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This is a comprehensive, chronological list of deaths that have occurred within FOX's Scream Queens.

As of Drain the Swamp, a total of 52 deaths have happened over the course of 22 episodes.


# (episode) # (chronological) Name Episode Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
1 1 Sophia Doyle Pilot Bled out from childbirth.
None (bleeding) No Death indirectly caused by her friends choosing to party over helping her; sets off a chain of events within KKT.
2 5 Agatha Bean Head pushed into deep fryer, burning her face off. Chanel Oberlin, Red Devil (Hester) Yes Hester turned the fryer on while it was supposed to be off for Chanel's prank.
3 6 Sonya Herfmann Stabbed in the shoulder and back of the head with a butcher knife. Red Devil (Boone) Yes First victim of Red Devil.
4 7 Tiffany DeSalle Decapitated by riding lawn mower. Yes Her death is the first to be known by the Authorities.
5 8 Shondell Washington Hell Week Impaled through the throat with a butcher knife. Partially Red Devil was seen approaching her from behind with a knife, she is then found dead by Denise.
6 9 Aaron Cohen Chainsaw Decapitated with chainsaw. Yes Was killed while wearing the new university mascot costume Coney the Cone.
7 10 Mandy Greenwell Haunted House Stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife. Partially Killed in her trailer, body found at the Shady Lane house.
8 11 Dodger Pumpkin Patch Disemboweled with hedge shears. Partially Attacked by Red Devil quickly approaching him from behind and screams for help, but then is gutted with hedge shears and dead body is left lifeless in maze.
9 12 Caulfield Mount Herman Seven Minutes in Hell Axed twice in the stomach, decapitated with axe. Yes Died while the Dollar Scholars and Chanel watched.
10 13 Sam Suffocated with a sheet of plastic. Yes Is the first victim to know the Red Devil's true identity.
11 14 Roger Shot multiple times in the head and face with a nail gun. Red Devil (Pete) Yes Killed right in front of Chanel #5; the Red Devil chooses to let Chanel #5 live.
12 15 Steven Munsch Beware of Young Girls Dismembered and decapitated. Cathy Munsch No Feather is framed and imprisoned for his death.
13 16 Jennifer Mommie Dearest Stabbed in the head with butcher knife. Red Devil (Boone) Yes Died while making a candle blog video, found on dining table covered in candle wax.
14 3 Mary Mulligan Drunk driving accident. Herself No Was revealed to Grace by Chanel, along with the fact that Bethany was Grace's mother and she changed her name to Mary Mulligan.
15 17 Earl Grey Ghost Stories Stabbed in the back with a butcher knife. Red Devil (Boone) Yes Boone reveals to Earl that he's the Red Devil before Earl dies.
16 18 Truck Driver Back hacked and stabbed in the stomach with a machete. Yes Was trying to save Chanel #5 from getting killed by the Red Devil.
17 19 Boone Clemens Stabbed in the chest with an army knife. Red Devil (Pete) Yes Pete chose to murder Boone over Gigi because Boone was the muscle of the operation, and he thought that killing Boone would stop the murders.
18 20 Gigi Caldwell Thanksgiving Decapitated with electric carving knife. Red Devil (Hester) No The Red Devil removes the turkey from the serving platter replacing it with Gigi's head which is then revealed to the dinner attendees at Kappa.
19 21 Mall Cop Black Friday Shot in the forehead with a crossbow. Red Devil (Pete) Yes Killed during the Red Devil's attack at the mall.
20 2 Amy Meyer Killed herself with laxatives. Herself No Was revealed to Grace by Pete Martínez.
21 22 Pete Martínez Dorkus Stabbed in the back of neck and chest with a knife. Red Devil (Hester) Yes Killed by the Red Devil before he could reveal who it was to Grace Gardner.
22 23 Zak Blown up by dynamite. Yes The Red Devil strapped a bomb to him, then forced him to go inside the Kappa house wearing the RD costume before it detonated.
23 4 Original Red Devil mascot The Final Girl(s) Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a butcher knife.
Gigi Caldwell Yes Killed for the mascot costume.

