Biographical Information
Full name: Lenk Van D'Vlonne
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Occupation(s): Producer
Status: Alive
Relationship Information
Boss: Dr. Scarlett Lovin (formerly)
Other Information
Talent(s): Producing
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 1
Only appearance: Lovin the D
Portrayed by: Clayton Farris

Lenk Van D'Vlonne is a minor character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He works for AltGenTechMedCorp and was the producer of Dr. Scarlett Lovin's TV show, Lovin' the D, until her untimely passing in Lovin the D.

He is portrayed by Clayton Farris.


Lovin the D

While doing research on potential guests for Lovin' the D, Lenk discovers the revolutionary surgery in which Dr. Brock Holt, with the help of the Chanels, removed the parasitic twin from Anna Plaisance. He immediately informs Dr. Scarlett Lovin, and the two go visit the C.U.R.E. Institute to invite Dr. Brock and the Chanels to perform a live surgery on Garrett, a man with a 16-pound facial tumor, for a special episode of Lovin' the D. Brock then lets it slip that the Chanels aren't real medical students, which alarms both Lenk and Scarlett, as they are concerned about the potential legal ramifications. Lenk explains to the group that if they falsely claim the Chanels are medical students when they are not, Lovin' the D Productions could face a massive lawsuit. Luckily, the Chanels agree to take the MCATs, thus making them official medical students, much to Lenk's satisfaction. He then alerts the show's parent company via headset to move forward with the production of the live surgery.

Later, Lenk, Scarlett, and Cathy all run to the Chanels to inform them that news has leaked about the live on-air surgery, and Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and The Doctors are all planning on stealing their idea. Lenk tells them that they have to get ahead of the game, which means the girls must take the MCATs immediately, so that they can perform the surgery the following day. As the Chanels are taking the test, Lenk is waiting patiently in Cathy's office, along with the rest of the hospital staff. After the proctor delivers the passing results to the group, Lenk excitedly gives a sigh of relief, before gathering his clipboard and paperwork to prepare for the live show.

A few hours later, just minutes before showtime, Dr. Lovin is killed via cyanide after Wes used it to poison a cup of coffee. Chanel screams for help, drawing the attention of Lenk and the production crew, who all have a moment of sheer panic upon discovering the body. Chanel immediately asks Lenk what they should do, but Lenk is totally speechless, unsure of how to proceed with the situation. As the live show begins, Lenk watches anxiously from the wings, not knowing how the show will turn out without Dr. Lovin. However, after Chanel delivers an excellent narration of the procedure, Lenk is pleasantly surprised, and confirms that Chanel has the television "it" factor.

After the successful surgery, Lenk approaches Dr. Holt and the Chanels to congratulate them on a job well done. He explains that he is currently on the phone with the CEO of Lovin' the D's parent company, AltGenTechMedCorp, who are in love with the foursome, and want to hire the Chanels as Scarlett's permanent replacement on Lovin' the D. Brock is immediately concerned, seeing how Scarlett was literally just poisoned, yet they're already trying to replace her, but Lenk explains that Scarlett was an absolute nightmare. He tells Brock that the entire production crew hated her, and that he isn't surprised that she got poisoned. He suspects she was murdered by one of the production assistants, who she fired just for farting in her presence. However, the conversation is then interrupted by Chanel, who asks Lenk if she heard correctly that he is offering the Chanels their own show. Lenk confirms her beliefs, and begins to smile uncomfortably, as Chanel screams and weeps at the thought of finally becoming a TV doctor.


Season Two (1/10)



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