Biographical Information
Full name: Libby Putney
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde (dyed; currently)
Black (originally)
Eye color: Blue
Occupation(s): College student (formerly)
Sorority sister (formerly)
Inmate (briefly; wrongful arrest)
Asylum patient (formerly; wrongful arrest)
Dental receptionist (formerly)
Medical student
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Chanel #5
Mom (by Hester)
Cow (by Chanel, Ingrid)
Slut (by Chanel & Hester)
Relationship Information
Family: Mr. Putney
Mrs. Putney
Unnamed grandmother (Deceased)
Relationships: Chad Radwell (hook-up; deceased)
Roger (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Dodger (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Tyler (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Friends: The Chanels
Chamberlain Jackson (deceased)
Zayday Williams (best friend)
Dr. Brock Holt
Dr. Cassidy Cascade (deceased)
Enemies: Red Devil
Boone Clemens (deceased)
Green Meanie
Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)
Tristan St. Pierre (deceased)
Wes Gardner (deceased)
Frenemies: Hester Ulrich
Catherine Hobart (deceased)
Grace Gardner
Cathy Munsch
Boss: Chanel Oberlin
Cathy Munsch (formerly)
Other Information
Interests: Fashion
Fashion Designing
Dora the Explorer (TV series)
Being a Network Newscaster
Kitty Ears
Biting her own toenails
Eight-Meat Stuffing
Clique: Kappa Kappa Tau (formerly)
The Chanels
Talent(s): Fashion designing
Running in heels
Driving fast
Strengths: Medical School
Diagnosing Ailments
Weaknesses: Vaginal Teeth
Education: Wallace University (formerly)
Elmwood Community College
Series Information
Season(s): Season OneTwo
Episode count: 23
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Drain the Swamp
Portrayed by: Abigail Breslin
I'm a genius and no one cares!
—Chanel #5 [src]

Libby Putney, better known as Chanel #5, is a main character on Scream Queens. She is one of Chanel Oberlin's minions and a former member of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority.

Chanel #5 is the youngest of the Chanel's. She is shown to be the most normal out of all the Chanel's, because she is nice, but has her angry moments that could lead to harmful things towards others. At the end of Season One, she, Chanel Oberlin, and Chanel #3 are sentenced to life at the Palmer Insane Asylum after being framed for the Red Devil murders by Hester Ulrich. Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families. In Season Two, they are hired by Cathy Munsch to work as medical students in her hospital, where yet another series of murders take place. Afterwards, Cathy leaves the hospital with #5 and Zayday Williams in charge.

She is portrayed by Abigail Breslin.



Chanel #5 is introduced as one of Chanel Oberlin's minions (along with Chanel #2 and Chanel #3), who calls her Chanel #5 as she does not know her real name and does not want to. She is part of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority. During her first scene, she is watching Chanel #1 sleeping with the other Chanels and after she wakes up, #5 shows her a bag to use which #1 rejects. After #2 leaves for a colonic, #5 is present when Chanel makes fun of Ms. Bean while she is cleaning the floor of the house of Kappa Kappa Tau. #3 says that all the things #1 says are hilarious, and #1 thanks her. #5 proceeds to say that #1 has the ability to tell other people what they need to hear. #1 turns at her and asks if Chanel pulled down her panties and asked her to roll a compliment up her butt, and goes on to say that no one likes a suck-up, and this makes #5 swallow her anger.

Later, at the KKT rush party, #5 is seen chatting with Deb #1 and Deb #2 when Dean Cathy Munsch announces that this year every girl who wishes to become a pledge will be accepted. #5 is shocked and screams that she cannot do that, and tries to keep her potential pledge friends to stay but they leave. Quickly, Chanel #5 goes with Chanel #1 to tell her the big news, but she forgot to knock the door so #5 follows the rules to slap herself. Scenes later, #2, #3, and #5 notify #1 that there's a "creepy collage" in Ms. Bean's room. #1 gets really angry and wants to kill Ms. Bean, but this is just an evil plan that no one knows about so the new Kappa pledges get scared and quit the sorority. Accidentally, #1 really kills Ms. Bean, so Chanel #5 and the other Kappa sisters get really scared. Grace Gardner attempts to tell the police what Chanel Oberlin did, but she blackmails #5 and most of the other members to say that Grace was the one who killed Ms. Bean if she dares to say a word. They all later put Ms. Bean's dead body in a freezer.

Subsequently, the Chanels are doing a blood oath to promise to not say what they witnessed earlier, but #2 reveals that she is stressed that they are gonna get caught by the authorities and decided to leave and go home, but while packing she is murdered by Red Devil. When the Chanels discover her death, they decide to keep the body in that room until they know what to do with it. The "hell week" from their sorority begins, but #1 goes for a coffee with Grace and leaves #5 in charge. Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 bury Hester, Zayday, Sam, Jennifer and Tiffany up to their heads. They leave them alone to spend the night buried, but Red Devil later appears with a lawnmower and drives towards the girls. Since she is deaf, Tiffany does not notice the Red Devil until it is too late, and she ends up getting her head mowed off.

Hell Week

Chanel #5 is present when dean Cathy Munsch introduces Detective Chisolm to the Kappa Kappa Tau girls. She is not very pleased when the dean tells them that they cannot go out of the campus. After Gigi gives the idea of everyone staying in the house to keep an eye on each other, Grace agrees but #5 says that is an insane idea, because pledges cannot move into the house.

The Chanels later discuss they should do something with #2's body soon before Detective Chisolm finds it. Chanel #5 says that they should feed a pig with her body, and Chanel #3 thinks they should give her as food to one of her uncle's animals of his farm, but #1 rejects both ideas. Suddenly, Hester Ulrich appears behind them and says that she knows what they should do because she is obsessed with death. Hester gives the insane ideas of disfiguring her face, making incisions in her legs and drain all bodily fluids, putting her in food processor or boning her, but #1 decides to put her in the same freezer where they put Ms. Bean's body. At the freezer, Hester says to them if she can call them "Mom" because she feels so protected by the three of them. The Chanels find it extremely weird, but ultimately accept so she can stop talking, but then says to call all of the Chanels "Mom". Gigi then introduces the new security guard, Denise Hemphill, to the Chanels, whom has rather odd methods in protecting the girls from the killer.

