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Biographical Information
Full name: Randal
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Ailment: Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disorder
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Randy (by Brock)
Douche (by Cassidy)
Relationship Information
Friends: Chad Radwell (deceased)
Killer: Dr. Cassidy Cascade
Victims: Liz Cheney (unintentionally; survived)
Doctors: Dr. Brock Holt
Dr. Cassidy Cascade
Other Information
Series Information
Season(s): Season Two
Episode count: 2
First appearance: Warts and All
Latest appearance: Handidates
Portrayed by: Kevin Bigley
I feel like I'm gonna die from screaming.
—Randal to Dr. Brock Holt[src]

Randal is a recurring character on Season Two of Scream Queens. He was a patient at C.U.R.E, diagnosed with Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, a rare disorder characterized by an extreme startle reaction. He was cured of his disease before being murdered in Handidates.

He is portrayed by Kevin Bigley.


Warts and All

Randal is first mentioned after Chad scares Chanel in the hallway of C.U.R.E while wearing his Red Devil costume. Chanel hears faint screaming in the background, and asks Chad where it's coming from. He clarifies that it's his good buddy Randal, who needs medical attention, as he could be dying.

In the examination room, Randal is shown uncontrollably screaming. Chad tries to explain to Cathy what happened, but she cannot hear him over Randal's screams, so she aggressively shoves a towel in Randal's mouth to shut him up. Chad tells Cathy that they were on their annual hunting trip with the International Order of Saint Guntington, an elite secret society of hunters. They were on their quail swim, when a giant covey of quail took off right in front of them, and they lowered their guns to shoot. A few got away, so Randal tried to shoot them down, but instead ended up shooting Liz Cheney in the face, as she popped out at the wrong time.

Dr. Brock then diagnoses Randal with Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disease. He clicks a pen in front of Randal's face, causing him to jump and let out a faint scream. Brock explains that although it is unknown what physiologically causes the disease, it is known that sufferers of the disorder have an extremely exaggerated startle reflex. He clicks his pen again as a demonstration, and Randal yelps. He goes on to explain that any slight stimuli will set Randal off and trigger his screams. Brock then starts to repeatedly click his pen in front of Randal, seemingly getting a kick out of his reactions. Brock clarifies that shooting Liz Cheney in the face is presumably what caused the disorder, and Randal is shown nervously shoving the towel in his face to stop himself from yelling. As Brock gets off track talking to Chad, Randal begs for someone to help him because he feels like he's going to die from screaming, but Brock tells him there is no known cure for the disorder, as it is so incredibly rare. Cathy then insists that the whole point of the hospital is to cure the incurable, and she tells Randal not to worry, since he is going to get the help that he needs. Cathy gives him her word, and he responds with another scream.

Later on, Brock and Cassidy bring Chad to visit Randal. Cassidy informs Chad that Jumping Frenchmen of Maine is one of the more treatable rare disorders, and says that Randal is doing really well. Brock explains that the key to treatment is removing stimuli through sensory deprivation to calm down Randal's neurotransmitters. He reveals that he provided Randal with his own environment where nothing can startle him, and as he pulls back the curtain of the sealed glass room, Randal lets out a loud scream. He then stands up and approaches the glass, trembling and yelping in distress, and Brock suggests that perhaps he pulled the drapes back too fast, which triggered the yelling. Brock gets on the intercom and tells Randal to use the towel to stop himself from screaming. Cassidy then tells him to try the bucket, and Randal obeys by putting the bucket over his head, successfully muffling his screams.


In his room, Randal wakes up with a towel over his face, surrounded by numerous lava lamps, seemingly having been cured of his Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disease. He gets up and begins testing himself with certain objects to see if he gets startled. He drops a bucket on the floor and begins snapping his fingers, having no overwhelming reaction to the stimuli. He also flickers the lights and claps his hands, once again having no reaction, proving that he has been cured.

He happily exits his room, eager to tell someone that he has been successfully cured, but the hallways are empty. Suddenly the elevator behind Randal opens, and he turns around, seeing the Green Meanie standing front and center, holding a scythe. Randal thinks the whole thing is just a test and although admitting the Green Meanie looks scary, he confidently says he feels no anxiety at all as he walks toward the Green Meanie. After Randal states how happy he is to be alive and ready to take on the world, the Green Meanie slashes his chest with the scythe. Unaware of the danger of the situation, Randal says he's beginning to feel transformed, before being slashed with the scythe a second time. Now realizing the true danger he's in, Randal begs for his life as the Green Meanie begins to strike at his arms. Randal then lets out one last terrifying scream, as a final slash kills him off-screen.

Lovin the D

Hester decides to call a Green Meanie summit, inviting Ingrid, Cassidy, and Wes to come together to discuss the past and future plans for murder. To get everyone on the same page, Hester plans a game called "Who Killed Who?" and reveals a board filled with pictures of each of the various murder victims. Hester then points to a picture of Randal, to which Cassidy takes credit for his murder and refers to him as a douche.


After Randal is cured of his Jumping Frenchmen of Maine disease, he leaves his room to go inform the doctors. However, the hallways are empty, and he is met by the Green Meanie as the elevator at the end of the hall promptly opens. Randal initially assumes that he is being tricked by the hospital staff in attempts to scare him, and confronts the Green Meanie, confident that his startle reflex has returned to normal. The Green Meanie then approaches him and violently slashes his chest with a scythe. Randal still assumes this is all a test, and confesses that he's feeling incredible, before being struck in the chest a second time. Finally realizing he is in danger, he begins begging for his life as the Green Meanie severs both of his arms. He then slides down the bloody wall, screaming in terror, as the Green Meanie kills him with one final slash.


Season Two (2/10)


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