the wall. Denise confronts the Green Meanie, saying she is not afraid of them, and knows their identity. She then knees them in the groin and runs behind them. They try to slash her, but she dodges and takes them down. She runs away and grabs a bucket of apples, making the Green Meanie trip over numerous apples. The Green Meanie flees as Denise continuously shots at them. Denise later realizes she is out of ammo.

Shortly, Denise makes a deal with Hester, telling her that she discussed the matter with her higher-ups at Quantico, who agreed to let her out at 12:00 AM when Halloween begins, and she shall not tell anyone or else she will be sent back to the asylum she grew up in. She gives Hester a Jason Voorhees costume, but she protests that it a very popular costume and there will be at least one person wearing a similar costume. Denise argues people want to go as Michael Myers, and gives her an axe (which is apparently real, and also Jason's second most commonly used weapon), before walking off.

Chanel accuses Denise of being the killer, who responds by recalling another flashback of one of their roleplaying sessions, and accusing Dean Munsch and Zayday Williams of being the killer. Chanel suggests using the Ouija board to ask Chad who killed him, and who he loved more between the two. Denise agrees to this, and Chanel walks off, bumping Denise's shoulder.

Later, Chanel walks in on Brock sitting in Dean Munsch's lap. Chanel accuses Brock of poisoning her with a bottle of "nickles and dimes minted before 1964", but Brock believes someone tampered with the mixture and promises to find a cure. Chanel starts to believe Brock murdered Chad and the patients with his serial killer hand, and Dean Munsch says he has an alibi. Chanel apologizes to Brock, then Dean Munsch admits that her and Brock had quick sex during Chad's murder (though this was actually before Chad's death, because Dean Munsch was at the wedding when Chad was murdered). Chanel gets angry and says that she quits, despite Dean Munsch trying to stop her.

Chanel walks by a room where she sees someone dressed in an Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel asks who she is, but does not get an answer. The person attacks her and slashes her leg open. When they prepare to finish her off, they throws a heel at their face and escapes. The person takes off the mask and reveals themselves as Hester.

Back at their apartment, Zayday is treating Chanel's wound as #5 is grateful she wasn't killed. Zayday asks what was the mask her attacker was wearing, and Chanel responds that it was an Ivanka Trump costume. Suddenly, #3 and Zayday stare at #5. Chanel asks why, and #3 says they were earlier helping #5 with her Ivanka Trump costume. They run to her closet as #5 keeps explaining she was here all day. However, there's no costume. Chanel rages on how dare #5 try to kill her. She is no longer her friend and won't be invited to the party. #5 protests, but Chanel makes it clear: if she comes to the party, they will kill her.

The next day, on Halloween night, we see the group in their respected costumes (listed below) dancing and having fun. Dean Munsch is keeping a lookout, and announces it isn't the time to dance and asks the Chanels to walk around the hospital alone. Denise asks who she is, while everyone announces who they are. Suddenly, a person wearing an Ivanka Trump appears. Chanel storms to her, saying she knows she's Chanel #5. However, the real #5 appears wearing an Ivana Trump mask. Chanel #5 is confused and thought Ivana and Ivanka were the same person, until someone corrects that Ivanka is Ivana's daughter. Now the group is confused. If #5 is really Ivana, then who is Ivanka? Suddenly, a crowd of very sick people, all wearing Hamilton costumes, start comi in, and Ivanka disappears within the crowd. The staff immediately assists them. Dr. Cassidy says they are all suffering from sycosis, and vomiting. Dr. Brock, with Zayday on his tail, listen to a woman dressed as Snow White. Apparently, all the new patients got sick while bopping for apples. Dr. Brock immediately diagnoses the sickness as Ergot poisoning, and tells Zayday they'll need a controversial medicine. Zayday rejects it, saying the sodium component could turn into a deadly dose of cyanide. She begs Dean Munsch for fifteen minutes to help another solution, but is only given ten. Dean Munsch screams "Where is Chanel?"

