Ingrid Marie Hoffel.png
Biographical Information
Full name: Ingrid Marie Bean Hoffel
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Light Green
Occupation(s): Green Meanie
Head of Hospital Administration
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Green Meanie
Pill-popping battle axe (by Cathy Munsch)
Nurse Awful (by Chanel)
Nurse Hoffel
I.M. Hoffel
Relationship Information
Family: Agatha Bean (sister; deceased)
Relationships: Howard Hoffel (ex-husband; deceased)
Friends: Hester Ulrich (ally)
Enemies: The Chanels
Zayday Williams
Chamberlain Jackson (deceased)
Cathy Munsch
Wes Gardner (deceased)
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Jane Hollis (deceased)
Dr. Brock Holt
Daria Janssen
Victims: Chanel #9
Chanel #10
Slade Hornborn
Jane Hollis
Dr. Cassidy Cascade
Boss: Cathy Munsch
Other Information
Vulnerabilities: Pethidine
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 7
First appearance: Scream Again
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Kirstie Alley
You do not belong here
—Ingrid to The Chanels[src]

Ingrid Marie Hoffel (née Bean) was a main character on Season Two of Scream Queens. She was an advanced practice registered nurse and the head of administration at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital. In Blood Drive, she officially became a Green Meanie, teaming up with Cassidy in hopes of getting revenge on the Chanels for murdering her sister, Agatha Bean.

She is portrayed by Kirstie Alley.


Scream Again

After The Chanels leave Catherine Hobart's room, they bump into Ingrid. Ingrid introduces herself, and questions why Cathy allowed them to practice medicine at the hospital despite lacking any sort of qualification. She makes it clear that she does not like them, and believes they do not belong at the hospital, going so far as to threatening them if they mess with her.

Later on, she bumps into the Chanels again, with Cathy Munsch, this time in the elevator, and clarifies that while they may have solved their first case, they are still not actual doctors. As the Chanels leave, Cathy encourages Ingrid to continue to be harsh with the girls, as she has plans for them. Ingrid says that she does as well.

Warts and All

After Zayday Williams and Chamberlain Jackson finish watching the tape about the Halloween massacre in 1985, Nurse Hoffel barges in on them, clearly under the influence of meds or other drugs. She asks the two younger staff members if there was any way she could keep track of the Chanels' movements around the hospital. Zayday observes that it was a little odd wanting such intel on the Chanels and denies Ingrid any help.

Frustrated, Ingrid throws her meds on the ground and angrily says that she'll have to find someone else to help her.

As Zayday comforts Cathy after she breaks down and reveals the real reason she chose to run C.U.R.E Institute Hospital was really to find what is wrong with her, Ingrid is seen eavesdropping on them from outside of Cathy's office.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

After the immediate influx of patients at the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital, Ingrid has a chat with Cathy Munsch about what do do about it and how good it will be for the hospital, and while tuning Hoffel out, Munsch has inner thoughts about how annoying the Nurse is and how she asserts herself in a way to compete with Cathy's authority.

Later, Ingrid is shown relatively hung over ordering Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #3 to do the dirty work of the hospital like cleaning out used catheter tubes, sterilizing fecal samples, and collecting semen samples. The Chanels, clearly upset demand better jobs before Chanel throws a large bed pan at Ingrid, missing by a lot, but enough to cause the nurse to stop before walking away.

Ingrid is then called by Munsch to the office so that Munsch could make it clear to Ingrid that she was no longer fit to serve as a nurse/administrator in the hospital. But, before Munsch could fire her, Ingrid tells her boss that she knows about the disease she has. Pressed to do so, Munsch re-hires her and Hoffel leaves.

Blood Drive

Ingrid reveals in a voiceover that Hoffel is her husband, Howard's, last name. He died from what she believes was cancer and she says they weren't close. She reveals that her maiden name is actually Bean and she is the sister of Agatha Bean. She had been watching The Chanels since they were released from the mental institution and pitched herself as administrator to Dean Munsch once she hired the Chanels. However, she is not the Green Meanie, as she explains and has not killed anyone yet.

After her voiceover, Hoffel makes her way through the staff of the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital and up on stage to make an announcement. She announces that the Blood Drive is now a contest for who can get the most blood and the winner will win a trip to Blood Island. However, Blood Island is just an elaborate ruse for Nurse Hoffel to kill the Chanels without directly doing so.