The Chanels then continue their reign of terror as they continue "Hell Week" for the new pledges. They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes. Afterwards, Boone goes talk to The Chanels and says to Chanel Oberlin that he knows that she is going to tell everyone about his real sexuality and ruin his reputation, because she found out about his homosexuality scenes before. Boone explains that he wants to come out on his own and later join Kappa Kappa Tau, and this makes The Chanels laugh. Chanel #5 and Chanel #3 decline his offers really quick, but Chanel later thinks it is a good idea because having all the media looking at her as the first sorority president who accepted a gay man into her sorority will make her even more popular. #5 starts to freak out and says to Chanel that she lost her mind because having a gay man in their sorority would hurt the house and he would steal their makeup and toiletries. She threats Boone saying that if he brings shame to Chanel #1's life and Kappa house she would destroy him. Boone later says that he knows they will consider his offer and leaves the place.

Chanel is writing things on bellies of the Kappa pledges, but later is attacked by Red Devil and Chanel #5 seems worried for her. The Kappa girls go to check if the Red Devil is still in the house. When they enter to a room, they see "SLUTS WILL DIE" written on the wall and scream horrified. In the last "Hell Week" dinner, the Kappa girls are fighting about who is the killer, but they are interrupted by Denise Hemphill and Chad Radwell announcing that Shondell and Boone are dead, leaving Chanel #5 preoccupied.


Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #5 are in the freezer arguing after Chanel #2's body is missing. #5 explains that she was bored and went to the freezer to find that #2's corpse disappeared. She also says that the previous night she had an "amazing threesome" with twin brothers Dodger and Roger, and she would rather have sex with them than try to discover who the killer is. #1 is shocked when #5 says that she does not care what happened to #2, because that's #1's problem, and when people start noticing that she is missing they will start snooping about Kappa Kappa Tau. After Chanel #5 leaves the freezer room, and #1 screams that she will destroy her and calls her bitch. Later, #5 is present when Dean Munsch introduces to the students the new school mascot, Coney, which disappointingly gets no applause from the crowd.

In the living room at Kappa house, Grace and Zayday ask #5 if she knows something about the secret affair that Chanel #2 had with Chad Radwell, that they discovered in previous scenes. #5 says that she cannot believe that Chad never told her, because she was dating him too. Chanel #3 joins the conversation and says that she went out with him too last year. Shocked, Grace and Zayday ask why they did that to her friend Chanel, because Chad is her ex-boyfriend. #5 explains that it was just one date and that it was really weird because he made her look at him playing with his knife collection the whole time, but she also slept with him. Chanel Oberlin interrupts the conversation to introduce them the new member of The Chanels, Hester Ulrich, who got a makeover by Chanel. #5 gets angry and says that she cannot turn a pledge into a Chanel, but #1 says that she is running out of minions now that two Chanels are dead. Chanel #5 gets even more freaked outand says that she will not tolerate this, because #1 has no respect for any of the Kappa members and the rules of the house, so she does not deserve to be president, and Zayday agrees with her. Gigi Caldwell and the Dean Cathy Munsch enter to the house and say that they are moving in to keep an eye on them, and this makes #5 even more frightened about Kappa's future. Scenes later, after Gigi and Wes Gardner get attacked by Red Devil, Chanel #5 and the other girls are scared.

Haunted House

Chanel #5 briefly appears at the "Chanel-o-ween" video at the beginning of the episode, preparing the presents for Chanel Oberlin's fans. After Zayday Williams announces that she is going to run for president of Kappa house and will make a Halloween party to raise money for sickle cell anemia to show that she is a serious candidate, #5 is seen really shocked. This makes Chanel #1 be worried about her position in the house as president, so she is really sad in her closet sharpening knives. #5 and #3 comfort her giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for the "black hairy tongue" disease, so this will make everyone vote for Chanel at the elections. This makes #1 very grateful and the three of them share a hug. While giving out the invitations for the party, #5 reveals that the main reason she joined Kappa was because people find obnoxious her style speaking a

ScreamQueens104 2899.jpg
nd gesticulation, and being Kappa makes everyone forget about it. The Chanels are later eating cotton balls, so they will not gain weight, but Chanel #1 is tired of that and decides to go and get some pizza, but a guy named Tommy and his friend interrupt them saying really sexist comments, this makes the girls get angry and start to a fight with them, kicking and punching them. When the both guys are lying on the floor in pain, everyone starts to clap at the girls, celebrating what they did to defend their rights as women. At the end of the episode in Kappa house, Cathy Munsch and Detective Chisolm are naming the bodies that were found at Zayday's party in the Shady Lane house. They forgot to mention Chanel #2, so #5 reminds them about her.

Pumpkin Patch

ScreamQueens105 0180.jpg
The Chanels meet Cliff Woo, a party planner who is set to organize Chanel's pumpkin patch for her Kappa Kappa Tau presidential campaign. #5 is unable to hire Led Zeppelin as musical guests for the party because one of them died, and #1 starts to scream at her saying that everything is her fault and that is tired of her lame excuses. The other girls later follow #1 to her closet, where she introduces them their Halloween costumes, wives of fallen presidents. Chanel tells #5 that she will go to the pumpkin patch as Mary Todd Lincoln, because she is most likely to end in an asylum because she is a psycho lunatic. #5 gets really angry and screams that she cannot take this anymore, that she is done with Chanel. #1 does not think she is meaning her words, because #5 has said multiple times in the past that she is done with Chanel and yet she is always there standing by her side. #1 puts an ultimatum, either she goes as Mary Todd Lincoln to the Halloween party or she can pack her things and leave. After getting not getting an answer from #5, Hester Ulrich screams "There's the door, bitch!", pointing at the door. With nothing else to do, #5 decides to leave.

After Cathy Munsch, Wes Gardner, and Gigi Caldwell make the Kappa Kappa Tau and the Dickie Dollar Scholars to reunite at the Kappa house because both houses are the most likely to be attacked by Red Devil. Everyone starts talking about Zayday's abduction and #5 silences them all to ask Dean Munsch if she is closing down the campus because of the killer, for which Munsch responds yes. All of them starts screaming of despair because Halloween is the greatest night of the year, and now the pumpkin patch party is over.

ScreamQueens105 0828.jpg
Chanel #5 is cooking some nail cookies as revenge for the neighborhood children that dress-up for Halloween with iconic Chanel #1 looks that #5 invented in reality. Hester Ulrich comes into the kitchen and asks why she is hurting and getting back at the children when she can actually hurt Chanel. Confused, Chanel #5 asks who's side is she on, because very recently she called her a bitch and showed her where the door was. Hester reveals that she is playing at double agent, and tells her that she has an idea. They both enter to Jennifer's room to discover that she has an obsession with ants, and Hester tells her about her plan of destroying Chanel by making Zayday the new president of the sorority. At first, Jennifer is not sure about joining their alliance, but it is not until #5 and Hester show her Chanel's closet full of once-used-and-now-abused candles that she joins the plan. Later, after Chanel gets arrested by the police for the murderer of Ms. Bean, #5 watches how she is taken with the other Chanels and Jennifer. She is later present when the Kappa girls are fake-eating at lunch time.