Chanel and Denise are in the apartment, using the Ouija board to summon Chad's spirit. They introduce themselves, and then Denise asks who Chad loved more. The little plate starts to move, spelling out Denise's name. She laughs victoriously, but Chanel wants to ask a question only Chad can answer (and to make sure that lying bitch Chanel #2 isn't). She's asks what was the name of Chad's goat, and the plate moves again to spell Rami's name. Suddenly, Chanel hears Chad's voice. She looks at Denise, but finds Chad dressed in Denise's costume. He begs her to kill Rami as they can be together again. Suddenly, Chad is in his normal Dickie Dollar outfit, and says he wants Jesus to meet Rami. Chanel is moved to hear Chad is in Heaven. Chad, then speaking through Denise's actual body, confirms it, saying he's best friends with Jesus. Chanel suddenly asks who he loved more, and he answers Denise. He begins to babble how hot Denise was when Chanel interrupts him, having heard enough. She asks him who killed her, and Chad keeps her in suspense, saying he didn't believe it either and that it will be a doozy. Zayday suddenly bursts in the room, telling both of them to come. Chanel looks back at Denise, who regain conscious. She's upset as Chad was about to tell her who killed him, but Zayday won't hear of it and tells her to come. Denise claims she has a headache.

In a deserted hallway, Chanel #5 is balancing holding pints of water in her hand. She drops one and goes to pick it up when she hears footsteps. Standing up, she finds Ivanka Trump behind her. Believing her to be Chanel, #5 admits she's happy she changed from being Smurfette and rants how amazing that bitch Ivanka is, until Hester lifts up a knife. #5 calmly explains that her outfit is better than being Ivana as the Green Meanie sneaks up behind her. During her rant and once the Green Meanie is readily behind her, Hester backs down as the Green Meanie lifts their machete. The GM slices the machete down onto #5, and she collapses.

Back in the other side of the hospital, Denise questions the woman dressed as Snow White. Snow White says she grabbed an apple for her costume but didn't get it from bopping from apples. She also said she ate it, but didn't get sick. Zayday is confused on why she didn't get sick. In a flashback, Snow White says a "tall guy with a slimy green swamp" costume came to the party and brought a large pot to replace the water. He poured the apples there and people began bopping again. Zayday suddenly realizes the apples weren't poisoned, but the water was.

In another room, Cassidy grabs a printed test and discovers the apples were fine, but the water has DDT, a component that Zayday says is in an hallucination drug. In the hallway, Dean Munsch is walking with Zayday and Chanel at each side. Zayday explains the drug isn't lethal and could be treated within hours with no long term effects. Dean Munsch is proud, telling Zayday she will be a great physician one day. Chanel comments that why would a serial killer go through the trouble of poisoning people without killing them. As she leaves, Zayday realizes the Green Meanie didn't mean to kill people. It served as a distraction.

In a bathroom, Denise is fixing her hair in the mirror when she hears Chanel #5's scream for help. She runs and finds #5 on the floor dying. However, #5 weakly points into the shadows, where the Green Meanie reveals itself. Denise angrily says she'll shoot him this time, but the Green Meanie holds a full punch bowl. Denise dares it to splash her, which he does. As she lifts up her dress to get her gun, the Green Meanie lifts a pair of defibrillators and electrocutes Denise. Denise recovers, but she is electrocuted again. She tells him her heart is fine, but she falls. The Green Meanie electrocutes her twitching body one last time, and leaves. Chanel #5 cries as the camera pans on Denise's open-eyed, still face.


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Character Cause of Death
The Radwell Family Died in a plane crash. (off-screen)

This chart is for characters that survived or have an unknown status after an attempt of murder by the Green Meanie.
Character Situation
Libby Putney Stabbed in the back with a machete by the Green Meanie and survived.
Denise Hemphill Electrocuted with a defibrillator by the Green Meanie and survived.

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Retta Aughtry as Susan
  • Julia Boyd as Frumpy Girl #1
  • Nandini Bapat as Frumpy Girl #2
  • Carla Jeffery as Frumpy Girl #3
  • Aurora Antonio as Frumpy Girl #4
  • Jessica Evans as Frumpy Girl #5
  • Hayley Huntley as Snow White
  • Jared Wernick as Alexander Hamilton
  • Olivia May as Katy Perry

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