Kappa Kappa Tau
ScreamQueens Pilot101-SororityHouseEstate.jpg
Location: Wallace University
Purpose: Sorority
Leader(s): Zayday Williams (former president)
Grace Gardner (former vice president)
Hester Ulrich (former treasurer)
Chanel Oberlin (former president)
Denise Hemphill (former house mother)
Sadie Swenson (briefly)
Melanie Dorkus (former president)
Bethany Stevens (former president)
Christina (former president)
Missy Carmichael (former president)
Wandy Hart (former president)
Marcy Weiss (former president; deceased)
Cynthia Rogers Bouvet (founder; deceased)
Status: Active
Episode count: 13
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: The Final Girl(s)

Kappa Kappa Tau, or simply known as Kappa or KKT, is the most demanded sorority of Wallace University featured in the first season of Scream Queens, introduced in the episode Pilot. In Seven Minutes in Hell it was mentioned that the sorority was founded by Madam Cynthia Rogers Bouvet. It was formally led by Chanel Oberlin and Zayday Williams, and its members appear to be targeted by the main antagonist, the Red Devil. In The Final Girl(s), Zayday becomes the sole president of Kappa Kappa Tau with Grace Gardner as her vice president and Hester Ulrich as treasurer. Due to Zayday's early graduation, Hester's imprisonment, and Grace's commitment to an insane asylum, it is unknown who holds the current council positions at Kappa.


According to Hester's thorough study of the sorority, Kappa Kappa Tau was founded in 1837 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The sorority was very well known for its racist, luxurious, distasteful, and greedy nature, or "mean girl" pattern.



Sophia dead after her friends left her to bleed out.

In a flashback to 1995, Amy is seen walking down the staircase in fear with blood on her hands, her hands shaking in fear. She runs to Bethany, Mandy, and Coco. Bethany assumes the blood on Amy's hands is her period blood, but Amy assures her it isn't her blood. Amy leads the girls upstairs to the bathroom where a bloody Sophia is seen with a newborn baby in her arms. Bethany begins to yell at Sophia, Sophia quickly apologizes and tells Bethany that she didn't know she was pregnant, and thought that it was a bread baby. Coco interrupts the scolding by announcing that "Waterfalls" by TLC is playing. On her way out, Bethany says "Waterfalls" is her jam and she will not miss it for Sophia accident. The girls then leave Sophia and Amy in the bathroom to party. After they return from the party, Amy tells them that Sophia is dead due to blood loss which leaves the girls confused and afraid, with Amy holding the baby in her hand, asking "What the hell do we do?!". 

In present day, 2015, Chanel is greeted by Chanel #2, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 after waking up. Chanel gets prepared for her day and walks downstairs with the other Chanels. Chanel teases Ms. Bean when walking downstairs yet it is cut short as Chanel is informed that she has a meeting with the dean of students, Cathy Munsch.

Melanie Dorkus after being abandoned by her minions and sprayed with a fatal spray.

During the meeting it is said that prior to getting a spray tan, the former president of Kappa, Melanie Dorkus and Chanel got in an argument, in which Melanie commanded Chanel to leave. Melanie's minions then began to spray tan and suddenly as she is tanning, it begins to burn and tear into her skin. Melanie grabs onto the curtain as she collapses to the ground. Melanie's minions run out of the room in fear, leaving a burnt Melanie on the floor. The Red Devil then enters the room as Melanie screams in terror.

At the "Kappa Rush" party, dean Cathy Munsch announces that Kappa is required to accept anyone that wishes to become a pledge. Many people were upset about this news and most people left with exception of a few. Chanel #5 is outraged by this news and storms upstairs to find Chanel. Once Chanel #5 finds Chanel, Chanel forces her to slap herself as she forgot to knock and disobeyed the rules of the house. Chanel #5 tells Chanel to come downstairs. Chanel is furious about the news as she storms downstairs and we are introduced to the new pledges: Tiffany, Sam, Grace, Zayday, and Hester. Then the door bell rings, and when Chanel opens the door it is dean Munsch and a new pledge named, Jennifer. It is then revealed that Jennifer is a candle vlogger , which freaks out Chanel.

The creepy collage of Chanel in Ms. Bean's bedroom.

As the new pledges arrive to Kappa house, Chanel #2, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 walk into Chanel's room with urgent news regarding Ms. Bean about the maid's. The Chanels quickly make their way to Ms. Bean's bedroom where they find a creepy collage of Chanel's face. Chanel #2 is pleased about the creepy collage and states that she likes that sort of thing. Chanel makes her way to the kitchen with the Chanels and the pledges where she decided to scare the pledges by shoving Ms. Bean's face in the fryer. Unaware that the fryer is on, Chanel accidentally  burns off Ms. Bean's face. All of the girls scream and Grace makes her way out of the kitchen to make contact with the authorities. She is stopped by Chanel threatens to tell the cops that Grace was responsible and blackmailed the other girls, except for Zayday, with a trip to Cancun, Mexico. The girls later leave the house to store Ms. Bean's body in Kappa house's meat locker. 

Chanel #2 tweeting for help instead of running out the room.

