I thought I smelled something "Hoffel".
Chanel to Ingrid, Scream Again

Ingrid-Chanel Relationship is about the rivarly between Ingrid Marie Hoffel and Chanel Oberlin. It started in Scream Again, when the two of them met, and Ingrid gave her an hostile greeting.


Season Two

Scream Again

After The Chanels go to explore the hospital, Ingrid comes in and starts talking to Chanel, who is immediately disgusted by her look. Ingrid immediately expresses her negative feelings towards Chanel and her minions and says they don't belong in C.U.R.E. After that, Chanel and Ingrid meet again on the elevator, and both are hostile to each other. Dr. Munsch tells Ingrid to not care about them, and she has plans for that, and Ingrid responds by saying she has plans for them too.


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