Later, as they are about to kiss, Ingrid interrupts Chanel and Holt and tells Chanel that the authorities got another tip she was the Green Meanie, a tip which Hoffel placed herself. Chanel leaves and Dr. Holt tells her he apologizes that he never welcomed her to the hospital properly by having sexual relations with her but she says she is there for more serious reasons and warns him to stay from the Chanels.

Chanel prepares to draw Chanel #9's blood but leaves her unattended to talk to Dr. Holt. While she is unattended and tied up, the Green Meanie enters and prepares to kill her until Hoffel interrupts him. She assures him that they are on the same team and asks him to remove his mask for a real conversation. He reveals himself as Dr. Cassidy Cascade and she offers to become the brains of the operation, while he continues as the muscle. He refuses, stating that he is doing fine, but she convinces him and he accepts the offer. She asks if he will let her help him kill Chanel #9 and he agrees. He asks if her if she is the other Green Meanie but she states that she hasn't killed anyone yet and he says that he didn't kill all of the victims, revealing that there is another Green Meanie out there. The duumvirate then kill Chanel #9 by draining her of her blood.

She later alerts Chanel that she has won the contest, but Chanel refuses the trip until Ingrid changes the plane tickets from business select to charter, which Ingrid says she can't afford.

As Ingrid sits in her office, Cassidy comes in and gives her a present. She opens it and it's a Green Meanie costume of her own. She questions if this will get confusing as there are already two Green Meanies and she would make three but she then accepts the offer and the two of them stroll down the hall in their Green Meanie costumes.

The Hand

After Chanel catches her minions up on her relationship with Brock, Hester makes a remark about Chanel #3’s love life, clearly referencing Cassidy. Afraid and annoyed, #3 states it’s none of Hester’s business and storms out of the room. Ingrid stands, hidden, outside, having heard the entire conversation.

While Cassidy is opening the locker in the locker room containing the Green Meanie suit and mask, Ingrid walks in. She tells him that since they recently created a team, they have to make their move soon. She asks Cassidy what Dr. Holt’s password is and he immediately questions why, to which Ingrid explains that she wants to annoy Brock so that he has significantly less control over his hand. Cassidy then asks which password, and she says any of them, stating that all Americans use the same password for everything. Cassidy recalls a time he walked by Holt to drop off a file and noticed that his email password was “IWENTTOHARVARD”. Ingrid, clearly amused, continues with her plan to make Brock’s hand want to kill Chanel to avenge the death of her sister, Ms. Bean.

Then she says that, after killing Chanel, they’d move on killing the rest of the Chanels, one by one, starting with Chanel #3. Ingrid mocks #3’s earmuffs exclaiming that it isn’t even cold out, but when Cassidy declares that he will not kill #3, she threatens to turn him in and watch him go to the electric chair. After her solemn promise to turn Cassidy in, she leaves him alone to make a decision.

Later, Brock is seen on the phone with the cable company trying to cancel his subscription after Ingrid messed with his channels and changed all of them to Major League Soccer. Ingrid walks in on him, finding him noticeably upset, and pretends that she is unaware of what's going on. As he shows her that his computer is horribly infected with enhancement ads for men, she informs him that Cathy has been looking for him. Just then, Cathy comes in with reporter Slade Hornborn, who is doing a story on Brock and his surgery on Anna, a patient with extra limbs. After stating that he can't perform the surgery due to Anna's weak heart, Cathy insists that he perform a heart transplant along with the limb removal. Brock questions where they are going to get a heart, seeing as people wait on donor lists for years, and Ingrid gives a sly smirk from behind Brock, seemingly having an idea.

The next morning, after Chanel #10's tragic encounter with the Green Meanie, we see her lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to life support, surrounded by Ingrid, Cathy, and Brock. Ingrid explains that #10 is brain dead, and that it is acceptable to pull the plug on her, given that she is a registered organ donor. She also tells them that #10's heart was completely undamaged by the attack, and that it's a perfect match for Anna, allowing Brock to follow through with the transplant surgery.

Lovin the D

The first mention of Ingrid is when Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 are complaining to each other at the nurse's station that Ingrid is making them work the night shift. Unfortunately, the Chanels are completely unaware that Ingrid had only arranged this night shift because the Green Meanies were going to attack and that they did. Ingrid tries to kill Chanel #3, only for Cassidy to knock her down. Wes Gardner goes after Chanel and almost kills her, until Ingrid stops him, wanting the kill for herself, and Chanel escapes. Cassidy runs up and states that they all got away, as the three remove their masks. Ingrid recognizes Wes as a former patient and questions why he is there. The three of them have a short argument, which is promptly interrupted by Hester who whistles and decides to hold a Green Meanie summit.