After Chanel #3's dad pays Chanel Oberlin's bail, she returns to the house to discover that #5 is wearing her Halloween costume, Jackie Kennedy. #1 starts screaming that Hester told her that #5 said she was going to turn her in for killing Ms. Bean. Chanel #5 says that Hester set her a trap,, but #1 does not believe it. Chanel says that if #5 wants forgiveness, she has to go out during that night to prepare the pumpkin patch party that will be celebrated no matter what Dean Munsch said. #5 does not want to do it, because the killer will obviously be outside, but #1 says that if she does not do it then she will show her boyfriends Dodger and Roger the video that she has of #5 touching herself watching Dora the Explorer, revealing that she had cameras everywhere.

ScreamQueens105 2629.jpg
Chanel #5 brings Roger and Dodger to the pumpkin patch with her, and the three of them start to light on all the candles inside the Halloween pumpkins, but the twins decide to enter to the maze that Chanel #1 ordered for her party and leave #5 alone. Red Devil appears behind #5, and she starts screaming. Dodger and Roger come back to protect her, and later the three of them get in the maze. They are running from the killer, until the brothers starts fighting and ask Chanel #5 who will she pick, because they are tired of sharing her. Desperate of getting out of there, #5 chooses Roger and leaves with him running. Dodger chooses another path of the maze where he is found by Red Devil. Chanel #5 and Roger start hearing Dodger's screams, and he wants to return for his brother but #5 does not let him because it is dangerous.

She is last seen when Chanel #1 is getting started with the voting process for the Kappa presidency without Zayday and Grace being there. #5 says that she is still very traumatized for what happened in the pumpkin patch. When they are about to start to vote, Zayday suddenly appears and reveals how she escaped of her Red Devil's kidnapping, saying that Red Devil did not do anything to her, just kept her there, gave her some flowers, and invited her dinner. #5 gets mad because it is unfair that the killer is in love with Zayday and not with her. Grace appears too and says that everything that Zayday said is true because she saw where the killer kept her locked.

Seven Minutes in Hell

Chanel #5 is seen when the Kappa Kappa Tau sisters are voting to choose who will be the new president of the sorority, Chanel Oberlin or Zayday Williams. When it is revealed by Jennifer that it is a tie, Chanel gets angry and blames #5 for it, saying that she is weird and an idiot for not ensuring that she would win the election, making #5 surprised and kinda sad. After Chanel leaves to her closet, #5 and #3 follow her only to discover that she was just acting because she wanted Zayday to win so she could be Red Devil's main target now, but now that they are both co-presidents her plan worked even better. #5 asks #1 if what she said to her was fake too, but #1 says that part was real. The three later return to the living room so Chanel can give Zayday the key of the storage room, which hides Kappa's darkest secrets. The next day, #5 is present when the girls decide to have a slumber party that night. Although #5 does not want it to happen, the majority of the girls are in favor.

At night, the girls are playing spin the bottle and #5 witnesses the kiss between Hester and Jennifer, and Chanel #3 and Sam. After Sam and Jennifer say that every door and window of the house is locked, #5 checks if it is true and the window that she tries to open is locked. She freaks out because she hates being in small places, but Grace tells her that the house is 15,000 square feet. When all the lights turn off, all the girls start screaming. They light some candles and later watch #1 talking to Chad through the only working cell phone of the house, asking him to come and help them. After the Dickie Dollar Scholars arrive and Caulfield dies, they all start playing Truth or Dare. #1 asks #5 "truth or dare?", and #5 picks truth. Chanel asks if her vagina has teeth, but Chanel #5 denies it. Chanel keeps insisting that her vagina does have teeth, and #5 later leaves the room angry. Everyone is later seen dancing in the living room after #3 says to Sam to go to the basement alone as a dare.

Chanel #5 during the game of truth or dare

Chanel and Chad finish playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and it is Chanel #5 and her boyfriend Roger's turn. Both start kissing and he stops her saying how relieved he is of not having Dodger in his life anymore, because they were always together. He says that the only bad thing is that they both created an amazing clicking language that he will not be able to use anymore. Roger has the idea of teaching #5 the language and while he continues to talk, Chanel #5 sees the Red Devil behind him and Roger is shot three times with a nail gun and falls to the floor as the Red Devil continues to shoot him with the nail gun while #5 watches in horror. The killer continues to shoot him until running out of nails and leaves. Everyone enter to the room and they assume #5 and #6 are the killers (because Hester found Sam's dead body earlier). Chad later discover a tunnel in the room that connects the inside of the house with the outside, which the killer may have use to enter and leave.

The next day, #5 and #3 are in the bathroom, where #3 apologizes to her for Dodger and Roger's death, and #5 says she is sorry for Sam's murder. #3 says she loved Sam and #5 asks if she is a lesbian, which Chanel #3 denies saying that she is just in love with love, implying that she is pansexual. #5 starts crying and says that she felt like she won the lottery with Roger and Dodger and now she doubts that she will find another guy who will like her. #3 says that she will definitely find someone else that will love her for who she is because she is super cute. They later make a pact, that says that they will outlive Chanel together no matter what happens. At night, Chanel gives some pink nunchakus to all the Kappa sisters so they can defend of the killer so they do not lose anymore sisters. The girls start dancing, ending with the slumber party that they did not get to finish the other night. #5 wants to join #1 and #3's dancing, but #1 does not let her and tells her to stop. The Red Devil is later seen watching all the girls through the window, at the end of the episode.

Beware of Young Girls

During Chanel #2's funeral, #5 approaches to her coffin and says that it was really sad that she had to die before they found out about her real ethnicity. She later listens to Chanel Oberlin's farewell to #2. Later, Chanel is crying in her closet for the bad friends she has. The other Chanels come in to talk to her, with #1 mentioning that #2's body was incinerated and her rests were taken to Cape Canaveral. #5 says that she cannot stop thinking of Chad and #2 having sex. #3, #5, and #6 have the idea of contacting #2 through a Ouija board so she can ask for forgiveness. While trying to communicate with #2 from beyond the grave, #3 asks if #2 is there, and she says yes. To make sure it is her, #5 says they should ask her a question only she would know, and #1 asks if #5's vagina has teeth and #2 answers yes. #2 stops the game after the board says that Chad is cheating on her, which is later proven false.