The Chanels are later seen having a blood oath to make sure none of them say anything about what happened to Ms. Bean. Chanel #2 then says that she can't stay silent and goes to her room to pack her bags and leave the university. While packing she gets a text message from an "unknown" contact who taunts her to open the door. She opens the door and it is revealed to be the Red Devil killer. She continues to text him thinking it's one of her friends, until the Red Devil sends her a text saying he's going to kill her. The Red Devil stabs Chanel #2 in the shoulder and she collapses onto the floor. The Red Devil assumes that he's killed her until she wakes up and kicks him/her in the stomach. Chanel #2 texts the killer, begging for him/her to stop and crawls to her laptop. She tries to get help by tweeting a message on Twitter but as soon she is about the hit send, the Red Devil stabs her in the back of the head. After the Chanels find her body, they decide to keep it there until they "revisit the question".

"Hell Week" begins in the Kappa house, this is the week where the pledges prove their worthiness to Chanel and the other Kappa sisters. Chanel greets the pledges and tells them they are about to be hazed extremely hard. Grace stands up to Chanel and tells her that she or the other pledges will not be hazed, Zayday then stands up and sides with Grace. Chanel then takes Grace to the coffee shop to settle things with her and appoints Chanel #5 to be in charge.

The first activity of "Hell Week" was the "Sexy Gopher Whore Head Challenge," where Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 bury the pledges up to their heads in the backyard and must stay there all night. After burying the pledges, the 

Tiffany prior to being decapitated.

Chanels leave to go to the White Stallion. Later in the night, Zayday begins to here lawnmower noises and starts to scream. The noise begins to get louder and all the girls begin to scream with the exception of Tiffany. Due to Tiffany being deaf, she assumes they are singing and begins to sing "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. The Red Devil then appears driving a lawnmower on the backyard and is making his way towards Tiffany. Tiffany sees the Red Devil and begins to scream until he runs her own and decapitates her head off. The girls scream in terror as the Red Devil drives off.

Hell Week

During the aftermath of Tiffany's murder, Dean Munsch is seen walking to the Kappa house while surrounded by the media. Once she enters the house, she introduces the girls to Detective Chisolm. She informs them that he will be helping solve the murder of Tiffany. The dean later asks where Ms. Bean and Chanel #2 are, Chanel says that it is pretty suspicious that they aren't here.  Gigi says that she will hire a security guard, Sam interrupts her by saying that she doesn't feel safe with being protected by a man. The girls are befuddled by her comment, while Gigi encourages it. 

Hester helping The Chanels with #2's body.

The Chanels are seen in Chanel #2's room where her body lays and think of ideas to get rid of it. After #3 and #5's ideas don't please Chanel, Hester appears from behind and gives them ways the get rid of her body. This terrifies the Chanels as the ideas Hester has,are very graphic. Chanel decides to just put #2 in the same freezer where they placed Ms. Bean. The Chanels later get to meet the new security guard, Denise Hemphill, who has interesting ways to protect the girls. The girls continue with their "Hell Week" hazing as the Chanels make the pledges clean the house's floor with toothbrushes. Chanel is unhappy with Zayday's effort to use soap, but Grace suggests to some soap from the basement. While in the basement, Grace finds a secret locked door but is interrupted by Chanel #5 and is told to head back upstairs. Later in the night, Grace is seen in back in the basement to investigate what is behind the secret door, she discovers the bathtub in which Sophia died in 1995. Chanel appears behind her and calls her a "snoopy little bugger" and how she dislikes snoopy little buggers. Chanel goes on to tell how Sophia died and how Ms. Bean and dean Munsch helped get rid of the body. After Chanel walks out, Grace questions who was the baby that Sophia gave birth to prior to her death.

While having sex with her boyfriend Chad, Chanel is disturbed by the comments he makes and decides to break up with him over just that one comment. Chad is outraged by this, but is commanded by Chanel to leave her room.

The girls after Chanel gets attacked by the Red Devil

The next night, Denise and her friend Shondell are outside keeping watch of the Kappa house. The girls see another car near the house, in which Grace reveals that is her dad, Wes. Gigi then goes outside to talk to him for Grace.  During a hazing ritual, Chanel writes insults on the stomachs of the pledges. She goes upstairs to get white eyeliner to write on Zayday but is attacked by the Red Devil. Chanel runs downstairs screaming, as Denise leaves Shondell in the car to see what's happened. The girls go upstairs to see if the killer is still there, although Denise thinks that isn't a bright idea, the girls still go anyways. Whilst making their way to Chanel's room, the girls grab any object they can get to defend themselves from the killer. Once they reach her room, they all scream as they see a message written in blood that says, "SLUTS WILL DIE." Chanel says that it is terrifying while the others make sure the killer isn't hiding anywhere. Denise makes her way back to her car only to find Shondell's dead body, she screams and begins to drive away, she suddenly stops, pushes Shondell out the car and continues driving.  

Later while the girls are having dinner, Zayday tells Chanel that she is her prime suspect as to who is the killer. This leads to many of the other girls accusing each other of being the killer. Chanel reveals that the girls need to respect the tradition of Kappa and treat each other with respect like they are blood sisters. They are then interrupted by Chad and Denise as they walk in and announce the deaths of both Shondell and Boone.  


