Hope Mikaelson
Biographical Information
Full name: Hope Andrea Mikaelson
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Brown
Birthday: May 2, 2012
Age: 17/18
Height: 5'5"
Ailment: Good
Occupation(s): Student
Pack Member
Witch Coven Member
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Lovely Girl (by the Necromancer)
Lonely Girl (by Rafael)
Jailbird (by Freya)
Hybrid Baby (by Hayley and Klaus)
Devil's Spawn (by Agnes)
Littlest Wolf (by her father)

Jessica (by Alaric)

Relationship Information
Family: Klaus Mikaelson † (father)

Hayley Marshall-Kenner † (mother)
Jackson Kenner † (late step-father)
Esther Mikaelson † (paternal grandmother)
Ansel † (paternal grandfather)
Mikael † (paternal step-grandfather)
Freya Mikaelson (aunt)
Finn Mikaelson † (uncle)
Elijah Mikaelson † (uncle)
Kol Mikaelson (uncle)
Rebekah Mikaelson (aunt)
Henrik Mikaelson † (uncle)
Dahlia † (paternal great-aunt)
The Hollow † (maternal ancestor)
Lana † (relative)
Cary (relative)
Eve † (relative)
Alaric Saltzman (surrogate father)

Relationships: Landon Kirby (boyfriend; in love with)<br<Roman Sienna (former love interest/kissed)
Friends: Rafael Waithe (ally)
M.G. (ally)
Josie Saltzman
Penelope Park
Emma Tig
Alaric Saltzman
Enemies: Supernatual Creatures
Frenemies: Lizzie Saltzman
Other Information
Education: Salvatore Boarding School
Series Information
Portrayed by: Danielle Rose Russell
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