The Chanels try to contact #2 again from the Ouija, and she answers. Chanel says that she is really done with her and thank her sarcastically for lying and saying that Chad is cheating on her with a goat (because Chanel discovered Chad in bed with a goat, but only because he is lactose intolerant and was waiting for the goat's milk), but #5 interrumpts her and says that #2 never said anything about a goat. After a series of questions, #5 suggests to stop playing because it is freaking her out, but #1 asks another question. "Who is killing everybody?", she asks and #2 says that #1 is the killer. This makes #1 really angry and stops the game once again. This causes Chanels #3, #5 and #6 to secretly plot to murder #1 because they really believe what Chanel #2 said.

Chanel #5 is seen in the kitchen with #3 and #6 as they plot to kill Chanel. #5 suggests that they poison her bras, Hester explains to her that it is a horrible idea, and suggests that they crush diamonds and have a sugar party and feed Chanel the diamonds that would kill her from the inside. #5 questions the sugar party but it is shut down by #3 as she thinks it is a great idea. Chanel then appears and asks what's a great idea. Hester explains to her that they were planning to throw a sugar party as Chanel expresses her liking to them. Chanel asks for Prunex, which are her liquid laxatives. After Chanel grabs her prunex, she goes back upstairs to head to bed. Once Chanel walks out, they announce that after Chanel falls asleep, they are going to murder Chanel. Chanel later gathers the Chanels and reveals to them that she knows about their plans to kill her, and #5, #3, and #6 apologize and say that they only wanted to kill her because they thought she was the killer. #1 says that they should discover whom the real killer is as Chanel does not believe that the real killer is Feather McCarthy whom got accused for the murders. Chanel thinks that the real killers are Grace and Zayday, and the girls agree. In the final moments of the episode, the Chanels watch over Grace and Zayday from the balcony as they walk into the house.

Mommie Dearest

Two detectives, hired by Chanel to investigate Grace and Zayday's history to dig up dirt on them, inadvertently reveal that Chanel 5's real name is Libby Putney. They also inform Chanel that Libby 'Chanel #5' often sets up chat rooms called "anyone wanna help me poison Chanel Oberlin?" which Chanel does not care about, since she was looking for information on Grace and Zayday.

Ghost Stories

Denise tells Libby and the other Chanels a few ghost stories, supposedly to help the to help get over their fear of the Red Devil. This only makes them more afraid and Libby decides to drive away from the campus so that the Red Devil does not come after her.

Chanel #5 and Chanel #3 at Kappa house

Eventually, she comes to a gas station, at which it is revealed that there was a trucker hiding in her back seat who knew the Red Devil was coming after her and was trying to stop him. As the trucker explains this to Libby, the Red Devil comes up behind him and stabs him to death. Libby screams in fear and drives back to campus.

Later on, she reveals she is tired of constantly being mistreated by Chanel.


Libby celebrates thanksgiving with her family, but her family was on the vacation. She came back to the Campus and joins Zayday, Sadie, Cathy, Pete, Grace, and Wes to their conversation. After their conversation Chanel & Hester came back to the Campus and telling what happens to their thanksgiving with Chad. Libby Helps Sadie to bring the turkey after bringing the turkey Chanel open the platter and saws Gigi's Head Serve in the platter and they all begin screaming in horror.

Black Friday

Libby goes shopping at a mall with the other Chanels. When the Red Devil attacks with a crossbow, she, Hester, and #3 escape, while Chanel gets shot in the chest with the crossbow, but survives.

Libby later goes to a clothing store and demands that the clerk take the "size 4" tags off of a few pairs of size 4 panties and replace them with tags that say "size 0" so that she can have panties that say "size 0" and fit her. The clerk has no idea what Libby is telling her to do.


Chanel Oberlin calls all her minions to come over to tell that the Pizza Delivery Man came over her room and dressed up like the Red Devil, after telling that, Zayday discovers that there's a bomb on the back of delivery man, they starting running and hide and covering their ears and the Pizza Delivery Man explodes and his body parts falling apart they begin screaming in horror. After that tragic moment, the police arrives and investigate what happen while Libby cries a lot because of some reason of what's happening. Chanel talks to Sadie and Libby that she is planning to apologize to Melanie Dorkus and recording it. The Chanels go to Melanie's house to apologize after they get inside. Someone swipes right on Libby on Tinder and she has to go to meet with this guy because she is very excited, Chanel lets her leave. After Grace says to Chanel that Hester is the killer, Chanel, Zayday, Grace, and Sadie see Libby in the Kappa bathroom, Libby says that the person who swipe right on her is some fake account of the Nickelback band member. They go to Chanel's closet and see that Hester has been stabbed in the eye by the stilleto heel, and blame it on Libby.

The Final Girl(s)

Chanel #5 with her two equally insane friends.

The Chanels call the ambulance and rescue Hester, after leaving Hester to the hospital, Chanel, Zayday, Grace, and Chanel #3 are interrogating #5 after what Hester blames on her. Denise Hemphill arrives and is ready to arrest #5, Hester comes back with a plaster in her eye and telling that she has a proof that Chanel #5 is the Red Devil (it is actually Hester). Grace says to Hester that she does not have any parents in her certificate on the Dean's laptop, and says Hester is the killer. Hester later introduce her parents, who are actually just people she hired, and her "dad" says that Hester does not have any parents listed on her certificate because he's a Detective, but Chanel #5, Grace, and the other girls are still confused. Libby shouts that she has parents too, and that they can explain that she is not actually Sophia's baby, proving that she is not the killer. However, when her parents arrive, it is discovered that Hester convinced them to say that #5 is the baby of the bathtub. Denise handcuffs Libby and Hester says there's another killer, Chanel #3. Hester makes it look like #3 is also a killer, and everyone thinks that #3 was the one who put the bomb in the Pizza Delivery Man, when it was actually Hester. Denise then handcuffs #3, but Hester says #5 and #3 are not the only killers, and that Chanel is also one. After Hester makes it look like the three of them are the Red Devil, the three Chanels try to run so they do not get arrested, but Denise Hemphill calls some policemen, who are former strippers, and arrest the girls. In the judgement, it is declared that they are guilty and they are gonna live in the Plamer Mental Institute Asylum for the rest of their lives.

Months later, The Chanels are liking the asylum. Chanel becomes the asylum's queen and president, #3 has a deep relationship with a lesbian asylum nurse, and #5 is placed on a series of medications that completely transforms her personality into someone Chanel actually likes, resulting in them becoming best friends. The next day, #3 and #5 fall asleep while Chanel is attacked by the Red Devil and her fate is left unknown.

