Ian Brennan
Ian brennan
Occupation: Writer, actor, producer, director
Date of Birth: April 23, 1978 (age 37)
Origin: Mount Prospect, Illinois

Ian Brennan is an American television writer, actor, producer and director, best known for creating the musical TV show Glee.



The original idea of Glee was inspired by Brennan's own experience as a member of Prospect High School's show choir. He said: "I find it interesting that there is something in everybody, a longing for something transcendent, particularly in a place like Mt. Prospect, a place that’s very suburban and normal and plain. Even in places like that, there’s this desire to shine. That’s fascinating and very funny to me, especially when people try to accomplish this through show choir – which, to me, is inherently a little ridiculous." It was supposed to be a film instead of a television series; Brennan wrote the first draft in August 2005, and completed it in the same year. The script, however, did not receive any interest from producers at that time.

Mike Novick, a friend of Brennan's and a television producer, later gave Ryan Murphy a copy of Brennan's script, as they are members of a same gym centre. Murphy himself joined show choir when he was young, and thus related to the script. Murphy and Falchuk suggested that Glee should be produced as a television show. Therefore, the three joined together and rewrote the script; the rewritten script was sent to FOX, and picked up by FOX immediately.

The three decided to write all of the episodes by themselves. Murphy and Falchuk became executive producers and directors of the show, while Brennan is a co-executive producer. Novick also became a producer of Glee.

He made his directing debut for the episode Props, in Season Three.


Ian wrote Cooties, a 2014 horror-comedy film, starring Elijah Wood, Alison Pill, Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, and Jorge Garcia. Also, he also serves as a writer and director for his horror-comedy TV series, Scream Queens.


Brennan appeared in one episode of Early Edition (2000), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2007), CSI: NY (2007), New Amsterdam (2008). He has also appeared on diverse films, such as Flourish (2006), Save the Last Dance 2 (2006), Staten Island (2009). In theater, Brennan was part of Saturday Night, Finian's Rainbow, both in 1999, and The Man in the White Suit from 2005 to 2006.

He portrayed Svengoobles the Vampire on Glee, a judge at Regionals, during a Season Three episode, On My Way.

Personal life

Brennan lives in both New York and Los Angeles, and works on TV series scripts in the latter.


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