Grace, Zayday and Denise in Sonya's room.

Grace and Zayday are seen knocking on Chanel #2's door, they see a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door yet proceed into her room anyways. Once they walk in, they seen a stain on the floor and Zayday assumes that it is blood, Denise appears and assures Zayday that it is blood. Denise sprays luminal on the stains and confirms that it is actually blood from Sonya's insides. Denise tells the girls that Chanel #2 is obviously dead, she later shows them the tweet she sent in Pilot. Grace then says that #2 is still posting on Instagram and shows a photo to Denise. Grace and Zayday then decide to visit #2's parents in California, as Denise decides to tag along.

Hester is seen walking into Chanel's closet as she puts on a hat and a scarf until she looks up and sees Chanel. Chanel feels as though Hester has barged into her closet and violated her "closet vag." Hester begins to ask Chanel questions about her "uncle" Karl Lagerfeld and about her wardrobe. Hester opens up about how she always wanted to be a "fashion girl" but couldn't due to her severe scoliosis. Chanel later gets the idea to give Hester a makeover so most of the pledges no longer look like losers.

Sam is seen in her room putting a picture of a woman on a motorcycle on her wall when Chanel #3 appears and tells Sam that she wants to be very good friends. Sam asks her if she is a lesbian, but #3 quickly denies it. Chanel #3 sits down and decides to tell Sam a secret, now that they're good friends. She reveals that her father isn't really her father, and that it is Charles Manson. Chanel #3 suggests they become alibi-buddies to help each other out if another murder occurs.

Chanel and Hester after her makeover.

In the Kappa living room, Grace talks to Chanel #5 about Chad and Chanel #2 dating. It is then revealed that #3 and #5 also dated Chad. Chanel #5 said that Chad made her watch him play with his knife collection and slept with him. Chanel interrupts their conversation as she walks downstairs with a transformed Hester and introduces her as Chanel #6. #5 is outraged by this and tells Chanel that she doesn't deserve to be president of Kappa house. Chanel later announces a game of "Cocaine or Dildo," until Cathy and Gigi walk in and announce that they are moving into the house for the week.

Gigi and Wes are seen eating salad as they are joined by Cathy. Gigi is seen laughing hysterically after the sauce made a fart noise when she squeezed it. Zayday is seen in her room practicing on ways to get the chainsaw from under her bed if something were to happen. Zayday receives a text and leaves the chainsaw on the bed as she walks out. Gigi still seen laughing about the fart noise as Zayday walks past them, and Wes asks if she knows where Grace is. She says no and Wes decides to call Grace, she lies to him and says she's at the library even though she is with Pete at a gas station.

Gigi and Cathy are preparing for bed, Cathy tells Gigi that she likes to sleep with a white noise machine. Cathy turns the machine onto numerous types of noises, until she decided to keep in on "slasher movie." Gigi then decides to sleep on the couch. As she lies down, the Red Devil appears and starts a chainsaw. 

The Red Devil attacking Gigi

The Red Devil then tries to attack Gigi but she fights him/her off. Wes hear the ruckus from inside his car and runs in the house to help Gigi. The Red Devil cuts Wes' arm with the chainsaw, Gigi then flips one of the couches and knocks the Red Devil down. The Chanels and Sam are then seen walking down the stairs as Gigi tells them to call 911. Gigi and Wes then look over to the flipped couch only to see the chainsaw as the Red Devil is nowhere to be seen. Cathy rushes downstairs and asks what's going on, Wes then grabs the chainsaw and tells her not to take another step until the police arrive and claims that she's the killer.

Haunted House

Dean Cathy Munsch being interrogated by Detective Chisolm

Detective Chisolm is seen interviewing Cathy on whether or not she saw the Red Devil entering the house. Gigi and Wes then argue that she is the killer. Denise is seen running in to announce the attempted murder of Caulfield and says that if you check the fingerprints on the chainsaw, they'll find Zayday's. In a 1995 flashback, the Kappa sisters, Ms. Bean and Dean Munsch are deciding what to do with Sophia's body. Bethany suggests calling the cops but Cathy turns it down, saying that the girls would be arrested for negligible homicide. Cathy then states that they'll have to bury the body.

Zayday announcing that she will be running for Kappa president.

In present day, the Kappa pledges and Chanel are carving pumpkins for Chanel-o-Ween, as they reveal their pumpkins, Zayday announces that she's running for Kappa house president. This angers Chanel as Zayday threatens to report the murder of Ms. Bean. Chanel says that she did not kill Ms. Bean but if she does kill someone, it will be her. 

Chanel is seen in her closet sharpening knives at 3 AM. The Chanels walk in and tell Chanel that they're concerned for her mental health. Chanel then goes on a rant about Zayday's run for president. The Chanels later come up with a plan to beat Zayday's fundraiser by hosting a pumpkin patch for "black hairy tongue" disease.

In a flashback, Denise is seen dancing with the other pledges at a Kappa party. A Kappa sister then walks up to Denise and tells her that she cannot become a Kappa due to her skin color, which upsets Denise.

Everyone inside the Kappa living room.