Scream Again

Hester confesses that she was the final Red Devil killer and the Chanels are freed from the asylum. Chanel #5 stops using her medications upon being freed, once again making Chanel resent her. She goes to Elmwood community college, along with the other Chanels, and graduates with a degree in Communications. She then gets a job as a dental receptionist. Dean Munsch offers the Chanels a job at C.U.R.E. Hospital as medical students after realizing they have some medical experience.


Chanel #5 convinces a patient, Catherine, to have hydrotherapy, which Catherine reluctantly accepts and complains that the water is scalding. Chanel #5 shuts the lid on Catherine's tub and locks it. She then gets in her own tub but accidentally locks herself in too. Catherine starts freaking out that they both will be stuck in their tubs with no one to help them, but Chanel #5 tells her that Chamberlain, the candy striper, will come down for them in an hour. Catherine still panics but takes Chanel #5's word for it. After an hour has passed, the Green Meanie creeps into the room, waking up Catherine and Chanel #5. They both think it's Chamberlain coming to get them, but when they get no answer and start hearing haunting footsteps slowly walking toward them, they both begin to be in silent fear, until the Green Meanie shows himself, and the women scream loudly in terror.

Hope she dies.gif

The Green Meanie then taunts them on which of them he's going to kill and ultimately ends up picking Catherine. Catherine pleads for the Green Meanie to kill Chanel #5 instead, and the Green Meanie then walks away, making Catherine think he's leaving. However, he quickly turns around and swiftly slices her head off, making it land right on top of Chanel #5's tub. Chanel #5 turns and faces Catherine's severed head staring back at her, before screaming in horror at the sight. As the Green Meanie raises his bloodied machete, Chanel #5 lets out one last long scream of helplessness and terror. Without hesitating, the Green Meanie slashes his machete downward as the episode ends, leaving her fate unknown.

Warts and All

In the opening scene, Chanel #5 is being questioned about the Green Meanie accident that had just occurred. Failing to stick to an alibi, is suspected of being a suspect. Chanel #5 desperately claims she had nothing to do with the killing saying a "Green Plant" attacked her. Chanel #1 and Chanel 3 later enter stating that it was her, trying to sabotage their dates with Brock and Cassidy, forcing the them, to come back to the hospital and miss them.

She is seen again when the Medical Team are talking about Tyler's condition.

Later that day, she's blabbing about her imaginary high school ex-boyfriend Clarance to Tyler. Chanel #5 continues to talk about how he broke up with her before graduation and how she thought it would different in college with love but Chanel ruined it for her. She's upset that Chanel and Chanel #3 have already got two hot doctor boyfriends, and she hasn't. Tyler tries to confront her, but saying he looks like bubble wrap. He than shows Chanel #5 a picture of him before the warts started to appear. Not knowing how Tyler will get enough money to pay for the laser treatment, Chanel #5 make it her mission to do so.

She then makes a video to get donations for Tyler's treatment, and then show it to the Chanels, whom make her believe that she should date Tyler while he is still hideous and then that way she will never be single. She then goes on a date with Tyler, however, two boys make fun of him for his appearance, which angers her and she ends up loosing her temper and beating them both up.

Back at C.U.R.E. Tyler and Chanel #5 finish their date and kiss, but Chanel and Chanel #3 surprise them both and congratulate Tyler for seeing past Chanel #5's "monstrous behavior". Chanel also reveals that she got Tyler the laser after asking Chad Radwell.

In the end of the episode, she facetimes with Tyler, whom is supposed to have his treatment the next day, is getting wheeled into surgery early. The Chanels then tell her that Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade went home, meaning that the Green Meanie has taken over Tyler's surgery and kills him using the laser. The Chanels then rush to save him, but are too late, when Chanel makes the realization that "they have another serial killer on their hands".


The episode picks up where it left of as Chanel accuses #5 of being the killer, but she denies killing Tyler. Chanel #3 then suggests that they give into Hester's demands and allow her to stay at C.U.R.E Institute Hospital, however Chanel and #5 disagree and decide to play detective and use Hester as a last resort. Cathy then appears and takes the Chanels with Tyler's body to the swamp at the back of the hospital and that they must not tell the police because the hospital would be shutdown. Chanel #5 says goodbye to Tyler, however he vomits, which amuses Chanel.

The Chanels and Cathy visit Hester and ask her the identity of the killer and again, however Hester asks of her demands again and threatens to keep on adding to her bribe-list if they do not comply. She also tells them that body count will keep on rising. Cathy then gets a text from Chad saying that he knows who the killer is and leave the prison.

Zayday joins the Chanels at their apartment and plays scrabble with Chanel #5 and cracked Hester's code left for Chanel about her skin revealing "nurse" as the clue. The Chanels, Zayday, Cathy and Denise then go Lynn Johnstone, the only remaining survivor of the 1986 massacre at the hospital and only survived due to being on the toilet for a really long time and was paid shush money. He also reveals that he was best friends with Nurse Thomas, who was freaked out by Halloween after what happened the year before when she murdered her patient alongside Dr. Mike. He also reveals that he recently got anonymous phone calls presumably from the killer and thinks he heard a woman's voice and thought it could have been that patients' wife or maybe her unborn child.

The Chanels, Zayday, Denise and Cathy then theorize who the killer is and come to the conclusion that it is a male who is over 6'0" tall and in his 30s. Chanel then suggests that Cassidy could be the killer. But Cathy says Chad, and Denise reveals that he was held back in elementary school for 8 years. Chanel #3 then suggests Chamberlain Jackson which shocks Zayday. Cathy then leaves in a rush to stop Chad from performing surgery.

Chanel then shows off her new engagement ring from Chad to the Chanels and Zayday and offers Chanel #3 and Zayday to be one of her bridesmaids who accept the offer and asks Chanel #5 to be the ring bearer which offends her. She also tells him that the wedding is tomorrow.

She is then seen attending Chanel and Chad's wedding as the ring bearer, but Chad is appearing late to the alter when Chad's body falls from the ceiling, dead.

Halloween Blues

After Chad's death, Chanel #5, Zayday, Denise, Cathy, Cassidy, Brock, and Chanel #3 rush over to Chanel at the hospital's morgue to comfort her, while she is literally crying over Chad's body. The rest of the Chanels then take Chanel out of the room after Denise dismisses her. Denise then makes everyone else leave to examine the body (when in reality she wanted to be alone with the body and vows to find his killer).

The Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. Institute. The lawyer then goes on to say that Chad changed the will recently before his death and didn't leave an explanation. Chanel then begins a temper-tantrum and attacks Chad's lawyer as everyone rushes to stop her.