The Green Meanies decide that Ingrid will kill Chanel.

At the summit, Hester arranges a little game of “Who Killed Who?”. Wes and Cassidy claim a majority of the killings, while Ingrid only claims three of the murders: Chanel #9, Chanel #10, and Slade Hornborn. In reality, Chanel #9 was killed by both Cassidy and Ingrid, but Ingrid decides to take the credit. In the end, Cassidy wins with the most kills, so he gets to pick who he wants to kill out of the remaining hospital staff. Considering he is in love with #3, it is obvious he would pick her and end up sparing her in the end. The rest of the remaining targets were to be split between Wes and Ingrid. Wes decides to take Chanel, and when Ingrid interjects, he offers her everyone else, including Cathy Munsch, Chanel #7, Chanel #8, and Chanel #5, in exchange for Chanel. However, Ingrid declines the offer with a contemptuous “go suck a hot fart," and argues that Chanel was responsible for burning her sister's face off. Hester then decides to take a vote, and Hester, Cassidy, and Ingrid all vote for Ingrid, thus winning her the opportunity to murder Chanel in any way she sees fit. Although Wes is angered by this, the foursome end up at a rocky consensus: Cassidy would kill #3, Ingrid would kill Chanel, and Wes would kill the remaining targets.

Later, as Chanel is trying to hide from Brock after he tried to strangle her, she ends up hiding in one of the hydrotherapy rooms. Ingrid is waiting for her there and has already filled the tub up with peanut oil, intending to kill Chanel the same way Chanel killed her sister, Ms. Bean, by burning her to death. However, Ingrid has no choice but to act casual and not give away her true plans, so she sarcastically asks why Chanel is so upset. Chanel, misinterpreting her sarcasm as sincerity, explains that she has to break up with Brock as he had tried to kill her again. When the subject of their conversation comes down to taking the MCATs, Chanel complains that Brock won't help her cheat if she ends the relationship, which means she will fail to become a doctor, thus rendering it pointless for her to remain at the hospital. She turns to leave, but Ingrid panics, and begs for her to stay, explaining that she believes Chanel has the potential to be a doctor. She then gives Chanel a little insight on the answers to the MCATs, saying that all the answers are ‘B’, and Chanel, being Chanel, agrees, saying that ‘B’ makes so much sense. Chanel then thanks Ingrid and gives her a hug, much to Ingrid's disgust. Before Chanel leaves to celebrate her newfound knowledge about the test, Ingrid offers her a try at a new type of skin treatment: bathing in palm oil. Chanel immediately declines and leaves, stating that she has some bad memories with frying oil, clearly referencing the Ms. Bean incident. Ingrid then angrily throws the oil can on the ground, clearly upset that her plan has failed.

As Cassidy is on an outdoor run, Wes runs up to him and tells him that they should be careful around Ingrid. He explains that Ingrid doesn't care about the Green Meanie tribe and will probably end up framing them for the murders in the end. So, as a solution, Wes proposes to kill Chanel before Ingrid can get to her, but he requests Cassidy's help, as Ingrid will not be able to take on the both of them. He then suggests that after the murder spree is all over, and the hospital gets shut down, they pin the murders on Ingrid, and everyone walks away happy. Cassidy agrees, and the two shake on it.

As the Chanels get their scores on the MCAT back, Ingrid is with them in Munsch’s office, along with Dr. Scarlett Lovin and her producer Lenk Van D'Vlonne. After they hear about the great performance by the Chanels from the proctor, Ingrid then gets up and starts walking out. However, it is only a matter of time before Chanel calls Ingrid out for giving her the wrong answers to the test. She stops Ingrid in her tracks and jokes that ‘B’ should have been for "better luck next time.” Clearly upset, Ingrid storms out of Cathy’s office.

Later, Cassidy and Wes meet up in the hydrotherapy room, when suddenly Ingrid pops in. She immediately confronts Wes about his attempt to poison Chanel, thus breaking the binding agreement that was made at the summit. She also explains that with the murders racking up, one of the Green Meanies needs to die in order to convince the hospital staff that the murder streak is over, before setting up one final massacre. Seeming as though Cassidy had betrayed Wes and is staying loyal to Ingrid after all, the duo begin to walk up on Wes, backing him onto the raised platform next to the tub, which is already filled with hot oil. Ingrid goes to push Wes down, but instead he lets himself fall in, much to Ingrid's surprise. While looking on at Wes' torturous death, Ingrid and Cassidy smile at each other, clearly satisfied with their job well done.