In the evening, everyone is seen the Kappa house living room after the predicament at Zayday's haunted house fundraiser. Grace announces that Zayday has been kidnapped and that a search party needs to be formed. Cathy then tells Detective Chisolm to announce the bodies inside the Haunted House. The confirmed bodies inside the house were: Shondell, Ms. Bean, Jane Doe and Andy Cohen. Chanel #5 then informs them that Sonya was also one of the bodies. Wes then threatens to go to the media if dean Munsch does not admit that the campus and it's students are under attack. Dean Munsch then insists that all the adults head to the kitchen where they can discuss this over crepes. As the adults make their way to the kitchen, Wes tells Grace that she cannot leave the house tonight and Pete assures him that she will stay put. Wes asks who he is as he walks inside the kitchen. 

The Chanels are seen walking up the stairs as Grace tells Chanel that they have to find Zayday. Chanel and Grace are later seen getting to a dispute, as Grace tells her that Chanel is making it hard to believe that she is not the killer. Chanel ignores what Grace says and continues to walk upstairs with the Chanels to prepare for their pumpkin patch. 

Pumpkin Patch

The Chanels organize Chanel's pumpkin patch. Chanel demands the maze to be a replica of the maze from The Shining to the party organizer, Cliff Woo. In her closet, Chanel announces her costume for Halloween, Jacqueline Kennedy, and assigns costumes for her minions, Chanel #5 is annoyed about the costume Chanel chose for her, which is Mary Todd Lincoln, and starts a small fight with Chanel, who gives her the choice of dressing up in her costume or going out the door, #5 walks out.

In Kappa house, Dean Munsch announces she's closing the university campus and institutes a curfew on Halloween night, canceling Chanel's pumpkin patch party. Chanel decides to break the rules and changed her party to 00:01 of November 1st.

Hester explaining she's a switch hitter

In the kitchen, Hester walks in and sees #5 making toenail cookies. Hester reveals she has a plan to destroy Chanel.

Chanel walks into her closet and is outraged to see #5 wearing Chanel's Halloween costume, Jackie Kennedy. Chanel reveals that Hester and Jennifer told her everything, that #5 was the one who told the police about what Chanel did to Ms. Bean. Chanel #5 says Hester is trying to frame her, Chanel threatens to stab her in the eye socket with a pick but says it'd be great if the Red Devil sawed her head off. And as punishment, she forces #5 to light all of the pumpkins with her two boyfriends, Roger and Dodger.

That night at Kappa, Chanel tries to call the presidential election early due to Zayday and Grace's absences, however, Zayday appears and tells them what happened to her. Grace then returns and is happy to see Zayday and they get ready to vote.

Seven Minutes in Hell

The Chanels and pledges place their votes, Jennifer counts the marbles, white for Chanel and black for Zayday, it comes to a tie. Zayday suggest they both be co-presidents, which sends Chanel into a fit of rage, causing her to run up to her wardrobe. Chanel 3 and 5 enter her closet and see her crying until she laughs and reveals it was part of her plan and opts to cede her presidency to Zayday. She walks downstairs and tells everyone about it.

In her room, Zayday and Grace suggest they throw a slumber party and play "Truth or Dare" to find out who the killer is. When she announces the idea to the sisters, they argue about it until #3 suggest they play "Spin the Bottle" and some of the sisters give in.

Sam and Chanel #3 kissing

In the living room, the sisters play "Spin the Bottle" which results in Hester and Jennifer kissing and Chanel #3 and Sam kissing. Afterwards, #3 talks to Sam in the bathroom and tells her why she wears earmuffs, she wears them because a boy was obsessed with her ears and sent her an email threatening to cut them off if he even saw them again and so she hides them with earmuffs.

That night in the kitchen, Jennifer and Sam tell the sisters that all the doors and windows are locked, Chanel thinks someone might have hacked into the security system she had installed after watching "Panic Room" with Chad. When Jennifer says it's only a matter of time before one or all of them are killed, the lights suddenly go out and the sisters scream.

Chanel then calls Chad with her satellite phone as the phone lines are down and asks him to rescue them. When the frat brothers arrive with a ladder, Chad climbs up and breaks the window and climbs in, when he looks out he sees the Red Devil and shouts at his brothers to climb up. Earl and Roger manage to, but Caulfield, having no arms, struggles to get up, the killer knocks the ladder over, causing him to fall and is stabbed twice in the chest and has head chopped off with an axe.

Regardless of what happened, the Kappa sisters and Dickie Dollar brothers decide to play "Truth or Dare" to determine who the killer is. The game ends up with Sam revealing that Chanel #3's father is Charles Manson. Angered but confused by her feelings for Sam, #3 orders her to go down into the basement take a nap in the bloody Kappa bathtub. Sam walks down and when she's get to the bath, she sees there's blood and soon the Red Devil appears behind her and bangs her on the bathtub and lifts her into the bath and suffocates her with a sheet of plastic.