The Chanels then participate in Chanel's Chanel-o-ween video for 2016, but instead of her usually nice and somewhat expensive gifts, she gives her fans actual body parts that she got from the hospital.

After Dr. Brock gives Chanel medication for her rash, she wakes up the next day and screams in horror at the sight of her blue dyed skin. The rest of the Chanels then rush to her rescue and #5 gives her the idea to dress up as Smurfette from The Smurfs (which she later does).

After Chanel finds out that Brock and Cathy had sex on her wedding day, she walks away and finds someone in the hospital dressed like Ivanka Trump with a mask. She is amazed by the costume and asks the identity of the person. However, the masked person doesn't respond and gives Chanel a death threatening gesture, before throwing an IV stand and chasing after Chanel, using the stand as her weapon. Chanel manages to escape, before the person takes of their mask, revealing that it's Hester. After Chanel is attacked by Hester disguised as Ivanka Trump, Zayday bandages a wound on Chanel's leg. As she describes the details of the costume, Chanel #3 and Zayday look at #5, whom they helped in making her Ivanka Trump costume. Chanel #3 then opens #5's closet and discovers that the costume has disappeared. They then begin to accuse #5 of being the killer, and the Chanels disown her as a friend and uninvite her to the Halloween party at the hospital.

Chanel #3 is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff. Hester appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, while Chanel #5 appears dressed as her mother. Everyone at the party becomes suspicious, as they are unaware it is Hester wearing the Ivanka costume. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples. While collecting medical supplies Hester (still in her costume) approaches Chanel #5 and distracts her using a knife, while the Green Meanie sneaks up behind her and stabs her in the back.

Denise then finds #5 and tries to help her but is confronted by the killer, whom electrocutes her using defibrillators until she dies. As #5 begs for her life, the killer walks away, leaving her to die.

Chanel Pour Homme-Icide

The episode starts where it was left off and shows Chanel, Chanel #3, Zayday and Cathy rushing down the hall hearing Chanel #5's screams, they immediately focus all their attention on the electrocuted Denise, not even acknowledging her. Chanel #5 makes a few comments and begs for someone to help her, which leads to everyone getting distracted and leaving her alone in the empty hall, still with the machete in her back.

She is then mentioned when Cathy and Zayday are moving Denise's corpse into the cryogenic chamber, Cathy insists that once she is done she must send someone to help Chanel #5.

Back at the apartment, Zayday hears a loud bang, and immediately gets up and goes to investigate and finds a paralysed Chanel #5, who explains that she was trying to get a tea spoon of mayonnaise and she tripped and couldn't get up. Zayday confronts her and asks why she isn't at the hospital. Chanel #5 angrily explains that Chanel wheeled her back to the apartment so it would be more convenient to insult her, she also starts stressing that no one is taking care of her and that she has received no eating arrangements. Zayday then offers to take care of her as long as she helps look for the woman who was pregnant at the hospital on Halloween night.

Later on in the day Chanel and Chanel #3 are at the apartment looking on their ad/socials to see if anyone has applied to be a "Chanel". They are interrupted by Chanel #5 who doesn't understand why they even need more Chanel's to use as bait, because the Green Meanie has already tried to murder her twice.

Chanel #5 is then seen in a series of flashbacks while they were getting convicted for the Wallace murders.

Back at the apartment, Chanel #5 still doesn't agree with Chanel recruiting more Chanel's and starts complaining when she finds out that they have recruited Tristan St. Pierre, but Chanel ignores her complaints and congratulates the new Chanel's. She then starts ordering Tristan around and accuses him of stealing her lipstick. Zayday interrupts and tells them to focus on finding out who the killer is.

Later on in the night Chanel walks in and explains that Hester will be moving in, Chanel #3 & #5 disagree and start protesting, but then end up agreeing to it. The next day, Zayday and Chanel #5 track down Jane Hollis's house and ask her a few questions about the hospital and her baby.

Chanel #5 is then seen attending the slumber party at the hospital, until they find Tristan dead and all start screaming. The next day she's sitting with the Chanel's in Dean Munsch's office and Dean Munsch reveals that Chanel #5 told her about Tristan's Death.

Blood Drive

Chanel #5 is first seen outside the hospital with Zayday, Ingrid and the rest of the Chanel's, as Cathy is showing them contaminated blood samples, explaining that most of the blood in the hospital is unusable. She declares that they are in desperate need of donations, so Chanel suggests that they hold a blood drive, Chanel #5 seems confused at first, but then supports the idea.

During Ingrid's inner monologue, she reveals that she is Agatha Bean's sister, and that she wants revenge for what the Chanel's did to her sister. Chanel #5 is then seen in multiple flashbacks while Ingrid was spying on the Chanel's.

Shortly after, Ingrid gathers all the hospital staff for a meeting outside, before she can even explain what is happening, Chanel #5 interrupts and asks if she is announcing "Employee of the Month" and further explains she deserves it. Ingrid then tells everyone to shut up, and that there is no employee of the month, she then explains that she will turning the Blood Drive into a contest, and the winner will get to go to "Blood Island" which in reality is a horrible place to live.

She is then seen with Zayday donating blood, Chanel #5 complains that she has already donated a lot of pints and if she donates any more she might pass out.

Back at the apartment, Chanel #5 with the rest of the Chanel's are sitting on the couch donating blood for Chanel, Chanel #5 weakly explains that she has donated nine pints of blood in the past two days and she can't donate anymore. She then asks Marguerite for a bite of her sandwich and explains to Daria that once you've been targeted by a serial killer, you end up not worrying about it as it gets you no where.

The next day, Chanel is checking Chanel #5's feet for veins so she can drain more blood from her, unaware to #5, she thinks she is getting a pedicure from Chanel. Chanel then reveals that Chanel #5 has donated fifteen pints of blood in the last few days.

The Hand

Chanel #5 is first seen standing in front of Brock, explaining that Zayday needs him to help a patient, when Brock drones her out (and goes back in his inner monologue)

Chanel #5 is then with Chanel #3 and Cassidy, assisting Chanel #3's tests determining if Cassidy is actually "dead", once the testing is finished Chanel #3 explains to #5 that Cassidy tested positive, indicating that he could be one of the Green meanie's.

Chanel asks for advice with Chanel's #3, #5 and #6 about Brock and his psychotic hand, Chanel #5 then proceeds to tell Chanel that she is in "mortal danger" and should not continue seeing him, she then turns to Hester and asks to tell them who the killer is, but Hester asks Chanel #3 about the killer, implying that she knows about Cassidy being the killer.