Fortunately for Cassidy and Ingrid, Wes’ death throws the scent off of them, and as the hospital staff is gathered around Cathy as she announces her diagnosis of Kuru, Ingrid makes a point to assure Munsch that the Green Meanie is dead.

Drain the Swamp

Ingrid is first seen attacking Chanel in her Green Meanie costume. Ingrid uses a high speed sort of baseball pitching machine, pitching hard balls at Chanel with the intent of killing her. But, however fast she pitches the balls, Chanel seems to be avoiding them all and when Daria enters the hallway through a side door, one of the balls hits her on the head and she falls to the ground. Relieved, Chanel takes advantage of Daria’s state and steps over the body and out of the hallway. Ingrid, frustrated, takes off her mask and heads toward Cassidy, her accomplice who should be taking care of Chanel #3 at the moment.

When Ingrid gets to Cassidy, Chanel #3 had just run out of the room. Ingrid doesn’t seem to have noticed for she starts complaining to Cassidy about Chanel's invincibility. But, Cassidy cuts her off and declares that he will not kill anymore, leaving all the killing up to Ingrid. Angered, she tells him that if he’s not part of the solution, he’s just another problem.

Later, when Ingrid is dragging a body out to the swamp behind the hospital, she sees Daria doing some meticulous gardening in the bushes. When she asks Daria what she’s doing here, Daria first yells at her not to call her Mobius and then warns her to be careful around the fertilizer for it has always been very flammable. Immediately, an idea pops into Ingrid’s mind and she rushes to her office to do some research on the fertilizer and how it may help her destroy the hospital. She finally finds a solution and begins to put it into action.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t dedicate all her time to the plan she wanted to enact for she was required to assist Dr. Holt and Dr. Cascade in their brain procedure with Cathy to identify her illness. But, simultaneously, The Chanels were planning on dumping a cup of hot latte into Cathy’s brain and making it seem like an accident. Coincidentally, Ingrid walks in front of Chanel in the split moment Chanel pours out the latte. Ingrid, annoyed, yells at her.

In the basement of the hospital, Ingrid begins to build her plan: a bomb. She fills at least six enormous barrels with the swamp fluids and the fertilizer with a pipe that was set up to connect the basement to the swamp. While she is doing this, Jane, Cassidy’s mother, calls Ingrid after having an emotional lunch with her son and an even more emotional and enlightening conversation with Zayday, whom she had kidnapped only a couple of weeks before. Jane called with the intent of stopping Ingrid from doing anything bad, for Jane had realized that revenge isn’t the key to happiness. Unfortunately, Ingrid was hard at work and told Jane so, telling her to call back later due to her busy state. Jane, unsatisfied, puts down the phone and Ingrid continues, not knowing that she now gained herself another enemy in Jane.

When Cathy is finally deemed cured or at least not in danger of death, Ingrid sends word up to the celebrating group through Daria/Chanel #8 to come down to the basement for some more celebration and some champagne. Cathy makes a small remark of suspicion as to how she knew, but brushed it off, stating that it didn’t matter. When the staff gets down to the basement, Ingrid happily ushers them into a barred room, they clearly did not realize was a cage and tells them to enjoy. She then shuts the door of the cage, locking them all inside. At this point, the members of the hospital staff who are in the cage were Cathy, Brock, Cassidy, Chanel, Chanel #3, Chanel #5, and Chanel #8. She pulls out a gun and points it at the staff while Chanel #3 realizes that the champagne is just sparkling apple cider. Ingrid tells the group about her identity as the Green Meanie and how Cassidy was the other Green Meanie and was the baby in the belly. Chanel #3 defends him saying that he hadn’t killed in at least three days. Ingrid tells them that The Chanels fried her sister, Agatha Bean’s face off in Kappa Kappa Tau. Cathy immediately realizes what that meant, but it took the Chanels a few minutes to pick up on who Ms. Bean was. Chanel #3 asks for a couple more hints and Cathy yells at them, telling them that Ms. Bean was their housemaid. When they do remember, they awkwardly apologize for it and Ingrid blames Cathy for letting it happen. Daria and Brock are the only two without any connection to the revenge plan Ingrid had set up. She says it was simply collateral damage.

Ingrid packs up her belongings, ready to leave the hospital.