The group soon decide to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven" and Chanel picks Chad and they are then seen in Chanel's closet making out, until she says that Chad must promise not to sleep with anyone else and pinky swear on it. Soon it's Chanel #5 and Roger's turn and they walk in. Chanel and Chad are walking back into the living room when they hear a scream. They go down to the basement and find Hester who discovered Sam's body and some of the sisters claim that Hester's the killer as she was the first to find her.

Back in Chanel's closet, Chanel #5 and Roger, who probably didn't hear the scream, are making out until Roger starts talking about how happy he is to be separated from his brother, Dodger. While he continues to talk, Chanel #5 sees the Red Devil behind him and Roger is shot three times with a nail gun and falls to the floor as the Red Devil continues to shoot him with the nail gun while #5 watches in horror. The killer continues to shoot him until they run out of nails and they leave, #5 then screams.

The group enter the closet and are shocked to see Roger dead, but soon claim #5 as the killer. Chad mentions him and his brothers fighting two Red Devils, letting everyone knows there's now two killers. Soon he finds a trap door under one of the Chanel's shelves. The group suggest that's how the killer got in and left after killing Roger. Chanel and Zayday go explore it.

Chanel and Zayday in the secret tunnel

Down in the tunnel, Chanel shows Zayday portraits of some of the pass Kappa presidents and tells her a bit about them. When discussing where they'll be, the Red Devil appears with two axes and chases them, with both of them narrowly escaping after Chanel saves Zayday.

The next day, Grace talks to Detective Chisolm about how the murders may be related to Kappa, except Coney's. While the detective talks about having uniformed officers protecting the house 24/7 and Dean Munsch saying that's fantastic news, Grace receives a text from Pete saying "Done studying. Wanna make out?" Wes then appears and says they're leaving, but she refuses, claiming that her sisters need her.

In the bathroom, #3 and #5 are both distraught by the murders of their significant others and decide to make a pact to outlive Chanel, whatever the cost. Chanel decides to give the sisters a pair of pink nunchakus and they start to dance with the Red Devil watching through the window.

Beware of Young Girls

Chanel at #2's open coffin funeral

Chanel is seen walking to Chanel #2's coffin, followed by the other Chanels (excluding #6) and Chad as they pay their respects. Chanel then has a brutal speech about #2 and how disloyal she was. She then exposes #2 for pushing her down a staircase and sleeping with Chad. She closes her speech by telling #2 to have fun being dead and admits that she hopes she is burning in hell. After the speech is over, Chanel invites everyone to the mobile crematorium for light refreshments courtesy of spaceburial.today.

The Chanels are later seen walking to Chanel's closet to check on her. Once they walk in, #5 expresses that she feels it would be good if Chanel opened up and talked things out. Chanel assures her that there is nothing to talk about and that Chanel #2 is currently rotting in hell and how her remains have already been cremated. #5 admits that she can't get over Chad and #2 sleeping together, as Hester adds on that she found it so shocking that #2 would betray her like that. Chanel sarcastically asks Hester if she found it "so shocking" and exposes her for also trying to sleep with Chad and framing her for murder, and blames Hester for her arrest. Hester then apologizes to Chanel and promises not to betray her trust again, Chanel assures her that she won't betray her trust because she no longer has it. #5 believes that Chanel should contact #2 so she can do right by her. Chanel asks her how and #5 introduces her to the ouija board she found in the basement. Chanel tells her that those boards do not work, Hester assures her they do and asks her if she saw the movie "Ouija." Chanel tells her that no and that no one did. Chanel #3 announces that they are having a Chanel night, where they heal all wounds between the group, both alive or dead. #3 also says that they'll order duck sauce for their cotton balls and they will contact #2 to prove that she's sorry, she then asks Chanel if she's in. 

The Chanels around the talking board

The Chanels are later seen in a dark room with candles as they are surrounded by the board, Chanel admits that the board looks evil as #5 tries to comfort her by showing her all the details on the board. Chanel #3 then explains how the board is supposed to work, they all place their hands on the planchette and attempt to contact Chanel #2. As they move the planchette, hoping for a response, the planchette quickly moves to the "hello" sign. Hester is shocked that the board is actually working, #5 says that they have to ask her a question only #2 would know. Chanel then asks the board if #5's vagina has teeth as it moves to "yes." The board begins to move by itself which shocks the girls, it then spells out "Chad is cheating." Hester assumes that it means that Chad is cheating on Chanel, Chanel is in disbelief as Chad promised he'd be monogamous. The planchette later says "It's true." Angered by this, Chanel storms out of the room to prove #2 wrong.

Feather and Dr.Stevens when they announce to Cathy about have an affair.

Grace and Pete are seen walking around the house as they talk to Feather McCarthy, as they asked her questions about Dean Munsch. Feather admits that she made the mistake of crossing Munsch and it got dark. As they sat down, they asked Feather what happened. Feather admits that two years ago, she met the dean's husband, Dr. Steven Munsch, who was the Beatles professor, and how she grew fond of him. She reveals that they used to have sex once or twice a week, and when they announced to Munsch that he wanted a divorce so he can be with Feather, she was outraged. Feather then says that Cathy kicked Steven out of their home and he was forced to move into the Kappa house. It was then revealed that everywhere Feather went, Cathy would be there dressed exactly like her. Dean Munsch ended up pulling some strings and got Feather kicked out of Kappa house, and after the divorce, Steven got his house back and Feather moved in with him. Feather then admits that she believes that Cathy tried to kill Feather by pushing a radio while she was in the bath. Grace asks her to be the source to their article about how Dean Munsch is behind the murder, Feather allows it.