Chanel #5 is then seen back at the hospital, assisting Anna Plaisance's surgery, when Brock starts to get stressed because of his psychotic hand, Chanel, #3 and #5 start singing "99 Red Balloons" to reassure and relax him.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Chanel #5 is first seen in a hospital room, along with Chanel, #3, Brock, Cathy after Wes's surgery, Chanel #5 comments on his disorder, questioning how he got so much hair in his stomach.

Chanel #5 is then seen with the rest of the Chanel's in a conference room while Chamberlain is asking them for advice on his obsession with texting Zayday, Chanel then proceeds to block her number from his phone explaining that he needs to keep it cool. Chanel #5 disagrees with her and says that she would love if she were getting texts from a guy that much.

At the apartment, Chanel stresses and asks advice from #3, #5 and #6 about her relationship with Brock, they then convince Chanel to throw a "themed" dinner party for Brock at the apartment so they can mend the age difference between the two.

Later that night Chanel invites Brock over to the apartment, he knocks on the door and she answers, revealing the party to be a 40's theme, Chanel #5 can be seen dressed "Shirley Temple" and begins tap dancing and gesturing around Brock.

Lovin the D

The episode starts off with Chanel, #3 and #5 working the night shift at the hospital, Chanel #5 comments on how Ingrid Marie Hoffel was abdomen about them working the night shift. Later that night Chanel discovers a bed filled with swamp goo and a mannequin dressed like a Kappa Kappa Tau sister, #3 and #5 rush in to see what's wrong and are horrified, Chanel #5 then explains that it's odd how the Green Meanie would dress a mannequin like a kappa sister. Chanel then explains that it would better if they would all split up, as thinking there is only one Green Meanie, they would only be able to catch one of them. They all begin running down different hallways to various exits, #5 rushes to an elevator and begins desperately pushing the button, as the elevator slowly opens, revealing the Green Meanie, she frantically begins running back to the centre of the hospital, same with all of the Chanel's. They run into each other while been chased by multiple Green Meanies and start running in each other's directions, #5 goes where Chanel #3 was previously escaping and runs into another Green Meanie, this continues for a while before they all end up escaping.

After their attack, the Chanel's are seen sitting on a hospital bed, watching "Lovin The D", as they get interrupted by Cathy and Arthur, Arthur explains that he is looking for Slade Hornborn while investigating the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital, Arthur also asks to see The Chanels MCAT's results, presuming that they are actual medical students. Cathy manages to dismiss his question before quickly telling The Chanel's that they have to take the tests. Later that day the Chanel's can be seen in Cathy's office, meeting Dr. Scarlett Lovin Chanel #5 then asks why she is here, barely containing her excitement. Scarlett then explains that she heared about the surgery they did on Anna Plaisance and that she wants them and Dr. Brock Holt to perform a surgery live on television for a special episode of the show, before the Chanel's have time to fully reply, Brock explains that the surgery they are proposing is very difficult, and that the Chanel's aren't real medical students. Chanel and the rest of the Chanel's then decide that they will take the MCAT's tonight, so they can be on the show.

While walking in a empty hallway in the hospital Chanel #5 discovers Marguerite Honeywell's corpse, she starts screaming and eventually attracts the attention of Cathy and Arthur, Arthur insists that they call the police, but Cathy and #5 convince him not to, #5 further explains that it's very likely that she just had a heart attack, considering her condition.

Later that day, Scarlett informs the Chanel's that someone leaked the news about their live surgery, and that they have to take the MCats tonight in order to do the surgery tomorrow. The Chanel's are then seen taking the MCAT's for six straight hours, after finishing they wait in Cathy's office, including, Scarlett, Cathy, Brock, Ingrid and Lenk. The proctor then rushes through and explains that The Chanels all passed, Chanel getting 519, Chanel #3 522 and Chanel #5 getting a 525. Scarlett congratulates them before leaving to prepare for the surgery, soon after Cathy asks how they all passed the test, Chanel and #3 confidently admitted that they cheated, Chanel #5 then throws a tantrum explaining that no one helped her and that she still passed.

Right when the surgery is about to air on live television, Dr. Scarlett Lovin gets poisoned by accidentally drinking Chanel's coffee cup, which causes The Chanels and Dr. Brock Holt to air the surgery on their own, thinking on the spot #5 quickly lies and says that she is Scarlett Lovin, before Chanel pushes her out of the way, explaining that she can't be Scarlett. The surgery finishes and Lenk Van D'Vlonne offers The Chanels Scarlett's show, meaning that their dream of becoming television doctors becomes true.

Later that night in a hospital room, #5 can be seen with Chanel, #3, Hester, Cassidy, Brock, Cathy and Ingrid, #5 and a few others reflect on Wes Gardner being the killer before the episode abruptly ends.

Drain the Swamp

Chanel #5 is first seen in a hospital corridor, while Dr. Brock Holt and Chanel Oberlin are talking about their relationship along with cheating on the MCAT's, Chanel #5 interrupts and reminds Chanel that no one helped her cheat, and she still got near to a perfect score.

Later that day, #5 can be seen with Chanel #3 relaxing in an empty room, when Chanel excitedly bursts in and starts explaining that she was snooping on Brock's phone last night, and saw in his search history that he was looking for cheap engagement rings, this leads the Chanel's to believe she is getting married. In mid conversation Ingrid Marie Hoffel walks into the room and explains to the Chanel's that Brock wants them all to gather at Cathy Munsch's room. The three merrily skip down the hallway to Cathy's room, when arriving, Brock greets them and explains that he is glad that everyone is here, before turning to Cathy and asking to marry her, Chanel #5 can be seen weeping, presumably out of tears of joy. Chanel #5 can be seen attending Cathy's wedding.

After their wedding, Cathy and Brock can be seen in Cathy's office, when Chanel #5 interrupts and explains that she may not have kuru, and if she does she is probably just at the second stage of the disease, Chanel #5 then explains that the only way to figure out if she does actually have Kuru is to take a piece of her brain out through surgery.

Before the surgery is about to begin, Chanel #5 can be seen with Chanel and Chanel #3, discussing Chanel's plan to throw a pumpkin spice latte at Cathy. Chanel #5 strongly disagrees with Chanel's plan, further explaining that throwing the latte won't kill her, it will just affect her brain tissue. Despite Chanel #5's Facts, Chanel refuses to listen to her and goes on with the plan.

During the surgery, #5 can be seen assisting, until Chanel throws the latte, aiming it at Cathy, the latte ends up hitting Ingrid Marie Hoffel instead of Cathy.