But, then Zayday arrives with Jane to stop Ingrid. Together they try to convince Ingrid that revenge isn’t the right way to go. But, having had enough, Ingrid shoots Jane and tells Zayday to get the two of them into the cage. Jane is put on the small bed where she apologizes to Cassidy for everything and tells him that his father would be very proud. She dies in a matter of seconds with a bloody wound in her chest. In an angry fit, Cassidy pulls at the bars and declares that he will stop Ingrid from doing anything bad. But, she tells him that stopping her would be a bit difficult to do if he was splattered all over the neighborhood. She promptly unveils the bomb and states that the only regret she feels is the regret that she doesn’t get to see Chanel’s face when the bomb goes off. With that, she leaves to pack her things up and escape, not knowing that Denise Hemphill would get out of the cryogenic freezer and defuse the bomb.

Ingrid drowns in the swamp.

As Ingrid walks out of her office with a box full of her close belongings and a machete just in case, the group of people she had put in the cage stood at the end of the hall and Denise yelled to get her. Ingrid, in a panic, yanks the machete out of the box and throws the contents all over the floor, causing a good amount of shattered glass to block her chasers’ way. She bolts out of the back door of the hospital and begins to escape into the swamp brush but when she sees Chanel #3 emerge out of the hospital, she hurls the machete at her with the intent of punishing Cassidy and distracting the group for a while as she made her escape by boat. Unfortunately for Cassidy the punishment becomes too real as he jumps between Ingrid and #3 just in time to save his love and take the shot. Chanel #3 calls it his redemption as the group pauses in respect to Cassidy before returning to their chase when Cathy ushers them on. When they get to Ingrid, she is trying to uproot a boat that was clearly stuck in the bog. When she realizes that they have caught up to her she turns and begins running. But, she begins to sink into what seemed to be quicksand. The hospital staff stand around in awe and Ingrid flails and begs for a branch. The group takes a vote to see if they wanted to save Ingrid or watch her die a horrible swamp death. When nobody votes to save her they begin to leave, but Cathy’s conscience gets in the way and she throws Ingrid a branch and Brock helps pull. Ingrid manages to pull herself up a couple of inches before the branch snaps and falls. Cathy, exhausted, does nothing and she, the Chanels, Brock, Denise and Zayday look on as Ingrid is swallowed up by the swamp and dies.

Ingrid is last seen dead on a stretcher, being wheeled out of the hospital with Cassidy’s dead body.


After Ingrid planned to blow up the hospital with a fertiliser bomb, Denise Hemphill wakes up after Ingrid switched off her cyro-chamber. She disarms the bomb and saves the Chanels, Dr. Cassidy Cascade, Dr. Brock Holt, Cathy Munsch, and Zayday Williams who were trapped in a cage in a basement (by Ingrid). They then chase after Ingrid who grabs her machete, and runs out to the swamp, where she kills Cassidy. After Cassidy dies, the gang then continue chasing after Ingrid, whom tries to use a boat for her escape but can't seem to get it started, so she continues running until she falls into quicksand. Ingrid then pleads with everyone to save her but Chanel Oberlin thinks it's fitting that she dies since the serial killers never seem to face justice. Chanel #3 agrees with her, and Cathy calls a vote on if they should save Ingrid, which none of them agree too. Chanel then calls a vote on allowing Ingrid to die in the swamp, which everyone agrees too and they leave her to die. However, Cathy begins to feel guilty and goes back to save her, however, this fails and Ingrid drowns in quicksand, ultimately dying.


Season Two (7/10)


  • She is the only main character to not have any promotional images released.
  • People often make fun of her surname "Hoffel" as it's pronounced the same way as "awful".
    • Chanel jokingly notes that her name is I.M. Hoffel, which sounds like "I am awful."
  • Both she and Gigi Caldwell co-managed their respective communities alongside Cathy Munsch.
    • Coincidentally, both want revenge on those responsible for their sisters' deaths.
    • Both also have a short lived friendship with Cathy, before turning against her.
    • Both also have a co-conspirator who plots to get rid of them.
      • Coincidently, the co-conspirator who plots to get rid of them, is the one who ends up dead.
  • Along with Chamberlain Jackson, she has the least amount of appearances out of the main characters, similar to Earl Grey from Season One.
  • Ingrid is the main antagonist of Season Two.
  • Ingrid is responsible for the deaths of all of her Green Meanie co-conspirators, both directly (Cassidy, Jane), and indirectly (Wes).
  • Ingrid is the final Green Meanie, similar to Hester's role as the final Red Devil.
  • Excluding flashbacks, Ingrid is the only character shown onscreen becoming one of the killers, as all other killers were already active during the start of the season or become active off screen.


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