Grace and Pete are seen in the kitchen as they analyze how Dean Munsch is the killer. Grace is excited at the thought of finding out who the killer is. Pete and Grace then kiss until they are interrupted by an unknown contact, after hanging up, she tells Pete it was Dean Munsch calling from the hospital and that she wanted to see the two tomorrow.

After receiving information from Dean Munsch at the asylum due to the murder of Dr. Steven Munsch, Grace and Pete are seen analyzing pictures given to them by Detective Chisolm. In their discoveries, they find a picture of a half-eaten bologna sandwich, they came to the conclusion that Munsch couldn't have killed her ex-husband Steven due to her disliking of bologna. Grace assumes it could've been Feather as Pete says they need to get Feather and the sandwich's DNA as they walk out.

The Chanels are seen again in the room attempting to contact Chanel #2. Once they get a connection, Chanel expresses her anger towards #2 after she lied about Chad cheating on her with a goat and explains his disability that he can only drink lactose-free goat milk. Chanel #5 interrupts her by saying that #2 never said he was cheating on Chanel with a goat, Chanel quickly shuts her up. Hester tells #2 to prove she is present by asking her how many tampons she has in her purse, the planchette lands on "9" and Hester admits that she is correct. Chanel questions how large Hester's cooch is after she reveals her nine tampons. Chanel #3 then asks #2 what breakfast cereal she almost choked on as a child, the planchette lands on "Ix," Chanel assumes it's "Dix" but #3 assures her it was "Kix." #5 suggests that they should stop but Chanel shuts her down and continues. Chanel then asks the board who the killer was as the plachette spelled "You." Chanel is outraged by this answer and tells #2 to have fun burning in hell as she storms. The Chanels are frozen in fear as they look at each other and run to the bathroom. Hester believes that #2 is telling the the truth from beyond the grave, #3 then asks if they should really believe a satanic talking board. Hester implies they should due to it knowing how many tampons she had in her purse. #3 admits that they can't tell the police because she'll only get bailed out again. Hester then comes up with the plan that they have to kill Chanel before she kills them.

The Chanels are seen in the kitchen as they plot to kill Chanel. #5 suggests that they poison her bras, Hester explains to her that it is a horrible idea, and suggests that they crush diamonds and have a sugar party and feed Chanel the diamonds that would kill her from the inside. #5 questions the sugar party but it is shut down by #3 as she thinks it is a great idea. Chanel then appears and asks what's a great idea. Hester explains to her that they were planning to throw a sugar party as Chanel expresses her liking to them. Chanel asks for Prunex, which are her liquid laxatives. After Chanel grabs her prunex, she goes back upstairs to head to bed. Once Chanel walks out, Hester announces that after Chanel falls asleep, they are going to murder Chanel.

Chanel being awakened by #2

As Chanel is asleep, she is awakened by Chanel #2. Chanel asks her why is she here and that she thought she was dead. #2 assures her that she is dead and that she is burning in hell, #2 then goes on to explain what life in hell is like. Chanel #2 then tells Chanel that her job in hell is to pick food out of Uday and Qusay Hussein's beards with her teeth and tells her that the only way to get to heaven is to make amends with her. #2 admits that she always admired Chanel and that she was always intimidated by her beauty and intelligence. She then apologized for having sex with Chad and admitted that she only did it because she was jealous and wanted everything Chanel had. Chanel asks her why she said that Chad was cheating on her and that she was the killer, #2 then apologized and expressed that she was in a bad mood at the time due to being motorboated by Adolf Hitler. Chanel then thanks #2 and accepts her apology and says sorry for her murder. #2 then informs Chanel that the Chanels are coming back home from the mall to kill Chanel with a bowling ball. Chanel suggests that she needs to kill them first yet #2 tells her to be the bigger person because these girls need her and to be a leader. Chanel then wakes up from her prunex fever dream.

Pete and Grace are seen in the Kappa living room with Detective Chisolm as he confirms that the DNA on Feather's toothbrush and the bologna sandwich are linked. Dean Munsch is later seen walking in the house after being released from the mental hospital and hearing about Feather's arrest. Munsch then reveals that Feather had a blog about bologna, which was enough to create an "orgy" of evidence. Grace wants to know how Feather is apart of everything as Munsch insists she comes to her office next week.

Detective Chanels

The Chanels are seen in the living room as Chanel confronts them on attempting to murder her. They all apologize and Chanel accepts. Chanel then gives them presents which include detective hats and magnifying glasses. Chanel then tells them that they have to take down the real killers, as Feather is too dumb to actually be the Red Devil killer. She then tells the girls that Zayday and Grace are the killers and they are trying to take the sorority down and steal their boyfriends. The Chanels are later seen looking above Grace and Zayday as they walk into the house and then looking at each other.

Mommie Dearest

At the Kappa house, Chanel calls all of her minions to a meeting to receive more evidence that Zayday and Grace are the Red Devil killers.