After the surgery, Chanel #5 can be seen with the results of the test, She explains that she has good news and bad news, the bad news is that there was no trace of Kuru in her system, but the good news is that she will still probably die, and that she has been preparing to die so their is no sudden change. She then explains that she found some interesting news, she searched online for all the symptoms that they all think was Kuru and found that the only similar symptoms is dehydration. This then leads to Cathy telling everyone that she only drinks scotch and vodka, meaning she doesn't have Kuru, and she is just severely dehydrated.


Chanel #5 is uptight, sensitive, conservative and educated, but somehow the most normal out of the Chanel's. She is always in competition to be Chanel's favorite and eventually starts to become a suck up until Chanel corrects her, but at the same time #5 absolutely hates Chanel for the way on how she is treated by her and will do anything to see Chanel in fear or in pain because #5 is constantly mocked by Chanel by having vagina teeth and is usually a punching bag for her. #5 is also very uptight and stressed about most of the things she worries about, when the new misfit pledges join Kappa Kappa Tau, #5 is affected by this the most more than Chanel even, and when petty tragedies occur in her life she usually holds on to them and does not stop worrying or thinking about it without having to relive it several times. #5 also along the way has learned from her bad mistakes and terrible decisions, like at first she was slightly homophobic, when Boone asked to join Kappa, she immediately says no and tries to change Chanel's mind on not letting him join, but later on #5 supported the relationship of Chanel #3 and Sam and let them both be happy and do whatever they please, and like when she was a major suck up to Chanel but finally realised how much of an actual evil person she is, and like when Hester got a makeover into Chanel #6, #5 was angry and mortified because she did not want Chanel to make any of the misfit pledges a Chanel, but later started accepting Hester and became friends with her because of both of them having the same hatred for Chanel. In her love life, #5 struggles to get a partner and ends up crying and becoming very desperate, but her lucky one true soulmates are the two frat twins from Dickie Dollar Scholars, Roger and Dodger. #5 is extremely obsessed with them and cannot grasp away from them, but loves Roger more as when the three of them were being chased, #5 had to choose one of them she wants to be with forever before they all escape and of course, #5 chose Roger.

Chanel #5 has blonde hair and blue eyes. Chanel #5 has a sophisticated pin-up girl look. Her clothing gives her a little bit of a Marilyn Monroe vibe with the same pastel color palette, but with pencil skirts to show off her curves. Her wardrobe includes Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone.[1]


Main article: The Chanels
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Main article: Chanel 3-Chanel 5 Relationship
The Chanels are Chanel's sidekicks, and consider her their best friend. They always do what Chanel wants and says, because she gives them popularity and an on-top position at school. The truth is that Chanel does not care about them, she just considers them as her helpers. This is shown when Chanel #2 is killed by the Red Devil and she thinks her death is an opportunity to get out of her problems. Chanel calls them Chanel #2, #3, and #5 because she does not know and care about their names. As of Chainsaw, after Chanel gave Hester Ulrich, a pledge, a makeover and made her Chanel #6, this caused #5 to outrage because she does not want pledges to join the the Chanels, however, Chanel ignores her pleas and previous to this in Hell Week, when Boone Clemens said he'll join the sorority (because anyone can join) if he ever comes out as gay. But #5 was outraged by the announcement and threatened Boone, while Chanel saw it as a way to become famous and liked by the public. Another incident in the Pilot was also shown that Chanel hates compliments from #5, complaining that she is a suck up, this is shown that, despite being her right-hand woman, Chanel #5 seems to come off as an annoyance to Chanel, who always shuts down her suggestions and even turns away her compliments.

Main article: Boone-Chanel #5 Relationship
In Hell Week, when Chanel found Boone and her boyfriend Chad Radwell sharing a bed, she is angry and while discussing new ways to torture the pledges, Boone arrives and talks Chanel out of telling people about his sexuality, but instead he says he'll join Kappa Kappa Tau if/when he comes out, but #5 is angry and even threatens Boone about the announcement, but yet again Chanel turns away #5#s pleas and sees it as a way for an easy access to fame if she allows a gay guy to join the sorority, meaning she will be loved and adored by many fans. When Chad reveals the death of Boone, #5 appeared worried.


Season One (13/13)

Season Two (10/10)


  • Before Scream Queens, Abigail Breslin always wanted to play a mean girl.
  • Breslin got the part of Chanel #5 after she got a call saying Ryan Murphy wanted to meet with her. During that meeting, Murphy explained to her what Scream Queens was and asked what she would like to play, and Breslin responded saying that she would like to be a mean girl. Two months later, Murphy gave her the part.[2]
  • Libby's name was supposed to be "Sarah Tourse" according to the original leaked script of episode one.
  • Despite being her right-hand woman, Chanel #5 seems to come off as an annoyance to Chanel, who always shuts down her suggestions and even turns away her compliments.
  • According to Chanel #5, the only reason she is a Kappa is because she is a legacy, which means one of her ancestors was also a Kappa.
  • She is the third Chanel whose name is revealed, the first being #2.
  • It is revealed in Mommie Dearest that her real name is Libby Putney. She was known as "Chanel #5" previously.
  • Libby hosts several active chatrooms on the deep web, with names such as "Anyone wanna help me poison Chanel Oberlin?"
  • Chanel often jokes that Libby's vagina has teeth, which has made nearly everyone at the university believe that it is actually the truth.
    • This could be a reference from the thriller/horror movie Teeth, in which the main character has vaginal teeth.
    • In Drain the Swamp, she reveals that she actually does have vaginal teeth and they are sharp. She also says she doesn't know how they got there.
  • Chanel has a video of Libby touching herself while watching Dora the Explorer.
  • She used to be Chanel 3's roommate, suggesting that the two were friends even before they became Chanels.
  • It was revealed by Chanel in The Final Girl(s) that her real hair is black, not blonde.
  • She is one of the 10 survivors of the first season.
    • She is also one out of the 7 characters to be in all episodes.
  • Chanel #5 may have murdered her Grandmother by pushing her wheelchair down a driveway and into traffic as told in her sleep.
  • Chanel often makes fun of her for her name being Libby Putney.
  • Her college degree says "Chanel #5" as heard in the episode, Scream Again, implying that this is now her legal name.
  • She has a tattoo on her shoulder of an alien, which is first seen in Scream Again. This makes Chanel the only un-tattooed Chanel. #3, and #2 have tattoos.
  • She is the most targeted character of the show. She has survived 7 attacks in total, 4 during Season One and 3 during Season Two.
  • Chanel #5 is shown to be extremely smart. Without any outside help, she achieved a nearly perfect score (3 points shy) on the MCAT.


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