# (episode) # (chronological) Name Episode Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
1 1 Bill Scream Again Sedated and thrown into the swamp.
Dr. Mike Yes First death we see on-screen in Season Two; sets off a chain of events within the hospital.
2 8 Catherine Hobart Decapitated with a machete. Green Meanie (Cassidy) Yes Chanel #5 was indirectly responsible for her death by locking her in the bathtub.
3 2 Doctor #1 (Mets 17 Costume) Warts and All Throat slit by a machete as it was being thrown into Doctor #2.
Green Meanie (Jane's brother) Yes Murdered during a Halloween massacre at Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering in 1986.
4 3 Doctor #2 (Mets 6 Costume) Machete thrown into stomach.
5 4 Doctor #3 (Mets 18 Costume) Chopped in the head with a machete.
6 5 Dr. Mike Impaled through the stomach with a machete.
7 6 Nurse Thomas Machete thrown in her back.
8 7 Squash Opponent Stabbed in the back with a knife extended from a squash racket.
Marshall Winthrop Yes One of the 600 opponents Winthrop murdered.
9 9 Tyler Eyes, chest, and stomach seared by medical lasers and throat slit with a scalpel. Green Meanie (Cassidy) Yes The laser was supposed to be used to cure his disease, but instead was used to kill him.
10 10 Randal Handidates Sliced three times in the chest and twice in the arms with a scythe. Yes He initially thought that the Green Meanie was a trick by the hospital staff to scare him.
11 11 Sheila Baumgartner Scythe thrown into her neck, decapitating her. Green Meanie (Wes) Yes Before her death, she already contacted the local news about her treatment at the hospital.
12 17 Chad Radwell Stabbed in the throat and fell through the ceiling to his death. Wes Gardner No His body landed directly on the altar at his wedding with Chanel.
13 12 Brad Radwell Halloween Blues Died in a plane crash on their way to stop Chad and Chanel's wedding. None No Was revealed by a lawyer who was dealing with Chad's testament.
14 13 Bunny Radwell
15 14 Muffy Radwell
16 15 Tad Radwell
17 16 Thad Radwell
18 18 Tristan St. Pierre Chanel Pour Homme-Icide Sliced in half with a machete. Green Meanie (Cassidy) No His body was found gutted in a morgue drawer with his intestines spilling out.
19 19 Chanel #11 Eleventh finger cut off and stabbed through the stomach with 2 machetes. Yes Shoved out of the way by Chanel #7 as the rest of the new Chanels were running to escape, causing her to be left behind and killed.
20 20 Chanel #9 Blood Drive Blood drained from her body using hypodermic needles. Green Meanie (Cassidy) and Ingrid Partially She was donating blood to overcome her fear of needles, but instead they were used to kill her.
21 21 Chanel #10 The Hand Strangled with her headphone chord. Green Meanie (Ingrid) Yes Her heart is later used for transplant surgery, saving Anna's life.
22 22 Slade Hornborn Stabbed in the top of his head with a machete. Yes Killed while on the phone with his colleague, talking about a potential scandal at the C.U.R.E. Institute.
23 23 Chamberlain Jackson Rapunzel, Rapunzel Stabbed twice in the sternum with a kitchen knife. Wes Gardner Yes Killed so he couldn't tell anyone about Wes' involvement in the Green Meanie killings.
24 24 Marguerite Honeywell Lovin the D Asphyxiated with a noose. Green Meanie (Wes) Yes She was lured in with snickerdoodles, as Wes dropped a noose down from the ceiling, causing him to almost get a hernia from lifting up her dead-weight.
25 25 Dr. Scarlett Lovin Drank from a poisoned coffee cup. Wes Gardner Yes The poisoned coffee was originally intended for Chanel, but Scarlett grabbed the wrong cup by accident.
26 26 Wes Gardner Submerged into a tub of hot oil, frying his entire body. Himself Yes Cassidy and Ingrid set up the bath as a means to kill him, but instead he initiated the fall into the oil, thus killing himself.
27 27 Jane Hollis Drain the Swamp Shot in the chest with a pistol. Ingrid Hoffel Yes Killed after having a change of heart and trying to convince Ingrid to stop the murder streak.
28 28 Dr. Cassidy Cascade Machete thrown into his sternum. Ingrid Hoffel Yes The machete was originally thrown in Chanel #3's direction, but Cassidy jumped in front of her, thus saving her life.
29 29 Ingrid Marie Hoffel Drowned in the rancid swamp. None Yes Ingrid accidentally fell into the swamp while fleeing the hospital, and although Cathy tried to save her, she was unsuccessful.


Key Total
Yes 35
No 12
Partially 5
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