Hester states that she rummaged throught he best friends' things and she found their pills, and said that their cycles are synced together, and states "those who pill together kill together" and Chanel quickly shoots down her evidence.

Then Chanel #5 states that if you arrange Zayday's full name, it states "I WILL SLAY LIZ DAW". Chanel #5 states she doesn't exactly know who that person is, but they need to protect her. Chanel is very disappointed in their evidence and thinks it's terrible, although Chanel #3 states nothing.

Denise is seen making mozzarella sticks, and Chanel #3 sees her doing it. She questions Denise's appearance at Kappa house, and Denise states that she moved in. There is a flashback with Cathy and Denise.

Chanel #3 asks Denise to close her eyes and think of the biggest number she can think of. Denise says $1 million, and Chanel #3 is questioning her answer and Denise changes it to $3 million. Chanel #3 says "Fine.", and says that she could get that huge sum of money if she could find solid evidence that Grace and Zayday are the killers. Denise agrees to the deal.

Jennifer can be seen dumping bags filled with scented candles and says how she's going to kill some little bitch, when Denise comes in and asks who she's talking about. Jennifer then jumps into a conversation about how this lady lied about a discount.

Denise then questions about Zayday, and Jennifer tells her a story about what Zayday told her about a group at her high school called the "Peacocks". Zayday then pops into the scene holding a cigarette and tells them to back off, and tells them to watch out.

Jennifer is stabbed on the top of her head by the Red Devil that night while making a candle vlog.

In the living room of Kappa house, Chanel is meeting up with the Scotland Yard detectives to find out evidence that Grace and Zayday are the Red Devil killers.

Instead of dirt on Grace and Zayday, they found evidence that Chanel #5 is the killer, and Chanel finds out that Chanel #5's real name is Libby Putney. Chanel has a little laugh, but gets serious again because that's not the correct person.

Even thought they didn't find evidence on Grace, the Scotland Yard detectives did find a criminal record on Grace's mother. They hand Chanel a manila folder containing all the felons that her mother did.

After this, Grace rushes into Kappa house and notices Chanel in the living room and walks in. They have an argument about her mother and Chanel goes too far and Grace smacks her on the face and storms out.

Denise Hemphill walks in wearing Chanel #5's clothing and states that she's the new house mother of Kappa, and Chanel #5 is outraged that not just Denise is house mother of her sorority, but also that she's wearing her clothes, and Denise thanks her for the clothes.

Ghost Stories

In Kappa house, Denise decides to tell the Chanels a few ghost stories, saying that this will alleviate fear between the girls. But, the ghost stories directly reference the Red Devil, scaring them even more.

Later on, Denise can be seen in the bathroom, and a reference of the ghost story she told can be seen and the Red Devil attacks her, and it results in a victory for Denise.

In Zayday and Grace's bedroom, Zayday can be seen with Earl Grey, with Earl saying that they haven't had their first kiss yet. So they do, and Earl says he has to run off to get a few 'supplies'. Earl was later murdered by Boone.

Chanel #5 has had enough of this Red Devil thing going on at her school, so she leaves, but shortly come back after an incident with the Red Devil herself occurred.

Chanel #6 confesses (lies) that she is pregnant with Chad Radwell and states that he will have to take to the Hamptons for Thanksgiving, but Chanel is enraged that her on-and-off boyfriend has impregnated one of her Chanels. Chanel, as a reflex of anger, pushes Hester down the stairs, therefore killing her.


Chanel tells Chad that Hester wasn't actually pregnant, and that she pushed Hester down the stairs. As a reflex for necrophilia, Chad asks to see the body, so Chanel leads him to the meat locker, but Hester isn't there, and Chad suggests that Hester is still alive.

At Kappa House, they have a Thanksgiving dinner there when everybody realizes that nobody is welcoming at any dinner they've went to, so they stay at Kappa house.

Chanel lifts the cover to see what's on the menu, and it turns out that the turkey is actually Gigi's head.

Black Friday

Chanel is seen when she talks about how Christmas is one of the best holidays because of Black Friday, where she can buy cheap presents for her friends, The Chanels.

Dean Munsch notices the Chanels in sophisticated outfits walking down the staircase, and Munsch stops them in their tracks. She said that the Chanels can't go to Black Friday doorbusters due to the horrifying Thanksgiving dinner that occurred.

Chanel Oberlin states the facts about what happened during the dinner, which stops the Dean in her tracks, and the Chanels walk out.

Zayday could be seen on the couch crying and Dean Munsch was comforting her.

Chanel is seen back at Kappa house with a sling, with the other Chanels safe and unharmed.

The sorority sisters and the Chanels have a meeting and decided that they want to kill Dean Cathy Munsch.

The next day, Chanel and Grace present apple cider with the blowfish poison, with the motive to kill, to Dean Munsch. They all take a sip, but then the cup with the poisoned apple cider was chugged down by Dean Munsch, with no sign whatsoever of making an effect.

Even though it didn't work, they still hatched up a plan to kill Munsch. The plan was to freeze her to death, and yet that still didn't work.

The process was called cryotherapy, where a person would be in a chamber and the temperature could be set to boiling hot, or freezing cold, and Dean Munsch said that she's never felt better.


In her room, Chanel is seen writing a vulgar email to the Chanels and Zayday about their failure to come to the pool to drown the Dean of the university, saying that even a monkey could follow those easy and well-explained rules. The Red Devil presumably had forwarded the email to the entire proximity of the university. The email was then featured on the news, to Chanel's horror, so she decides to kill herself.

She orders a snake online, thinking that if she lets it bite her, the venom will kill her. Zayday walks in and says that the snake isn't even venomous. Zayday puts Chanel's head on her lap, and says that she'll help Chanel get through with this incident, and after that, the Red Devil comes in unannounced, and yet he's still clumsy.

The Red Devil turns out to be a pizza delivery guy with a bomb strapped to his back, and in five seconds, he explodes. Hester says that there's this crazy woman outside yelling "dork''.

The Final Girl(s)

There is a flash forward to 2016, where Zayday Williams and Grace Gardner are talking to new pledges, with Hester standing next to them. Hester beings to narrate about how she ended up on there, but without the Chanels.


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Joined and left prior Lovin the D.|link=Dr. Scarlett Lovin Sq 29-nasim-pedrad-ad-singles 2094 pw.jpg|Gigi Caldwell:
Former President of the National Chapter. Joined prior Pilot and dies in Thanksgiving.|link=Gigi Caldwell Christina.png|Christina:
Former President. Joined and left prior Pilot.|link=List of minor characters#Christina Bbethany.png|Bethany Stevens:
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Joined prior and dies in Pilot.|link=Sophia Feathernewpic.jpeg|Feather McCarthy:
Joined and left prior Pilot.|link=Feather McCarthy Melanie Dorkess.png|Melanie Dorkus:
Former President. Joined and left prior Pilot.|link=Melanie Dorkus ANA.PNG|Chanel #4:
Joined and died prior Pilot.|link=Chanel 4 SQ S1 Ariana.jpg|Chanel #2:
Joins prior and dies in Pilot.|link=Sonya Herfmann Tiffany pic new.png|Tiffany DeSalle:
Joins and dies in Pilot.|link=Tiffany Sam pic new.png|Sam:
Joins in Pilot and dies in Seven Minutes in Hell.|link=Sam Jennifer pic new.png|Jennifer:
Joins in Pilot and dies in Mommie Dearest.|link=Jennifer Sq 06-niecy-nash-singles 0299 pw.jpg|Denise Hemphill:
Rejected prior Pilot; became House Mother in Mommie Dearest. Left after Ghost Stories.|link=Denise Hemphill ChanelS2Portrait2.jpg|Chanel Oberlin:
Former President. Joins and is promoted as the sole president prior Pilot. Becomes co-president in Seven Minutes in Hell, and leaves after being committed as an asylum patient in The Final Girl(s).|link=Chanel Oberlin 3S2Portrait2.jpg|Chanel #3:
Joins prior Pilot, briefly in charge in Pumpkin Patch and left after being committed as an asylum patient in The Final Girl(s).|link=Sadie Swenson 5S2Portrait2.jpg|Chanel #5:
Joins prior Pilot and left after being committed as an asylum patient in The Final Girl(s).|link=Libby Putney S2 Zayday Poster.jpg|Zayday Williams:
Former President. Joins in Pilot as a pledge. Promoted in Seven Minutes in Hell as co-president. Became the sole president in The Final Girl(s). Graduated and left prior Scream Again.|link=Zayday Williams S2_Hester_Poster.jpg|Hester Ulrich:
Former Treasurer. Joins in Pilot as a pledge. Presumably dies in Ghost Stories. Returns in Thanksgiving. Promoted in The Final Girl(s). Leaves prior Scream Again.|link=Hester Ulrich Sq 19-skyler-samuels-ad-singles 1375 pw-2.jpg|Grace Gardner:
Former Vice President. Joins in Pilot as a pledge and gets kicked out in Black Friday. Promoted to Vice President in The Final Girl(s) and left after being committed to Stanford Mental Asylum prior Rapunzel, Rapunzel.|link=Grace Gardner


  • Kappa Kappa Tau was originally called Kappa Nu Tau.
  • An incident at Kappa Kappa Tau happened in 1995 and will be elaborated on in flashbacks involving Sophia.
  • According to Forbes, the 'house rules' are: Never enter a room without knocking; Only order Pumpkin Spice Lattes with no foam, 2 shots, at 212°; Tuesdays we wear pink. If you are not wearing the required color, you will be forced to change; Your legs must be clean shaven at all times; You must visit the tanning salon at least 2 times in one week for a ‘healthy glow’.
  • The sorority of Chi Tau Omega is located across the street in Pilot
  • Denise Hemphill pledged for Kappa Kappa Tau, but was rejected because of her skin color.
  • Zayday Williams was the first black President of Kappa.
  • Gigi Caldwell was the former President of the National Chapter of Kappa Kappa Tau.
  • Hester Ulrich is the last remaining Chanel in KKT after the episode The Final Girl(s).
  • Kappa Kappa Tau was the first sorority house to be introduced.



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